Marty Rathbun and Glasnost

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. xenubarb Member

    It looks like Scurvy Bill crossed with Cthulhu and a sweet potato. Frankenfood?
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  2. hushpuppy Member

    Keeping an 'Event UPDATE' thread open after the event in question has concluded doesn't make sense.
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  3. I need a chart of all the thread moves. I'M SO CONFUSED!

    Marty's blog entry on Beghe doesn't all sound read like Marty. Imho a lot of it may have been written by someone else.
    It sounds reads as heavily edited.
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  4. amaX Member

    ^This this this.
  5. Anonymous Member

    I love threads about Marty. They're the most dox-free threads on the board. Everyone has opinions, and no one has any information.
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  6. Xinjifar Member

    There's no reason to think there's any falling out between Marty and Mike. When Marty's 'out of town', such as his most recent Mission of Mercy to LA, Mike runs MartyWorld and, seems to enjoy it. At least, he actually talks more than Marty, who is more inclinded towards pontification.
  7. Xinjifar Member

    It's about Marty Rathbun; what kind of 'dox' did you want? The ones he presents as 'just happened' and never have any provenance? His testimony from the witness stand under oath? His confessions?

    All we *have* is what he's said himself, which makes it so bizarre that people who proudly refuse to read him have such concrete opinions on his goals and sides and intentions.
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  8. ItchyScratchy Member

    I've seen a shitload of dox posting on scientology abuses so....unless you're saying that marty has nothing to do with scientology, I say you need to straighten up and fly right.

    That or you're just an apologist and deserve the ass raping marty will eventually bring down on you but since you probably already have a history of joining cults and wasting your time and money, what's one more ass raping.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Good for slapfights... oh, wait...
  10. Anonymous Member

    And that's exactly what I like about Marty threads. They burn so many calories. You could eat Snickers bars while reading them, yet lose weight.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Is there a derail thread for this derail thread?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Please be more specific what you mean by "harm".
  13. Orson Member

    I know, right?

    Listen faggots. This thread was resurrected from the dome to accommodate those who wanted to have a legitimate discussion on these issues. It can go back to the dome just as easily if some of you can't CHECK YOUR FUCKING HEADS. A reasoned discussion, albeit passionate, is expected. More ad hom, personal bullshit will make this thread go dark. Only the generous spirit of a few mods has prevented this.

    While I think an ongoing argument on this topic is fruitless (see my earlier post ITT), it exists for a legitimate conversation. I remind all of you that you are unlikely to change the opinion of those who disagree with you on this hot button topic.

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  14. Miranda Member

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  15. ItchyScratchy Member

    So do the mods have anything constructive to add or are they just flexing their epeens and circle jerking?

    Feel free to cull this post since it's off topic and points out truths and hypocrisies.
  16. Miranda Member

    I personally have nothing to add but lies and hypocrisies.
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  17. Tangerine Member

    I just post jpgs of baby bunnies.
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  18. tildacity Member

    Mr. Rathbun's attendance in Hamburg has simply underscored how untenable Hamburg's position regarding Scn actually is. Ms. Caberta has been forced to acknowledge what Germany's federal government has always known - religious intolerance has no place in civilized countries in the twenty first century. Interesting that Ms. Caberta recognizes Scns rights to their religious belief but refuses to work constructively with actual Scns in good standing to help protect those rights.
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  19. Xinjifar Member

    I suspect that Martyfans who would prefer that discussion of Marty be done out of sight will increase the personal attacks. Me? I don't know nobody, so, it's unlikely that I'll attack your body odor, sexual proclivities or general state of degraded beingness :)

    But, as always, time will tell.

