Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by RedPillonTopix, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    J. Swift on OCMB wrote:

    PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:35 am Post subject: [Note] CCHR's Mary Panton Blows from Flag!!!
    Subject description: The Pressure Continues to Mount on the Remaining OSA Execs and Volunteers... Reply with quote
    Time is not your friend when you are in OSA, Sea Org, or on Staff in Scientology It is harder than ever to meet stats as Management's demands increase as does the pressure in the face of Anonymous and the never-ending series of Hill 10's.

    My source at Flag has confirmed that OSA' volunteer Mary Panton, aka Mary DeMoss -- blew in the past few months. Mary is known from the McPherson case when she was recruited by OSA to harass the Lisa McPherson Trust and its staff. Mary was in their faces everyday. Mary's success at suppression got her promoted to Executive Director of CCHR. Mary got a lot of press in the CCHR/CoS world for her efforts at lobbying the Florida state government to enact laws pushed by CCHR. Scientology took a toll on Mary and you can see her here:

    Mary blew as in, not doing services, no FSM'ing, book sales, and as in "Mary has left the Cult for good." My source told me that Mary's OSA handlers "handled" her in the same way she had handled Scientology's enemies in the past. Mary is said to have had some major disagreements with OSA and that there was no flexibility on OSA's side. It was OSA's usual, "Our way or the highway," and they were brutal to Mary according to my source.

    I heard that this was a very extreme, very brutal OSA campaign to shut Mary up and they won this major fight with her. OSA refuses to take any responsibility for their actions against Mary. Strangely, like Mike Rinder, Mary has blown and yet has not been declared. Is there some new status called "Limbo" for SP's that Scientology cannot afford to Declare because they know too much?

    Scientology was said to have caved in Mary, a woman known for her exceptional strength. The Cult crushes people's lives and thinks nothing of it. Between Rinder blowing, the BBC Flap, and now Anonymous, which is the Hill 10 of Hill 10's, there is more pressure than ever -- and now OSA is minus another power player in Mary Panton.

    Mary, you are certainly welcome in the world of former Scientologists and their friends and supporters here at and many other places. You have friends out here who walked in your shoes. You should contact them. I will be glad to help you as a via:

  2. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I guess Mary now sees that what goes around comes around...
  3. darr Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I have a hard time believing this, but let us hope that it is true.
  4. Globie Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!


    One less!!

    And plus, she was a raging bitch, glad I've never had to deal with her. I know I wouldn't have been able to walk away from her without being in handcuffs.

    Goes to show, they'll eventually all come around, even the worst of 'em, imo. :D
  5. Anonypeg Member

  6. anonyTurk182 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    If this is true, then it is definitely another good sign for things going our way. Whether the anti-CoS movement had any sort of role in her blowing is less important than the fact that the cult is losing their oldest and most experienced veterans in a time when the CoS probably needs them most.

    Each day mean yet another chip taken from the wall till the day it finally falls. :)
  7. Plups Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    There's something quite lovely about this. In spite of everything she did, there's still support and care (and forgiveness) out there for Mary and for others who blow. I continue to be stunned by the ex-scns.
  8. Anon "Leader" Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    She blew (from Scientology)? Neat! I love seeing videos of Scientologists going through the usual PTSSP (sp?) and then hearing that they've blown (from Scientology). I feel kinda bad for her though, she devoted herself to a cause and achieved no small degree of victories. I'd imagine that she's a little depressed.

    Edit: AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    I loved the video where she's attacking Mark Bunker, asking what he'll do when he's unemployed and stuff. "Mark, ... why don't you do something worthwhile with your life?"
  9. twelve Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    ^^^ This ^^^

    Gotta agree with that. Wouldn't be so hot to do well at something, then end up deciding that what you were good at was more or less evil. But still good news.
  10. anonauswa Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Good on her for blowing! 1 less brainwashed person under the Co$ control!
  11. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Its almost unfortunate, I was hoping to see fresh footage of her at the Anonymous pickets in Clearwater. Still good news though.
  12. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Wow, Mary? If this is true, it is quite interesting.
  13. tiggernew Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Mary is going to have a rough landing in normal society, because bull-baiting, circular arguments, and running over people aren't really marketable skills. The emphasis these days is on teamwork, adaptability, flexibility, getting along with others.

    Maybe she can go to law school and become a lawyer -- confrontational styles can come in handy in court. Or sales, maybe, if she's able to be more congenial and establish "affinity."

    Good luck, honey. It's not your fault you were good at what they taught you. Sorry all that effort was wasted.

    Welcome back to the world.

