Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by tazor, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. subgenius Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Not only doesn't CO$ like defector's.....they really don't like competition, and he's both....and we don't like him, and his victims don't like him....the fed's, hehe....prolly not a big fan club there.... he's got a very small market....and many moar enemies than friends....not liking to be in his shoes....there's only one way out....doing the right thing.....I don't believe he will....
  2. Kilia Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Good old plain common sense there.
  3. Buttons Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!


    Jason Beghe may not be the target but he may become one if he doesn't clarify his position.

    Yes we know that he's out, but what has he really revealed about his experience?
    While I appreciate his interview with Mark Bunker, his speech in Germany and his television interviews, he could be sharing alot more. They all had limited content. He was in control of it all.

    No one is asking him to, because there is, rightfully, a sensitivity to the confused state of mind that someone leaving Scientology must experience. I've heard time and time again that they need to decompress.

    He's very carefully chosen how to be a voice of opposition, and that has been respected.
    He was a high profile scientologist that is now using his celebrity appearing to endorse MR and his "new" tech.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the problems that Jason has commented on have been basically about the money and the fact that the tech didn't work.
    I haven't seen anything about his being aware of the abuses of the people, especially the Sea Org.

    I think alot of people thought that given time and distance from the COS Jason would eventually be a powerful voice for the critic's movement. The fact that he's apparently chosen this as his next public step is confusing.

    If I have missed something, please fill me in.
    I normally give things the benefit of the doubt, and I am surprised at my own cynicism about this. Something just isn't convincing me of the sincerity of either one of them.
  4. muldrake Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    While it's fun to speculate about how Scientology might be, it's not likely someone like Rathbun taking over would improve the situation. He's been up to his eyeballs in Scientology's worst behavior, and appears unapologetic. I see no reason to think he'd act any better than Miscavige if he took over.

    Alternately, he could follow pure Scientology as Hubbard wrote it, and since that's a load of evil shit, it would similarly be just as bad as Miscavige or Hubbard before him. Fact is, anyone in a position to take over Scientology, who wants to take it over, and has the ability to do it, has the same serious character flaws that lead Miscavige to act the way he does.

    Unless corporate Scientology is absolutely obliterated, or turned into something unrecognizable, it's going to have the same set of problems. Can Rathbun move beyond it and rejoin the human race? It won't be a while before we know that for sure, but he certainly hasn't *yet*.
  5. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Barbara Schwarz loves him.
    A match made in heaven...
  6. Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    There were apologists on all the boards until Rathbun's whiny post came out and people caught on to what he was really up to. Other than the slam on OCMB, Diesel1967 has summed up my feelings on the matter succinctly. Thank you, my dear. Nicely put.
  7. cowboyanon2 Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!


    Nobody told me Marty was sooo powerful..... the story reeks to begin with..

    but yea.. good question.. seems he is blatantly lying.. unless he has been out for three years...
  8. anon345 Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Just wanted to post this for the couple of morons posting about Jason Beghe. I think it makes it pretty clear as to his attitude.
  9. Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    here's an interesting comparison:

    from Rathbun's recent 2nd post:
    and from his 1991 Armstrong declaration:
    Gerry Armstrong--Declaration of Mark C. Rathbun of 08-13-1991

    maybe the poor boy is just directionally challenged
  10. Buttons Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!


    While I don't appreciate being called a moron, I appreciate the post.

    Where is it from?

    Still doesn't answer my questions.
  11. Relyt Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Sounds to me like Beghe is taking the "encouraging buddy" stance on this one. I think he's wrong in calling Rathburn a "great guy", but I somehow doubt he's going to defend his crimes.
  12. subgenius Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Translation: he don't know whether to shit or go blind.
  13. subgenius Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Well that's good enough for me!
  14. anon345 Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    It's from OCMB back in April. Sorry if you don't appreciate being called a moron - I love it personally :) - but er seriously, Jason Beghe risked a lot speaking out as he did. I respect what he had to say, and I respect the way that he said it. Whilst that doesn't give him a free pass, I'm not going to stand by and see him attacked for little or no reason either. Anyway, glad the post was useful.

    Marty needs watching carefully IMO.
  15. cowboyanon2 Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    again.. hard to believe that he got wiretaps through foia.... usually that stuff is held for many decades b4 release..

    if true.. others could also apply for foia for same info...
  16. xenubarb Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    LEAVE HIMMLER ALONE! He sold good chickens!
  17. anon345 Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    I thought that was an odd comment too. The other bit that seemed odd was him giving the spiel about the "fed telling him how they tried to get him, but he just wouldn't take the bait."
  18. Buttons Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!


