Marty Reveals Truth - shows the world he's an idiot (oh, and babbles again on OTVIII)

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by ChurchOfCylontology, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. COREarg Member

  2. Anonymous Member

    can the unadulterated "Tech" cure Mar-tay's alcoholism and anger management issues?
  3. Anonymous Member

    does "black dianetics" cause impotence?
  4. CarterUSP Member

    No, that was just to get the NOI involved.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    LOL!1! nice!
    that gives the whole Farrakahn / Miscavige trifecta of buttfuckery an entirely new meaning.
  6. xenubarb Member

    Marty: "I'm getting a raging clue."
    Mikey: "Me's leading me over there."
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  7. Caliwog Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    imma waiting for our old friend Jesse to come in and tell it like it is and give M&M a little slice of STFU.
  9. Jeff's latest post provides a pretty decent slice of it. :)
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  10. AnonLover Member

  11. I think Jefferson Hawkins is on of the few ex-Scilons with a brain.

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  12. Smurf Member

    I think U suck.
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  13. Sometimes I swallow too.

    You're right....that was mean. I'll retract my generalization.
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  14. AnonLover Member

    Just bill on AskTheScientologist blog too, he has now weighed in and hit everything jeff missed...

    The Redefinitions of Scientology
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  15. Anonymous Member

    I would like to, but I am leery of all you new fags.
  16. OTBT Member

    ^ LOLing. I "feel better about communication".

    And I am total knowing and willing cause over, erm, ... something-or-other ... I forget what, exactly. But that's ok, because I feel good about it.

    3 beers for Ron!

    Hip, hip, chug!
    Hip, hip, chug!
    Hip, hip, chug!
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  17. NEwFAg? Anon Lover? sorry wat?
  18. Anonymous Member

    Truth revealed!
  19. Anonymous Member

    Thank you.
    that is the only way i can possibly tolerate reading that cocksuckers shit.
  20. AnonLover Member

    Ok, it's official - the blog wars on OT powerz is nao worthy of popcorn!

    Jeff has taken it to a whole new level...

    The Anecdotal Fallacy

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  21. What you talkin about Willis? As far as I can see, Jeff Hawkins DOES have OT powers. He was able to go to the future and write a post on his blog ONE DAY FASTER than the rest of us slobs on Pacific Coast Time! That's proof enough for me that OT powers exist......

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  22. Pretty Amazing............. I can't believe this woman actually got a part-time job, then a second job............. whoa..............imean........ unreal............. I was just starting the comprehend the magnificence of OT Powers when.......... holy shit............... she got a full-time job............Talk about confirmation of OT Powerz.........This has never happened to mere mortals...........Varooom, Sherroooooom as LRH would say...........
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  23. subrosa Member

    Do OT's ever Goof the Floof?
  24. Caliwog Member

    No, but they sometimes "go all airy-fairy." And they also "grind the midnight oil."

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  25. That's a good point about the OT powaz.Do you ever notice they are always stories about making their own existence better? you never hear OT wins about improving Stats at the ORG (except for that scilons spin tale about Amy Scobee at the airport) You never see OT wins about, "I defeated Anonymous at my local org, after exchanging postulates they signed up for courses" Where are those wins? Something actually useful to the church?
  26. COREarg Member

    ^ Common sense:Something useful for the church will not help to gather attention. On the other side, personal success gathers attention and the will to get better so they can be way better than the ones who share their made-up stories.

    A success for the CO$ will not gather enough attention to say "oh, he/she has success with his/her life! I envy him/her so much...I will try to go up the Bridge so I can be better than them!". Which is actually the objective of their "success stories".

    Random sad scilon reads that someone has "ot powers" and got their life better. Random sad scilon wants to go up the bridge of DOOM. Random Sad Scilon pays. Random Sad Scilon goes up the Bridge.

    ...Random Sad Scilon realizes it doesn't work, Anonymous is still outside protesting, the "church" is investigated by the FBI. Random Sad Scilon is still a sad little human being with not life so ever.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Oh come on. He does it for the $.

    Where else is an ex nazi going to afford a Benz or Lexus or whatever he's rolling in? Sure as hell not paid for with his ability to think critically.
  28. Anonymous Member

    That wasn't the remote...
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  29. Look, it's a lot of work running the myriad of Scientology front groups, gulags, Wise schemes, phony drug-cure programs to make millions for the cult.

    If they had real OT Powerz, imagine the money they could make gambling on sporting events by simply moving pucks, balls, objects at will from a safe distance while invisible.

    In keeping with Hubbard policies the Scientologist could never be punished for any activity that is upstat and there is absolutely nothing more upstat in Scientology than bringing in money and "donating" to Mother Church, no questions asked, ever.

    Scientology "Ethics" is the Jumbo Shrimp of Oxymorons! :)

    The "Patron Meritorious" OT7 Herb Zerden, a former owner of WISE scam company FAS (Foreclosure Assistance Solutions) has had ownership positions in over 20 companies that have conveniently gone under.

    Below is a fine example of how many WISE scam companies operate,imho.

  30. Is REx Fowler's Case Supervisor ever mentioned? I'm looking around for that, any one got Dox on that?
  31. an0nim0uz Member

    You have to believe in OT powers to be able to see them? lolwut
    So an OTVIII, in full control of MEST, could tear down my house in an instant, and I wouldn't even notice it?

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