Mass donation to Mark Bunker.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Daunt, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Pelvidar Member

    Quoted from the Beard man himself:

    We taped it today and it went well enough. It will be edited and part of an
    episode on Anonymous and Scientology. He talked to a couple Anonymous
    members as well from what I understand. I had to respond to the white
    powder story again. He wonder if a new cult was arising around me and
    asked for wisdom relating to beards.

    I imagine it will all air on this week's episode of the host's show:

    "Search Engine" Hosted by Jesse Brown
    Thursdays at 11:30am (12:00 NT) and Tuesdays at 3:30 pm (4:00 NT, select
    markets) on CBC Radio One. ... pen_lett...
  2. Since I get double money in $ I could probably go for a donation of $20. I think it's a worthy cause.

    Incidentally, if you're in the UK and want to remain anonymous, there are several pre-paid debit cards out there. Not the disposable ones you get on the high street, but proper cards that you can use again and again. You don't have to give ID unless you want to get actual cash with them, and you can top them up in shops and the post office.
  3. anon78941 Member

    Donation mailto addy?

    ($20.00 pledged)

    I probably will just give my money via purchase. I'm not THAT concearned about them finding out who I am. But it's a good idea all the same.

    EDIT: Be sure we get his OK before we start mailing him tons of cards. There may be tax issues here.
  4. could someone ask Mr Bunker to put a donation meter on his site? a specific dollar amount for a goal would be useful.

    Also. fund raisers would be cool. We could sell delicious cake!
  5. Aeros Member

    It would be even more awesome if the movie producing house logo is "Anonymous Productions" or some such with the empy suit. Epic lulz. I'll put in my two tens when the time comes. Perhaps more.
  6. louisiananon Member

    Was Mr. Bunker at a protest? Has he hit the streets with us? Or does he plan to?
  7. anon11 Member

    He was.

    OK, what has become of the donation? I really want to donate some (epic valentines day)and I hope the idea hasn't failed somehow....

    WBM said he was ok with the idea, no? Has he given us any paypal account or something?
  8. AnonKiwi Member

  9. Erra Member

    I posted this in the Meetings/Protests forum, but it probably belongs here as well. What if we had a donation jar at every protest on the 15th for WBM's epic documentary?
  10. 4theLulz Member

    Agree it'd be good if he can stick a budget/amount raised so far graphic on his site.

    T'would be 8)
  11. Dubber Member

    I'm sorry if I missed it, but has Mark been brought into the loop on this mass donation idea? Does he have a plan?
  12. AnonKiwi Member

    He wants to make a doco is the word. Until recently, perhaps that was just a dream... but now, it could actually happen.

    I'd suggest he go feature length and throw it up there at the cult film festivals. It could really be the sort of quirky thing that takes off.

    I hope people got HIGH QUALITY footage of the various protests and are keeping it ready to pop on DVD and mail to Mark for his eventually uber-doco!
  13. Daunt Member

    I believe a few people sent him an email and he said he was on board with the idea. No other word from him though. I'll try emailing him again to see what goals we could shoot for.
  14. AnneOminous Member

    I would have to strongly discourage sending donations through snail mail. I would have to guess that if the $cientologists will frame someone for sending bomb threats and generally try to ruin their life for speaking out, theft of mail could be a potential strategy of theirs too.
  15. murx Member

    ha, CULT FILM would be a great title
  16. Bump

    Has anyone heard back from Mark yet? Has a date been set? I assume it wasn't today.

    I'm so down for giving him money.
  17. Grey Anon Member

    Fuck cult film festivals this could easily make it's way to Sundance if he plays his cards right.
  18. anon13 Member

    Unless he gets a PO box. Nobody can get to the mail in those without a key. Unless Scientology has taken over the postal service as well. :(
  19. i always seem to be a step behind concerning acting enmass. Did we as Anon do a mass donation today or is that still being scheduled? Every news report which highlights us as a benevolent group is a huge boon, and an unexpected mass donation would easily get some coverage. WBM has for over a decade been a staunch adversary to the church, and after viewing a number of his minor documentaries hosted on the website it is obvious to me the reason why.

    If the V-Day donation schedule did not come together in time, may i suggest July 4th? While I know this seems ages away, what better day to support freedom from oppression? With the things that the day stands for on its own, it is also the anniversary of the filming of one of WBM's documentaries during the filming of which there are numerous examples of the group being bull baited, assaulted, and stonewalled by the local police. On the night of the 4th Mr Bunker returned once again to the gathering and for whatever the reason found himself alone faced with numerous Co$ goons. I feel that there is no better date for us to publicly throw our collective support behind this man and show the church and the world that he is far from a lone man with a camera who can be pushed around and bullied.

    Concerning the time gap, it could concievably increase the power of our cumulative donation. If you were thinking of donating 5, 20, or 100$ put it aside and keep gathering more! Throw your nickels and quarters in a cup, any money found in the pockets of a coat should immediatly be put aside for later donation. Remember, he already has the weight of the Church bearing down on him, he needs our support! I've personally cut a trip back so that I will be back for the 3/15 raid and guess what i'm doing with the money i'd planed to spend those extra days.

    As always, just sharing my thoughts.

    If theres a 'calendar' of some sort on the proj chan site please throw me a link or tell me where to look. I always seem to be a day late...
  20. AnonKiwi Member

    I've already sent $10 via his website. People seem a bit too distracted to do anything particularly formal. I suggest a forum post on it (DONATE NOW YOU BASTARDS), some reasons why we should and a linkypoos. As well as updating a running total by asking WBM to post totals...
  21. TheNobody Member

    Donation = best idea ever.
    Scientology has one important thing that we dont, money, we know that.

    But this would be a great counter to that. Get a documentary released, add a sweet ass "Sponsored by Anonymous" at the end (for kicks), and people will take Bunker and Anonymous much more seriously. Also our info will spread like AIDS. But the good kind of AIDS.

    Getting this kind of stuff out is the most effective thing we can do.
  22. Anonereign Member

    Re: Mass donation to Mark Bunker.

    This is a genius idea. Contribute time.
  23. Yoni Alter Member

    Re: Mass donation to Mark Bunker.

    I'm saving up for when we have to bail an Anon out of jail. It could happen. :(
  24. P_P Member

    Re: Mass donation to Mark Bunker.

    Oh my, I just got a boner while being enturbulated. Pardon me.

    Each of you should (not discussable, period!) read up from PAGE 1. It's your lurking gene, rlly.
  25. Re: Mass donation to Mark Bunker.

    Haven't read the whole thread, but i hope its still relevent to say:

    Fuck it!! I'm deffinately in. 8)

    And it sounds like alot of other anons are too.

    This should be done whilst the activism is still ...erm active :?

    Wisebeard should set up a paypal account, and a "COLLECTION CALL OUT", should be done every week or month on Enturb, anons could then give whatever they can, and be updated on the "pot" of money that is growing...(this would obviously encourage MORE anons to donate, as they could witness for themselves ; thier contributions).

    Dunno, just ttThroOOwwing it out there. T'would certainly be a very quick and satisfying route to a Doc. :lrhcries:


    gggGGGGREAT site guys.

    The Ides draw near

    Anomic confirmed for brawl...oh yes 8) :wink:

    Edit: ok, now i've read th whole thread.

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