Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Reverend Happyfinger, Jan 30, 2009.

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    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging


    fkn lold
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    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    aged enhanced photos ?

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    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    Hey look it is our old Houston native... Thomas Alan Wright

    Tom, you hired Mary for PR? Funny man...

    Thomas “Tom” Alan Wright 57y (OT8 '89) (wfe Bonnie Lee SanJule Wolfe Wright 65y (OT8) married 9-25-82 by Grace E. Halliday (OT8) who brought Scientology to Houston with her husband Otis) ExDirector of Houston Mission '95, (ex-wife, Charlotte Gray Wilson, 56y married 12-22-75 divorced 5-19-78, lived in AUSTIN) (2c: Katherine Spencer Wright 18y (Personal Values & Integrity '06), Thomas Patterson Wright 15y (L12 '06)
    Wright Marketing Communications '84 (Bodark Enterprises INC)
    Instant Response Company '93
    -worked for along with Ruth Woods Carey (OT8) from Houston ( article denies scientology links but two head personnel work for the organization.)
    Affidavit of Tom Wright
    claims "Full-service marketing consulting. Spokesman for school violence reduction, ed. & literacy, and psychiatric patients’ rights. Board affiliations Tanglewood Aca.,1988-2001" Co-founder & member of board for Tanglewood Academy (Perfect Schooling in Houston).
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    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

  5. Shinythings Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    FUCKING THAT ^^^^^^ people!

    Holly Xenu, even blowing is not enought to repair that. She really should be in jail.
  6. Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    ^^^^^Too right.

    The ugliness of her face on those bull-baiting videos is unforgettable, and the ugliness of her actions even less so.

    Wouldn't go anywhere near her myself.
  7. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    It's called sarcasm.
  8. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    Scientologists decry toll of criminal case March 9, 2000, Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times

    As well:
    Man's film a veiled look at Scientology August 2, 2001, Robert Farley, St. Petersburg Times
    Real problems with a fictional movie August 24, 2001, Steve Persall, St. Petersburg Times
    Scientologists push mental health law April 9, 2005, Alisa Ulferts, St. Petersburg Times

    David DeMoss's site: - hand edited links
    Emory Capital Management :: EMORY PARTNERS :: Investment Partnership ::
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  10. tazor Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    This is what an ex has to say about sweet little Mary:

    " I don't think she is out


    If Mary is working for Emory Capitol, she is not out. This fund was formerly owned by a scientologist on OT VII named Darryl Malick. He got off the level approximately 1 1/2 years ago because he wasn't winning and it wasn't working. Surprise that they couldn't handle him. He is now quietly becoming a chef. He turned the company over to his Juniors, who are scientologists, and it is now based in the Portland Area.

    I also knew Mary very well. She was actually insane. Her mother was even worse. Her mother got taken off the level for a while when Mary actually tried to choke her to death. True story.

    I also know someone who who knew her VERY well when she was having her baby, and her actions then verged on prosecutable child abuse. Leaving a baby alone in the house so she could go play tennis, etc.

    My personal opinion of her is that she always struck me as strung out crack whore. Her personality was abrasive at all times. She had an self image of her being very hot, while in fact she was abhorrent. Overall, I found her one of the more disgusting people and personalities I have ever met, inside or outside of scientology. Even to quote Sci, a cleared cannibal is a cleared cannibal, and in Mary's case, it's a cleared crack ho is still a crack ho."
  11. NotBobMinton Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    Jeesh. 5 pages of rot about pretty much nothing. If you guys are going to carry on like this, you might as well read through some of her blog.

    First blog posting, an invitation to talk with everyone, even if you disagree.
    Hello world! Mary Panton’s Blog
    Here is a snip-it of a poem she wrote in 2003 & posted in 2008. I suspect the double meaning of 'lies' was unintentional, but still very lulzy.
    You Called Me Perfect Mary Panton’s Blog
    Beginning of a multi-blog topic where she scared the @#$ out of some guy by getting way to serious all at once (not that interesting).
    “When a man flirts, it proves only that he is a man.” - Fred Mary Panton’s Blog

    Wow. Looks desperate. She's got cougar written all over her. I kind of feel sorry for her. (not that interesting)
    Men and Boys Mary Panton’s Blog

    Irony much (or perhaps she finally lifted back the curtain):
    Underneath The Rotting Skin Of Our Culture Mary Panton’s Blog
    Heh, she should meet our army of Davids.
    Already referenced statement about her efforts on the protesters in ~2000.
    What If The World Was Watching? Mary Panton’s Blog
    Looks like she's joined the digg community. She's even submitted a couple of her stories. Didn't she already get Digg famous for something else?
    Digg / MaryBlog / History

    A chunk of her blog goes over her concern for child welfare (in terms of abuse, beatings, reap etc) in institutionalized settings. It's good to see that she has such concern. But I really wonder if she ever bothered to lift back the veil on a number of scientology run programs & the abuse that occurs there.

