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Discussion in 'Kyle Brennan' started by amaX, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. amaX Member

    I hope I have not thought of this too late. Kyle and his mother Victoria are Catholic. In the Catholic church you can pay a stipend to have a mass said for someone. For instance, I have already had two masses said for Kyle and it only cost me $10.

    I know things are tight, but it would be nice if everyone who can afford it would go to your nearest Catholic church and have a mass said for Kyle before the September 14th hearing. They will give you a mass card to send to the person's loved one's.

    I know it would be a comfort for Victoria to know that masses were said for Kyle all around the world. Hint hint: Are there any Irish/Dublin Anons out there who could have a mass said for Kyle in Ireland before Sept. 14th? Kyle loved Ireland and with a name like Kyle Brennan he would have to, right?

    When I had the masses said for Kyle they asked for this information:

    Kyle Thomas Brennan
    B. April 2, 1986
    D. February 17, 2007

    Again, I'm sorry for thinking of this so late.

    Thanks everyone.
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  3. amaX Member

    You dug my mother up from her grave?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Wow. That's some fucked up shit, even by WWP standards.
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  5. moarxenu Member

    I am a little late with this but yesterday was Victoria Britton's birthday so Happy Birthday, Victoria!

    Here's a picture of Victoria with Sam Elliot, whom she met when here husband Rick Britton was working on the film "Gettysburg".

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  6. OTeleventy Member

    Happy birthday Victoria. I don't know you, but I think of you often.... I am truly sorry for what you have to endure.

    Oh, and I think Sam Elliot is yummy.

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