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Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Aug 23, 2012.

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    I am befuddled that with all the information available about how the Scientology corporation is criminally convicted, and with nearly 2000 people who have spoken out about how they were abused, there are still newspapers that publish uncritical fluff pieces about the company.

    I just don't get it.

    So here is a thread where I will post a link to all the stories I see that mention the Scientology corporation, repeat its propaganda, but make no mention of its criminal convictions, its hidden agendas, or its abuses.
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    Are they making it go right??

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    A lot of reporters are lazy ass bitches who will just regurgitate whatever bullshoi the cult feeds them, sign it, turn it in, get paycheck. These reporters...well, I've flamed my share.
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    Sorry to have to post this piece by Ruth Eglash of the Jerusalem Post here:

    Her previous writing shows she knows the cult too well to be writing such a biased piece of promotion for them. Only two sentences worth reading - the rest is just regurgitated cult propaganda. Shame.
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    Here is an example of doing it right. The following article does not belong here, but is posted as an example to any lurking journalists who are thinking of writing a puff piece and repeating the Scientology corporation's lies verbatim without doing any fact checking.

    In the article, the company repeats its usual lie about having 100 times more clients than it actually does. The journalist does not just let this pass, but checks the census data and provides the reader with the true numbers. Also, while the article quotes the company's propaganda, it also provides balance by referring to former clients who have spoke out about being abused.

    Angela Pownall, The West Australian August 29, 2012, 5:56 am

    Scientologists in WA are giving millions of dollars to the religious organisation so it can build a super church in Perth and expand its practices and teachings across the State.
    The location of the "Ideal Church", which will be Australia's second after Scientology's leader David Miscavige opened the first in Melbourne last year, will be decided within a year.
    Perth Scientologists are believed to have made donations ranging from $100,000 to $1 million to allow the group to move out of its rented base in Murray Street, city.
    Tanya Clarke, the Perth Church of Scientology's public relations volunteer, said they had been planning and fundraising for several years.
    "We have some very successful Scientologists who would like to see others benefit from the gains they have made through Scientology and each donates according to their ability," she said.
    The Ideal Church would have an auditorium and chapel.
    Ms Clarke said the number of Scientologists in Perth was rising, but she was unable to say how many people visited the city's church. She said there were 250,000 Scientologists in Australia.
    In last year's census, 2163 people said they were Scientologists, a 13.7 per cent drop from the 2006 census.
    The results showed WA's contingent of Scientologists was the third biggest in the country, behind NSW (884) and Victoria (620).
    Scientology teaches that man is an immortal being, whose experiences extend beyond a single lifetime and through a form of counselling seeks to rehabilitate people spiritually.
    Former members allege that Scientology is a sinister organisation. Last month Laura Ann DeCrescenzo accused the Church of Scientology in a lawsuit of forcing her to have an abortion and false imprisonment while she was a member in the US from 1991, aged 12, until 2004.
    The divorce of Scientology's most famous follower Tom Cruise from Katie Holmes was finalised this month.
    Speculation about the reason for the split has centred on Cruise's involvement in Scientology. DID YOU KNOW? 2136 Australians told last year's census they were Scientologists

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    A reporterette named Pownall? :cool:
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    Tony Ortega had this to say about the Moss interview:

    Elisabeth Moss and ABC
    Our longtime readers might be surprised that we haven’t taken a shot at ABC for yet another sop to Scientology — in this case an insufferable interview with Mad Men actress Elisabeth Moss, who spouted typically vague happy talk about Scientology and stayed far away from any of the controversies currently consuming the church. But we’re going to hold our fire this time. We’ve received some information that the Disney Network is trying, once again, to get some real reporting about Scientology on the air. And if this favor to Moss helps the lawyers at the network stiffen their spines a bit, well, we’re all for it. We’ll say more about the story they’re looking into when we can.
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    A shameless plug for the Scientology corporation in the "News" section of this newspaper.

    After dozens of paragraphs devoted to praising the cult, the journalist does mention two excellent books that expose the cult.

    But then the journalist dismisses these books as hearsay and sensationalism.

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    A puff piece that sings the praises of the Scientology corporation through its subject, Duggan, with not a word about the criminal convictions or abuses of the company.

    Bloomberg reporter and editor should know better. Their emails are posted at the end of the article: Feel free to poon.

    To contact the reporter on this story: Brendan Coffey in Boston at
    To contact the editor responsible for this story: Matthew G. Miller at
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    Why Howard Stern, Why? Of all the talk show hosts out there, you would be the last on my list to allow the Scientology corporation to come on your show and have carte blanche to spread their lies without any challenge.

    Kristie Alley, the cult's celebrity, is allowed to state that there are 10 million members, and that the cult does not harass ex-members who speak out about the abuses they suffered. She is also allowed to call Leah Remini a bigot, an example of Scientology's "fair game" policy in action.

    Shame on you Howard Stern, For shame.

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    He should have Leah on now.
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    Does exercise any real editorial control over individual blogs? I don't count them as "media", god knows why they turn up in Google's news feed (but then they also include Scientology's garbage press releases, and not Tony Ortega's blog, so they're fucked in the head).
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    Yours is awaiting moderation, as of eight hours ago... so I've reposted it here:

    Django 8 hours ago

    For further information on Scientology, please check out:


    These Scientology celebrities are all 100% behind the organization. Why? They don't work 90 hour weeks for 50 bucks. The top celebs aren't required to "disconnect" from family members who question Scientology (a common practice that tears families apart), though both both Paul Haggis and Leah Remini were ordered to.

    They aren't told of the brutal harassment this "church" perpetrates on ex-members and critics. They don't see the relentless demands for money from average adherents, who are often pressured to take out 2nd or 3rd mortgages on their homes, or to max out credit cards.

    There is no Celebrity Center for the Sea Org.

    I urge you, if you're interested, to check out both sides - visit Scientology's official site, read an L. Ron Hubbard book, as well as some critical sites like the ones listed above (and those sites will lead you to others). Note that Scientology will tell you to visit only their site, to read only their books. Why?
    Some books they probably wouldn't want you to read:

    "Beyond Belief", by Jenna Miscavige Hill

    "Blown For Good", by Marc Headly

    "My Billion Year Contract", by Nancy Many

    "A Piece Of Blue Sky", by Jon Atack

    "Bare-Faced Messiah", by Russell Miller

    "Going Clear", by Lawrence Wright (which focuses on the Celebrity Scientologist scene)
    These books paint quite a different picture of this organization than the above puff-piece.

    Scientology uses classic cult mind-control techniques to keep adherents in line and to keep the money flowing in.

    Don't believe me. Do some research. Make up your own mind. I promise you, once you start pulling on this thread, it gets more and more fascinatingly mind-blowing, as you learn what a cult can still get away with in the United States of 2014.
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    Thanks. They ultimately rejected the comment. I suspect it was because I used the term "puff-piece" to describe their article, so I've reposted, almost verbatim, changing "puff-piece" to "article". We'll see.
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    And sure enough, that one little change, and the comment was accepted. Wow. Shallowness, in a celebrity mag. Whoodatunkit.....
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