Marty's new "Casablanca"

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Oct 23, 2010.

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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    The population of this house is four people. Mark ...Mosey ...who are the other two? Also, how come no more black culture imitating from Marty lately? I like when he shoves his black fantasies down my throat like a porno.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    For your information, Mr. Hubbard told Scientologists to think for themselves. Your so called freedoms mean very little when you are a slave to the reactive mind. That's why Mr. Hubbard gave Mankind the Bridge to Total Freedom. Unfortunately, not everyone can be helped. Apparently, you are one of these people.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Clear cognition:
    "You mocked up your own reactive mind"
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    That's not the Clear cognition.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Then what is the clear cognition?
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Organized Scientology with its confederation of dodgy vitamin businesses, protection rackets, front groups, corrupt politicians, etc., is clearly worse for the world than disorganized Scientology.

    Nonetheless I can't applaud disorganized Scientology. The independents like the CoS maintain that some people are "SPs." Both camps view me as evil and want me "obliterated."

    I'm not ok with that.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Love the "think for yourself" comment. Yes, think just like in "1984".
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Scientology, it's worse than you think. Rise, repeat.

    Oh wait, that's the SP cognition.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    In other words:
    As long as you believe that you have a reactive mind, then you are a slave to your own delusion.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    If you think that Hubbard let his followers in on his con at any point, then you are one naive humanoid.

    People stay up nights worrying if they are Clear or not, AFTER they've had the Clear cognition - it's not that simple.

    If you read the (above) ESMB thread, you'll see that - amongst people with experience in Scientology - hardly anyone really knows what the fuck "Clear" means. The initial post quotes Hubbard, but the person posting it doesn't take it seriously.

    Hubbard didn't know what he meant.

    The average Scientologist is in a state of hypnotic obedience to Scientology, and playing with yourself while making fart sounds is not going to change that.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Elron said a lot of things and then did the opposite.

    Elron might have said to think for yourself, but, what he actually did was build a Hypnotic Mind Control CULT engineered to monitor and micromanage all thoughts and actions.

    The $cilons - under Elron - did whatever they could to realize the concept of Thought Police.

    What do you think all the TR's and Sec Checks are about?

    If the $cilons had their way, they would "clear the planet" which means turning the whole world into on giant RPF.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Everyone has a Conscious Mind and a Subconscious Mind.

    The Subconscious Mind is what runs your life. It's why you are where you are...or aren' your life despite your actions and efforts.

    Elron simply renamed the Subconscious Mind the "Reactive Mind".

    He stole the idea, repackaged it and then tried to sell it as his 'brilliant discovery' to his hypnotized mind controlled minions.

    If you don't think you have a Subconscious/"Reactive" Mind, then you are in denial.

    People in denial are in a hypnotized state.

    The hypnotized state is caused by the intentional or unintentional manipulation of your Subconscious/"Reactive" Mind.

    Hypnosis is all about manipulating the Subconscious/"Reactive" Mind and is nothing else.

    For good or evil.

    $cilontology is Hypnotic Mind Control. There is nothing else to it.

    Elron pretended it was for good, but, actually used it for evil.

    It's a very old story.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    On another thread someone suggested that anon protest in front of Scientology orgs with signs saying, "Think for yourselves." Apparently, this person hadn't realized that many orgs have signs in the front saying "Think for yourself." An echo within an echo within an echo within an echo.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Actually, I do think "Think for Yourself" would be an effective protest sign. If you're trying to persuade someone of something you find to be true (and what's not true about "think for yourself"?), then remind them that it should be considered anew.

    If I were still inside, I think that sign would remind me it is important to think for myself. And I might actually start doing it!

    Other signs that I think could be useful:

    * Look around. What do you REALLY see?

    * What have you given up for the CoS?

    * Never compromise with your own reality.

    * Be true to your own goals.

    Statements like these remind Scios of why they got into Scientology in the first place -- and would certainly cause them to compare what they're now stuck in with what they originally sought and thought they had found.

