Marty talks about Battlefield Earth

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by an0nim0uz, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Re: Marty talks about Battlefield Earth

    It is a real religion.
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    Re: Marty talks about Battlefield Earth

    dox or STFU
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    Re: Marty talks about Battlefield Earth

    q: What did Mike Rinder say to Marty Rathbun?

    a: Beats me...
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    Re: Marty talks about Battlefield Earth

    That's funny. Out of all the brainwashing, scamming, totalitarian hypnotic manipulation and absolving "acceptable truths" (a/k/a lying) that Scientologists have been subjected to, part of, or victim of,

    The One Thing Every Scientologist Knows: Scientology Is Not A Religion. Hubbard said so and Hubbard knows all. Now, Scientologists "Know" that it got that status to protect itself from persecution. Another fallacy, but whatever, they know it's not a religion.

    It is probably the One Lie that they absolutely Know they're lying about when they lie about it.
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    Re: Marty talks about Battlefield Earth

    It is a religion. Some religions are worse than others.
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    LRH said Dianetics is a science, but the scientific community exposed him and his "science" as total bullshit including the following absurd claim by Hubbard:

    "Scientology would be the only cure for radiation from an atomic bomb." Very religious observation.

    I'm gonna go with LRH on this one: "Scientology is not a psycho-therapy, nor a Religion"
    Hubbard's writings are the scriptures and he wrote this.

    Scientology is a scam developed by L. Ron Hubbard, a total fraud with an invented biography full of lies.

    It can only be called a religion if one calls it a totally bullshit, fraudulent religion with a lot off science-fiction crap and controlling abusive policies used by Hubbard to make millions at the expense of his duped members and others.
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    Re: Marty talks about Battlefield Earth

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    Re: Marty talks about Battlefield Earth

    Sorry that is too much to write every time I call it a religion.

    It is a religion.
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    Re: Marty talks about Battlefield Earth

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    Re: Marty talks about Battlefield Earth

    Who cares what it is? It's dying.
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    Re: Marty talks about Battlefield Earth

  13. Henry Vaughn Member

    No, you're wrong Michael Jackson was NEVER a child molester. You claiming this "fact" - IS NOT A FACT AT ALL. GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT, IT'S YOUR OPINION!

    The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services absolutely agrees with Katherine that her son NEVER mol*st*d any child in cases the department investigated," a source told RadarOnline. Michael Jackson was investigated by DCFS on and off for at least 10 years. The department undertook a first extensive investigation of allegations made by an underage accuser in 1993.]"

    "["Michael was fully cooperative during all of his interactions with DCFS," the source said. "Michael was interviewed for hours without his lawyer. He held nothing back. He couldn't understand why these allegations were being made against him. DCFS cleared him on any wrongdoing in ALL investigations. "Did Michael put himself in precarious situations that most normal people wouldn't? Absolutely . . . The questioning was very, very hard on Michael, he just couldn't fathom that anyone could accuse him of being a child molester." Another accuser, in 2005, "had absolutely NO CREDIBILITY," the source said. "There were differing accounts of what happened from the accuser and his family members."]"

    Tens of millions MJ fans from all over the world will acknowledge something "went on" as soon as someone comes up with some proof that something did. If Sneddon couldn't (and he wanted to so badly); forensics couldn't; the FBI couldn't; and the jury found no wrong-doing, then why would anyone keep saying, “yeah, but, there must have been something.” Everything members of the public would want to happen, happened--his houses were raided; his genitals were described and photographed; CSI examined the evidence gathered; people were interviewed all over the world; the FBI had him under surveillance for years for a slip-up; and he was finally hand-cuffed and taken to jail. There was even a trial. The DA certainly wasn't star-struck and didn't let even one hair follicle or what was in his dirty clothes hamper pass him by. Hundreds of kids passed through Neverland. There is even now an opportunity to step forward to claim a piece of that huge pie (but the only people stepping forward are a few women claiming to have had his love child.) We don't even have anything to do a “yabbut” on, because the ones that did come forward were so obviously after money and never, ever acted like any family would if their child was indeed molested. Personally, I got nothing to hang a “yabbut” on, so I don't. It's too heinous an accusation for me, personally, to “yabbut.” All the evidence suggests an innocent man had to live with this heinous accusation, and that is the true crime.

    Here are your FACTS Mr. Anonymous

    I suggest you do your homework first. And if you still think Michael Jackson was what you claim, that's your business, just don't go posting it as FACT, when It's not!
    The Lynching of Michael Jackson - American Politics Journal/Jeff Koopersmith

    Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY on all accounts, because he didn't do anything!

    The entire world knew that Jackson was accused of molesting the extortionist's 13-year-old son. What's less known are the circumstances before, during and after the 1993 extortion. Why are the facts less known? Because a guilty Jackson was worth far more to medialoid (defined as mainstream media infected by tabloid journalism) than an innocent Jackson.

    Tabloid Truth: The Michael Jackson Scandal--A look at the people, organizations, and economic pressures that led to the tabloidization of American television.

