May 15th protest in Washington DC

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Watcher, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Watcher Member

    I heard about this planned protest and started as much research as I could think of. Doing a search using "anonymous may 15" I saw there are other groups talking about this. Some seemed a bit more aggressive which has me worrying about planned violence being brought to the peaceful protest. I haven't been able to voice these concerns to people that need to know as of yet.

    From there I wanted to see what permits would be needed, how to get them, and where the protests would be allowed. Below is the Washington DC protest permit page along with a map detailing locations where protests are and are not allowed. (may load a bit slow)

    From there I wanted to check out the laws which surprised me to say the least. Below are links to the "occupy law" and laws concerning wearing masks during these protests.


    The map and law were both from 2012 so there is a chance the map was from before the law and may not be correct anymore.

    These are the mask links:

    This talks about a New York law upheld by the Federal court.

    This is the Washington DC mask wearing code. Notice part a section 3

    DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (Washington, D.C.)
    ยง 22-3312.03. Wearing hoods or masks.
    (a) No person or persons over 16 years of age, while wearing any mask, hood, or device whereby any portion of the face is hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer, shall:

    (1) Enter upon, be, or appear upon any lane, walk, alley, street, road highway, or other public way in the District of Columbia;
    (2) Enter upon, be, or appear upon or within the public property of the District of Columbia; or
    (3) Hold any manner of meeting or demonstration.
    (b) The provisions of subsection (a) of this section apply only if the person was wearing the hood, mask, or other device:
    (1) With the intent to deprive any person or class of persons of equal protection of the law or of equal privileges and immunities under the law, or for the purpose of preventing or hindering the constituted authorities of the United States or the District of Columbia from giving or securing for all persons within the District of Columbia equal protection of the law;
    (2) With the intent, by force or threat of force, to injure, intimidate, or interfere with any person because of his or her exercise of any right secured by federal or District of Columbia laws, or to intimidate any person or any class of persons from exercising any right secured by federal or District of Columbia laws;
    (3) With the intent to intimidate, threaten, abuse, or harass any other person;
    (4) With the intent to cause another person to fear for his or her personal safety, or, where it is probable that reasonable persons will be put in fear for their personal safety by the defendant's actions, with reckless disregard for that probability; or
    (5) While engaged in conduct prohibited by civil or criminal law, with the intent of avoiding identification.

    Basically I am under the impression the masks would be considered illegal, stating we can not use our freedom of speech anonymously. Yet big business can use freedom of speech to donate millions of dollars anonymously. Further proof that once people reach a certain amount of wealth they operate under a different set of laws.

    I am not a lawyer and I'm sure we have members a lot smarter than I. But if we wear the masks and mask wearing is illegal we are breaking the law from the very start of this protest.
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  2. System Member

    most DC cops dont care as long as it's peacefull (got a ton of friends in DC)
  3. White Tara Global Moderator

    Most being not all is the problem i think :(
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  4. Watcher Member

    Either it's legal or it's illegal. We need to stay peaceful and legal to maintain credibility and not give the media or those we protest against any ammo to help make us look like the bad guys,

    P.S. Tarable, that new avatar is a bit distracting. :p
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  5. Anonylemmi Member

    She has been spending WAY too much time on imgur.
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  6. Andy Downs Member

    I think it's another example of the need to reach out to LEOs in DC before the event.
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  7. RightOn Member

    who is left at the DC org? Sciloon wise?
    Either Vickys?
    the kid who played guitar
    Vickys husband?
    Kim Belotte?
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  8. Andy Downs Member

    I really don't know, but would volunteer to help coordinate from TN in any capacity I am manage.

    We need "Facts" on issues we want to be heard on, but that relate to how cops are getting it in the rear.
    Big Banks Pensions, Insurance Co.(not just writing policies, but what is some global enterprise the Insurance companies are into that either screw the economical base of the city...for the people and the cops.
    Now that "War" is upon us, I am sure there are dirty deals these companies have gone and helped support or take down various aspects of many current crisis' today. I am sure one of those would be getting fined by State Department for dealing with our "New Enemies" to borrow conventional lingo., and that would enrage the people working as a beat cop.

    This whole business cabal stinks as we well know, but being able to show the LEOs, "Look guys and gals, this is what is being done to you with your own money. This is one of the reasons we are hear.

    We are on the same sides here....etc etc.