    P.S. What I LOVE about this damn movement is that after a couple of cautious glances, I think most of us, especially Tory & WBM, would give her a hug, and tell her we support her. We might also say, "Man! You were scary! Those vids of you were our training films for how bad bull-baiting could be! Glad you're out now."
  14. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    wonderful news. Hopefully it gets confirmed one day. I'm sure her story would be an amazing testament. Man, my ears still ring from the first time I watched her circling round and round wbm oh so long ago.
    I hope she is able to adjust to freedom and that she gets some peace. After being indoctrinated for so long, I can't imagine it is easy.
    whatever dirty tricks they have been unleashing on her, I hope she sees that coming out publicly will only make the time when that all stops come that much quicker.
    Ok, back to work.
  15. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Welcome, Mary, to the other side of life!!! We will see you on April 12, protesting WITH US!!!
  16. Marc Abian Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    <Sideshow Bob> Nehehehehehheehee....
  17. dirk nimrod Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Minus the whole "Dianetics Madness", I thought she was a cutie :p Now I think she's cooler for leaving.

    To Mary: It must be hard to be in your situation right now. Be strong, and meet fellow ex-scienos and maybe you would like to meet Anonymous! God Bless :)
  18. HailXenu79 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Wow! Well, one more out...

    WBM should do an interview with her when this all settles down.
  19. Tay Zonday Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Wow, the "What are your crimes" bitch from XenuTV blew?? OH SNAP
  20. Mister X Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    This is great news. However, from what I've read over on Clam Bake her route-out was nothing short of BRUTAL. I hope she's okay. :(
  21. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Whenever a babe decides to blow...I am all for it.
  22. WindandGhosts Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Mary, as much as we'd like to hear from you, whatever it is that you're thinking, take your time and get your head straight. I for one, am here to support. And I'm sure others are too.

    I don't know why I'm talking directly to you though on a message board you're likely never going to see.
  23. Heyanonnyno Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I think this is wonderful news. I saw a woman with a lot of energy in those clips, mental energy. I could see it being misused and exploited by the Scientologists, and now she's out she can use her awesome powers for good and not evil.

    If I could, I'd give her a hug, welcome her to the outside and offer her coffee and cake. She's done a very courageous thing and I *hate* to think of what she suffered before she blew. I'm sure it was absolutely awful!
  24. Apology Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Come on out, Mary, and feel welcomed. We'll set a place at the table for you at our picnic on April 12th.
  25. AnonDon Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!


    I'm curious to see what develops out of this.

    Maybe she took a lot of her Co$ papers with her and will release them.

    It would be great to hear her speak on the subject of Scientology and bringing her on board for future Anon protests would be great.

    From the video we saw, we can say for certain that she is good at confrontation and would certainly be very outspoken as an aly.

    Personaly I extend an invitation to her to join us here on this board or any other Anon "hangouts". We should all extend a warm welcome to her.

    Lets not forget that she is/was also a victim of this nasty cult. Whatever she did while under their control should be considered water under the bridge.
  26. Globie Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Disclaimer: Just my opinion, and not expecting anything to come of this.

    Seeing the last couple posts here makes me think the whole motto of Anonymous being; "We do not forgive, We do not forget" is a little false.

    My personal feelings are to forgive the mistakes a person has made, but never forget that they're capable of doing it again. And seeing some others agree with that point of view that whole "forgive" thing makes me think yet again.

    We will forgive people if they come forward and help us in our pursuit of bringing this cult's management down, amirite? So why do we not forgive in our motto? I can understand Miscarriage and Hubtard do not deserve forgiveness, but some of the others, I think who do not know any better, rightfully, deserve it.

    Mary Demoss is on the fence with me. She seemed very coherent when talking to Mark, knowing his background information, trying very hard to egg him on. This, of course, is all based on the very little information (and offensive videos from xenutv) shared with the public about her. I will, although, applaud her for taking a stand for herself and blowing from the cult. Hopefully one day she will step forward and share her side of the story, until then, I cannot forgive her for the harassment she inflicted on many people.
  27. WindandGhosts Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    The internet is a very unforgiving place, and it takes a long time to forget. Have you Google'd Scientology lately? Anonymous has left it's scar for a long, long time. And, as written in digital stone, the internet will not forget. At least not very easily. The archives will remember.

    Anonymous is an idea. I am a person.