    Also, in all of the blog, there is only one reference to her [strike]daughter[/strike] son. And that is how she sent her off to camp for a month. I certainly hope her [strike]daughter[/strike] son doesn't turn out to be one of the scientology kids that are severely neglected.
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  13. tazor Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    I know. I'm just having an off day!
  14. Relyt Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    Has Mary done anything notable to the cult or anyone else since LMT was still around? She may still be a Scientologist, but there's no telling at this point whether or not she has gone through some kind of change. Either way, I think her only purpose of the bullbaiting was to help end the LMT.
  15. Shinythings Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    You know what? She should at least apologize to critics, like "venomfag" and some other jerks have had to apologize to the interwebz.

    And she should be in jail. Lisa McPherson anyone?
  16. Shinythings Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    I have read a couple articles in her blog and have noticed she seems to be allowing some comments which remind her of her dark past, but she does not respond them. Wonder if this is meaningful in any way.

    My comment asking her if she's still a $cientologist is still pending moderation though
  17. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    Four years ago, but halfway between LMT and now:
    Scientologists push mental health law April 9, 2005, Alisa Ulferts, St. Petersburg Times

    (At least one of those smacked down in May 2005. Bush vetoes Scientology bill May 26, 2005, St. Petersburg Times.)

    I don't imagine that politician wrangling for Scientology's pet bills is assigned to just any old public scientologist.
  18. Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging



    Average in looks, ugly in soul, and (on evidentiary balace), still a clam. Legitimate target. GO GO GO.
  19. Forseti Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    After much lurking, I honeslty think she is still in the cult. The story of her blowing must be just some kind of psyops by OSA.

    If she is currently working as a lobbyist for Thomas Wright (a $cilon who is a high ranking OT), she could not possibly have blown the cult. Thomas Wright would have disconnected from her. Don't you think so?

    Also, if you go to and do a search for Mary Panton, you will see that one of her accomplishments are "Executive Director at Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Florida." If she had blown, I kind of doubt she would put any link to Co$ in her bio.
  20. subgenius Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    In yr lings...boy this guy is $cientology's go to guy:
    "A $500,000 program that uses some teachings of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard to help prison inmates likely will be vetoed by the governor today, the bill's sponsor says. The program, known as Criminon, was quietly added to the state budget by one powerful legislator: Rep. Gus Barreiro, a Miami Beach Republican. He heads the House subcommittee overseeing billions of dollars in criminal justice spending.
    Barreiro said he supported a pilot project using Criminon as a faith-based program that has worked in other states. He said he did not know whether Scientology's teachings were part of the program, and the Legislature's staff did not analyze whether Criminon was effective at rehabilitating prisoners."

    Splains why Fark has a "Florida" tag... but Barreiro needs some bitch slapping...
  21. Scatman Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    The investigation was thorough and Corry is NOT a scilon. justice4kids is NOT a scilon front group.
    You are not basing your beliefs on fact, but rather on pre-conceived notions.
  22. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    Barreiro's a One Stop Shoppe for all things scilon:
    Scientology program may fall to budget ax May 26, 2005, Steve Bousquet, St. Petersburg Times

    Gus Barreiro's termination letter


    It's own thread:
    Gus Barreiro, Scilon-friend politician, gets the boot
  23. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    "True Believers" are the the ones most likely to most dramatically turn when the time is right.

    I, for one, look forward to the day when we will see a video of a "Mary De Moss Go 'Round" after she wakes up and starts spilling all the BS she used to believe as a formerly die hard Clam.

    The whole $cilon Scam is such BS that, eventually, the vast majority of the enslaved Clams will wake up to the Real World.

    Mary, (God Bless her), is just a 'wake up' waiting to happen.

    Mary, dear girl, you have friends waiting to help you escape the 'hole' you are in just as soon as you realize the predicament you are in and want to change your life.

    Mary, you are an intelligent woman that has a lot to offer the world as soon as you get out from under the smothering (and you are definitely smart enough to sense the smothering) cult influence you are under.

    Mary, although you may have hated us in the past, we do not hate you.

    Mary, you have friends that are here to help you escape from the Evil Space Alien Cult.

    Mary De Moss, there are people out here that wish you well...personally....and will help you in your escape from the Evil Space Alien Cult.

