Marty Reveals Truth - shows the world he's an idiot (oh, and babbles again on OTVIII)

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by ChurchOfCylontology, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. OTBT Member

    The OT Knights are PTS
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  2. DeathHamster Member

    That tends to happen over time by itself, with just a few unpopped kernels left at the bottom of the bag.
  3. Anonymous Member

    there is still plenty of money to be made off of L Ron's money-making system. And it will alwys be hard for people to walk away from it and admit they've been duped from the beginning.

    Just a fraction of Scientology's business will make Marty a rich man, and L Ron's system is designed to create dependents.

    he's selling dope. he knows it. he's just a rotten jerk with a selfish agenda.
  4. ZeroC Member

    Article had too many can NOTs and not enough can DO.

    They'll never clear the planet with that attitude.
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  5. RolandRB Member

    They would panic the government if they unleashed their billion gigawatt power on DM.
  6. willhaven720 Member

    I can understand the whole Rathbun subject in simple terms. Man finds scientology. Man confesses his sins. Man feels great! Man wants others to feel great too. Man goes to work for scientology. Man help others confess their sins. Others feel great! Man feels good about helping others feel better. Man has need to feel good all the time. Man ignores many aspects of scientology (which are fraud), in order to believe that he is doing the right thing in his life. Man becomes abused by trusted scientologist leaders. Man goes crazy. Man starts to abuse others under his care, in order to avoid further abuse towards himself. Man wants to believe the ends justify the means (greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics). Man goes insane. In a last ditch effort to stop using his time on earth for the abuse of others, man steps outside of bubble and away from group. Man is still insane. Man tells the world about some of the obvious abuses he had committed and witnessed in order to earn back a bit more of his personal integrity. Man notices that many people in scientology are not having a good time and are leaving. Man's ego prevents him from accepting the truth that he has helped destroy countless lives. And that scientology was developed by a brilliant confidence artist in order to gain power, fame and wealth. Man tells world that scientology works without DM. Some people notice him and decide to leave also. Man makes his life's mission to give people what he believes is the "true" version of help because, he himself was helped before by scientology. Man doesn't get what he wants. Man gets stalked and harassed by a cult of cowards and their for-profit, soulless goons. Man goes super crazy. Anons laugh.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    you just wrote Marty's life story in a Reader's Digest version
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  8. willhaven720 Member

    Somebody had to do it. RD poon anyone??
  9. AnonLover Member

    and the "oh shi, let's protect the OT myth" handling spreads to yet another blog...

    Deconstructing OT

    yep - Jeff's brilliant tactic of shine-a-light on it from outside the box hit a sublimal nerve alright. heh.
  10. Jeff's blog post is the #3 result if you google "Scientology abilities".
  11. DeathHamster Member

    Dude, accepting the whole thetan game premise means that the human race is just a mock-up.
  12. Scatman Member

    Exactly. The "body thetan" phenomena manifests in two mental states: schizophrenia or delirium tremens. Historical evidence shows that during the time NOTs was developed, Hubbard regularly indulged in drugs and alcohol. So, the BT stuff was delirium tremens. In the sixty years after Dianetics started, no scientists have found any BTs, SPs, or OTs.
    The belief in such constitutes delusion and the use of those notions to sell something constitutes fraud.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Oh god! That was pathetic

    Oh god! That was delicious. Ya know why?


    The formula of Communication is: Cause, Distance, Effect, with Attention and Duplication.The component parts of Communication are Consideration. Intention, Attention, Cause, Source-point, Distance, Effect, Receipt-point Duplication, the Velocity of the impulse or particle, Nothingness or Somethingness. A non-Communication consists of Barriers. Barriers consist of Space, Interpositions (such as walls and screens of fast-moving particles), and Time. A communication, by definition does not need to be two-way. When a communication is returned, the formula is repeated, with the receipt-point now becoming a source-point and the former source-point now becoming a receipt point.
  14. Lorelei Member

    DERP. Everyone knows that if you want superpowers, you become a hardcore Buddhist monk, not a Scientologist! :D
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Emphasis mine

    I'd go a step further in relation to BT's.

    NOT's is about blowing BT's right?
    You have to get into comm with them, right?

    So, what is it called when you hear voices that don't exist outside your own head?

    I think people pretty much know what I'm getting at.
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. RolandRB Member

    How dare you besmirch the name of Hubbard so. BTs as delirium tremens, tush! Those were cocaine bugs! :)
  18. I think I get Marty now.

    Slightly fixed Matthew 15:24: “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of [Hubbard]...It is not good to take the children’s bread and throw it to the [w]ogs.”
  19. Pathetic is right.

