Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by RedPillonTopix, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Don't get upset because some one disagrees with your concept of forgiveness.
  2. Apology Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I'm not upset, I just don't like people who are dumb.
  3. Daywatch Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    sorry but I think is dumb to grant absolution to everyone who leaves the Co$ just because they left.

    Tory to this day is making amends
    one of her 1st posts over at ESK was appologizing to anyone she hurt when she was at one of the schools.

    JUST leaving the Co$ doesn't grant you instant warm fuzzies
    people did VERY bad things when they were OSA and IMHO those bad things aren't wiped clean just cause they leave.

    "just following orders" is not, nor has ever been a justifiable excuse.

    and that ad hom was unnecessary
  4. chuckbeatty77 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    My view is your views are wiser than mine. Talk about bad judgement calls, we ex people have been there and most take years and frankly never own up to our foolish ignorance blindspots.

    We ex people can give history for outsiders to digest and make broader conclusions about the way things are changing or not changing in the movement's history.

    But judgement, I've proved conclusively mine sucked. I joined Scientology for the out of the body supposed spiritual ability, and hadn't realized that lots of mystical groups sell than con and have sold that con for a long time in human history. (Some ex offiicial Scientologists are still thinking "flying" is real, I don't think any of the supernatural BS of any mystical practice is worth wasting one's life getting up to convinced delusion mentality, which is also why I think discussing the Scientology "body thetans" and "Xenu genocide" theology and LACK of Scientology supernatural spiritual ability results IS valid to discuss, since had this gross lack of results been discussed more, I might have more smartly decided NEVER to have started in Scientology! I was a consumer of mystical groups when I selected Scientology as the efficient looking "good" choice, so that's how off my judgement was in 1975 when I was a college student at Arizona State Univ when I mistakenly jumped on board the Bridge to Total Freedom!)

    I'll ask more people about Mary, and see if it's true. I've not talked to her, and I have only talked to someone who claims she's talked to them several times.

    I know I'm way to too longwinded, sorry.

  5. Anon1376 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Let me attempt to settle this without BAWWW or genitalia measuring:

    Those who wish to embrace the concept of forgiveness are free to do so.

    Those who wish to take 'Never Forgive' literally and on a personal basis are also free to do so.

    Both sides agree to disagree, but also recognize that neither represent the authority of the whole. The leaderless concept goes hand in hand with the possiblity of diverse opinions of tactic. Nobody loses thier membership cards because there aren't any. Thus, nobody can be denied a card either.

    Does this sound acceptable to everyone? Doesn't really matter if it does or doesn't because it cannot be unrung. It is not law, because there is no law. It is just a reminder that sometimes singing kum-ba-ya with big sappy smiles on our faces and group hugs aren't always possible. All that matters is our commonality in goal and that our actions don't sabotage its acheivement.
  6. Spot Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Thanks for the no-bullshit update, chuck.

    Regarding the previous conversation: we are in no position to hold individuals accountable for the actions of the church EXCEPT for David Miscavige.

    We are, in effect, offering absolution to any and all that abandon ship, because getting them to abandon ship is our god damned stated goal. Any attempt to pursue individual scientologists past that line would be incredibly stupid and counterproductive at the very least, for reasons a kindergartener could puzzle out. If you want to do that, on your own, after we dismantle the church, you go ahead. By yourself. But you shut the fuck up about it here. That is final.
  7. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    "We never forgive" is actually a great discussion topic.

    Personally, I'm of the opinion that we should phase this out of our public statements.

    I'm not suggesting we adopt a policy of automatic forgiveness, or unconditional forgiveness.

    I think most of us are actually cool with the concept of forgiveness, under the right circumstances. We also know that cult members in positions of authority have done some terrible things over the years, and forgiving them would be a hard pill to swallow without some strong evidence of actual penitence.

    One model that clearly would be foolish is what happened in the movie "Mars Attacks." In that movie, the Martians continually do Bad Things, and the touchy-feely members of society constantly forgive them, which ends up being their ruin.

    But ex-members who show genuine remorse and commitment to make amends - don't you think they at least deserve consideration for forgiveness?

    If any of this rings true for the majority, then I think it would be wise to stop using the "We never forgive" slogan. Removing it doesn't mean we *always* forgive, it just makes us sound a little more compassionate as a group.
  8. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Chuck thanks for looking to finally confirm this. It's appreciated.
  9. Robert S Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    This thread is so long I FORGOT who the fuck Mary is anymore for God's sake!
  10. Jugular Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    If you don't like the line don't use it yourself.

    But don't expect other anons to share the nuances of your ethics and fashion the content they generate to conform to anyone's convictions but their own.

    We will keep doing what we individually percieve to be neccessary, the bad ideas will fail and the epic ones will win.

    Personally, I think forgiveness is an awful word. Its an acausal suspension of morality.

    If my attitude towards someone is going to change, its got to be earned by behaviour, I'm not going to suspend my morals, values, ya know, 'just cuz'.
  11. AnonMeow Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    If she really blew, I'm curious as to the comment on the digg article saying she was still "spamming ARS" with stuff?
  12. anonspilz Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    As a moderator you should refrain from the 'we are this, we are that' bullshit. Don't speak for me.

    Are you the leader of anonymous? I wouldn't give a shit about you saying this if you were just another anon - I would ignore it. But you're not - you have moderator privs on one of our main communication links.