    Even a Scientologist understands the concept of 3D time. The past, the present and the future, they're already there. All you have to do is experience it.
  28. acis Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    nobody told me about the fucking pizza!

    that said, welcome marry. i for one welcome our new mega bitch overlord.
  29. Heyanonnyno Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Globie - brainwashing doesn't stop a person from being coherent! They fed her a lot of crap to get her to that point! I think this also shows that you don't have to be stupid to be sucked in. She's sharp as a tack, really quite brilliant with her bullbaiting techniques (I have to admire her, really, cause she's the best bullbaiter I've *ever* seen), but she's still working from a pool of data that's full of errors. So the things she says are going to be wrong. Doesn't mean that she's entirely a bad person. I mean, from her point of view, we're trying to take something very positive and helpful from her. I'm sure I'd be just as fervent if someone tried to take my prozac from me. (And indeed I am!).

    I like the little motto "United as one. Divided by zero." I think that encapsulates us quite nicely.

    But I think there's nothing wrong with never forgetting.
  30. Globie Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I hear ya on that, and believe me, I never forget.

    But I'm a very forgiving person, and what I was really trying to say is that I don't agree with the first part of our motto, "we do not forgive". But that's just me.

    And I'm willing to forgive Mary when I hear her side of the story, is all.

    I just word it very stupidly sometimes.

    Man, I need to KISS it better.
  31. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Well, we're dealing with a mind-altering, controlling cult here.

    I bet in 6-8 months, Mary will be an entirely different person from the bull baiting bitch. The bitch, we will never forget or forgive--she was one of those who pulled Lisa from the hospital--but Mary the person, free of the cult...she has a blank slate now. She has to come to terms with her previous experience and self, and you bet your ass that won't be easy to reconcile with the "Real World."

    People who KNOW what they're doing, who KNOW its a lie, on the other hand...there's no "get out of jail free" card for them.

    But as far as anything coming from Mary's extrication from the cult...I wouldn't count on it. Unless she is so full of indignation that she is able to draw strength from it, I'm willing to bet the reason she blew was too much pressure/too downstat and not wanting/able to deal with the repercussions. The OSA beat down will probably keep her quiet for a while until she regains her sense of self and pride. Who's to say what condition she's in, and if she will ever feel like going a few rounds with the cult she helped prop up?
  32. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    And just today I was having doubts that we could achieve anything. I don't think we can convert enough scilons and revoking tax exemption is going to be a project that takes years more work than most anons will stick around to see through, I'm sure of it.

    But if the CoS is stupid enough to demand their members keep upstat in the face of our raids, they can shatter themselves with all the pressure. I'm for it!
  33. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!


    we (tinw) never had anything against HER personally
    well, maybe some of us (tinu) did...

    it is the CORPORATION that is the target:
    not the victims who have been enslaved doing the dirty deeds
  34. AnonDon Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    You're right, generally speaking Anonymous does not forgive. However Anonymous is not out to destroy individuals in the Co$ but rather to bring down the the Cult itself. These are unfamiliar waters for Anonymous but this is the battle plan we have chosen from the getgo.

    If WBM didn't reach out to Magoo when she blew, we wouldn't have one of our most beloved allies. As we all have seen from old videos of Tory, she was very coherent while attacking critics of said cult.

    I'm not 100% sure if this is the same type of situation but I think we need to follow in the example of WBM and extend a hand of friendship to someone who is most likely a victim.

    So yes, Anonymous doesn't forgive and doesn't forget. This is however directed towards the enemy itself and not the people who got caught up in the gears.
  35. flocculent Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    If Mary can step up like Magoo, she becomes my Smart Aunt.

    I can forgive the bullbaiting. So she said "neener neener" to the critics. In retrospect, it was silly and harmless. Mary never had the power to crush someone's soul, did she?
  36. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Ooh, bad thought here: She was a OSA bigwig, AND huge in the CCHR....wouldn't it be more expedient for the CoS to encourage her to "end cycle?"

    Judging from the post by Swift no one knows where she is atm...I think she needs a hand extended ASAP to prevent them from disappearing her.
  37. Anon453453 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Heh, I see a few people beat me to the punch, but yes, Anon does forgive and Anon does at times forget.

    I guess I just take the motto as I take everything else produced by /b/tards. As black, sarcastic humour often with a pinch of truth.
  38. Globie Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Thank you... I understand now. It's the Corp./Cult we do not forgive.

    Right on! :D

    Really would love to hear her side though.
  39. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Good for Mary! I hope she gets all the support and love she needs.
  40. AnonDon Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Believe me, I'd love to hear her side of things too. I know it's to early to start picking her brain as she just blew but in time it would be great to hear her speak on the more recent inner working of the Co$.

    Magoo is great and she knows we love her but at the same time she's been out of that cult for quite a few years.

    Mary has super fresh info. I don't want it to seem like we should only extend friendship to her because of what she knows because that's not so. It would be nice to know what she knows though.

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