Marty says Scientology Ordered Ciancio Killed

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by tikk, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. tikk Member

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  2. That's some very serious shit right there. I hope Marty has the goods to back up his story 'cos I can see this blowing up in his face if not.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Marty Rathbun's "revelation" is supposedly that:
    I find amusing that this was already discussed here way before he brought that up:
  4. Scatman Member

    There may have been such a "terminately handle" order, but I don't think that order meant to kill Ciancio.
    The planned settlement would have ended the matter amicably, but in the history of scientology, I cannot think of any amicable settlements they have been involved in. They seem to crave rancorous parting of company. If they think that they can get away with creating misery for someone they don't like, they will do it. And they wonder why so many people don't like them.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    This sounds like tinfoil on martys part to me.
    Although he is correct that OSA teams have been all over this case from day one like a rash.
    We have pics on this forum of the first handlers on the crime scene,just after the shooting.
  6. LocalSP Member

    Oh FOR FUCKS SAKE! Marty has this info and didn't go to the authorities?
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  7. Linxis° Member

    Brain washing anyone?
  8. Much better to sit back until after the trial when nothing can be done. Then drop his huge bombs.
    Marty you suck a little more than usual today.
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  9. Anonymous Member


    Pretty much
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  10. Anonymous Member

    His statement is "Shortly before the murder Rex was commanded by a [Scientology] Inc bot to 'terminatedly handle' Thomas." So he has information that a Scientologist ("bot") told Rex Fowler to "terminatedly handle" Thomas Ciancio, and this kind of information is definitely of interest to the police/prosecution. Now the question is: Was this information given to authorities?
  11. subgenius Member

    Marty's fucked either way now.
    If he's right, he didn't/hasn't go(ne) to the authorities, and helped/is helping cover up a conspiracy to commit murder.
    If he's wrong he's an asshole creep.
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  12. Wallenb Member

    Avoiding speculation and predictions is usually the wise move but it is probably safe to say there will be some form of fallout from this and popcorn will be consumed.*

    *poster reserves the right to eat cocks
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  13. Anonymous Member

    It is important to remember the "audience" Mahty directs his posts to. He is obviously determined to siphon away as many fat cat OTs from the cult as he possibly can.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    methinks Mahty needs to word clear 'widow'
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  15. CarltonBANKS Member

    I saw a thread title saying 'judge says Scientology not an issue... in [this] case' and I didn't even open the thread. It was clearly about money & Wise and cos poor Ciancio wanted out.

    A lot of Scientologists have proper fucking mental breakdowns, wouldn't surprise me if Rex Fowler had gone mental. (and obviously, they don't seek professional help as they learn to fear & hate "psychs").

    To Scientology, money > human life.


    Sounds like it's all conjecture, so it wouldn't stick on court. Marty left Scientology years before Fowler went postal, right? How would he have concrete evidence?
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  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    Forgot to ask: What did he do to help these witnesses see the light of the court?
  18. pooks Member

    Fuck mahty and the space ship he rode in on.
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  19. LocalSP Member

    I think I may send a link to Marty's site to the Denver police, what could it hurt?
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  20. OTBT Member

    Bullshit. It seems pretty obvious to me that Marty is deliberately giving false information to
    support his deliberately incorrect definition of "terminatedly handle".

    First of all "terminatedly handle" does NOT mean to kill someone. I'm paraphrasing here, but in
    scientology terminology, "terminatedly" means once and for all, and "handle" means to take care
    of a problem or situation.

    To "terminatedly handle" someone or something is to take care of (fix) a problem once and for all,
    rather than let it drag on and on.

    I've heard the phrase "terminatedly handle" most often in resolving PTS (Potential Trouble
    Source) situations. When a PTS tries to "handle" an SP (Suppressive Person) he is connected
    with, Scientology Ethics basically allows only 2 options:
    • handle
    . - or -
    • disconnect
    Handle means to get the SP calmed down and get in in good communication, and for the
    scientologist to be "slight, gentle cause" over the SP and the situation.

    Disconnect means to permanently sever all communication forevermore with the SP.

    In scientology Ethics, I've mostly heard the phrase "terminatedly handle" used as a last step
    before disconnection.

    Simplified example: Joe Scilon is connected to Bill Psycho, who is an SP. Joe Scilon
    repeatedly tries to "handle" Bill Psycho using Scientology Ethics, following the written
    directions of the Org Ethics Officer. Many attempts are made by Joe Scilon to "handle" Bill
    Psycho, but it doesn't work.

    Fed up, the Org Ethics Officer tell Joe Scilon very clearly, that Joe must "terminatedly handle"
    Bill Psycho. If Joe Scilon doesn't "terminatedly handle" Bill Psycho, then Joe Scilon will be
    forced to move from the "handle" option to the last resort of "disconnect".

    In scientology ethics, "terminatedly handle" is the informal term for the final step in between
    "handle" and "disconnect".

    In scilon thinking, Rex was already "terminatedly handling" the situation by issuing a legitimate
    severance paycheck to an SP employee, to get him to shut up and go away forever.

    Shooting someone in the back of the head is NOT scientology PTS tech, it's just murder.

    Alarm bells go off in my head as soon as I read this unsupported claim:


    That is just Marty telling an "acceptable truth" (scientology term meaning "lie") to his adoring
    followers, to further his "Miscavige is the boogeyman, Hubbard was perfect" agenda.

    That said, I'd say Marty is an unethical cultie if his allegations are indeed somewhat true.

    If he had evidence of his claims, why didn't he go to the police?