    What can we do to help each other?
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  9. Andy Downs Member

    I would look at this Mar 15 event as writing code (which I do not do) so hang in there with me

    1. what is the goal - what do we want to accomplish
    2. What corporate / gov interests exist that show how the system is corrupted.
    a. Executive Names tied to politicians
    b. Executive deals tied to the benefits of those deal that are screwing people
    c. Somewhere in there lays some dirt on bringing all to light to show facts
    d. Those facts of the corruption need to be followed up by a specific strategy
    i. Lists of groups to meet with (who are leaders, who will talk)
    ii. Flyers with facts showing how the cops are getting screwed by big company deals that hurt their pensions, community, etc. (distribute at ever roll call to all officers at each precinct multiple times, get to know there names and say hi to them.
    iii. Connect our presence so that they understand we are actually there for them all.
    iv. Ask them to join us

    3.Event day
    a. Specific route to a specific location (time restraints)
    b. Specific goal at this point (do we want to meet with someone to present a petition, discuss our ideas and benefits) Try and set a meeting with someone prior to big day. Ron Wyden Al Franken, Sen Udall etc
    c. If only a few are allowed in the rest sit peacefully outside
    d. Everyone must be disciplined at this point. We know what we will do why we wait. Hand out fliers , sing, but that is about it.
    e. The contingent going into see the representatives will come out and make an announcement (write it out before you go back outside. The cameras have to see a well organized group who is prepared to come out and immediately take charge of the group. This will demonstrate to the officials that this is not a mob, this is serious.
    They have to see a well coordinated effort, because if they do, they will know we are serious and we will let them representatives know we demand a date of when we can come back to revisits the issue. (DO NOT LEAVE THE OFFICE UNTIL THAT DATE IS SET)
    Pick up every scape of trash before leaving the site, even if it was not ours. We need to show people we leave things better when we come, not worse.

    Then the departure:
    Scenario Hopeful (we have a plan to march back this point we stop and politely ask people if they would take a flier and ask for business cards so we can keep in touch with them. You never know what you will or won;t get
    Tell them about the hope we have with Sen So&So who we just met and that things may get better for us all

    Scenario Sucks: Explain in the departure speech what we asked for and how we were dismissed. Also announce that there doesn't seem to be a way to prevent further action on our part. The plans & details have been planned and we will announce the next campaign within a few days.

    Ask media to please leave us your contact info Emails, phone etc so we can announce through them our next mission

    Everyone get in your cars and let's have a public area we can meet and do a debrief

    Other ideas would be to have some way of capturing the ids of everyone there in some encrypted method. We will probably be able to flush out the cops who were sent to spy this way

    It might even be good to get a badge issued to all the people who take part somehow.

    I am thinking of ways we can dox the suspicious
    It is also important to have as many cameras uploading to live streams as possible
  10. darkoverlord Member

    if you get live stream try to upload link as I cant go to D.C. at the time school
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  11. Watcher Member

    I've been looking for police issues. I started with the unions and governing bodies wanting to interfere with them. I've found a few where mayors have messed with their unions but nothing bigger than that. The argument could be made "that's where it starts" But I doubt that would be enough to get them fully on our side.

    Dan Sullivan from Anchorage Alaska was one such case.
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  12. Watcher Member

    As far as the spies go. They should be expected. What I would suggest is keep things legal and don't give them any ammo. If we see someone trying to start illegal activities, stop them and try and get their identity. I think we could use a citizens arrest to gain the identity. (would have to check into those laws) Take pictures. If they are shown to be law enforcement we'd have proof and give it to the press and post it on the net. We can't ask for ID's without cause, and trying to ID that many people without their knowledge can only backfire on us. We're not the NSA ;)
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  13. Andy Downs Member

    I was looking at the Detroit bankruptcy where all the cities workers had their pensions cut because the investment banks got paid 25 years of interest payments up front. I will find the sources. I have a few posted on the thread I started 'How Detroit Could be A game Changer'
  14. Andy Downs Member

    fair point
  15. Andy Downs Member

  16. Andy Downs Member

  17. Watcher Member

    Something else that crossed my mind was the clause in the Declaration talking about reforming the government. But I'm having a really hard time finding the process to do so. Also not interrupting needed entities like the military.
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  18. Andy Downs Member

    With the Detroit ruling that screwed all the city workers, law enforcement included, plus this list of 38 other cities in the US that have filed for bankruptcy protection
    should give pause to all the LEOs everywhere.
    A great many of the problems with these cities are connected to "big banks"
    So if we show the ties to how the banks are screwing the LEOs, perhaps we have a common ground issue that shows them we are on their side.

    In other words Mr/Ms COP, if it can happen to your brothers and sisters in the LEO community in other places, it can happen to you.
    Therefore allow us to do our thing, and join us.

