Marty says Scientology Ordered Ciancio Killed

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by tikk, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Now he can realise his dream and stand up, sit down and bend over for gays in the federal poundmeass.
  2. Smurf Member

    I don't believe in outing people.
  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Your answer is a way to do it.

    Do you seriously believe that WRF killed Ciancio because his son was booted out of the SO ? If so, why ?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Way too much exaggeration in those dox. New exes frequently exaggerate to make their point. Think about it. Have you ever heard of a case where a Sea Org member died from starvation?
  5. BigBeard Member

    I get the feeling Marty's trying to back track big time. I suspect after realizing his BS comments might drop him right in the middle of any wrongful death lawsuit the family might bring. I doubt he'd want to spend much time being deposed by both sides.

  6. Anonymous Member

    I would love a double deposition on Marty, in a court of law.
  7. Nancy Beazley Member

    Regardless of why Rex Fowler supported the Gay Scientology site, his principled, disciplined support of the site (as Smurf describes it) does suggest to me why the poor bastard was reportedly forced to get 25 (27?) intensives of brutalizing sec checks (that's 12.5 hours per intensive) at Flag in the middle of his OTVII level, for more than 300 hours. Imagine being interrogated and harassed for over 300 hours that way. Imagine it!

    He was clearly being punished for something. Also, those intensives would have cost him $175 - $200K. That's in addition to the $175 - $250K donation to the cult he pulled out of his company last fall, which was apparently why Ciancio finally resigned.

    Don't misunderstand me. I'm not all huggy about guys who murder completely innocent fathers of young children and who were loved by many. But I'm beginning to appreciate more just how nuts and desperate Fowler was before he committed murder.

    I understood Tikk's very clear reasoning about why the judge wanted Scientology left out of the court case. However, I am now wishing there were another way to expose more clearly to the public what was going on underneath these events. This is actually what journalism is supposed to do. CLEARLY, nobody in the Denver press has risen to the challenge yet. Their barest mention of the word "Scientology" in news articles has been hailed as a victory by those who fight the cult. However, the Denver press's efforts to tell the real story have been pitiful.
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  8. RolandRB Member

    If there were such an order then despite that was meant by it it would suggest that the CoS was a party (in some way) to the killing and they too should have been involved in the murder trial.
  9. RolandRB Member

    This could have been used to prove that Fowler had been pushed beyond his mental and emotional limits by the CoS and that he was not in control of his mind when he did this. I think that would be a reasonable defence and quite accurate. The CoS should have been on trial for corporate manslaughter.

    To The Press: There is a good story here for somebody to work on.
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  10. Optimisticate Member

    This makes me sad.

    He's a disgusting example of a human being. This is not a good person by any stretch of the definition or the imagination. He thinks he is poking a hornet's nest, but all he has done is take those who were stung and ensure the sting is everlasting.
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  11. RolandRB Member

    If it is a fact that Fowler was forced to have 25 Intensives of sec checks then this likely affected his mental state adversely whether Marty decides to make that connection or not. Scienos are always being told to "teminatedly handle" their non-optimum situations and he would have been under pressure to do this without any doubt in my mind so I think Marty making the connection is fair enough. It would be the normal expected thing in the circumstance.
  12. OTBT Member

    WTF would create a situation for someone in the middle of OT VII to get 25 intensives (300 hours) of forced confessionals? 25 intensives would cost about 1/4 million dollars. On top of the roughly $200K he already "donated" to scienology. All told, that's around $500K that Fowler paid to scientology, just for this (super) adventure.

    This $500K is on top of the minimum $300K he would already have paid to get to be on OT VII.

    Looking at close to $1 million that Fowler shelled out to the cult, and scientology now disowns him. Fuckers.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    So apparently Rex wasn't suicidal... Oh my...
    I think above poster has the best hypothesis: All his utterances are just so to try and drive the Ciancio family to sue DM. And given OTBT's input, that would likely end in failure, isn't?
  14. OTBT Member

    For noobs here, this is my totally biased opinions on posters in the comments above.

    Mary McConnell is a longtime critic, with outspoken opinions. Good heart, I've posted on her blog years ago. Damn good at tracking scientology front groups. But sometimes rubs some Old Guard (old fart critics) the wrong the way. Moralfag (that's a good thing, in my book.)

    Mike Hobson is a longtime poster on ESMB. Mostly I disagree with his fairly pro-tech stance, but IMO he is a good person at heart. Too much of an apologist for my taste, but a smart cookie. Good at calling out blatant bullshit. Moralfag in his own way. Good guy, who I mostly disagree with.

    Marty is a big shot ex-scilon who has a whiny wannabe god-almighty-god complex, deigning to bestow his scilon wisdumb upon us poor wogs. Loves having his ass kissed in public, doesn't much tolerate anyone who disagrees, and turtles his head back in his shell when called out publicly on blatant "acceptable truths" (lies). Mostly, this guy creeps me out as a slimebag.

    And I'm just a lowly idiot ex-scilon, a cartoon villain, waiting endlessly for David Miscavige to kill me with a thought, whenever DM finally gets around to it...



    (endlessly waiting)
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  15. Sec checks are a very lucrative part of Hubbard's scam and as a major cult bonus further the cult's control over its members.

    Each and every scientologist past and present is a victim of Hubbard's mind control scam to varying degrees, wog victims are simply collateral damage.

    As much as I hate to admit it even Rex Fowler and batshit insane Marty Rathbun are victims of LRH.

    Marty has been exposed to the truth about Hubbard and chooses to continue the mindfuck for people who have finally gotten away from Scientology. They all need time to deal with their exposure to Hubbard's policies, lies and utter bullshit that unfortunately they bought into.

