Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by RedPillonTopix, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. chuckbeatty77 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I got a phone call telling it was a legitimate severing of her relations with Scientology.

    I can understand it.

    If the leaders of OSA, top PR people like Rinder, Goodman, if OSA leaders quit, it makes it acceptable for anyone lower on the food chain to similarly turn their backs on Scientology.

    blowing occurs in waves over the years.

    I try to share all the news I get.

    a couple weeks ago a person who knows the OSA staff in Los Angeles pretty well, gave me the latest list of who was left in OSA.

    OSA is the Office of Special Affairs, and it is decimated, shrunk, and it was done consciously by David Miscavige.

    I personally feel, he is continuing what he thinks is the correct new direction for the movement, and it includes just dropping all sorts of activities that they used to do, and thankfully this includes the old dirty tricks operations which is limited way down, simply because they are way understaffed.

    I don't understand why they went after the anonymous "ringleaders" but they did, but luckily in LA, the police there are dropping their investigations, and good for the police catching on and not being used by Scientology!

    anonymous is having a pretty positive impact if you ask me!

    Realize, that honestly, what Hubbard wrote for Scientology, THAT is senior in their minds.

    and I told one person recently, THE most important Hubbard writing, arguably, that governs the outlook/attitude of a Scientologist, is Hubbard's writing policy called "Keeping Scientology Working".

    In this writing, nicknamed KSW, Hubbard makes it absolutely clear than ANY trouble that befalls Scientology is the fault of the staff and members! Hubbard squarely lets staff and members know it is THEIR fault for not applying his spiritual "tech" and rules to good results which causes all the trouble that comes Scientology's way.

    So, anonymous by just showing up on sidewalks near orgs, Hubbard blames them for you!

    A sign directed to knowing Scientologists saying something like "We're back! What's up with your org's results?""

    Hubbard wrote "Trouble spots occur only where there are 'no results.' " from Keeping Scientology Working, 1965.
  2. chuckbeatty77 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Like your photo icon

    that photo with the baby was in 1958-59, and the baby obviously is a man today, called Kevin Bloomquist.

    I met Kevin, in 1976-77, he was in the Sea Org for a few years. Good guy.

    Chuck Beatty
  3. GuyFux Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Wow. Is he still in the Sea Org or did he blow?

    btw, I know this is completely unrelated, by I googled his name, and this came up: LMAO
  4. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    When the hammer fails to drive the screw, it is my fault. I must not be operating the hammer correctly.

    (And no, I'm not allowed to swap it out for a screwdriver. That's out-tech.)
  5. anonymustang Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    either she blew, or i've got a half pack of Certs in my pocket.
  6. Anonymeep Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I keep wanting to make some signs about this, but I can never summarise it short enough.

    Something about CoS claiming all the good from people, but blaming all the bad on them.
  7. Eff Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Guys, let's not forget... sometimes it's better to do the hard thing if it improves the big picture, even if it's not what you would normally do. When you're deep inside Scientology, you're fed this idea that the outside world is a pretty awful place. Leaving the cult which you have always known to be "good" in order to go live amongst people who are at best strangers and at worst "antisocial personalities" can be frightening. Whether or not you feel like Mary deserves our immediate admiration and attention, it's still the right thing to do just based on the potential effect on others who are still inside. It is entirely right for us to immediately embrace those who leave so that it is an example for others who want to leave... so that they can see us as something other than the Church's SP image.

    We constantly throw around the term SP as a joke. It's easy to lose sight of what a serious term it is to them. Even as they have one foot out the door, ex-Scns may consider the whole lot of us "antisocial personalities" with a deep-seated hatred of any betterment activity or group just like CoS says, and that's frightening. If ex-Scns can proudly say "When I left, I was immediately welcomed with open arms by Scientology critics", that's going to encourage others to leave. There's no excuse for us not to see that that happens.
  8. Edges Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    For better or worse, Anonymous has repeatedly (many, many times!) stated that it does not forget, and it does not forgive.
  9. Heyanonnyno Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Edges - what is your point?
  10. Edges Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    It would make liars of Anonymous to extend the hand of forgiveness to OSA who blow without some extenuating circumstances ... an expression of remorse, at the very least.
  11. Guerillanon Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    JESUS! Someone count that Downstat.

    And edges. Anonymous has no vendetta against the members of scientology, the PEOPLE of scientology. Our battle is waged against the actions of the organization, and the abuses towards the PEOPLE. If we were to never forgive the people for what they were involved in, then why would we care about bringing down this cult in the first place? We're here to stop the organization, the criminality of the religious technology center, the unfair tax practices, the human rights abuses, in order to save the people whove been manipulated and destroyed and prevent new people from entering in. If we're not willing forgive and help the people willing to leave, we have no reason to be doing any of this
  12. Daywatch Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!


    We are a skeptical bunch here, so forgive us if we don't jump up and down until her blowing is actually confirmed.

    Also many of us ( and by no means ALL of us) would like to see repentance or speaking out against the Co$ before we get all warm and fuzzy with an OSA member who "blew".
  13. Fred Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    The majority are protesting the Cult, not the people. Once someone is out, why should anything more be expected from them? Be glad that it's a little piece of the Cult that no longer exists. It does not make Anon's liars because of a slogan.
  14. $noware Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    You have to get warm and fuzzy with anyone who blows. That doesn't mean you entirely drop your guard, but these people are still feeling the effect of years of brainwashing and the best way to help them is by showing them unconditional love. Forgiveness does not come until they repent, but they will not be ready to repent until they are deprogrammed and have built some trust with the outside. For some that may take longer than others. Unconditional support is what is needed.
  15. Spot Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

  16. MsCabbage Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I think we need to remember that anyone involved in this cult (or like any cult, really) they are brainwashed into believing that they are doing the right thing. If you were convinced that some evil group was attacking your family, would not you defend as hard/if not more than Mary did her "family" ?(aka the cult)

    I'll take her "blowing" as proof enough that she is against the cult - it must have taken a major revelation and incredible amount of guts to actually leave... she would not have left otherwise.

