Marty spouting shit again

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by RolandRB, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I see what you did thar :)
  2. RolandRB Member

    Do the Indies do OT IV Whole Track Drug Rundown for the BTs who took recreational drugs on the whole track? Marty says it is all allegorical and he is their leader so why bother to do it any more?
  3. Tourniquet Member

    If I wanna ruin my liver, I'd rather spend 30 years drinkin' than 30 days on the quackery of a "Purif".
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  4. Anonymous Member

    So you can restimulate recreational drug use on the whole track, silly boy.
  5. muldrake Member

    What a complete crock of Rathbun. L. Ron Hubbard explicitly stated and repeatedly that his lunacy was to be taken literally. The introduction of the ancient past lives material in History of Man was described by Blubbard as follows:

    [A] coldblooded and factual account of your last sixty trillion years.

    Now, Marty can bloviate all he likes, but this stuff has always been intended as literal. While L. Ron Hubbard was alive, if you did not achieve the EP (End Phenomenon) of OT III as Hubbard stated it, you wouldn't complete the level. Period. That's nothing new. Marty is full of shit.
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  6. DeathHamster Member

    It could be that Marty's mind is going like HAL's as the Scientology chips get yanked out of their sockets one by one.

    "Daisy, Daisy..."
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  7. Dott Member

    Nah, Marty is simply practicing the Scientology religious doctrine of lying telling an acceptable truth.
  8. What was true for LRH is true for all Scientologists for the next billion years, Marty's an apostate now.
  9. Dott Member

    Holy shit, it took me a few seconds to realize that this was NOT one of my numerous socks spouting off in a moment of rage at indie sycophants. Wording sounds exactly like me, though.

    Paying closer attention now to OG Muldrake, for copypasta of my engrams. I hear that History of Man can help me with that.
  10. RightOn Member

    love the word Bloviate
    COS should have been called the Church of Obliviation or the Church of Obliviology!
  11. another123 Member

    Rathbun continues attempts to sanitize the past:
    Scientology Inc. versus the Psychs
    Hummm, did somebody forget to mention Hubbard's switch from medicine-show to playing the religious card? and you gotta' love the playing the victim line:
    also, another blogger picks up on Hubbard's McCarthyism via Rathbun's entry
    Rathbun quote:
    Blogger's reply:
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  12. DeathHamster Member

    The only useful part of Marty's crapfest:
    That sounds like video that would be good to have.
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  13. A couple of examples of David Miscavige in action saving the planet, ultra-scamming LRH hypocrites Rathbun and Rinder were a big part of Ron and Dave's team for decades......

    Lunatic Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder; they've done it all 'for the children', after all, it's never been about the money, processing and control of those who have been duped.......

    Don't worry, Mike and Marty's independents won't be like the others who follow LRH 'Tech' .........

    No, no, you can trust them, they're not like the others even though they are the others.......

    It'll be the same thing, only different.......

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Child Abuse
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  14. Rathbung's post is strange. He seems to dance around the built-in paranoia against psychiatry and not exactly denouncing it while strangely promoting it. He's slipped back into his cult self and I see him as a dangerous as Miscavige because KSW is the only directive. The comments on this post truly illustrate that Rangerbung's followers have definitely not left the cult.

    I, for one, am weary of anyone that kisses up to him and buys his phony charm, including some of our beloved journalists.
  15. incog712 Member

    "'why on earth has organized psychiatry decided to wage war against me and Scientology?’

    Indeed, why on Teegeeack has "organized" psychiatry decided to wage war against some deluded fool stumbling around in wife beaters and spouting nonsense from a borrowed Texas retirement villa? And what about unorganized psychiatry? Will they also release the dogs of war upon our feckless hero?

    The future of this world hangs in the balance.

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  16. DeathHamster Member

    Organized psychiatry is barely aware that Scientology declared war on them, and has absolutely no idea that Marty exists.

    Marty seems to be in danger of going completely Captain Bill.
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  17. Sonichu Moderator

    It's funny to me because I see the whole Rathbun thing being like Scientology again:

    Mahty- "Not everything LRH said was to be taken literally. He told alot of stories and metaphors! Of course, there is no listing of what's true and not, so you'll just have to trust me to tell you what was real and what isn't."

    LRH- "Not everything you know about the world is true. There are a lot of stories and metaphors out there,( for example Jesus Christ). Of course, until now, there hasn't been a listing of what's true and not, but luckily I'VE uncovered the truth, and you'll have to trust me to tell you what was real and what isn't."

    Although I wonder if this has occurred to Mahty or not. Probably not, but I was under the impression that pretending to be LRH was against the rules.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    In 1971, the chief Scientology PR person in England accused Paulette Cooper of being "literal minded." See the back of her book.

    This in not new.
  19. Random guy Member

    Somehow, I can't be arsed to worry about an old, semi-employed man from Texas taking over the world.
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  20. muldrake Member

    I can't either.

    However, I do have to view any media outlet that reports his bullshit as anything worth taking seriously as being questionable. Nobody should quote this moonbat asshat without noting the numerous reasons that he can't be taken seriously.
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  21. incog712 Member

    If psychiatry ever did become aware of Marty's existence, it most likely would be a result of his value as a case study. Something like Rathbun syndrome wouldn't be very far behind.

    Still I lol at his motives for claiming that teh ebil psychs have declared war not only against scientology, but specifically against himself as well. Is he really THAT delusional or is he merely playing to the delusions of those few that might take him seriously?

    Meh, it probably doesn't have to be an either/or proposition.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Looks like wee Davey's Global Obliteration campaign a few years ago failed, so he is backing down a notch to just Global Vengeance.

    Maybe next year it will be a Global Annoyance campaign.

    Is there a scientology vs. psychiatry obliteration scale we should know about?
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  23. DeathHamster Member

    Vengeance is a bit creepier than obliteration because it has a built-in justification. i.e. Scientologists are avenging the crimes of the evil psychs. I don't if that's a safe thing to hand some of them that have several screws loose.
  24. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Come now. They're the most ethical group on earth. What could possibly go wrong?
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Ethical engrams
  26. Anonymous Member

    This is not news.

    Marty, like his hero Hubbard, lives to bloviate.

    I love the word bloviate. It's so onamatopoeic.

    Bloviate, bloviate, bloviate.


    ^ Teh Mahty.
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  27. bla bla bla bla bla wah wah wah
    you are all members of marty's fan club.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Captain Bill?
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  34. SOJOA Member

    Plus its alot more fun.
  35. WhiteNight Member

    What the actual fuck is going on is this thread?
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. muldrake Member

    There's something about text in German on a piece of paper colored red, white and black promising "global extinction" for a group of people that is reminiscent of. . .something.

    ObMarty: I wonder why he isn't already jumping up and down all over the Debbie Cook news. I'm sure he will when he figures out how to make it all about himself.
  38. I give it an hour or so.

    My guess is that he'll spin it into, "I nevar took the moneys like the sellouts". Funny how he reams Armstrong for being a sellout when he hasn't really done the same for Cook. I'll say one thing about Rathbun - he's consistently a hypocrite.

    (and here comes Grebe with another ad hominem in 5, 4, 3.......)
  39. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, Grebe's been crabby lately. Must be off the meds.

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