    And No, he didn't settle out of court, he was forced to by the insurance company. Michael didn't want to pay Evan Chandler the money, he wanted to take it court. Please note, the greedy father really just wanted the money, he knew Michael didn't do anything. Besides that if it were my kid and Michael DID molest him, I'd want him in jail for sure....but no, not Evan...he'd rather have the money, the hell with his own kid!!

    Aphrodite Jones, and Gerladine Hughes, they have the books you should read.

    Was Michael Jackson Framed? The Untold Story by Mary Fisher, GQ Magazine Oct 1994
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I still think Michael Jackson was a child molester, only now I think he was a child molester with good lawyers.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Anyone else that was known to repeatedly sleep in the same bed with young children who were not related to him would have been arrested and convicted. MJ was one fucked-up person and his family never had his issues like his inability to be comfortable in own skin and extreme drug dependence addressed. Why? Because they were on his money train and didn't want to risk getting kicked-off.
    His father abused him and his mother let it happen. Fuck the both of them. They are part of his early death.
  16. Henry Vaughn Member

    It's your perogative to THINK. Think all you want pal... you're still DEAD wrong. What's pathetic about people like you, you're LAZY - LAY-ZEEE AS HELL! I provided you with some kick ass, undeniablly good reading material that would blow any one away and all you have is a lame 5 liner come back! WOW!!! You said "....."known" to repeatedly sleep in the same bed" WRONG again, where did you read that from? Where did you hear that? You obviously let tabloid-fever go to your brain. Oh.... wait, I get it, what ever you read on News Of The World, Ok! rag mag, or National Enquire, you believe. Sad, very sad that you don't have the smarts and your too lazy to read for your self but instead you let LIES make descions for you?? WOW!... Furthermore, It is my understanding after watching and listening to him in an interivew that Michael DID NOT sleep in the bed with the children. Kids slept in the bed, Michael slept on floor. He emphatically denied sleeping in the bed WITH children or engaging in any sexual act WITH them. The phrase "sharing your bed is the most loving thing you can do" (which he did say) was seized upon as an outright admission that he slept in the bed with kids. If we rush to the dictionary for confirmation (as many do), the definition of "share" appears damning. In reality of course, people often don't choose the precise word or phrase that correctly expresses their thoughts. Michael, being human, was no exception. Perhaps "offer your bed" might have been more exact, although "offering" doesn't necessarily preclude sharing too. I can "offer my bed" to another AND share the space with them, OR sleep elsewhere (as Michael did).

    I don't envision much actual sleeping took place in the so-called sleepovers. Michael Jackson's bedroom (as described) seems more like Grand Central Station at rush hour than a place of seduction which requires isolation and privacy. I can't picture energetic, boisterous, excited youngsters actually falling asleep in the presence of their mega-star idol.

    And I don't recall any "journalist" or "interviewer" asking Michael to clarify his choice of words. Of course, the goal of irresponsible reporting is to confuse rather than clarify and to maneuver the hapless public into swallowing the poison rather than ask, "What is this stuff and why should I drink it just because you gave it to me?"

    Sounds like to me you watched the Martin Bashir Documentary:
    Living with Michael Jackson - which was jacked up with lies.
    Following the broadcast, several media personalities accused Bashir of yellow journalism, claiming that he deliberately doctored the recordings in order to paint Jackson in an unflattering light, as well as emphasising the allegations of child molestation made against Jackson. The New York Times called Bashir's journalism style "callous self-interest masked as sympathy."
    Dieter Wiesner, the pop star's manager from 1996 to 2003, stated about the influence of Bashir's documentary on Michael Jackson:

    It broke him. It killed him. He took a long time to die, but it started that night. Previously the drugs were a crutch, but after that they became a necessity.
    Following Jackson's death in 2009, Bashir said on ABC News that Jackson "was never convicted of any crime, and I never saw any wrongdoing myself." Bashir is a asshole.

    Sounds like to me you NEED to watch: Take Two- The Footage You Were Never Meant to See by Murray Povich, it contains material which Bashir omitted. It also contains interviews with Bashir giving much different opinions than he gave in past interviews as well as in the voice-overs. He is shown praising Jackson as a father as well as saying that he thinks it is wonderful that he allows children to come to Neverland, directly contradicting the journalist's previous statements that Neverland Ranch was a "dangerous place" for children.

    The footage that they show in this documentary was filmed by Hamid Moslehi privately. He states that he was not "secretly" videotaping the interviews, as was popularly believed. He said Bashir knew they were also filming, but that Bashir probably did not know that when he told his camera crew to cut, that he was still filming.

    I think you're one fucked up person for all the time you spend on this forum!!!! LOL
  17. Anonymous Member

    Please kill yourself Henry.
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  18. Henry Vaughn Member


    Damnit, you removed your anti-hate speech BS, Why?
  19. Anonymous Member

    you're still DEAD wrong
  20. RightOn Member

    oh dear this thread has derailed into arguing about whether or not MJ was a child molester.
    Cripes! pass the Jesus juice

    Mods? Clean up on isle 3! lol
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