    Put your ego in check. Getting them to 'abandon ship' is not 'our' stated goal. Stop trying to define what I am. You are a janitor, nothing more.
  13. Spot Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    One that's been run into the ground many times already.

    But by all means, please keep beating that horse.
  14. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

  15. anonspilz Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    This thread does not belong in the dome. Someone got butthurt.
  16. Lemons Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Even if some people have been shit posting, the first post is still important. If it degrades any more, I'll probably just archive it.
  17. Spot Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    fair nuff
  18. Daywatch Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    The first post is still an unconfirmed rumor
    the same kind of rumor that has kept critics ( some of us old farts ) chasing shadows for decades
  19. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    And if she is an OSA plant, then they FAIL: anyway, because any other $ci member looking at this board with a view to blowing, has just seen that there are welcoming arms, and support out here.
  20. Lemons Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Yeah, I understand that but it's still fairly interesting. Like I said, if it continues down the same path, then it shall face it's demise.

    e: and by the look of things, itll last 4 hours
  21. Manumission Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I see that this thread is full of commitment to being right. It needs to be eaten by Godzilla. Somebody wake me up when actual confirmation of Marys defection arrives.
  22. Apology Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I agree with this. If we're going to hold Mary's behavior while she was a Scientologist against her, we should do the same with Tory unless we don't mind being total hypocrites.
  23. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I do and I think she does as well. But Magoo is "atoning" for her actions is actively in her own way seeking to right her wrongs. She has appologized to many people publically and I'm sure privately.

    It's why I personally don't do any hero worship. People can and do fuck up. It's how they act after that mitigates forgiveness. So I'll save my personal forgiveness (that is not a blanket check) until I see corrected actions.

    At the moment all we have is a rumor about her going off lines. That does not mean in two weeks she wont be back in if true. It doesn't mean she understands that perhaps she might need to deal with some things before some people extend a welcoming hand.

    I differenciate forgiveness from absolution. I'm not sure why that is hard to understand. This is why I asked originally for confirmation of her actually leaving the CoS.
  24. Edges Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Tory's achieved redemption in my eyes not by blowing but because of her actions since blowing. An open apology and admission of wrongdoing (which probably only applies to ex-OSA). That's all that's necessary, for my part. Tory has easily met my standards. I cannot see any hypocracy in that position whatsoever.
  25. Apology Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I agree that Tory has atoned for her sins. I think we need to give Mary the opportunity to begin atoning, by not condemning her now. Losing Mary, if she's willing to atone, would be our own personal footbullet.
  26. Daywatch Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    who ever suggested not giving her the chance to atone?

    the only thing that was suggested is we save the warm fuzzy until

    1. we know for a fact Mary has indeed blown

    2. she actively tries to correct past wrongs

    that is all
  27. Apology Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    We don't know that Mary isn't trying to atone right now, by singing her lil heart out to the FBI. Some people seem unwilling to give her a chance---"Never forgive" and all that.

    Considering that bigotwatch (Mary's site) has been removed, I'm pretty sure she has blown.

    The only Scientologist I'm not willing to forgive is David Miscavige. The fact that he hasn't had any Scientology treatments or auditing since the 1990s suggests to me that he doesn't really believe it, so all of his actions are calculated, not misguided.
  28. Daywatch Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    that is there right to "never forgive"

    some of us will never forgive, some of us will, some of us will, never forget some of us will

    that is why dialog is good thats how this herd of cats works

    no one passes an edict MARY IS FORGIVEN or MARY IS CONDEMNED

    we toss around ideas and come to some kind of weird nebulous agreement, sometimes, and people will do as their moral compass directs them to do.
  29. Edges Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I think it would be prudent to just reserve judgement until we hear from the lady herself. Can we agree on that?

    There's a few issues here. We don't want to alienate any victims she might have by offering such easy absolution and possibly even stardom of a sort. I don't know that much about the McPherson family, but this could be a consideration. The other issue is that things aren't always what they seem. So my vote is for suspension of judgement, with the opportunity of redemption held out ... but not too cheaply.
  30. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

  31. spiral Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!


    its generally accepted that she's blown, but does anyone know why? or where she is? WBM seemed very willing to forgive her for her wrongdoings towards him over the years in his video to her... i'm sure there's a reason for that. until she talks, there's no point in throwing around accusation or speculation
  32. argh Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Are we there yet?

    sorry, I mean, do we know yet?

    no, I know, we dont.

    What I really wondered was, is it possible she is/has been RPF'ed? Would that lead to her email inbox overflow, and mobile phone dissconnection?
  33. ItzMeRon Member

    So Mary DeMoss is out?

    Anyone know her story and why she left?
  34. pooks Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    False report.

    Mary DeMoss Panton has not blown. She was seen at the Florida State Capitol in the past two weeks doing work for CCHR.

  35. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    thx pooks now you can see how much enturbulation these damn rumours can cause ... wait a minute weren´t there a few of us constantly asking for a confirmation? /taking cover
  36. Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Effin' A, man. That's exactly how I feel. Especially when it comes to Mike Rinder.

  37. anon_david Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    I lol'd. Btw, how come it took so long to get confirmation of this?
  38. ravenanon Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

  39. Skeptic1337 Member

  40. number 6 Member

    Re: Mary DeMoss From XenuTV - Blown!

    Even Arnie said she blew. What source did he get his info from?

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