    The financial beating is enormous but pales in comparison to what happens to their minds.

    The very last thing any ex-scientologist needs is any more of Hubbard's tech that Marty is so willing to still promote for his own greedy self-serving ends. It's ALL been exposed. L. Ron Hubbard was not a "great humanitarian", he was an utter lying, abusive convicted fraud and hypocrite whose policies regarding the treatment of children are in and of themselves child abuse not to mention he placed small children in chain lockers on his ship for punishment.

    Yes, L. Ron Hubbard was a child abuser, his worst crime, imho.

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Child Abuse

    I hope that one day my family members, all former and current scientologists will WAKE THE FUCK UP and move on to better lives for themselves and their children, most are truly good people who were misled and taken advantage of, others are total abusive pricks or became so under the influence of LRH Tech, imho.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    My take on this is that the amount of victimhood one can attribute (or claim) is indirectly proportional to the intrinsic affinity one has with Hubbard's worldview. There is a point in there, when crossed, the person becomes more of an offender than a victim, and thus needs to be called upon as such, if only by respect to those who have been unarguably victimized by Scientology.
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  17. Excellent point! ^^^^^^^

    Marty continues to be an offender who blames it all on Miscavige, he needs to look in the mirror at his own crimes and abusive treatment of Scientologists under Hubbard.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Fuck Marty and the Tech he rode in on
  19. Anonymous Member

    smurf, if I read b/t the are saying Rex's son was gay, got kicked from SO, Rex supported his gay son and other scion's who are gay, was told to stop the support, got mad, told to terminately handle, and then killed.

    correct me if I am wrong.
  20. Disco Necked Member

    FIFY and now onto more important things:
    • Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.
    • Never withdraw allegiance once granted.
  21. Please, if we documented every instance of hypocrisy from the cult we would have run out of webhosting long ago. All the same, it is rather fun to point it out isn't it?
  22. Disco Necked Member

  23. Anonymous Member

    What a loser.
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  24. Nancy Beazley Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

    At first I didn't understand why Marty censored Mary's link. But then I read it, and besides covering the Fowler thing, it talks about how Scientology processes can be dangerous, Lisa McPherson, Fair Game, money-money-money, etc. So naturally Marty got butthurt over his boy L.Ron getting exposed.
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  26. twig Member

    *cough* Lisa McPherson?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Eric Rubio. Was that his name? But I din't know if he was in the Sea Org
  28. Anonymous Member

    She was not in the Sea Org when she died.
  29. Anonymous Member

  30. xenubarb Member

    You can't expect the press to extrapolate. Of course, we realize what kind of pressure these people are under, we study it. But the press would require solid documentation of WISE and Scn strong-arming Rex for money. The threats, the punitive actions, they'd all require documentation. Sure, WE know what cracked his egg, but people who are unfamiliar with Scientology wouldn't get it at all.
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  31. twig Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Wouldn't surprise me if some decent investigative journalists weren't already snooping around to see what they can learn.

    PS Paul Haggis and the Church of Scientology is still #1 on the most popular list at the New Yorker website.
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  33. Smurf Member

    That was never implied in any thing I posted. Rex had personal reasons for being involved in a "gay Scientologist" group when, evidently, he was told by superiors not to be. He ignored them. Rex paid the price for that, personally & financially.

    This is the founder of that group by the way..

    DM ordered the group disbanded immediately after this article appeared in a gay newspaper:
  34. subgenius Member

    Gay $cientologist=Black Klansman
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  35. BLiP Member

    I'm sure he'd like some big "Scilon cult expert" consultancy fees from the family's legal team in the preparatory stages should a civil case proceed. Access to the inner workings of any such case would also him to continue his bad habit of basking in the reflected glory of other actions while simultaneously defending the tech which created the tort in the first place.
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  36. Anonymous Member

  37. BLiP Member

    I wonder if the commentator is confused by the fact that a Scilon on the internet using ARC for manipulation will say anything. What Rex may or may not have said while posting anonymously on a gay-friendly Scilon site is in no way indicative of his reality. Also, DOX or GTFO on his alleged identity on the site. He could have been called Locked'n'Loaded for all anyone but the administrator knows at this stage. Turns out there's some confusion between "LostCowboy" and "OTCowboy" anyway.

    (Sssup with all these cowboys, did Barback Mountain just come out then? Mind you, Bareback Mountain was about *sheep* farmers, not cowboys <--- interesting trivia and, apparently, a source of annoyment amongst real cowboys I've spoken to.)

  38. Aye but it doesn't help that it's just referred to as the Gay Cowboy movie.

    And agree with the docs that his posting name was Lostcowboy or whatever.
  39. subgenius Member

    Ahem, noticed this post on martymark's blog.....hadn't heard this allegation before.....Sea Org administering drugs during auditing....threadworthy? ....seems rather major to me.....

    Scott Campbell | March 11, 2011 at 1:54 am | Reply
    Dear All,
  40. OTBT Member

    Here's the correct link:

    I'm skeptical. Scott Campbell needs to name these drugs. I've never heard of anyone being forced to take some un-named narcotics and some un-named "amnesia" drug from a psych-related medical doctor, while forcibly getting Black Dianetics.

    Not saying yet that it didn't happen, but this reeks too much of tin foil. Read further on in his comments, it sets off my tin foil detector.

    My suspicion is this is yet another case of an ex-scientologist exaggerating to make point and make Miscavige / CofS / Sea Org look bad. They are all bad enough, no need for undocumented hysterical exaggerations to try to make them look worse.

    / edit

    Scott Campbell should be able to name these mysterious "scientology doctors" too.
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