Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by RedPillonTopix, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Robert S Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Ok well, that might have been me... heh...
  2. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Pics or it didn't happen!!!

    Okay, I'm curious to see some Tory/Magoo pics circa 1970s. She's cute as a button now so I can imagine how hawt she was back then.

    Uh.. Is it normal for a girl to think this way? *slinks away*
  3. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I have to see it to believe it. She was damn scary.
    Still, I wish her the best.

    Talking about Mary....not Tory. didn't read the whole thread. Im betting Tory was a hottie.
  4. AthlAnon88 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I didn't look through the entire thread to see if it was here, but, WBM speaks regarding Mary (I'm sure most of you have seen it by now but SHUT UP). It's really touching.

    Listen to what he says about the movie critic for Battlefield Earth, and then take a look at Tory barely a week after she left the cult:
  5. MollyBloom Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Can you link me on that? I know that she was part of the 200 that appealed to the court to close the case but I was not aware that she was a 'hander' in the Introspection Rundown.

    How exactly was she, Mary, instrumental?
  6. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    If she has blown, she has all my best wishes and I welcome her in the fight.

    Wog life is a good life.

    Its normal and reality based.
  7. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Please see this thread entitled "There is no statute of limitations - Mary DeMoss"
  8. Robert S Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    "One of the most interesting facts about Mary is that she was one of the Scientologists who went to the Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Florida to bring Lisa McPherson back to Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel. 17 days later, Lisa was dead."

    Molly's ignoring me. Ok.
  9. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I would say that THIS is pretty instrumental

    Bennetta was not there as she'd gone out to look for
    Lisa worried because she had not shown up at her bouse. David
    Slaughter and a Scientologist living in their home, Mary DeMoss
    went over to Morton Plant Hospital to help Lisa. They had no
    idea at the time what had occurred earlier at the scene of the
    two accidents. An OT VIII chiropractor in Clearwatar also went
    to the hospital, Jeanne Dekaiper. DeMoss contacted OSA Flag
    with the data about the psych break and that Lisa was in the
    emergency room with the threat of getting committed.
    Prediction I/C and Social Reform Off went to the hospital as
    well as the Snr C/S/ FSO, 'Alain Kartuzinsky: Two of the MLOs
    also arrived shortly afterward. They were Judy GoldaberryWeber
    and Emma Shamehorn. The doctor on duty was r-factored that it
    was against Lisa's beliefs to speak to any psychiatrists and that
    this was highly unacceptable (to send one to see her). Lisa
    was in one of the back rooms at the time, along with Mary and
    Jeanne. Alain was gotten back there to see her.
  10. AthlAnon88 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    There's something WBM once said when he was asked about the people that murdered Lisa McPherson that really stuck with me. He said that... well basically, it goes back to what he said in that video. They honestly thought they were doing the right thing. They thought they were helping her.

    (Goddammit, why do I have agree with Bunker so much?)

    To put it in my own words "DEY DIDN'T KNOW NO BETTER!" *sobs*

    Now I'm not saying that she shouldn't testify, but... this wasn't her fault. This was $cientology's goddamn evil at work.
  11. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    WOW!! And to think it was only about a week ago I watched those vids of her going crazy at WBM!! I hope for her sake it's true, I wish her all the best, she needs it.
  12. MollyBloom Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    No, I am trying to cook dinner also. :mrgreen:

    Ok, thanks for the info, I couldn't remember any specific links it's been several months since I have read all of the Lisa Documentation. I didn't remember Mary's name being in any of the legal docs though but then again there is so much to read :mindwobbles:

  13. Robert S Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    When I write that Mark is a better man than me I'm really not making a gag about it. He is. The guy is a mensch and deserves all the good things that happen to him in life and - yeah - he's a better man. I have no delusions.

    When Anonymous gets the cult to reform and goes it's merry way they will have accomplished their mission and they're nobody's private army. But some people will still be out here working for the complete eradication of this fraud. That's my monkey. A thing I do. Nobody in Anon has to buy it.

    I am a vindictive, bloodthirsty, bad person. There's a role for me too. Whatever happens to Mary is her choice. I hope she makes the right call. If she doesn't - why am I supposed to care?

    We make too big a deal about "brainwashing". She did what she did because it was her choice to do it. Just like me when I was in.
  14. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Abrogating personal responsibility is not healthy for society in large. When individuals perpetrate heinous acts under whatever circumstances one simply cannot ignore that no matter what people ALWAYS have a choice. I don't think that Magoo will say, well yeah I did these things but I didn't have a choice. She has clearly admitted her wrong doings as have both Tommy G and Frank Oliver. They have come out and said I DID IT I'M SORRY. That takes ballz. It also facilitates redemption. By participating in removing Lisa M. from proper medical care, Mary participated in her death. Period. She will have to answer for that and make it right. THEN healing and all that follows can ensue. By pretending that she had no choice in what she did we are not doing MARY or anyone else any favors. I am sick of "the devil made me do it" excuse. It didn't work at Nuremberg and it should NEVER work.