    Of course, all these statements apply to people who are still in the CoS. Ultimately, this is a very useful goal for Anonymous, since reducing quickly the number of those who are contributing to the IAS coffers will speed up the CoS's demise and raise David Miscavige's blood pressure.

    My two cents' worth.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    I am not an ex and would be interested in their views about the following.

    To me "reactive mind" sounds more descriptive of the psychological concept of resistence which is kind of the barrier that separates the subconscious from the conscious. Scientology enlists the PC in the destruction of the barrier between the two. As subconscious ideas come up to the surface a lot of anxiety that may have been caused by conflicts between the unconscious and conscious becme relieved resulting in so-called wins. Scientology then convinces the pc that the unconscious mind is "better" than the conscious mind. as an example, "the bridge to total freedom" is an appeal to the unconscious. The practical part of your brain would realize that is nuts. Scientology then attempts to keep the unconscious activated while neutralizing the ability of the conscious to think critically. Optimally, the anxiety-free but uncritical cultie is able to use the problem solving skills of their conscious mind in the service of the cult.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    ...and then proceeded to tell them exactly what to think for themselves.

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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Actually, the funny thing is that in the Admin Tech, he did let his followers in on the con, at least a little bit. The Marketing Series is clear: Find out what people need, and then tell them you can give it to them, and tell them whatever they need to hear to get in the door.

    Now, I believe that Scios think people have to be "tricked" like this because of their reactive minds, BTs, etc. But my God, man, it's spelled out right there... and people still buy into it! Scios are not dumb, but man, are they ever brainwashed.

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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Maybe "Think for yourself in a new unit of time."

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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    The "Reactive Mind" is just the Subconscious Mind. Pure and simple.

    The "resistance" that everyone runs into is the tendency for the Subconscious/"Reactive" Mind to 'stay the course' despite what we consciously choose. It is the "resistance" of change. It is psychological inertia.

    That is what self-sabotage is all about.

    An often used example is weight control. Losing weight is very simple.

    Here's the answer: Move more and eat less.

    No one can really argue with that, yet so many people are overweight. So why don't they just "Move more and eat less."?

    The reason is that the Subconscious/"Reactive" mind is in control. It can be changed, but, resists change.

    The $cilons are given the 'party line' that the Subconscious/"Reactive" Mind can be "cleared" of the self-sabotaging programming ("engrams") so that the Conscious/"Analytical" Mind is free to operate without being 'sandbagged' by the Subconscious/"Reactive" Mind.

    $cilontology promises a "Bridge To Total Freedom" by removing the self-sabotaging programs ("engrams"). This actually could be done and is done by some people outside $cilontology. It's called "being saved", "enlightenment", "waking up", etc. It is as old as mankind, though rare.

    What the $cilons do is place their own Hypnotic Mind Control Programs/"Engrams" into the CULTies Subconscious/"Reactive" Mind in order to keep them enslaved to the CULT.

    The end result is that the original self-sabotage programs ("engrams") are replaced or 'overwritten' with the CULT inserted self-sabotage programs ("engrams").

    It's really no different than removing an existing malicious computer virus and replacing it with a malicious computer virus of the CULT's choosing.

    In the real world, there are instances of a malicious computer code (virus/"engram") removing another malicious computer code (virus/"engram") and replacing it with itself.

    In the biological world, this happens within the parasite/host relationship.

    Also, many viruses actually 'hijack' host cells into replicated the virus by virtue of the viral genetic material that has been 'inserted' into the host's genetic material.

    The $cilons mission is to turn their minions into virtual cash flow Zombies.

    "Make money. Make more money. Make other people produce so as to make more money."

    -- Elron
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post.

    I was trying to understand the similaritieos and differences between mainstream psychotherapy and scientology. My understanding of psychotherapy is that psychotherapy would say the reason you can't lose weight is that you have subconscious motives not to do so. In order to discover those motives it is necessary to make your subconscious conscious.
    Then the person can see what has been holding them back and achieve better cooperation between their conscious and unconscious minds.