    I am trying to find a way to divide the LEO community so we don;t have as many enemies. This may not be the angle....but I think if we really look at this, there may be some useful stuff here.

    We do not have to take down the government. I think that is not just a long shot, but completely unnecessary. We have the framework, we just need to utilize it for good not for the corporations and power hungry intel.bastards.
  19. I know, since this is for DC, this may be a bit off topic, but still for may 15'th.. I have no way to dc and neither do my many friends peacefully fighting for the same reasons. I have been following anon for quite some time although havent found a way to do much for Im just out of school, would anyone please provide tips on where to start for organizing and gatherings, I would very much like to be active with this but yet again have no way to dc.. should I attempt to start a peaceful protest in major buildings in my area? The old state capitalof MO is right down the street so I guess that would be a good place to start?
  20. also, I do understand a violent protest would only set us back and give all of us a bad name, and to keep it clean and organized
  21. Andy Downs Member

    Insernamehere is right. Anytime someone throws a punch, throws a rock, breaks a window, writes on something in public....that is ALL that makes the news.
    Each time violence takes place it sets everyone back.
    As much as you may be provoked by cops, or anyone, grin through it. Otherwise we all lose.
    The Kelley protests in CA are a good example. It ruined the coverage of a great cause. It also gave the cops permission to go nuts
  22. Anonylemmi Member

    Gandhi Tech. It works, but often with heavy losses. You have to suck it up.
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  23. Esteroth Member

    Thats why its best to let the corrupt throw the first to give themselves a bad name.. they are indefinitely arrogant enough and it gives us an advantage, especially if the media were to cover it, but thats highly doubtful considering who there controlled by.

    In my eyes, oone of the best strategies to get supporters is to push them without pushing, basically just sticking whatever out until their breakpoint, but in that then there could be injuries of few, but still just a single injury instituted by authority to a citizen is an eye opener that speaks many languages.
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  24. Esteroth Member

    The united states needs another Ghandi. .
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  25. Anonylemmi Member

    Every country needs one. Or a bunch of them.
  26. Watcher Member

    I've been doing more research on this protest and the players involved. Please read my posts before checking out the sites.

    Main site for the protest lead by ret col Harry Riley starting around 2009, just after Obama was elected the first time:

    Read phase 2 and 3. This puts republicans in full control, including many Tea Party members. Also notice the anti-muslim position "or elements outside America" and the many references to God. I don't have issues with any religion people chose to follow but there's no place for it in government.

    "Christianity neither is, nor ever was part of common law" Jefferson 1814
    "The United States is not a Christian nation any more than it is Jewish or Mohammedan" Adams 1797 Treaty of Tripoly

    Riley was NSA from 84-86 and 88-92. Military intelligence from 86-88.
    Known associates of Riley are: Gen Paul E Vallely and Maj Michael Akino. Names in disturbing cases including child rape, amongst others.
    Riley also founded a group called Gathering of Eagles. Allied with Moving America Forward. These 2 groups have the same press contact and spokesman, Kristin Taylor.
    They backed McCain/Palin and supported the Bush administration. Melanie Morgan, MAF chairman is quoted saying "Bill Keller, editor of the New York Times, should be killed in a gas chamber for treason after reporting on the US government spying on Americans" There's more but you can read that for yourself.

    From what I've read these people were pro-Iraq war, pro-war on terrorism. They have been hunting Obama since he was first elected. While I agree change is needed I can't help but feel this is a Republican move using decent and caring Americans as cannon fodder. They want to rid themselves of a few political figures to regain power. They make no mention about any other issues such as corrupt political contributions, corrupt banking system or corporations. It's not secret the Republicans want to eliminate all social programs and refuse to help our current veterans because we can't afford it. But apparently we can afford wars with Iran and Russia. McCain has said we should send troops to the Ukraine.

    In my opinion, judging from what I gather is Anon's purpose, this protest is NOT something Anon would support. I feel Anon would want a more diverse group involved and in power. Working to better the life of everyone. Not just a switch in the political party in power. Plus one leader to the protest doesn't seem Anonish at all. Something else to consider. If this did work, the new government would probably want to protect themselves from it happening to them. There could be over a million people there standing up for what they think is right. Just to find out they are even more screwed. Add to this digital cameras and facial recognition...I'd strongly suggest that Anon's stay out of this battle and wait for the real one.

    I've heard Valarie Jarrett, from Obama's administration, has issued a threat to those that stand against Obama in this protest. Unable to find the quote and it's almost bedtime so if someone else see's it post it.

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