Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    I Haven't been following the NoI/Scilon connection up until now, though in retrospect it makes so much FUCKING SENSE that it's a wonder more hasn't been made of it until Marty tossed his hat into the ring. These two groups are made for each other.

    Marty has to know that he's completely screwed with regards to wooing any of these people into his clubhouse. This bonding is all about the money and he just doesn't have anywhere near enough of that to get a seat at the table.

    Maybe Marty's just a little bit butthurt over the idea that he'll never get invited into Farrakahn's clubhouse. When it comes to rebranding Hubbard, those folks are already way, way ahead of him.

    Proxy up and check out Reuben Muhammed's "CAERing Solutions" page. All of the control, none of the little Thetans.
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Keep digging you magnificent bastard! The more we can demonstrate a timeline showing a growing connection between the two groups culminating in NoI ministers taking courses....EPIC WIN.
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Yes, you bring up a good point of comparison regarding WISE and non-sci's being ordered to do courses or they lose their jobs. Of course, that is illegal, but sci's have Sneaky ways of getting around it. Hell, employers in U.S. get away with firing people for lots of illegal reasons. But the main point is that WISE biz are run by sci's, and they are above mere human laws. (hard to wrap your brain around 1984 logic, like quantum physics, I know).

    But this is about another "religious" group, whose leader is out-in-the-open ordering his followers. As to scale, 2 years of advertising, got them, what, 100? If there's 50,000 sci's left today, it's max. This would be double?

    And yes, it's conceivable sci's are excited. They have little interest in the outside world and no idea of what NOI is about, no idea it's been "ordered" or what DM is getting them into. Most of all, now that every single sci public, staff or whatever is now a mandatory Crush Reg, the thought of new raw meat heretofore unregged must be a salvitating, heart thumping orgasm of unprecedented, crashing waves of elation!

    Visions of cannibals, vultures and vampires dance in me head. I'm leaving the lights on tonight. Plain creepy, and I agree with others. This will not end well.
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    I understand that Farrakhan has had some health problems. This makes me speculate that those Scientology scam artists have found his "ruin", whether it be health or something else. And, now I feel sorry for Farrakhan, despite him being a crackpot. I hope he can extract himself.
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan


    You were being sarcastic, right? Please say you were being sarcastic.
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    No, I feel sorry for you, too.
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Watch starting @ 5:13 for the relevant bits

    posted earlier from the thread Operation Sparrowticus, NYC 8/6/10

    from OCMB: DM Said to be, "Going Off the Deep End"

    the Representative of the NoI in the photo is Minister Tony Muhammad
    "L Ron Hubbard was a saint and an angelic figure sent to us by the Creator himself" WTF
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Rathbun states at Louis Farrakhan gets L. Ron Hubbard | Moving On Up a Little Higher

    and that
    I don't want to rely to heavily on Rathbun's interpretation that Farrakhan not mentioning scientology equates to Farrakhan commanding that lackeys do scientology training.

    Could someone please help us with a transcript of this alleged command to "do the scientology training or get lost"? I think this is an important issue to verify.

    In other words, Dox?
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Lurk moar from ost #50 on. Sermon is long (1 hr 45 minuntes). Last 45 min, especially last half hour listen.
    Nation of Islam Live Webcast
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Pardon my samefagging here. This Reuben guy's an interesting fellow. He's got a Blogspot blog (proxy up FTW). On it he lists his credentials as both a "Certified Dianetics Counselor" and as a trained "Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) Counselor". TIR being the product of infamous "evil psych", ex-scientologist (and world class sugardaddy) Frank Gerbode's "Applied Metapsychiatry" squirrel tech.

    As a NoI member, being not a scientologist but has it's rewards.

    Oh David, where are you going? You're not even going the right way...
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    I don't have the web access for that. A transcript would help us analyze this.
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan


    If you can just copy the edit-version of your three posts and paste-dump them into a new article, then post a link to the article URL here, I (and others) can go through and wikify it.

    Needs to be the edit version [ie: what you see when you edit your own post] so it includes all the URLs and QUOTEs etc.
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Wasn't Aristede like a genocidal maniac?

    Not that I care one bit what faramarty has to say :)
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Tomorrow. eyes are shot.

    the Nation of Islam and the CoS have been like two teenagers at a Sadie Hawkins dance. holding hands,making promises,blowing kisses,and seeking off to the bushes when the principal isn't looking.

    I am sure we will see this romance blossom. give it time

    NoI Web site (proxy up) Know4LIFE
    Psychiatry: An Industry of Death
    (L-R) Rev. Alfreddie Johnson, student Min. Tony Muhammad and Cheryl Duncan

    Final Call NoI official site
    Psychiatry: An Industry of Death (full article)(proxy up)Mar 8, 2010

    Final Call NoI official site (proxy up)
    California exit exams fail students Jul 11, 2007 Reverend Alfreddie Johnson, WLC

    CBC Examines the Plight of Black Males; The State of the African American Male Conference

    The Compton Bulletin PDF
    Sep 3, 2008 ... Alfreddie Johnson Jr. of the Compton-based World Literacy Crusade ..... Minister Tony Muhammad Issac Hayes Funeral

    Radar Online:EXCLUSIVE: Inside David Carradine’s Wake

    Alfreddie Johnson used to promote Scientology's Second Chance program
    Scientologist Baptist Minister Former Councilman Alfreddie Johnson Jr is the person who recruited Issac Hayes into Scientology
  18. FreakE420 Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    I think this marriage was made in tax-free heaven, it all comes down to the tax free staus of CoS. The real question is--whose pocket does the money eventually end up in? I am going to enjoy this dog and pony show.