    Psychotherapists therefore encourage patients to relax the barrier that normally keeps the subconscious and conscious separated.
    The patient begins to believe the psych shares certain aspects of his own unconscious. This is called transference. At some point the patient feels strong enough to not need therapy and realizes he has attributed qualities to the therapist that the therapist does not in fact have. The source of those misperceptions was the subconscious. Then the dr/patient can discuss the nature of those misperceptions to solve the patient's problems.

    Scientology seems to play on these same processes somehow but not sure where they are the same and where they differ. For example it seems there must be a transference type relationship happening but the cult keeps that hidden in order to keep the member dependent.
    Another obvious difference is that the object of psychotherapy is to reach the patients goals. The end result is either a realization that ones goals are unreasonable, or better understanding of the things in their behaviour that prevent their acievement. Its ultimately up to patient. Scientology replaces patients goals with its own goals.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    It is interesting to me that so many otherwise very bright people in $cilontology do not realize that there is not one single thing that Elron invented or discovered.

    It's all (now commonly available for FREE via the internet) the work of many others that came before. Elron just renamed and repackaged everything and misrepresented it as his original work.

    You must remember that first, foremost and forever...Elron, a sociopath, was an accomplished hypnotist.

    A sociopath with a significant grasp of hypnosis and it's practice can be just about as dangerous as a human being can get.

    $cilontology = Mind Control via Hypnosis

    It really is that simple.
  28. Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Yeah but Ron said it's not Hypnosis, so can it be?
  29. subgenius Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Just add in, teaching people to hypnotize themselves, and hypnotize others, without knowing that they are doing so.
    Truly evil, and self-perpetuating.
  30. Kanonimus Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Scientology is not hypnotism, you say?

    (Ad section from Popular Science, November 1958 - thank you Google Books!)


  31. subgenius Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    nicest find evah^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    I am mocking up my own Reactive Mind

    I am mocking up my own Body Thetans

    My Body Thetans are mocking me up

    Are your Body Thetans Clear yet?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Do body thetans have body thetan thetans?
  34. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Oh, don't give them ideas!

    Already, after you get rid of your body thetans, you have to wake up the unconscious ones, and then the drugged ones, and when that still doesn't solve your problems, they figure out that your OT levels are invalid and send you back around again...

    Then again, body thetan thetans might be what they call clusters and ridges. With the thousands of BTs blowing off OTs, I wonder if they ever get stuck on other people nearby like alien spirit boogers?
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    How is mere hypnotism able to produce scientology induced psychic breaks and George Bailey like symptoms?
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Read up on "mere" hypnosis.

    Learn it. Live it.

    The first thing to realize is that Life itself is hypnotic and every single person in the world is already hypnotized right now. That's right. Walkin' around like a bunch of zombies.

    The Subconscious/"Reactive" Mind is responsible for pretty much all activities and/or lack thereof on this planet.

    That includes great achievments, failures, murders, marriages, drug addiction, happiness, depression, charities, child molestation, peace, war, etc.

    The subconscious 'protects' us from 'seeing things', realizing things and/or experiencing things we are not prepared to process yet.

    It is possible, using hypnosis, to 'open doors' that we are not ready for yet. Overwhelment (trauma) can result. If the overwhelment (trauma) is severe enough, a psychotic break may occur.

    There are other ways that damage may be done through "mere" hynosis.

    Hypnosis is used to access the Subconscious/"Reactive" Mind directly and also indirectly. It's possible to do a lot of damage when irresponsibly thrashing around inside someone's Subconscious/"Reactive" Mind like a ham fisted hack mechanic.

    If your child ain't all he should be now
    This girl will put him right
    I'll show him what he could be now
    Just give me one night
    I'm the Gypsy - the acid Queen
    Pay before we start
    I'm the Gypsy - The acid queen
    I'll tear your soul apart

    -- The Who ("The Acid Queen")
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Get hypnotized daily for hours on end for years and years.
    Oh, and be implanted with weird images and ideas all the while.
    Like the man said, read up on it.
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    Re: Marty's new "Casablanca"

    Meh hypnotism. Too much wooga wooga around the word for it to be useful.

    A more useful angle for discussion: How does anyone convince a rational person to believe and do things that are contrary to his best interests?
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