Marty's new "Casablanca"

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Talking about houses ... I was at the Court House today and I noticed Daniel Montalbo's name was not on the list at all. I think Marty is more than making up the story about Daniel Montalbo and the lawsuits, etc.

    What a piece of work, lol.

  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    LOL, he gets donations for Montalbo's lawsuit (which doesn't exist) and then he gets a new place. what does he do for a living again?
  3. Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Okay the OSA Boys are here again.
  4. Caliwog Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    What crimes do I blame who for? (he said, playing along)

  5. Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    LOL Much Love to you too. If you think you can land him in jail because of something he did please continue to do so.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    No tinfoil.

    This is one of several things in this thread that makes me think. Why, KKS, are you asking what are Marty's crimes?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"


    Seeing OSA behind every troll are we?
  8. Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    I know people blame Marty Rathbun for neglect in the Lisa Mc Pherson Case and/or getting rid of Evidence.

    Murder never expires does it ?

    I simply do not know how to measure his "crimes". I am not a qualified judge

  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Re the house, it is obvious that MR2 has sponsers. There is lots of money in Scientology and there is plenty of money in ex-Scientology. Marty has a new upscale house because his sponsers wanted him to have a larger/better base of operations. That is my take.

    Re the new blog. This is his right - to have a place for like-thinkers. Actually, anon should be flattered that he is taking his to a new site and leaving the old blog as it is and somewhat open to critics. He could have simply tightened up on the existing blog and excluded criticism there. Of course, that WOULD damage his PR with the critical press that he courts so not the best option. I agree that, were he really open, he would start a moderated forum ala Isene's where Marty is not the only person that gets to control the topic of discussion in any meaningful way. I think that is the most disturbing aspect - that he goes to the trouble of creating a new "forum" that is not a forum at all.
  10. Caliwog Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    This was a bad attempt by a Marty apologist to twist my words around - and you're right, it comes down to a "What are your crimes?" question. Note the string of questions; that indicates an auditing session of sorts.

    Instant replay: I said that Marty blamed LRH's crimes on DM; KKS asked what crimes I blamed "him" (presumably Marty) for, even though I didn't talk about Marty's crimes.

    In Scientology, I believe that would be a flunk for introducing arbitraries into the session. The auditor (KKS) had his/her own ideas about where the session was going, thereby invalidating the preclear (me).

    See what happens when you don't follow LRH's tech to the letter?

  11. Caliwog Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    First of all, I don't have any evidence that I believe will land Marty in jail. I don't want to see Marty in jail; I want to see him a) stop lying about LRH, and, preferably, b) get out of Scientology himself, and move on to a normal life with Mosey, who he clearly loves very much.

    My issues with Marty and Lisa McPherson are not negligence; they are that he blames Lisa McPherson's death on DM for invalidating her state of clear (or whatever), rather than on LRH, who wrote the Introspection Rundown which is what actually killed Lisa McPherson.

    This, to me, is proof that Marty believes very much in the dangerous practices of Scientology.

    If you want to read what I have to say about Marty and Lisa McPherson, it's here:

    Read for yourself: The LRH “technology” that killed Lisa McPherson | Caliwog's Blog

    Caliwog's Blog | A Scientology objector speaks his mind
  12. Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    lol :D a bit tinfoily aren't we. I just want to know your precise objections to the actions of Marty Rathbun.

    I am sincerely intrested in what motivates you in your "fight"

    Yes if Rathbun ever tries tht procedure at his Cassa than one should at least sink his boat.
  13. Caliwog Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    And I told you. Twice, as a matter of fact:

    Is there some reason you are not duplicating? Perhaps a word you don't understand?

  14. Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Thank you for making youself perfectly clear to me. If he ever does something unlawfull now he's out than the Pizzatrucks will cover his new house.
  15. slobeck Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

  16. Caliwog Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    He's not out, KKS, and neither are you. Unfortunately, I don't think that's a concept either of you will understand until you truly are out.

  17. Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Okay I am going to post this only once to show you I was never a Scientologist. And exuse the language I am a foreigner and I am uneasy talking on Camera.

    [ame=]YouTube - Scientology education for Marcotai by KittyKatSpanker[/ame]
  18. Caliwog Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Green-on-white refers to Administrative (or management) policies, which were printed in green ink on white paper and bound in green volumes. These policies described how the Church did business - marketing, finance, job functions, etc. WISE companies use the green volumes, and green-on-white is Scientology shorthand for the "Admin tech".

    Red-on-white refers to techincal bulletins, those which covered the religious aspects, such as how processes are run, etc. LRH mandated that they be printed in red ink on white paper and bound in red volumes.

    If you have the Wikileaks policy packs, the OECs (Organizational Executive Course) are the green volumes, the others sorted by year are mostly red-on-whites. Greens are usually Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letters (HCOPLs) and reds are HCO Bulletins (HCOBs).