    Finally, the real real question is: Who has had more plastic surgery, David Miscavige or Louis Farrakhan?
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    this links are in the thread in earlier posts
    From the Land of the Seminole and Osceola to the Clear Water Mecca of Scientology
    By Mother Tynnetta Muhammad | Last updated: Aug 19, 2010 - 3:16:37 PM
  21. mnql1 Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Here is a YouTube video of the last 15 minutes of the Aug. 22, 2010 sermon, along with a transcript:

    [ame=]YouTube - Louis Farrakhan Espousing Dianetics and Scientology Beliefs[/ame]

    "Put on the New Man" Aug. 22, 2010
    Nation of Islam Live Webcast

    Transcript (last 15 minutes only)

    So we have to be careful of each other, careful of how we relate to each other, so we can keep the mind of God growing and lessen the effect of Satanic influence on our being.

    Now I think I can close.

    Let this mind be in you. It didn't stop there. The same that is in Christ Jesus. So what God is offering to the human family is their own mind that has been taken away from Satan's rule over the human family. Your mind is really the mind of God.

    So when Elijah Muhammad said, "Accept your own and be yourself ..." Well, what is my own? My own is really the mind of God. And what is that? Knowledge. Wisdom. Understanding. Culture. Refinement. The pursuit of happiness.

    See, once you're in the mind of God, which is really your own mind ... That's why, when we behave ignorantly, he said you're other than yourself. You are making yourself less than ourself by acting other than ourself.

    So when you act out ... Oh, some of our friends call that "stimulating an engram" ... and stuff starts coming up. We don't even know where it came from. All of a sudden a sweet kitten becomes a growling lion ... rawrrr! Lord! Where did that come from? See? That's stimulating something that makes us other than what we're capable of being. So learning how the mind works and learning how to think properly ... Wow, learning how to think properly.

    Now look how easy it is, to know, we learn how to eat properly. Even though we don't follow it.

    But, in the new org board -- organizational board of the Nation of Islam -- there's a department called "How to Eat to Live". [applause] Wait a minute! And in ee-ver-yy mosque, there's going to be somebody in charge of "How to Eat to Live". And not that we're going to force you ... We're just going to encourage everybody to get back to how to eat to live!

    And there's another thing on the organizational board. To help with proper thinking. So you learn how to eat over here, but you learn how to think.

    Then we'll learn how to administrate. Look. Not some big organization. Just administrate yourself, your children, the family. We'll learn management. "I'm a manager. Big man." No! Manage your house. Manage the children. Manage yourself and your wife. Management technology starts at home and then it spreads abroad.

    So I'm happy to see what I see and the hope that I see for our nation.

    So those of you who are past laborers, we will reintroduce you or introduce you and are introducing you to that which will cause you to fulfill your desire, if you still have the desire to help the Honorable Elijah Muhammad raise our people up from where they are.

    Now listen. The goal that Elijah Muhammad had, Master Fard told him: "Make many ministers and send them into all of the cities." Not "some".

    Well, that means those of us who are presently ministering: "Thank you." No, I mean that sincerely, but you know ... [applause] Wait.

    The course of study that will be set up from the Department of Supreme Wisdom, that we all have to qualify and become certified. It's like some kind of certification and I shook your hand as you walked across the stage, ha ha. That's one certification. But to be certified, to stand up on the rostrum of God, and talk to the people of God is more than recitation of what you learned or think we learned and memorized. It's the purging of all spirit of arrogance and vanity.

    You don't have to want to be God. You were born that.

    So don't rejoice while you're just halfway around the ladder.

    In the Bible, it says there was a ladder that reached from Heaven to Earth. And there were angels ascending and angels descending. I don't want to be a descending angel. You know, that's how Satan came down. He once was at that elevated state, you know. So don't think because we're elevated that we cannot fall.

    So, Tuesday night, I'm asking all of us, all Muslims throughout America, all those who want to be a part of that which is to be made new, make your way to the mosque. I don't care what charge is on your head. [applause] I really don't care. [applause] I really don't care. [applause]

    Because now, [back and forth motion of right hand] you're going to take the charge ... [laughter] Wait. [laughter] See, whenever something comes up that ain't right in the mind, it gets a charge, you know. So that charge has to be released. But when you're charged with an infraction, you know ... We want to create the environment that makes such charge unnecessary. And if we are charged, there'll be a way to fix it, unless you're so far out that we have to excuse you from the class.

