"Medic!" "Warden!" - help your friends!

Discussion in 'Projects' started by AnonKiwi, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. AnonKiwi Member

    "Medic!" "Warden!" - help your friends!

    Mentioned else-thread, and seen in a few pictures, I hereby create a formal thread for discussion of the role of Warden and the role of Medic, clearly two people you really want at a protest.

    Warden: Someone who has volunteered to be the guy to talk to police on the day and to be somewhat responsible for the crowd
    Medic: Someone who turns up ready to assist their fellow protesters to stay on their feet.

    More detail!

    Warden in Detail
    A few protests have reported needing a warden, someone who the police can talk to to pass on messages to the crowd (is this a country-specific thing? Or random?). In future I'd suggest that as you organise your protest the most vocal person is told/volunteered to be the warden. This person should try to:

    - liaise with police before the protest, outlining goals of the protest, and the format etc.
    - ensure permits are gathered and bring them to the protest
    - wear a sign or badge or something saying 'warden'
    - organise notices to be provided to each protester outlining some rules (as given to you by the police), protest goals, medic info etc etc.
    - be there before the protest, and leave towards the end (yeah.. dangerous scifag alert here!)
    - give people rubbish bags to clean up at the end.

    Ok, those are a few ideas. I know we aren't interested in leaders, but if the law requires it, this approach is perhaps is the best response?

    Now on to the medic.

    Medic in Detail
    The medic is important to keep everyone going and to help maintain our responsible reputation! The medic can dress in a cool medic outfit, complete with red cross all over the place and should let folks know they are there to help with aches, pains, issues etc. The medic should be fit and strong and look after themselves as well as their fellow Anon! The medic should carry:

    - Water bottles to hand out.
    - Oral Rehydration Salts for hot climates (to put in the water).
    - Chemical heating pads for cold climates.
    - Disposable raincoats.
    - Sunscreen (as appropriate!)
    - Some boiled sweets and high energy foods.
    - Medical tape to cover on-coming blisters.
    - Bandages in case of sprained ankle.
    - Antiseptic creme in case of rickroll injuries.
    - Mobile phone to call for help.
    - Spare super-cheap gloves and hats if available?
    - Thermos's of hot chocolate for anyone getting too cold.

    Anyway, just some ideas. Hope they are interesting and useful to someone.

    In my next lecture I'll outline the roll of the GasMaskGirl. Mmmmm. GMG...
  2. I'd like to repost what I said in another thread here, and also perhaps add some things to the checklist for medic.

    Anyone at an event who will be able to work as a Medic or be able to assist in a competent way should endeavor to make a post in the thread for their protest and state as such, and would be advised to bring some type of armband to denote that they can perform such duties. I would recommend a red armband with a white cross, or a white armband with a red cross. You could also wear a surgical mask if you're cool like that, and that's how I roll.

    A brief list that will reinforce what AnonKiwi has posted.

    - Bring surplus bottles of water.
    - Bring batteries of varying sizes. Some AA, some AAA, and others if you're feeling adventurous.
    - For hot climates, as already stated sunscreen would be useful. I would also like to add that an electric hand fan could be helpful, and so would some disposable cloths that could be used to absorb sweat from the greasier Anonymous out there.
    - In addition to medical tape, try to bring along Cotton Balls, Swabs, Disposable Hand Wipes, and Bandages(Gauze or Cotton).
    - I stress this, multiple people must have mobile phones, and they should all be kept charged before the protest. If someone gets into a serious accident, you'll need these.
    - Bug-repellent sprays may be useful, as even a spritz will chase away the ne'er-do-well mosquito from drinking your sweet SP blood.
    - If you doubt your First-Aid knowledge in any way, also bring a First-Aid manual.

    Now remember, if you need a Medic, be sure to yell "Medic" and find out from whoever you're around where the Medics are.
  3. Briar Member

    This is a good idea. I think the medic should be both first aid and cpr certified.

    Another person you may want to add is an individual who KNOWS THEIR STUFF and isnt afraid to talk to reporters. That way when that happens, you know its isnt a bunch of uneducated kids with bad signs spouting off "xenu xenu!"
  4. Anon7SSB8J Member

    Briar, the Warden seems to be the person you talk about in your second paragraph. Instead of Warden, Liaison might be a more direct choice of words, but it's a lot more fun to yell out "Warden".