    Personal responsibility is in short supply in this day and age of wanting to blame everyone else, from the McDonald's coffee lawsuit to the lawsuits about fast food making you one held a gun to your head and said eat this BIG MAC OR ELSE.

    No one held a gun to Mary's head and said "GO GET LISA OR ELSE", and when the perceived "gun" was held to Magoo's head, she walked away and said NO THANKS.
  15. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    It is very true that Mary went and helped get Lisa McPherson out of the hospital, along with Benetta (Slaughter) and Penny. 3 full-blooded fanatics whose actions led to disaster.
  16. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    J. Swift is a respected member of the Old Guard. I would rank his stuff up there with Lerma or WBM.

    HOWEVER - as Lerma noted at Anonycon - there is a definite probability that OSA will start feeding the Old Guard misinformation. I presume that the Old Guard's contacts within Scientology are secret, and therefore OSA doesn't know to manipulate them, but new contacts to the Old Guard should be viewed very suspiciously.

    Let's note a few things here about the "plant" theory, though:

    Mary DeMoss supposedly left several months ago, i.e., *before* Anonymous started protesting, in a manner that seems consistent with a power struggle within OSA. Miscavige has destroyed many long-time members of Scientology in this way. Therefore, using DeMoss as a "plant" within Anonymous doesn't cut the mustard as a theory if the timeline is correct.

    Mary DeMoss is an extremely well-known, high-profile Scientologist. Her time and work is valuable to the Church - too valuable, I'd guess, to waste on throwing away on something as potentially fruitless as a months-long undercover assignment within Anonymous. This is also predicated on the assumption that OSA has decided they need to throw someone important to Anonymous, rather than just infiltrate Anonymous gatherings with low-level goons or PIs.

    Mary DeMoss can't actually find out anything incriminating about Anonymous because of the way we work. If Mary put on a mask and went to the protests, she'd learn just about as much as anyone else would. Further, the entire plant plan hinges on whether Anonymous actually has leaders, as then a high-profile defection would probably get those leaders to come out. Since we haven't got leaders, that's irrelevant. At most, Mary DeMoss will learn the names of a few Anons local to her who feel sympathetic, and while getting those people Fair Gamed would suck, it's hardly going to be a significant blow to Anonymous as a whole, and those victimized would feel betrayed and redouble their efforts (as well as serving as eloquent mouthpieces, like Gareth Cales).
  17. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Doesn't matter unsupported evidence is no replacement for it being corraborated so at the moment it's rumor until another independent source comfirms it. That doesn't invalidate J. Swift any one posting information of this nature is asked to prove it.

    Simple really, that way if it turns out to just be bullshit no one feels embarassed. At the moment we have a rumor from some one who told JS. I think it be easy enough to comfirm it right? This did happen some months back you figure some one else out there knows about it.

    Call me a skeptic....oh wait.
  18. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    If they weren't stupid, OSA could even go all Death Note on themselves and feed DIFFERENT information to every suspected leaker until one leaks, therefore revealing himself.
  19. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Yes, which is why the happiest post in this thread was Lerma's one-liner that he's looking into it.

    Massive problems involved in trying to pull that sort of scheme IRL - for instance, by sending different information to each org, you could figure out *which* orgs are leaking, but what kind of information could you send that would a) be important enough for a leaker to get right on, b) vary significantly enough that you could be sure where the leak came from? And here's the kick in the pants - every Scientologist who cares knows who Mark Bunker, Tory Christman, Arnie Lerma, and Andreas Heldal-Lund are. It's entirely possible that leakers in 3-4 orgs might ALL send their info to ONE of these names, and then whichever Old Guards(wo)man it is has 3-4 versions to look at and can figure out OSA's sekrit plot.

    I imagine that most people who leak in Scientology are not grim-faced intelligence veterans but very lonely people trying to keep in touch with a secret friend who doesn't care about their upstats.
  20. AnonymIceland Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    It is painfully obvious that the OSA, despite it's ominous sounding three-letter acronym reminiscent of the OSS, is NOT staffed with people who actually like, know anything about intelligence operations or spycraft. Very few IF ANY of them probably have any formal education that has any bearing on their job.