    Because from this point on, every day at the mosque is a class day. We're all in the classroom of God and we will prepare the study on both sides: the study of the technology and the study of the Supreme Wisdom. And then once we get to a certain point, I'm turning you loose on this world. [applause]

    So this year's Saviours' Day gift -- wait now -- This year's Saviours' Day gift is going to be reinvested into you. Not into buildings -- I don't care nothing about no buildings. Buildings come. Buildings go. Stop being fascinated with buildings and start being fascinated with growth and development into that valuable final product. [applause]

    So ... are you ready? [audience: Yes, sir!]

    As present laborers, past laborers, for me to ask on Tuesday, for all those who want to be future laborers, to come on into this study.

    [pointing to the male section of the audience] Are you ready for that? [audience: Yes, sir!] [applause]

    [pointing to the female section of the audience] Are you ready for that? [audience: Yes, sir!] [applause]

    All right!

    He said he wanted fifty thousand laborers. We only have thirteen hundred up in this room. Potential. And I'm going to ask you to sign a form pledging that you will undergo the study. I'd like to see your signature on all these forms. And if I don't, then that means you don't want to labor any more, and I'll thank you for everything you've done, and you can sit down.

    Nobody will mount the rostrum, hold a post, be in any ministry, or over any part of the national and international organization of the Nation of Islam who refuses to go under this study.

    Thank you for listening and may Allah bless you as I greet you in peace. As-salaamu alaikum!
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Nice work, mnql1. Thank you very much.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    pictures taken in June in Clearwater posted by Shellback
    on Re: Anon Sparrow ASSAULTED thread
    the Ebony Awakenings Awards 6-19-10 picture posted 7-19-10

    Shellback posted:
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Thanks for the transcript. Emphasis added on all possibly Scientology-related terms or expressions I could find. Indeed, this looks very much like Scientology. Also, the stuff about buildings is quite ironic considering the "ideal org" campaign by Miscavige and the strong statements by Hubbard never to let buildings become important.

  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan


    if it's what it appears it might be,

    is gonna be hilarious!
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    We are going to teach you how to think right, courtesy of L Ron Fucking Nutjob. This is a sad, sad spectacle.

    It reminds me of people getting all happy about getting to be a guest on the Visitor mothership before the visitors are revealed to be carnivorous lizards.

    By the way, Louis, "administer" is a less clumsy way to say "administrate".
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    This nutfeast is so newsworthy.

    My flabber is gasted.

    Can't wait till the Vatican starts demanding that Catholics sign up for Scientology, too.
  29. Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    This thread is very relevant. If someone else has already linked here I’m sorry, I haven’t time to read everything.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Who said?

    I thought it might be a religious thing, so I googled, and all I found was this (from some novel):

    Which, if you tilt your head to one side, is bizarrely appropriate...
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    So if you haven't already, watch the video...

    At first I was loling at some pretty obvious moments where Farrakhan looks like he's doing a Tom Cruise impression from that video. But as it goes on, you start to realise here is a cult leader doing his control bit. Stuff that obviously makes no sense in the transcript sounds reasonable (so long as you don't think about it) as he talks.

    And then the pressure, subtle at first, almost vicious towards the end, comes out - but they've been going 'yes sir' so often by then...

    Anyway - just watch it - reading the transcript isn't enough.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Indeed. It all makes me glad not to be there.

    Can you imagine someone putting their hand up at the end and saying "Mr Farrakhan, I've been repeating and murmuring what you've been saying all this time, but, just to be clear, are you seriously talking about that L Ron Hubbard bullshit or are you joking?"
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    So you take a racist, violent, mind-controlling cult, and mix it with - - -oh wait!
  34. anonohio Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    OK I got 2 minutes into that and then he suggested that he overrode somatic motor neurons (which he then attributes to the AUTONOMIC sympathetic nervous system) with the parasympathetic system? Wtf?

    I would certainly like for him to elaborate on how he apparently triggers an acetylcholine surge and induces a limb selective cholinergic crisis (which is what he says he's doing) by covering that guys mouth.

    He would get an F on a test about basic CNS/PNS physiology.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    C'mon. All the words he's using are big ones. How can you dispute someone who knows words like that? ;)
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    I say this as a person of color. I wondered why there were so many black people @ DC Org & why any black person would be interested in Co$; as most blacks are deeply rooted in Christianity. This explains it.

    This is a breaking news story but would news about the NOI in bed with Co$ make more news resources again weary of reporting this story? What about Gawker?
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    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    I've been keeping my eye on Scientology for years and I have to say this is the god damned weirdest thing I have seen yet.

    That video is priceless. Especially the random shouts of "ENGRAM" from the audience within the 2nd minute.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Engram! Random Shouts! Sorry, couldn't help that.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Xenu! Marcab! Learn to think right! Learn to eat! Manage wife!
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Bow Tie Guy is long winded.

    I would have rendered the last 15 minutes of the speech as
    "Hey, dumbasses, you don't know how to think right. That's why you are here. Do these Scientology indoctrination courses I have signed you up for or fuck off. Praise God, etc etc."

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