Marty Rathbun blog hijacked?

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Jan 28, 2011.

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  2. Trapan0n Member

    It's completely down for me so it is quite possible. Drat I didn't know he had a website. I remember him from "Scientology and Me" didn't he defect a year or so ago?
  3. Anonymous Member

    dude has lil-to-none internet skillz, and bad luck with trying to get sum

    enjoy the propaganda-free intermission while the dumbfuckedness lasts. we might not a much-needed break from the anti-DM spin doctoring like this for God only knows how long once the lights at the shack come back on.
  4. Shinythings Member

    He fucked with the dns server numbers or something
  5. Anonymous Member

    Offline due to OSA, apparently.

  6. Anonymous Member

    Actually, my sources tell me that Marty gave up fighting Scientology, and is now trying to hoox up with the FoI movement.

    Expect him!
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  7. Trapan0n Member

    It is amazing the great lengths Scientology goes to hide their follies. My grandmother used to always say "If someone needs to hide something they've done/doing something wrong."

    Edit: Really? That is cool that he is joining with the FoI movement as well.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Didn't Marty erase his own blog last year, claim it had been hacked, and put it back online but with some comments erased?
  9. Caliwog Member

    According to Marty's other blog, the Church got Wordpress to shut him down:

    I wonder if that's what happened, or if it just really is a DNS error and he's blaming it on the Church (his sheep will eat that shit up). One would think that if they shut down one of Rathbun's blogs, they'd shut down the other one. I guess we'll see... someone hand me the popcorn!

  10. Trapan0n Member

    *Quickly makes Caliwog some popcorn with extra butter and a dash of salt*

    I see, so he has his own followers? It does look rather suspicious since they should attack all of his sites if they really wanted to cripple him. I wouldn't put it past the organization to orchestrate something like that. I hope it is something that actually happened rather than an error he is blaming on others. It would make him appear more human if he fessed up on his own mistakes.
  11. It looks like the "L. Ron Hubbard Tech" that Rathbun worships so dearly has fucked him over once again.

    I wonder if he remembered to say "Thanks Ron" when he found out the cult was behind it.
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  12. Caliwog Member

    Thanks for the popcorn. We shall see. I definitely wouldn't put it past the Church to get Marty's blog shut down. But I also wouldn't put it past Marty to bend the truth about what really happened in order to rally his troops. C0$ and Marty play from the same LRH playbook, which allows for lying (sorry, telling an "acceptable truth") for PR purposes.

    From HCO PL 13 August 1970, THE MISSING INGREDIENT:

    "Handling truth is a touchy business also. You don’t have to tell everything you know – that would jam the comm[unications] line too. Tell an acceptable truth." -- L. Ron Hubbard

  13. Triumph Member

  14. Trapan0n Member

    You are most welcome :3
    Thats foul that they have something like that where lying is encouraged. I hate dishonesty because it breeds so much chaos. So when Rathbun left he didn't give up Scientology? He became a sort of seperate sect then right?

    Thank you for the quote, it is rather disgusting his philosophy. I grew up with the belief that lying causes misunderstandings which hinders a persons ability to understand reality. No wonder I clashed with my Ex-fiance so much during his decent into scientology...
  15. Anonymous Member

    I heard you're a bookworm, so here's enough to bring you up to date
  16. Trapan0n Member

    I am indeed~ Thank you for the link I shall read it now ^.^

    Edit: Good lord that is a lot of books. It seems I will be visiting my library tomorrow~
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    Good luck finding them, one of the things they encourage their "parishoners" to do is visit libraries and either outright steal those books, or damage them enough and report it to the librarians so they are removed from the shelves.
  19. Anonymous Member

    It looks like the domain gets redirected to the domain, which doesn't work.
    I think if Marty would turn off the redirection at his wordpress account, then it should work again.
    Instructions how to do this:
  20. Trapan0n Member

    I'm hoping they're in my town. Scientology has a rather weak presence here, but a presence nonetheless so I hope my library has them. If not I can read them online. I just prefer the feel and smell of books :3
  21. pedrofcuk Member

    Hi Trap, if you go to ^ here, you can get a lot of books online for free, also tons of info on the cult.
  22. Trapan0n Member

    Hi Pedro! How are you~ Oh thank you for the site they have quite a lot there! I love knowledge so I am happy to be bombarded with it~
  23. Anonymous Member

    The original list linked to does give direct links to online versions where available
  24. OTBT Member


    < snip long ass drivel >
  25. subrosa Member

    Marty has a long history of no docs.....he probably shut the thing down himself because he is an attention whore.
  26. sooleater Member

    something lost?

    dotn think so
    this asshole dont leak
    therefor give afuck about him and his follows or even this shitty wall of text blog
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  27. OTBT Member

    That was my initial thought as well.

    Presumably, old posts will be back up eventually, but probably sanitized, with nasty entheta deleted.

    I will say that Marty does seem to be pretty good at pissing off the asthmatic dwarf, and encouraging long time scilons to exit the church of scientology © ® TM.

    Unfortunately, these long time scilons are exiting from evil totalitarian cult and jumping into Marty's methadone happy fun club. < sigh > Their choice. Marty's club is still far better than DM's club.
  28. Anonymous Member

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  30. Sponge Member

    Rathbun needs to post the communication from the blog host. If it was a content issue then would they just pull it with no explanation? He's telling us he knows why it was pulled in his own "quite apparently" rhetoric (if it was even pulled at all and not a tech issue) so why not add some credibility to it so the cult can't deny it?
    In summary: bullshit until proven otherwise.

  31. Radical Sea-Org Scientologists in action.............
  32. another123 Member

    Looks like Marty might be pulling another fast one. His underlying WordPress url (or account) is still there (not going to publicize it, but if I found it, you can too). The 'Moving On Up A Little Higher' URL pointers got moved (by who? Marty? who knows). It'd be a real simple way to say "OMG! OSA!", and not loose any thing. So I'm agreeing with Sponge, and call " bullshit".
  33. timthephoto Member

    the re-direction by wordpress to happened a few days ago, and while this didn't seem to interfere and marty not being au-fait with our tech - let it slide.

    yesterday the owner of changed the dns entry from NS1.WORDPRESS.COM to NS1.SPAMSHUTDOWN.COM, which acording to azazel goes nowhere, so they've been in his wordpress account again. i hope he sets up his own site.
  34. TinyDancer Member

    It's interesting to see those who turn up only when there's a Rathbun-related post.
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  35. TinyDancer Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    Hey, I resent that, I think ;)
  37. Caliwog Member

    Oops, looks like OP was right, and it wasn't OSA after all!

    UPDATE: I stand corrected, Marty is blaming the redirect on OSA.

    "They somehow managed to get the domain registrar to redirect visits to my url to a spam dead end." --

    > It's interesting to see those who turn up only when there's a Rathbun-related post.

    Hey, I resemble that remark.

  38. Independants lack the power of the Chans , Powerlevel OT erm.... Over 9000

  39. xenubarb Member

    Hey, you should google TR-L lying drills. Scientology not only encourages lying, they run practice drills to perfect their delivery.
  40. timthephoto Member

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