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    The fastest and easiest statistical program for business management!

    Today´s stock market has been rocked by failures of large companies that were thought to be strong. Correct, true statistics could have brought these problems to light earlier, rather than after the point of failure had already passed.
    A down trending statistic spells trouble in the near future. A rising statistic indicates increased future survival potential.

    "If one remains level, one tends to contract. If one contracts, one´s chances of survival diminish. Therefore, there is only one chance left and that, for an organization, is expansion."
    - L. Ron Hubbard
    Each new corporate failure shakes the confidence of the consumer and sends a rippling effect through the economy. Can you avoid these failures?
    The answer is not only yes, but you can increase your sales and service, even in these uncertain times. One part of accomplishing this is to keep and monitor statistics in each area of your business using the Management by Statistics software from MasterTech Computer Products.
    In his work, L. Ron Hubbard codified formulas which cover any condition an organization or company may find itself in. Declining statistics can be identified and reversed before disaster takes hold. It´s a matter of knowing and using the formulas.
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  3. We know from the affirmations that Hubbard has known about "mastertech" for a long time.

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