May Austin Post

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by AUSTINANONYMOUSnetwork, May 16, 2009.

  1. May Austin Post

    my video is in the works
    any anons have pics or anything to share
  2. Re: May Austin Post

    7 anons the whole day it was epic
    and a lot of fun
    next protest should be a epic one
    schools out for summer
  3. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: May Austin Post

    Wow, impressive, great job you guys!
    Rain does not stop the waterproof enturbulation by Anons of the cult scam; it might get in the way of cake,
    Awesomeness and internets to all.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: May Austin Post

    did you get me on video confronting the Austin clam about his Ohio trip?
  5. Re: May Austin Post

    Balls of glory. Love you guys.
  6. Re: May Austin Post

    i didnt have my cam out
    we really need to get that on film
  7. Ann O Nymous Member

    Re: May Austin Post

    Interesting new strategy...
  8. Re: May Austin Post

    [ame=]YouTube - May 16th, 2009 Rainy RAID, we're PROTESTING![/ame]
    here is anons 2271 video
  9. Fumei Member

    Re: May Austin Post

    Lol! I like how in the end of that last video the umbrella flipped inside out. Anyways I was the one in the blue jacket and the funky colored umbrella. Had to shove everything under my jacket since my bag was getting soaked.

    Also, the Security Guard was using "Texting Tech", I saw him a few times texting on his cellphone. Not to sure what he was doing it for but it was interesting, also there front door was broken apparently. They kept messing with it, looked like the metal arm that helps closes it slowly was messed up.

    Umbrella Tech FTW!

    PS: Next time waterproof our signs!
  10. Re: May Austin Post

    lol i told him that umbrella is shit
  11. anon2771 Member

    Re: May Austin Post

    Pictures by gjog334 - Photobucket

    Above is my photo gallery link. The May16th photos ar after those from the previous april23rd flash raid I attended.
  12. Fumei Member

    Re: May Austin Post

    Can't help but bring this up, it's so funny to see how you can make a picture look when people are wearing GF masks.


    AUSTINANONYMOUSnetwork - In the background going WTF at his camera.
    Random Guy / Maybe Early Scilon - Going WTF is she high? To Sammy
    Sammy - Going WTF is your problem? To me
    Me - It looks like I am pulling out a gun or something.

    Also, why do the pictures look like it was a sunny day. I thought it was much darker that day or something.
  13. Re: May Austin Post

    i am using my OT9000 powers to make the pic seem brighter

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