    I will say this; if discussion is limited to 'acceptable', the people who oppose discussion will do their best to control what's acceptable. I don't even have to get all butthurt about people calling me names if the mere fact of them doing so lets them win.
  20. Nancy Beazley Member

    Huh? Seriously, huh?
  21. Orson Member

    A reasonable point. Bans are always an option.
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  22. Tangerine Member

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  23. BLiP Member

    Scientologists who have left the cult were *never* persecuted, except by the cult itself . . . as per L Ron Hubbard's tech! NOTHING HAS CHANGED. How on Earth can Ursula recognise a Scilon's right to religious beliefs when Scientology is NOT a religion in Germany? In fact, so far as the German government is concered:

    Like I said, nothing has changed.
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  24. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  25. Xinjifar Member

    I'm familiar with them :)
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  26. Xinjifar Member

    I thought it was presented as evidence that there is a common genetic ancestor for hippos and jackaloops.
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  27. Miranda Member

    Be nice to my avatar! It is innocent and loves you all. I believe barb is right about the sweet potato. Some Seuss lineage is also probable.
  28. Xinjifar Member

    Aha! That's why you're a mod; a restimulated 'If I Ran The Zoo' engram :)
  29. tildacity Member

    Your argument is that religious freedom can be discarded by a government at its whim? The whole point of tolerance for religious beliefs is to prevent arbitrary and politically expedient abuses of individuals' human rights.

    Germany has a long history of running off religious groups with intolerance. In the case of the Netherlands German protestants were so mistreated they were literally chased straight into the sea. In the case of the Amish and Mennonites entire families were driven from their homes, risking their lives to cross the Atlantic Ocean in brittle wooden sailing ships in order to start their lives anew in a foreign land they'd never seen.

    I noticed your selective excerpting. You left out the part where the elements of the German government seeking to discriminate against Scn do not get any traction. From your own reference:
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  30. BLiP Member

    Given the litigious nature of Scientology and its myriad methods of infiltration into society, are you surprised different courts have reached differed conclusions?
    That's right. Its not banned. It exists as a legal entity but not as a religion. Given the stated aims of Scientology and its historic action in this regard, members of its organisation are subject to on-going official scrutiny. Again, are you surprised?
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  31. Miranda Member

    No actually my avatar is a window into my soul. It's a simple soul, and somewhat cuddly.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Does this apply in any way to the CofS campaigning for about a "world without 'drugs'" or a "'drug' free world" while some practitioners of ancient (and modern) belief systems/applied religious philosophies have these 'drugs' as sacraments and part of their sacred rituals?

    I'll have to look around for it to get the exact quote, but several months ago, I came across something written by Hubbard where he specifically talks about not bothering to run anti-drug campaigns...
  33. Miranda Member

    I can't believe you guys have allowed tildacity to take over this thread! Banish this scourge!
  34. Anonymous Member

    (i don't know who tildacity is ... cringe ....)
  35. Anonymous Member

    Troll Dismantling* is fun.

    *Only for those capable. All others should just use ad hominem and hope you don't get spotted as incapable.
  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. Anonymous Member

    I vote for tildacity v Zinjivar for 3 rounds. It'll keep em both occupied for a while.
  38. LocalSP Member

    I have Tilda on my ignore list.
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  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Xinjifar Member

    One of the things that makes discussion of Germany/Scientology/religion difficult is that Germany is not run the same way the US is. There is no constitutional 'separation of church and state' for example. Germany has a long tradition of cooperation of state with 'church' and actually does the collections for 'accepted religions' through the tax system, at least the last time I was there. You pretty much declare your 'system' on your W2 ( for US translation) and then the govt. deducts some cash from your paycheck.

    So, Scientology is not a 'recognized religion' in the sense that it's not in on the govt. run levies. That's not to say that Scientology can't operate. Far from it. Likewise, the US is used to a kind of 'freedom of expression' that's forbidden in Germany. If you want to buy swaztika banners in Germany, you probably have to import them (illegally) from the US, where it would be 'freedom of speech' to be able to print them.

    That's actually due to *american* influence on the German constitution following WWII.

    So, there may be some incomprehension on both sides. Germans don't really understand how americans can 'allow' nazis and the KKK for example, while americans don't 'get' how there can be 'state recognized religions'.

    None of this has to do with Scientology or whether Germany is 'oppressing' Scientology. There are issues, but, to get in to them, you need to be able to translate the basic playing field.
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