    This concludes today's Scientologese lesson! Tomorrow we learn about dev-t and dev-t chits.

  19. Caliwog Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Sorry, I remain unconvinced... cool Bella Lugosi accent not withstanding.

  20. Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    LOL thank you neber knew who that was untill I googled it.

    I believe ADHD exists as well as Autism and you should treath it even withh pills if they help.
  21. slobeck Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    First of all, which court house? second... if you were at "the" courthouse and couldn't find Daniel Montalvo it might be because you spelled his last name wrong. Third, remove the hat and step away from the tin foil, you might hurt yourself.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    I wonder is this joint is in foreclosure like a certain Florida Indy base of operations.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Actually, a house such as that in Ingleside, Texas (where I believe Marty lives) would be less than $200K.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    I am the anon who posted about Rockport and Aransas Pass and the price range of $250,000 to $350,000.

    I think you are right about Ingleside and I don't doubt your price figure either.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Ah yes, I was wondering if you'd spot that.. er deliberate and cunning plan.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    So for those of you that get all in a tizzy every time Marty so much as farts I'd like to ask a simple question: why? I mean, why do you care about this dude or what he does? He's pretty easy to figure out. He thinks that Scientology is pure, David Miscavige and the official Church organization have corrupted the religion, so he (Marty) is going to set out to get Scientology back to the way it is supposed to be- free of corruption and abuse and mankind's last and best hope (at least that's what Marty seems to think).

    Now maybe some day he'll wake up and see this mess of sci-fi, eastern mysticism, and pop self help bullshit for what it is. But I see nothing to suggest that's going to happen any time soon. So those of you holding your breath for the day Marty goes to the feds to confess to all these criminal actions in which you assume he and the CoS engaged might want to find something else to look forward to.

    And as for those of you who get mad about Marty, why do you care what he does? How many followers does his little club have? Are you really so arrogant that you think you can stamp out a shared belief system? Do you really think you are able, or even should be able, to prevent anyone from believing in scientology? There's no evidence that Marty is doing anything illegal or engaging in any kind of systemic abuse like what you see in the official Church. So why does he still continue to get under your skin? Why do you rage at him? It just seems to me to be one colossal waste of energy and it makes some of you guys say some pretty crazy shit.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    They still stink.
  29. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Edit: Meh.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    That's because he's always selling to his target market.

    There's always that pesky income stream to consider.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"



  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    I may possibly care what Marty says and does. I do not, however, care where he lives. Maybe it's different for those of you still living with mom (in the basement, attic, wherever) but for me, it's one big MEH.
  33. Caliwog Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    I want to see people get out of Scientology, or more specifically see them free of the damage that Scientology does.

    Marty tells people he is getting them away from the cult, but in fact he's just giving them a slightly different version.

    Imagine we were protesting the use of heroin. I was trying to convince people that heroin is bad and the best thing to do for themselves is give it up.

    Along comes Marty and says "I want to get people off heroin too." And his solution is to give them methamphetamine.

    Does that make sense?

    Except Scientology isn't like that, and Marty knows. He knows better than anyoen that the abuses he blames on David Miscavige are based in LRH policy; he just won't say that, and he won't allow anyone else to say that on his blog, either. Even so, it's impossible that he doesn't know the truth. Remember, up until a few years ago, he was one of Miscavige's top lieutenants. He's the poster child for Part Of The Problem.

    Marty's sheep are counting on him for help, and he's lying to them, feeding them the same poison they want to get away form, just in a different flavor.

    That ain't right. And I won't stand for it.

    I think that people tend to get out of Scientology when they see it for what it really is. My role is to continue to make that happen, and couteract Marty's attempt to sidetrack people who are starting to see the truth and work their way out.

    Can I prevent anyone from believing in Scientology? Probably not, but I can keep non-believers from getting tricked (Scientology uses deceit as a recruitment tool) and ensure that my fellow protesters are well-educated.

    Sure there is - millions of pages of evidence. It's called LRH Technology, and if you read it, just a little bit, and if you understand that Marty believes in it 100%, you'll see that Marty (despite his protestations of innocence) condones all of the abuses of the Church of Scientology, including the death of Lisa McPherson and countless others.

  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    ITT lots of
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

  36. OTBT Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    It refers to post number 97 in this thread.

    Since there are lots of different people posting anonymously in this thread, referring to a specific post number is the easiest way to address you specifically, without knowing who you are.
  37. LocalSP Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Well I do and Caliwog and some others here have hit the nail on the head.
  38. OTBT Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Simple. Marty is trying to channel Jesus reincarnated. Marty is trying to be Scientology's "New Testament".

    Problem is, Marty is a lying sack of shit.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Pretty much that.

    But the real question is why KKS isn't on ED yet.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Marty wrote a few paragraphs about "spirituality" before mentioning the new house, and a good 95% of the responses were about the house and only the house.

    Sounds like most "legit" churches to me.

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