Matthew Keys Indictment

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    2013-0233.pdf Matthew Keys Indictment w/Related Monsegur Case March 14, 2013
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    The Trial of Matthew Keys, the Journalist Who Allegedly Aided Anonymous, Begins | Motherboard


    The criminal trial of Matthew Keys, a former web producer for Sacramento-based Fox affiliate KTXL and former social media editor for Reuters, began on Monday. Keys faces computer hacking charges under the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act (CFAA).

    Keys left (prosecutors claim he was fired) his position at Fox 40 KTXL — which is owned by the Tribune Company — around October 2010. But he allegedly still had access to the Tribune online content management system (CMS) used to upload and edit stories. This was right before the notoriety of Anonymous and Anonymous-related groups like Lulzsec reached its height. According to federal prosecutors, in December 2010, someone using the handle AESCracked posted user credentials for the CMS to an Anonymous IRC channel, urging the others to “fuck shit up.”

    “And they did,” James Silver, trial attorney for the Department of Justice Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, intoned solemnly in opening arguments on Monday.

    Continued here:

    Is This Journalist Guilty of Low-Level Vandalism, or High-Damage Hacking? | Motherboard


    A defense lawyer for Matthew Keys, a journalist charged with helping Anonymous “hack” the LA Times website, told a jury on Tuesday that his client was not guilty because he neither intended to cause damage, nor actually caused the amount of damage that the government alleges.

    “Matthew Keys did not know as much as the government says he knew. He did not know the true capabilities of the others in the chatroom with him,” defense attorney Jay Leiderman said during opening arguments.

    Continued here:

    Journalist who allegedly helped hackers makes final pitch to jury | Reuters


    A lawyer for journalist Matthew Keys, accused of aiding members of the Anonymous hacking collective, told a jury on Tuesday that the U.S. government had not proven the criminal charges it filed over the incident.

    Keys was indicted in 2013 on three criminal counts, including conspiracy to cause damage to a protected computer. The indictment accused Keys of giving hackers access to Tribune Co. computer systems in December 2010. Keys had just left a job at a Tribune-owned television station in Sacramento, Calif., after a dispute with a supervisor.

    A story on the Tribune's Los Angeles Times website was soon altered by one of those hackers, the indictment said. A Tribune spokesman declined to comment.

    The alleged events in the indictment occurred before Keys joined Thomson Reuters as a editor in 2012, and a month after Keys was charged he said Reuters dismissed him. A Thomson Reuters representative declined to comment.

    Keys went to trial in a Sacramento federal courtroom last week, and Keys's attorneys called no witnesses. Both sides on Tuesday delivered their closing arguments.

    The government introduced evidence that Keys had told hackers in an online chatroom: "I want you to fuck some shit up."

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Hemesath said Keys was clearly a player in what happened.

    "He passed along a password, and then he told them what to do," Hemesath said.

    But Keys's lawyer, Jason Leiderman, said prosecutors had not proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Keys knew they were hackers who would act at his urging. Leiderman said Keys was operating as a professional reporter trying to gather information about members of Anonymous.

    Anonymous is an amorphous group that often conducts multiple hacking campaigns at once.

    "This is a journalist trying to get a story," Leiderman said.

    The government also played videotaped excerpts of an interview Keys gave to FBI agents when they visited his apartment early one morning, before he was charged.

    Asked if he used his Tribune credentials to log on to the company's systems after he was no longer an employee, Keys said in the video: "I did it. I can't deny it. I'm not going to lie about it now."

    Keys had asked before trial that the video be suppressed, but a judge allowed it into evidence.

    Leiderman said that even if jurors believed Keys took some of the actions alleged by the government, he should still be acquitted because the damage to the LA Times website was not expensive enough for it to qualify as a felony.

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    Former Reuters Journalist Matthew Keys Found Guilty of Three Counts of Hacking | Motherboard

    The statutory maximum for Keys's crimes is 25 years, but in a statement given after the trial, a spokesperson for the US Attorneys Office said Keys would likely face less than five years.

    "While it has not been determined what the government will be asking the court for, it will likely be less than 5 years," the spokesperson said.

    At minimum, he may receive probation. Sentencing is scheduled for January 20, 2016.
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