    One thing that should be mentioned is that the medic will likely be spending a pretty penny on some of the things suggested. Chemical heating pads ain't exactly cheap from what I remember, and with a list like that even cheap things can add up. It's possible that in some of the smaller protests there won't be a particular individual capable of both first aid/cpr and spending that kind of money on equipment. I've got no real answers (suggested $1 donations to cover costs, like a protester's insurance?), but wanted to point it out anyway.

    I think both of these roles are good things to have. Especially the Warden. I've seen videos of informed people talking to the press, and I've seen videos of people who don't understand how to express the goals of the movement to people who aren't already involved. We want every video to be of that first kind.

    Edit: Hmm, I have misread the original post. The warden's role seems more geared towards police-protester interaction than press-protester.
  5. AnonKiwi Member

    ^ good point! I figure there are enough people out there first-aid trained these days that in a crowd of 50-100 there will be someone willing to step up. Also, it will really build confidence with the police that they won't have to "bail us out" of any trouble (heat stroke, etc).

    I think a Warden should be the ideal one who will speak for the crowd... but they run a higher risk of being singled out as a leader and hassled. They need to be extra careful to be anonymous and to highlight the fact that they are just a spokesperson on that particular day, no one special.
  6. As far as I see the role of Medic being taken, while anyone with knowledge can be helpful, the situations should be directly handled by the designated Medic who can then ask for aid from others. Of course, while all the materials are suggestions, and the Medic cannot be expected to provide them all, simple things like bottles of water and an extra hand fan or two is something that every Anonymous is capable of mustering.
  7. Moved by how much Anonymous is accomplishing with absolutely no formal organization, I'm loath to accept any formal title and qualification based positions. That being said, these are still great guidelines to follow for anyone planning on taking either of these roles.

    I guess what i'm trying to say is that nobody ought to go around saying "I'm the warden for this protest", "I'm the medic for this protest". I'm afraid that titles like this will cause conflict and confusion because if multiple people assume these roles likelihood is high that they will bicker over specifics.

    Specific criticism:
    I really hate the idea of anyone passing out literature with rules to me on-site. That feels like an insult to me, as anonymous is expected to lurk the forums and educate himself. The whole warden position reeks of authority and cries out to be abused by some namefag who wants to be crowned king of the internets. I mean seriously... Wearing a badge? Leave that to the pigs.

    As for the medic, this seems to me to be something that anons seem to do on their own. Someone brought a crate of waters to the NYC protest and that was really all that was needed. If something unplanned was to happen, there are police whose job it is to call paramedics.

    TL;DR-- Titled positions reek of namefaggotry and should be used only as guidelines IMHO
  8. Briar Member

    Yeah, I know I def. wouldnt want the title, but being someone who is both cpr and first aid certified, it would be nice to know that there is at least one person on site that can help and knows how.

    First aid kits dont cost that much, and I brought one to the last protest (cause I OVER prepare) and most human service/ medical jobs already certify you in both areas.

    Edit: For additional pylons.
  9. There probably will be which is a reason that Anon shoulg do get himself trained in these matters. It should be discussed in any planning for the raids so that we can figure out what we have and what's needed.

    Something Ironic: The more people at a protest; the more cops that will attend and the less these positions will really be needed as they can be fulfilled by civic agencies already in place.
  10. Malle Member

    If we give these jobs to a single person, what is, when this special person gets hurt or sick or whatever? I think, everyone of us can help a bit, and we all can look after each other.
  11. AnonKiwi Member

    Yup - good points. Namefaggory is not wanted.

    Some protest sites were required to have a declared warden though. But I guess that will come down to individual locations sorting out their organisation for themselves!
  12. WMAnon Member

    Rather than having a specific person declared "medic," it would make sense to discuss in the local boards whether there will be medically trained individuals at the protest. If there's no one in your area, get someone trained in basic first aid, possibly everyone. If someone gets hurt, yell "medic" and someone will be able to step up, even if it's just to help the injured party get to the police for assistance.

    also, namefagging, leaderless, Anonymous, etc.
  13. JockoHomo Member

    Re: "Medic!" "Warden!" - help your frien

    They will attempt to use this very post as evidence that we are planning riots.
  14. AnonKiwi Member

    Damn sneaky Scios, can't take a joke :(
  15. Lilanon Member

    Re: "Medic!" "Warden!" - help your frien

    Change it to - In case some anon falls on their face doing the Rickroll dance?

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