Mass donation to Mark Bunker.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Daunt, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Daunt Member

    Mass donation to Mark Bunker.

    I think along with the festivities of Feb. 10th I feel that we should put money behind one of the most vocal critics of scientology. He has said repeatedly that he will create a full documentary if he had the funds to do it. There are thousands of Anonymous. Even if half of Anonymous donates to his campaign he could make a full length documentary. We could get a documentary detailing the crimes of scientology in theaters if we work hard enough.

    Who's with me? We should money-bomb Xenu-tv (term taken from Ron Paul).

    - Staff of Enturbulation
  2. xenuslc Member

  3. oryx Member

    Agreed, maybe also offer to help with his site's bandwidth costs as well. If you don't want to donate flat out to his paypal, buy some of his DVD's to hand out. This guy is Anon's biggest ally if you ask me, and a good documentary would kick so much ass.

    (And those looking for lulz, just picture anon in a documentary...)
  4. Daunt Member

    For real. I think a movie would be the next step for Anonymous.

    Anything we could possibly do to enlighten people about scientology doesn't compare to having a freakin' movie across the nation.

    It's all possible.
  5. Suzzle Member

    Well I was going to say you could buy a shirt, but all the links on his cafepress account don't seem to be working.

    There is however a paypal donate button on his website, or you can buy his DVD's.

    Wise Beard Man has been fighting the good fight longer than most of us have known what Scientology is, and out of his own pocket.
  6. natianon Member

    We should see if Wise Beard Man has an end goal in how much he needs. That way we have an idea of how many anonbucks need to be sent.
  7. Daunt Member

    I am about to email Xenutv about the proposal. What do you guys think?

    A dozen or so emails will definitely be seen by him directly.

  8. natianon Member

    I think thats great the only problem I can forsee is that Wise Beard Man, doesnt want to be "associated" with anon so to speak. He supports our peaceful protests, fliers, etc. But would Mr. Bunker be willing to have his movie funded by anon. I would love to donate, but this was just an idea i was kicking around.
  9. Daunt Member

    I really doubt he will turn down thousands of possible donations.

    Plus he said in one of his videos that Anonymous is free to buy his dvds and donate to help the cause. And that if enough money is given he will make a documentary.

    The opportunity is there.
  10. natianon Member

    agreed. I will also email the copypasta to make sure he gets the invitation. As one of his youtube vids stated he has 3 email accounts with thousands of email. so the more people that send the better chance he'll read it out of the thousands he gets
  11. Talk about putting a candle on a B'day cake.

    As far as it has come to my understanding, this docu is awaited for a long time now. If Mark 'needs a shave' Bunker is to create this doc, I'll take a bet it would make MANY people happy. Not just the audience or any Anon. I am more thinking about people like Tory/ Magoo. An ex Sci, who's all thrilled the last days over the whole Anon part. You, person, have my deepest respect!

    Now get them DVD's, donate, do your thing, Anon! :D
  12. Daunt Member

    I'll make a video detailing the donation event if we could come together for a date.
  13. natianon Member

    Well, that would definately do it and it would be an exciting way to get the film done. I should check with an attorney and find out how best to accomplish that. Set up a non-profit or business? Who watched over the donations and such but it would be a wonderful to see a Ron Paul type of surge to get the film made.

    I appreciate you contacting me about this.

    All my best,


    Just received that back from Wise Beard Man. Seems like he is interested. We will see what develops next. Any other emails i receive in regards to this i will inform anon.

    WE ARE GLOBAL HEROES (hopefully)
  14. Daunt Member

    Awesome. Surprised you got a response that quickly.

    Thanks for the help natianon.
  15. Atomosk Member

    I wonder how he'd react to us calling his Wise Beard Man.
  16. natianon Member

    he did sign the email WBM. I think he enjoys it
  17. Atomosk Member

    Hahaha, guess he's got a sense of humor.
  18. Slowhands Member

    Count me in, anything for uncle Wise Beard Man, his advice and cause are worth it.
  19. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    What can we do to protect the identity of contributors? Records can be subpeona'd, and will contain people's credit card info - if the Scilons get this stuff it would be baaaaaaaad :cry:
  20. Daunt Member

    yeah sometimes I forget we're dealing with a murderous cult.

    I will try to negotiate this with WBM and see what we could do.
  21. JinTian Member

    Perhaps we all just hit the donate button on feb 10th? Send him a little "keep fighting the good fight" note and wait for him to notice he's thousands of dollars richer?
  22. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Man something about reading that made me feel like I'm in like a Goonies-era adventure movie, or like a side character in an Indiana Jones movie.
  23. xenuslc Member

    That belongs in a museum!
  24. Daunt Member

    That would be a nice surprise. We need to get all of Anonymous in on this.
  25. natianon Member

    i figured out a way to give anon. In cash go to your local walmart type store. Buy a 20,30,40,50 dollar giftcard that is usable with the mastercard or visa logo. and donate. no trace back to you and it spends like cash.
    this way we stay ANONYMOUS
  26. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Haha you rokk sir
    Seriously, answering my prayers man
  27. anonawog Member

  28. Wise Beard Man is dedicated, legit, does not give up, will not give in, and can be trusted to keep fighting until the day he dies.

    If given money to fund a documentary, he will likely make the budget stretch, and work his ass of making it good....

    ...And he has won awards for documentary work in the past.

    This is a good idea.
  29. anon13 Member

    I picked up on that just by watching his videos. They are like bizarre mockumentaries along the lines of something Christopher Guest would make. It only gets creepy when you realize it's real and WBM just handles these ridiculous situations surprisingly well.

    Oh, also I'd chip in whatever I could afford. I'd definitely be interested in his DVD since I've loved his stuff so far.
  30. Same here. With the mighty PR machine of Anonymous behind him, if he made a new documentary, it could reach a wider public than ever.
  31. i'd be in.

    i only discovered mark bunker this week since the whole uprising of this anonymous movement. he's pretty cool. the 4rth of july '99 video with the guy complaing about his sore foot is hilare!

    thing is, how much does a documentry take to make? i'm guessing he wouldnt be behind the camera all the time?. i guess the price of a small crew, hardware, the logistics of it all would add up.

    and would it be anything like BBC's john sweeny doc? or would it go even further since WBM has been doing it so long.

    i support it regardless anyway
  32. Reverse Mass Donation > If that doc does get out, with a 'little help' from Anon, will Mark provide Anonymous a high quality Torrent for the masses, allover the world?

    Afterall, knowledge is free. :wink:
  33. anonymouse1 Member

    im in. whats a fiver when theres thousand of you?
  34. Daunt Member

    Thanks for the support guys. I'm talking with the guys over at Project Chanology and the creators of the Press Releases to see if they can start a website and spread the word. I'll be posting up videos advertising for the day in the near future.

    Tell any Anon you know about the idea to gather support.

    What day do you guys think this should be on.

    We can probably spread the word a little farther if after Feb 10th, but on the day is just as great.
  35. Randomness Member

  36. tamphex Member

    Goes without saying really, but I'm certainly in (as I'm sure will be the rest of the enturb team)
  37. Anonawhat Member

    That'd be pretty awesome, I know a couple Goons were willing to pony up a bunch of cash. Maybe we can get them to donate it to WBM.
  38. natianon Member

    Since he is now known as Wise Beard Man. I wonder if Mark Bunker realizes that he can never shave his beard.


  39. I would aplaude when he actually was to shave his beard, when this doc get's out. Just 4 luls... :lol:

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