    Mary...sister...can you hear us?
  24. anonsparrow Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    I have to admit I did see a sparkle of normal in her eyes when she was doing her damdest to destroy her enemies.

    I like her.
  25. Pacifist Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    Aside from that epic termination letter, all I see in this thread is six pages of speculation. Until we have solid proof she's blown, and even afterward, don't let your guards down.
  26. TheBitch Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    You know, when we turn up people like that guy in this letter, I begin to wonder just how many $cilons there are who basically are working at fundamental odds to social / medical / whatever progress in order to make a fast buck in the name of making the world think that if we just give them enough junkies, convicts, vulnerable people to fuck over AND enough money, that sooner or later we'll begin to become aware of the "fact" that they were right all along.

    So what's the punchline? What has happened to the $cilon who was using agency computers for pr0n since then? Did he get to meet Chris Hansen finally?
  27. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    I believe that I see that a part of Mary De Moss does see what is really going on.

    Mary, dear, you have friends on the 'outside'.

    When you are ready...and the time is right...we are here for you.

    Mary, you have much to the Real World.

    Leave the Evil Space Alien Cult...and give Your Gift.

    You were never born to be a just a shill for such a shameful Cult Scam.

    You know that you were put here on Earth for a much better purpose.

    Mary, wake up, break free, and GIVE YOUR GIFT.

    Mary, there are more than you know that are on your side.
  28. NotBobMinton Member

  29. subgenius Member

  30. subgenius Member

  31. Shinythings Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    Man, I really do not know what you're playing, but when the cult goes down I hope Mary does reach out to you. Have fun with your sociopat

    When anyone feels like raiding her you can count me in

    Man, you guise fooled by her "good" looks make me RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEEEEEE!!!1!!
  32. Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    Slimy $cilon is slimy
  33. Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    Mary De is about an inch away from a snow white Op. Did snow white really ever end?

    One of victory signals will be when WBM gets some rule #34 on "Mary DeMoss blew".
  34. diesel1967 Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging


    Mary DeMoss knows the truth about Lisa McPherson. I hope the psycho bitch ends up indicted & jailed. The least she can do if she's truly sorry is testify against the cult that killed Lisa.
  35. ZeLyt Member

  36. Mutante Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging


    It takes more than a soppy ghost-written blog to fool anyone that a committed psycho hate group activist like Scientologist Mary has changed her spots.

    Let's hope she has more subterfuge skillz than the obvious Spailons in this thread.

    So far, scant evidence of that.
  37. auchraw Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    Sarcasm is funny because it means the opposite of what the person is saying. But the opposite of black and white is white and black so this is not sarcasm. It looks to me to be more like extremism, in a good cause of course. I'm not objecting, how could I? just wondering where he's coming from and where he's got to.
  38. auchraw Member

    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    Since I began lurking in January 2008 and knew nothing about Scientology front groups at that point, I don't believe I have too many pre-conceived notions about what goes on. On the contrary my perceptions have sharpened up a bit, my eyes have been opened a bit, my education has broadened a bit, and it's all thanks to Enturbulation.

    I believe you believe what you claim but remember you cannot prove a negative. If there is no Co$ link with whatever this thread was all about in the first place I'll stop posting for a week.
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    Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    "I can also assure everyone that the success of the department is in the dedicated people that have chosen to work for DJJ. My number is 786-586-3193."
    ~Gus Barreiro to J4K 9/14/06
  40. Re: Mary Panton (DeMoss) is Blogging

    Mary DeMoss's boss Tom Wright is a Scientologist and is an OT8. Here's his completion page. Tom Wright - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project His company is Emory Capital Management, LLC, a Scientology run business group. He is also part of the group Americans for Fair Taxes where they discussed this:

    "It is a complicated tale. In 1967, the Church of Scientology lost its tax-exempt status after an IRS audit. A number of Scientologists then infiltrated the IRS and stole documents pertaining to the church in what was termed “Operation Snow White.” Eleven high-ranking Scientologists — including the wife of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard — served time in federal prison as a result. Scientology did not regain tax-exempt status until 1993, shortly after the group began pushing for a national sales tax to replace the IRS. If anybody has an axe to grind with the IRS, Scientology is Paul Bunyan. And AFT’s former executive director, Tom Wright, is a well-known Scientologist."

    While there is no Scientology course completion list for Cathy Corry, her legislative BFF and contact to further her agenda is Gus Barreiro whose connections to Scientology are screamingly clear. This is even brought up with concern on her message board. Also, Cathy Corry "is not a Scientologist" but I'll leave this right here:

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