    Thanks for the response. I'm not trying to attack JB, but the fact that the post is from last April just shows that it's not in response to MR's current posts indicating that Jason endorses his "new" tech.

    That is all I want to know.
    Is allowing his picture on MR's website indicate an endorsement of whatever MR is currently selling?
    Is MR trying to sell a new form of the tech?
  19. francie Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!


    Tip: I don't think the Freezone will organize into "religion" anything.
  20. whoever Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    I think your confusion may be arising from your assumption that Beghe chose "this" as his next public step. By "this," do you mean his appearance in a photo with Marty Rathbun? Or have I missed something?

    He's in a photo Rathbun put up on the web. I doubt he had any choice in the matter. I certainly don't think it was an intentional "next step."
  21. parvent Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    "guy who has a different opinion"??

    Honey, you don't understand the subject matter.
  22. cowboyanon2 Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    people are upset with beghe because he was in a picture with marty??????????

    not sure i understand that..
  23. diesel1967 Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    I'm not angry with people like yourself Resistance who post on OCMB. It's some of the exes who post there. I probably singled out OCMB because i was reading their thread regarding Rathbun just last night & became infuriated that posters were encouraging others to give this arsehole some space, give him the benefit of the doubt & wishing him all the best. It made me want to throw up considering that those same people on OCMB know that Rathbun was up to his neck in alot of the bad shit that's gone down inside the cult. He knows where the bodies are buried.

    And then one poster on OCMB (Dorothy)had the gaul to say "I don't really expect Nonys who have very little real world experience with scientology to understand ex-scientologists and what they do. I just wish critics would stick to the program of bringing down a corrupt organization, instead of harassing the very people who have managed to escape"

    Well a big FUCK U Dorothy. You're happy for Anons to carry on protesting the cult & putting themselves at risk of fair game & other harrassment aren't you. But when a very high ranking official like Rathbun blows you expect us to just let him get on with his life & not be held to account for his despicable actions? You make me sick Dorothy Gale.

    For the first time in 12 months I can understand why many Anons have washed their hands of this fight.
  24. parvent Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    ^^ This
  25. Buttons Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!


    That's the question that I would like addressed. I'm trying not to assume.
    Is/was he aware of the way the picture is being used, and does he approve?

    How will we know unless he comments.
    If he doesn't, how will vulnerable exes know the difference?
    How many exes might be right back into the pay-for-salvation thing.
  26. Buttons Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Read those posts, and I totally agree.
  27. cowboyanon2 Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    i guess someone should ask him then...
  28. whoever Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Okay, I get that you aren't assuming, in a flat-out way. I guess I just don't see such cause for alarm, even if he did give his permission for Rathbun to use his photo.

    I appreciate the fact that Beghe has spoken out against the CoS. I hope he continues to do so. But I don't feel like he's beholden to me or anyone else here.
  29. AnonyMary Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Hi Larry, thanks for yet another excellent informative post.

    I was one of those victims of Int Finance, Don Larson being my gang-bang sec check torturer at that time. I was overwhelmed for years by what happened and I was never able to let the issue go, despite attempts by the C/S to gloss over the severity of what happened so that I would move along on my 'bridge'. There was never any attempt by the church to bring justice to what happened to those wh were victimized by Int Management. None. I tried reconciling myself to the fact that 'the past was the past' but the injustice of it all and the lack of action by the church was a issue for me even though I 'd been sufficiently redirected away from thinking about it up until the day I left.

    I cannot express to you the degree of relief I felt from watching that video of him publicly confessing things he did while in the cult. Don Larson had made amends on a grand scale and every ounce of anger and hate I had melted away because I saw his sincerity and his humility and realized that the animal he'd become was no longer. Only then was possible for me to forgive him, which I did.

    Marty seems so far removed from the reality of what he was involved in and the things that he did to hurt others (like Tom Klemesrud, for example) that I'm doubtful he'll address his wrongs and then step up to the plate like yourself and others with insider information have. We need him but he's essentially still a scientologist. That's the sad truth at this time.

    Mary McConnell
  30. kitfisto Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Fuck Marty , and fuck his defenders!!! He's responsible for ALOT of horrible shit . He needs to atone , inform the feds and serve his fucking time .
  31. anonsparrow Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Dude don't MAKE me come up there! (lol.. good to see your name in writing finally.. I honestly didn't know what it was for sure till now.)