    They are just regular people who show enough zeal and enthusiasm for the Tech and Hubbard and the CoS to get the job. Sure, some of them are probably intelligent and talented, but we're not exactly talking about the KGB in it's prime here...

    They are good at intimidation and digging for dirt, that's it(and not really even, last time they got caught big-time) not real intel operations.
  21. Manumission Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I have no dates. I just wanted to suggest that you put "Token" or "House Negro" underneath Pat Jones/Harney. No self respecting person of color would join a religion whose founder was such an extreme bigot.
  22. twelve Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Probably this, methinks. Imho, my 0.02, etc.
  23. NoWant Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Two things come to mind for me here.
    1) The original post said that OSA was brutal with her and won the fight to shut her up. In fact, it said they caved her in. She's fucked up right now. She's probably suicidal; she's not going to protest in April, folks. :rolleyes:
    2) All this talk about her infiltrating us. lolwut? What the fuck is there to infiltrate? We plan on open boards, meet when and where we told the whole fucking internet we would meet on the day of the protests, and wear masks. We really aren't hiding anything but our faces, and who's going to take off their mask for her? What is any plant going to do? Find out when our next protest is? Get the inside scoop on our crafty and clever sign slogans? Fuck 'em. Come hang out, read the threads, have some cake. See you in April, OSA.
  24. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I got the mental image of a scifag at his computer, wearing a big (obviously) fake moustache, consulting on the proper spelling of mudkip.

    Srsly guys, if she has blown, she is going to have to decompress. I don't think her being a plant is an issue; it is whether she has blonw or no and as my Magic 8-ball often says, All signs point to yes. I wish her the best of luck in recovering her sanity, dignity and freedom.

    And I want to see me some 1970's hotpantsed Tory gams.
  25. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Could this where it says "You have yet to uncover the truth of McPearson." be linked to Mary Panton / Mary DeMoss blowing ? as after all Mary was apparently there when Lisa was taken out of hospital?
    Could she be DEEP CLAM? all the leaks were CCHR after all...

    I hope she's safe and in good hands.
  26. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I am very glad. I happen to know this has happened, but i don't have pics. It will be known as a big blow to the org.

    I think that Mark has shown great feeling for her, professionally, as a theatre enthusiast, and as a human being. I think they could make a great couple.

    Think about this. What if someone had managed to get though to Hitler before the gas chambers? What if someone had (a) seen what was going on, and (b) stopped to show him the light.

    I can assure you that no one in this world sees themselves as evil.

    if you can make people believe rediculous things, you can make them do horrible things.

    Hitler actually believed that Jews were a malicious force that had an innate need to dominate and control every aspect of everyone's lives. Where did he get these ideas?

    Luther, Godwin, and the plethora of anti-semetic thinkers of the times. The whole world was sick back then. If Hitler didn't do it, with the severe amount of anti-sematism of the time, someone was gonna do it.

    But the situation changes completely when you're brainwashed. Scientology starts with little truths... forms of hypnosis, and abuse to turn you into what they want you to be.

    Therefore, I do not hold it against any member. They are victims too.

    The ones who know the real LRH, the ones who know the tech doesn't work, those are the true villains. Those are the ones that must be taken down. Anyone who realizes "the emporer is naked" is free to leave unscathed.
  27. Magoo Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    ROTFLOL! GOOD ONE, Arnie :)
    You weren't bad, yourself~~ ahhhh.......the days of wild times in the
    early "Paton Place Scientology" days! :)

  28. Globie Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    That last line is almost an insult to me, just wanted to point that out.

    I don't believe that, I think her coming forward to the likes of OCMB, ESK, or EXSCN for support would, no doubt, help her in the healing process.

    She should join the ranks of other ExScilons, not Anonymous. Her voice with a name behind it, especially that of MARY DEMOSS would have alot more impact on this movement, and I'm not just talking about Anonymous, I'm looking at the bigger picture, the entire group of people that want nothing more than to bring down this cult.

    I'm not expecting her to take that step within the next week or month. She did lose something she loved dearly, and like with a broken heart, it will take time to heal.

    One last thing, I sure hope that last line is not only directed at me, but the majority of the others here who have stated that they would love to see her join "anonymous", even after you posted that.
  29. Anonat Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    want photos of 70s hotpants tory!! pics or it didn't happen!!

    there's an old one of younger arnie kicking around somewhere isn't there? quite the hottie, yesplz!
  30. anonGF Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!


    Wait, no, really...


    I...Don't...Ok, let me...



    Wow. She was effectively the template for a $ci who was beyond redemption through reason. I saw that vid where she mocks the guys looks and lack of success and...It was just like she was beyond hope. She killed my faith in rescuing every single person involved in the cult and now she's left.