    I went to that site. I couldn't bring myself to read it all.I've seen it all before. OT powers are not party tricks and all that. If I had real OT powers; I would use them. That would seem to be the whole point to becoming OT, I would think. I mean, what is the point of all those success stories in ADVANCE if it wasn't supposedly true.

    Freezoners, and apologists have a few "ready made" answers to this such as:

    - "It's not about super powers. It's about 'finding yourself'."
    - "It's not about super powers. It's about 'spirituality'."
    - "OT powers don't work all the time"
    - "OT powers don't work when you have: doubts, doubters, or when you use them to prove that you have OT powers."

    I think that covers all the possible answers. I am glad that those people at the site have left the C of S but they are still Scientologists through and through. Maybe one day they will figure it out.
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  20. subrosa Member

    Marty can talk about Cwazy Widdle Davy and his lack of education and cult training, and yet Marty can fix this OT VIII crap? Marty never got that far either.. Talk about your double standard. You can't pay for this kind of entertainment, but any more it's getting kinda bland. Moar PI's and phone calls to the police etc.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Oh look, Marty aint done yet with defining the new real true OT.... along with all the things done wrong on Church's OT

    More Truth Revealed

    So marty is the new advanced org of indie field, seems he's just cornered the market from all angles twice over.
  22. Moar Marty Bollox About Made-Up Shit.
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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Mahty trolls Anons right.
  25. an0nim0uz Member

    He probably could. As someone who makes a living (barely) with writing, I can tell you that even if you are an untalented piece of shit, with a little bit of luck, opportunism and a grasp of the current zeitgeist, you can make a fortune. Stephenie Meyer is the perfect example. The Twilight saga is poorly written, has a terrible plot and annoying, flat characters and is just plain boring to read if you're not some mildly retarded teenage girl, or a mildly retarded gay teenage boy. Short and simple: It's something I normally wouldn't touch with one ass cheek, yet I've read it twice already, because it's a stroke of genius at the same time.
    But then again, after reading his "Ode to Hubbard", I'm not sure about that anymore.
  26. Caliwog Member

    "Dear OT VIIIs, DM is screwing up your case, and I can fix it. You've paid about $300,000 to Scientology so far, so I'm thinking you can swing another 20 grand for me to put you right."

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  27. Caliwog Member

    Um, should I -- er, what?

    ML, CW
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  28. Anonymous Member

    yeah, MAYBE if he had a normal way of thinking. He can't even speak without using Sci speak.
    His thinking is soooooooo different from other people. Being in the cult for so many years, I would tend to think his writing would reflect that ten fold
  29. He could write mystery novels where the protagonist solves crimes using auditing and / or OT powers and call it "The Auditor."
  30. [insert clam joke here]
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  31. OTBT Member

  32. Caliwog Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    Hey, I (vaguely) resemble that remark.

    Also, eating Irish cheddar, drinking my homebrew beer and listening to Face to Face is pure fucking win.
  34. The "OT Abilities" post on has been removed. Guess there were enturbulating comments.
  35. Anonymous Member

    it looks like the whole site is down now
  36. OTBT Member

  37. Yeah. Looks to be up but minus that post, though Google has cached it (without comments).
  38. Anonymous Member

    outage only lasted a few minutes. and the article is indeed gone.

    seems funny that they took it down- i never seen comment wars or thread drama on that site and discussion is typically fairly tame because most of us trolls facepalm and leave long before we hit the bottom of the page to actually comment.
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  39. tikk Member

    Interesting response from Marty to Jeff Hawkins' piece, the meat of which I reproduce below:

    Emphasis mine. It's something of an interesting admission to what Jeff was positing in that Marty appears to be saying that OT abilities are entirely subjective and reliant on the perceiver's belief as to their basis. What's true for you is merely your own mocked up reality, and whoever agrees to share your mocked up reality. My take, and I think most people's, is that a group legislatively deciding that 2+2=5 doesn't make the answer any more or less than 4, which is the reality the rest of the planet shares and upon which science and math rely. Scientology doesn't make my car run when I turn the key. So why should Scientologists conceitedly think of themselves as capable of or responsible for Clearing the Planet if they're relying on their own agreed upon reality that can't, even per Marty, be independently verified? And even if clearing the planet is only a bullshit PR goal, then what is the purpose of gaining OT abilities other than as a substitute for hallucinogenics? It's 'workable technology' for mental masturbation and not much more.
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  40. If you look at the comments on Marty's blog, a lot of people preface their comments with things like "I haven't read Jeff's post but..." Marty's post is kind of a clever way to talk about the existence of the discussion while discouraging people from actually looking at Jeff's blog, where they might encounter, "rambling posts designed to denigrate and invalidate LRH and the benefits of Scientology", which of course are not allowed on his blog.

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