    Notice Marty is making these claims after the fact of the conviction, being a "Monday morning
    quarterback" (saying how something should have been done better after it is already over).

    In my opinion, Marty is just spouting his usual tinfoil hyperbole in his obsessive vendetta against
    the wee dwarf Miscavige, and once again trying to be The authority with a "hidden data line" to
    his adoring followers. (Yes, I admit to being a bit obsessive about Miscavige as well, but that
    doesn't justify inventing shit about him.)

    I really hope one of Marty's followers is alert enough to call out Marty on his deliberate
    twisting around of "terminatedly handle" to suit his agenda.

    Yes, I'm an ex, and I am Ethics trained. I'm not just talking out my ass. Google this stuff.

    I don't have my old HCOBs and HCOPLs anymore, but maybe someone wants to chase down the
    scientology definition of "terminatedly handle", to blow holes in Marty's opening statement

    Sorry for the wall o text, I'm not very good at tl;dr.
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  21. pooks Member

    It can't hurt.
  22. Optimisticate Member

  23. grebe Member

    I already ate all my popcorn and left the theater where the whole Fowler Story was playing. I'm not going back for the sequel until I read a few reviews saying it was pretty good.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Devil's advocate time: knowing how much the CoS hates Marty, and given how quick they are to sue for libel, does it mean Marty is at least partially telling the truth if he isn't charged with libel for this?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Ok I think I get it. You are saying that "terminatedly handle" is an expression commonly used in Scientology world, and that the fact it was used in the case of Rex Fowler does not mean that he was ordered to murder Ciancio, but instead to pay him his $9,900 and have him sign the waiver (maybe Ciancio didn't like the terms of the waiver?) I believe you, in such case, it does appear MR is trying to manipulate his audience (I don't read the comments, don't know if it is working.)
  26. eddieVroom Member

    My understanding of the lingo is that it translates as more of a stern reminder that you and you alone are responsible to get the job done. I'm blissfully unaware of other conversations that would give weight to sinister connotations in this, as creepy as the Hubbard-speak comes across at first glance.

    I'm under the impression that the criminal matter was such a slam-dunk, the prosecutor felt no need to even mention the Scientology angles. In any case, if evidence comes to light of a true conspiracy, other parties can still be charged later.

    That said, Marty should make himself available for the witness list of any Civil action coming up, IMO.
  27. OTBT Member

    Yes, you understand me.

    I generally don't read the comments either, I usually feel slimy after trying to read the adoring ass kissing comments over there.

    "Terminatedly Handle" should be clearly defined in the Scientology Admin dictionary, if someone feels like finding it and posting it here.
  28. eddieVroom Member

    As much as I'd like to see Scientology's collective nuts in a vise, I have to regard it possible at present that Fowler was lying to them about his money as well, and really did just crack all by his lonesome in world he built for himself, utterly devoid of true support -- only "handling" for failure. A world designed by Hubbard, perhaps, but ultimately of his own choosing.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Googling [Scientology "terminatedly handle"] returns a lot of hits with Church of Scientology-related sites.

    From Admin Dictionary: "TERMINATEDLY HANDLE, when I say terminatedly handle I mean finishedly handle. That it is handled and that's all, boy! (HCO PL 4 May 68)"

    Also handle
  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

    you can take the pimp out of the neighborhood...but you can't take the neighborhood out of the pimp
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Marty the spinster ducking the direct questions in the comments section:

  33. Anonymous Member


    from Admin dictionary
  34. Anonymous Member

    So to "Terminatedly Handle" something means to leave a USB thumb drive on a telephone?
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Admin dictionary


    HANDLE, 1. finish off, complete, end cycle
    on Service and handling are the same thing.
    When you give service, you handle. Part of
    handling cases is handle N-O-W! One way
    or another, one gets the preclear handled.
    (HCOB 15 Jan 70 II) 2. to control, direct.
    Handle implies directing an acquired skill to
    PL 23 Oct 65)

    HANDLE IT, finish it off so that is the end
    of it. (HCO PL 4 May 68)

    policy in December, 1971. It began to overcome
    the tendency to handle weakly and
    effective handlings began to occur. (OODs
    15 Sept 72)

    HANDLING, the definition of handling
    comes under the policy of "handle the hell
    out of it.' Anything fully handled needs no
    further care or attention from anyone. Weak
    handling like halfdone targets creates repeating
    emergencies. (FO 3195)
  36. Anonymous Member

    oops, chopped off the last part

    HANDLE, 1. finish off, complete, end cycle
    on Service and handling are the same thing.
    When you give service, you handle. Part of
    handling cases is handle N-O-W! One way
    or another, one gets the preclear handled.
    (HCOB 15 Jan 70 II) 2. to control, direct.
    Handle implies directing an acquired skill to
    the accomplishment of immediate ends. WO
    PL 23 Oct 65)
  37. anonymous612 Member

    I think that's supposed to be a keylock.
  38. eddieVroom Member

    You're in the neighborhood, but that's rotary dial, so no "keys".

    It's more like "the club".

  39. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Marty previously claimed that he knew Scientology was illegally influencing a Florida judge. Now he claims to know that Scientology ordered a member to possibly murder someone (at least Marty says that's how Rex carried out his order). Yet apparently in both cases he has not taken this information to the police. Marty was a high-ranking leader of Scientology for many years. What else does he know that he's not telling the police?

    He can make all these claims of illegality that he wants but if he doesn't give his evidence to the authorities it's all just puff and fluff.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Pfft. You don't know a locking phone cap when you see one!
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