    Be in touch...
  32. Buttons Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!


    I too appreciate that he has spoken out, but until this thread, I didn't really reflect on what he has chosen to speak out against.

    What exactly has he spoken out against?
    Again, I seem to remember him speaking out against the money and the fact that the tech didn't work. What I don't seem to see, is his awareness of the abuses of the COS to the people that got in, and their difficulties in trying to get out.

    The "appearance" that he is aligning himself with one of the biggest abusers of people and a new form of the tech, makes me question his motivation and intentions.

    If he's not on board with MR he needs to speak out and save exes that may be in transition some money.
  33. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Rathburn's attitude is remarkably like Himmler's at the end of the Third Reich.

    Many people don't know that Himmler tried to sell out Hitler via intermediaries with the Allies and tried to make a deal where he would either rule Germany with Hitler gone or end up in a real cushy position in any new government after Hitler was overthrown, murdered or captured.

    All the while he was taking the approach vis a vis The War..that there had been some disagreement, but hey...all that is water under the bridge...let's just look real harm done...Gee, you know, I always like you guys....

    Sociopaths and the sociopathic are very common in organizations (churches included) and they will never feel guilty as they honestly don't feel that there are any grounds for guilt. Even if they could intellectually agree that there was some harm done...they lack the capacity to care. And will never take responsibility.

    They may feign some emotions that they have never possessed strictly as a manipulative tactic. They don't ever feel it and never ever believe it.

    They have no conscience and never will. They can do tremendous damage to people, have a laugh about it and sleep like a baby at night.

    Their sociopathic personality has always been their 'ticket' through life. Their 'secret weapon'.

    Until it stops working, that is.

    You can BS people and you can BS yourself, but, you cannot BS The Universe.

    At the end of it all, there is always KARMA. You just cannot BS KARMA or get around her. She is one cold bitch and you cannot outrun her.

    Marty may have to end up like Crazy Ron with his Nine Inch Nails, crazy as a hoot owl, full of psych drugs, convinced of his 'innocence' to the end, his EGO more or less intact at all a trailer.

    No loss.
  34. francie Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Jason Beghe knows full well the value and weight of his (or any celeb's) face next to someone or something. It is more often than not considered an endorsement. Some of you may not consider Beghe much of a celeb, but he was and is in Hollywood. He may not be "A list", but he's celeb all the same. Beghe knows the score. He knows about people using his face. We're not talking about a passing shot from a tabloid photographer, here.

    If Beghe is NOT endorsing Rathbun, then Beghe would get on the phone and get Rathbun to remove the photo.

    Me thinks that the fact the photo is still online while being discussed widely and ravenously in the last 48 hours speaks more than words.
  35. parvent Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    This sophomore knows his degrees. He know "dialectical materialism" in which two forces collide, to make a new "synthesis." But the product of this collision is his own demise-- in this synthesis he is a liar, fool, and much, much worse.

    Mark, we know you by your deeds.
  36. TheBitch Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Rathburn is auditing Beghe with his new tech. Prove me wrong.
  37. Kilia Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Food for thought:
    Jason might not even know his photo is on Marty's website.
  38. Buttons Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    That is my concern.

    That is exactly what needs to be determined.

    Once that puzzle is solved, things might take a whole new direction.
  39. Vir Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    I like (read: rage at) Rathbun's construct of the FBI as the party he doesn't owe an apology, rather than sparing a thought for his actual victims. Is this what psychologists call transferance?

    Oh yeah, it's discussed on some message boards for a couple of days.
    Seriously, that's no strong indication that JB knows. I never held him to be a round-the clock forum warrior and /b/tard. Occasional poster, sure.

    Why this strong attempt to depopularize Jason Beghe? I mean, look, shock horror, Anonymous endorses Tom Cruise:

    It would of course be nice of JB to state if he endorses Rathbun's business, but asking him to "Disconnect" from him is going a bit far there. JB spoke out and spoke out well. He doesn't owe anyone anything as far as I'm concerned.
  40. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Marty Rathbun's Squirrel Group?!

    Jason Beghe's going through a tough time dealing with his leaving a cult too. Being so close to someone who's off and charging for auditing?

    I'm worried about Jason being a mark for Rathbun.

    Yeah, get this guy to the feds now.

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