Mass donation to Mark Bunker.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Daunt, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Really nice idea!

    Further detailed ideas I have come up with:

    -The date for mass donations should NOT be on the 10th, since it would drown in the PR of the actual protests, it should rather happen in the days following the protests, where the news is buzzing and momentum is going and ppl look for new ways of action!

    -On the site set up for this, donations could be ranked and a message could be attached to your donation (like wikipedia does when collecting). Note: not names, messages. It would encourage ppl to donate + great lulz + we stay anonymous.

    -The website set up for this cause could have ads with the proceeds going to WBM. The trust issues regarding theft of the money wouldn't be as big as with direct donations to third parties, since no money leave our hands.
  2. xenuslc Member

    We could do it on Valentine's Day, since we all LURVE Wise Beard Man. Also because there's probably very few people heavily involved in Anonymous who will be spending their money on anyone else on V-Day.
  3. I'm pretty sure that like 30% of the people on this forums are goons, myself included.
  4. I like this idea. It has style.
  5. noitulover Member

    anonymous -- YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!

    Wise Beard Man so deserves this support!

    LURVE WISE BEARD MAN on the 14th!
  6. Mark's Wise Beard Man picture should be on a T-shirt.
  7. noitulover Member

  8. Anonawhat Member

    I'm talking about a couple that said they wanted to pony up 500$ or more to the cause.
  9. I can put a little to the cause, I'm already reaching into the pocketbook for this whole thing. Not to worry though. You have my desu.
  10. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    I concur with these two.
  11. No good, those cards lose value if the balance isn't used right away, they literally start depreciating. Though, you can get american Express Gift Cheques, which are like Travellers Checks and can be deposited in a bank account, just like cash or a check.

    I think a separate fund needs to be started for this.
    I think Mark is terrific, but some kind of trust if the amount is to be large is probably the ideal way to go.
  12. about cafe press

    While buying WBM shirts is great, cafe-press takes A HUGE chunk of that money for their fees in creating the shirts.

    If we can get someone, or even Mark to set up a trust that funds can be directly sent to, that way, no one else is taking any of the money that is supposed to go to the funding of the documentary.
  13. Heyanonnyno Member

    Yeah, my sister and I have had some bad dealings with cafepress. We're independent comic artists. Avoid them if at all possible, they're the best way not to make any money. The products would be useful, though.

    Though I kinda totally want the WBM g-string, even though I don't wear those things. LOL!
  14. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    But they don't go negative if you spend all the balance at once right? I mean literally go to a big store or a money-order type place and buy a gift card for exactly the amount you want to contribute.
  15. I like this idea as well! :D
  16. noitulover Member

    Re: about cafe press

    that's a great idea too -- I wonder if Mark knows about cafe-press' rep?
  17. xenuslc Member

    Ok, maybe this is a stupid thought, we really need to ensure the donations to WBM are anonymous? I mean, I'm pretty sure WBM isn't a Scilon plant, and I can't think of a way in which donation records would be liable for subpoena.
  18. you misunderestimate the cult's army of lawyers
  19. anon11 Member

    Donations on Valentine's Day are a great idea!
    And it's a really constructive way to help.

    Go, WBM! Go Anon!
  20. thequeue Member

    Another staff vote of approval. Any way than the enturb staff can help with coordinating donations or spreading the word, we're obviously in.
  21. Anon883 Member

    I'll donate $100 and everyone else who can should too. It's a small sacrifice I think we can all make, and if everyone donates $100, it will collectively have a large impact. He's been doing this for a long time and he knows how to do it right. Think about all the times he's been harassed by $cientolofreaks over years and all he's put up with. If there's a single person who can spread the truth about $cientology right now, it's Mark Bunker.
  22. $100 lawd dats alot o'money!

    howz about 9001 pennies?
  23. Anonymous8513 Member

    If you don't want to "donate" specifically, you can always buy his DVD, watch it and plant it somewhere for others to find.
  24. taking a play from the scientology playbook, you could also buy it and send it back to him so he can sell it again

    /you didn't really think all those copies of LRH books purchased in mainstream bookstores went to different people who actually read them, do you?
  25. Randomness Member


    Buy, watch, enjoy, recycle.
  26. xenuslc Member

    That is an excellent idea.

    Also, I wish I could donate $100, but that is a lot of ramen/beer money.
  27. AttackMudkipz Member


    It looks like he's embracing his title. This comes directly from his homepage at I'm sure he understands that for the first time ever, he is getting real coverage. Anon has hoisted him to pseudo "stardom" on the Internet, and he's using it as a platform to spread our word.

    A donation could be one of the most powerful things we do. Turn him into the next Micheal Moore.
  28. L.the.Anon Member

    Michael More, but less... sensational in that case.
  29. myot8mythetan Member

    im in for Operation Donation. I'll keep watching the thread to see what the overal plan is. If nothing unified emerges, I think a walmart visa/mc card mentioned above is a great idea, and I wll just contact him directly for the donations.
  30. Daunt Member

    The guys over at Chonology told me that they already have a fund drive for WBM. They're planning a consistent funding effort and other things. That's all they told me.
  31. Diogenes Member

    Lets give the boy a hand...

    I'm in for Operation Donation too. February is a 3 paycheque month for me... some of that will be definitely go to Wise Beard Man somehow, whether its through buying a couple of books or by other means that anon comes up with.
  32. FALLEN Member

    Cafe Press takes a huge commission and he keeps having trouble with his account.

    I clicked on the "donate" button to give him money directly.

    There is no way any of us could get in trouble for donating him money. Even if by some odd quirk Co$ managed to get the donate list, so what? He's totally legit. What are they gonna do, go after thousands of people for donating to a man who wants to make a video?

    Now that would be some bad PR.

    Besides, I have this feeling they're gonna be a little bit too busy to worry about details like that. :twisted:
  33. Amomynous Member

    Donations on Valentine's Day = truly epic.

    Good job Anon!

    Any further thoughts on this "donating anonymously" business?
  34. Bexx Member

    One easy and anonymous way to send him money would be a money order through the mail. Then he can even keep the stub, if you send that too, in case he gets audited for some reason. He has physical proof that all that money was donated to him. And no one's names have to be attached to that since they are paid for with cash.
  35. Pelvidar Member

    Just chiming in to say that I believe this is a truly generous and great idea! And for Feb 14th... too epic!

    It would be great to have a way to track the donations (for motivations sake) - during the day of the 14th.
  36. Amomynous Member

    I like this!
  37. Bexx Member

    Well I posted a link to this thread in the SA thread. But then I got trumped by Arnie coming in saying that he brought two ex-scientologists on board to the forums. And of course Mark is on CBC tonight too. So I don't think anyone paid any attention to my post.
  38. How can we watch the Bunker interview online? Does CBC have streaming video, and does anyone have a LINK to that streaming video?
  39. I may not have a lot of money, but what little money I have right now shall be donated to the great and mighty Wise Beard Man on WBM Lurve Day. (My girlfriend doesn't deserve anything THAT nice, right?)
  40. Bexx Member

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