    She certainly has my respect.
    (of course this is assuming she has in fact, 'blown'.)
  17. Daywatch Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    which is why this herd of cats is a wonderful thing
    you can feel this way
    others of us are not so quick to say " oh ok you left, everything you did while you were in is now forgotten"

    and once again we have no proof Mary has blown
    I have seen decades of "leaks" that serve as nothing more a shiny thing used to distract
  18. Eff Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    It is easy to forget that what Message to Scientology says is the writings of a single person. An individual. His or her own views. As romantic as the idea is, it did not come from some sentient Anonymous hivemind entity, but rather from some singular person. It became very popular (to say the least) because there were so many people who agreed with what the video said. But do not think for even one second that anyone is required to subscribe to that creed down to the last word. The person who made that video is no more or less a part of Anonymous than you or I. Their views on whether Anonymous forgives or forgets are no more valid than my views or yours. No one has the authority to say "You can't forgive, or else you're not a member of Anonymous."
  19. Edges Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!


    But I look at it this way, people aren't just absolved of responsibility for their actions because they happened to be members of this or that when they did them.

    Forgiveness is a fine and noble concept. But I think it's also important to hold people accountable for their actions too. There has to be at least an expression of remorse and an acceptance of personal responsibility.

    In my books, someone isn't automatically right by me just because they quit the organization they were with when they committed crimes. They have to come out and admit what they did was wrong and take responsibility.

    I'm big on personal accountability, so maybe it's just me, but that's how I see it. Me ... I don't see "blowing" in and of itself as an admission of personal responsibility. I'm not going to get "warm and fuzzy" about anyone solely on the basis that they blew. What matters to me is stepping up and saying "what I did was wrong".

    OTOH ... I can fully understand the difficulties people who quit face. I don't expect them to stand up on a platform and express anything at all right away. Forgiveness pending.
  20. anonymous3424 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    so are you saying solders in a war should be tried for murder?
  21. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    wise words are wise
  22. Unlisted Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    What part of this:
    did you not understand?
  23. Daywatch Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    why are the Mods all touchy about this thread?
  24. Edges Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Sorry, missed it. I have no idea at all what the problem here is - I don't think I'm saying anything bad - but it's your website. I won't say more.
  25. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    It would be the most Epic of Wins if we could get her to tell her story, or Heck, even join up.

    Also, think about the April 12th protest: our objective there is to get people to rejoin their families, and leave the CoS.

    I'd like to think our slogan of "We do not forgive, we do not forget" applies more to the actions of Scientology as a whole, not the acts committed by the deluded masses that compose it.

    Her getting out, even if thrown out, automatically makes her a potential ally.

    It's human nature to go along with the crowd when you're brainwashed. We should give people a chance to rinse themselves of the dogma. If they're still evil, so be it, but if not, welcome them to Freedom.
  26. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Our Hugs are FREE.

    We just need to make it clear we will not use them for our own propaganda the same way they were used by their "church"
  27. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Do not forgive or forget their actions or the group's atrocities.

    Forgive and welcome THEM as human beings.

    Can we be in agreement on this?
  28. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    A wise indian man once said,
    "An eye for an eye, will turn the whole world blind."
  29. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

  30. Daywatch Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!


    but we don't have to be in agreement

    cause we're cool like that

    If the people who have been fair gamed, had their lives ruined,pets killed etc. by the defectors forgive them ..well maybe some of us less forgiving types can ..eventually
  31. mko Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Fucking THIS
  32. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Haha, just to ask....with all the debate....hypothetically, if DM blew, would we welcome him as a human?

    I don't think I have that ability too even if he did.
  33. Edges Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I know I said I wouldn't say more but I can't stop myself here!!

    Redemption is possible for anyone (btw I'm atheist, this is not a spiritual comment). But it isn't easy.
  34. Plups Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Or, as we Christians believe: Redemption is free; but it's not cheap.
  35. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    hahaha if mary really blew, <b>which we still don´t know!!!</b> And she evar reads this thread she must think that we´re all totally nuts! Come on guys it´s only a week until april12 and Mary hey you´re a Superstar among the Anons, now! If you blew or not be happy take your time and join us if you like to and if not then fucking hide yourself from those who think they cannot forgive!

    On the other hand if we nuts can bring down the Co$ ... hmmm

    sorry just can´t believe that this is the most viewed thread in here, document it or it didn´t happen!
  36. Apology Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Don't forget that Tory was just as mean to Mark Bunker before she blew, and where would we be without Tory? Don't hate the sinner, hate the sin.
  37. HoolAnon Member

  38. Daywatch Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    was Tory involved with Lisa McPherson? fair gaming people? etc.
  39. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    So wait, did Chuck Beatty just independently confirm J Swift?

    That's all I'm looking for 2 independent sources.

    As to do whole forgive, forget. That's a personal call but I know what I think about her behavior prior to blowing.
  40. Apology Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    What, are you stupid? Mark was Fair Game, of course Tory was involved with Fair Game. Don't get your fucking panties in a wad over the concept of forgivenness; they're all victims as well as perpetrators. Don't drive off someone who could be the strongest of allies because you're holding on to a personal grudge.

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