    Thank fuck. This is bliss.
  31. Anon1376 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    ^ THIS

    We need to stand up for those who have blown. We need to show that when you jump, we are the ones holding the net.
  32. Annoyia Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Trouble is, we don't even know how to contact her, or what she might need help with. And if we do find out how to, we run the risk of upsetting an understandably pretty upset person further.

    Which is not to say that the comment above isn't a damn good point. Just that it'll be tricky to execute. So, I'm in. Any ideas?
  33. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    dr3k, I'd love nothing more, but we lack two bits of information. Well, three, actually.

    1) Is this for real? Need Confirmation.

    2) Where the frell is she?

    3) Need way to contact her if #1 is true. Preferably through an OG critic or ex-scilon for her own comfort level's sake. We can be a bit...overwhelming for the unprepared.

    Without the above details, all we can do is open the internet window and yell "Run Mary Run! We're here for you! Call Tory!" ...and hope she actually has net access atm.
  34. AlienCooties Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    *fingers crossed that Mary has left*


    Reading through this thread I've seen a lot of messages that span the spectrum ... hoping that indeed Mary left, I think right now what needs to be written needs to be positive.

    This is not only for her but for other members that leave in the future. If they happen upon this forum and see the bit o'negativity towards Mary, they are apt to have a "damned if I do damned if I don't" attitude. This place won't seem like much of a safe haven in a sense ...

    Let WBM be our example ... he's personally been victimized by Mary's tirades yet, with tears, he welcomes Mary back to the real world.

  35. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!


    Let's try to help her.
  36. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I don't think anybody knows where she is. To tell you the truth, if my face was plastered all over you tube doing what I was doing, I'd hide out for awhile. Wouldn't you be afraid some nutjob would retaliate, not to mention hiding out from OSA.
  37. AlienCooties Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!


    I don't think what's relevent is where she is ... what's relavent is HOW she is ...

    Maybe Arnie & Tory could give us some words of advice as to what is the best way to support those that leave ...
  38. anonypuffs Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I'm not trying to be negative. I totally support her blowing, and I'm very glad that she did it and I *do* sympathize with what she's going through right now. I consider this an EPIC WIN and look forward to moar.

    However, I'm also trying to be up-front and truthful. Maybe that's not what is proper at this point, but this is something that I feel is very important in establishing our credibility. Scientology tricks you with rosecolored glasses and warm fuzzies, and only much later do you discover you're royally fucked. I don't want to be misleading with my praise.

    My opinion is that a person in her position cannot just say "I'm done with this" and expect to drop all responsibility. I'm willing to wait for her to recover, be it a week, a month, a year, or 10 years, but I *will* be expecting her to speak out eventually, because she was so deep in this. IMO, she has the obligation to speak out. She owes it to those who she fair-gamed, those she had a hand in the deaths of, those she recruited, and those who she ordered around. It's a tough road to hoe to think for yourself after you've been told what to do and think for a huge chunk of your life. It will be a trying time for her, and she may be sorely tempted to return to the comforting world where you knew your place and you knew your purpose. We have not seen her true character yet.

    That said, I'm sorry that it had to go this far for you to break, Mary. No one should have to go through this kind of harassment, no matter how poorly they've acted. I'm sorry for you and your family, and I hope that you will be able to find peace with yourself and move on with your life. I'd like to help, but for now all I can do is to speak out against the evil corporation that utterly ruins people like you and so many others.
  39. fluffbomb Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I agree completely.

    I have seen WBM give a very moving opinion on this, and I support his view. But, I have only seen her as the vicious, lying, insulting, hateful Mary. I haven't seen her act any differently so for me that is Mary, regardless of cult involvement.

    I have tried to take a moral high ground on this, I have tried to understand that it was the cult talking and acting in that way, but until I see her in a different light I cannot judge her personality on anything other than what I know of her. It is hard to have sympathy for a woman who I have only seen being vicious to other people.

    I trust WBM and I completely support him for being better than I am, but perhaps that is because he's seen others change in the same way. I haven't seen the transition from cult zombie into real person, and I find it hard to accept that people act in that way without wanting to.

    I really do hope that there are people taking care of her, if she has realized what she has done. But if she is exactly the same person she was then (and I have no evidence to suggest otherwise) then... well, Karma is a bitch.
    I hope she comes forward to speak, I would listen intently and probably find that she is actually a very sweet girl. I would support her if she became a voice for the good guys.
  40. GuyFux Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I would be 50/50 if this is true. Half of me would support her, whilst my other half would be teasing the big red button.

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