Meepthorp (from SNL's Neurotology?) Publishing LRH Dox at

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    I thought this continuing development warranted a new thread. The other threads about this subject are old and the titles don't do the story justice. Bear with me - I did a lot of research and this is going to be a long post.

    Background -

    Saturday Night Live (SNL) did a sketch on April 4, 2015 satirizing Scientology under the moniker Neurotology, 'children of Meepthorp.'

    At around the same time, the website appeared online - Internet Archive's caches confirm its first appearance was also in April, 2015 - which, based on how rapidly it appeared, one might presume had been set up by SNL, or someone closely involved with the Neurotology sketch - but it's possible it was set up independently of SNL involvement. At the time, it appeared that the sole purpose of was humor and satire at the expense of Scientology.

    Going Clear and Hubbard's ex-Wife -
    That seems to have changed in November, 2015. Alex Gibney's Going Clear included horror stories about LRH gathered from the diaries of Sara Northrup, one of Hubbard's wives, so the CoS responded by releasing an attack video denigrating her, but they didn't use her name since they don't officially recognize her as having been married to him.

    In response, a person desiring to defend Northrup and calling himself OSAOPS over on ESMB published the Hubbard-Northrup divorce dox at and announced he had done so at ESMB in a November 18, 2015 thread -

    L Ron Hubbard Divorce Documents (Now online)

    Tony Ortega Mentions the Mysterious Meepthorp
    Three days later, on the 21st of November, 2015, Tony reported on the Northrup divorce dox provided by OSAOPS, who is referred to as 'Meepthorp' by Ortega. Conveniently, though, Tony didn't link over to as the source of the dox, while ESMB remains the place where OSAOPS continues to announce document drops, leaving WWP kind of in the dark. November 21, 2015 is also the first and last time Tony mentioned Meepthorp as an information source for his reporting, but the dox from OSAOPS continued to come in December 2015 and beyond.

    Excerpt from Tony's Nov. 21, 2015 post
    Scenes from the divorce of the second marriage that L. Ron Hubbard never had
    ...Most of our sources, like our dining companion last night, are a joy to work with. Others can be a little exasperating — which is completely normal and we’re not complaining. Well, maybe a little. There’s this one person, for example, who has been driving us batty for several years now.

    This person has some really excellent researching skills, and has managed to get his hands on fascinating historic L. Ron Hubbard documents that had eluded others. But he’s always very mysterious about it, and puts us through a lot of rigmarole before he’ll show us what’s in his collection. Last year, he stopped the shenanigans long enough to share with us something really cool. It was a heretofore unknown document showing that L. Ron Hubbard’s first wife, Polly Grubb, had accused him of being a deadbeat dad.

    That story went so well, we hoped that it would start a trend. But our source receded again, and has only given us hints and more of the runaround. But then, suddenly, earlier this week, he got creative. He crafted his own website [sic, all the way back in April, not 'earlier this week'] and suddenly made a small collection of legal records public [this is the part that happened 'earlier this week'] which document the divorce between Hubbard and his second wife, Sara Northrup .

    He made it pretty plain that he was reacting to our story earlier this month about how Scientology, in its latest smear video against Alex Gibney, had besmirched Northrup, if not by name. As we explained in that story, Hubbard tried hard to erase Sara Northrup from his life, and claimed that he’d never married her or fathered her child, Alexis.

    There’s never been any doubt that he did both — press coverage in 1951 of their acrimonious split was voluminous — but our source, calling himself “Meepthorp” after the SNL “Neurotology” skit, decided it was a good time to post several really interesting legal documents from the divorce...
    Also quoted on WWP here -

    Ongoing Document Drops at
    Since then, OSAOPS/Meepthorp has continued to post dox to, many of which he claims have never been seen before, as it seems to have been the case with the Northrup dox. Since OSAOPS/Meepthorp only posts at ESMB and Tony hasn't mentioned the guy in over a year, I assumed most WWP users were mainly unaware of these dox, except for maybe the very first batch of Northrup dox. Document hounds, if there's stuff here that isn't already in your collection, then have at it. Enjoy your Christmas present.

    The Documents of L. Ron Hubbard
    Noember 18, 2015 - announced posting the Northrup dox (mentioned already)
    December 5, 2015 - announced posting Bigamy, Lies, and a 'Cult' (Part 2 of series)
    December 10, 2015 - announced posting Not a Fit and Proper Person (Part 3)
    December 13, 2015 - announced posting Vengeance and Control (Part 4)
    Dox at -

    L. Ron Hubbard in the Headlines
    December 16, 2016 - announced posting of new section: L. Ron Hubbard in the Headlines
    December 24, 2016 - announced posting of additional articles to the section
    Dox at -

    One example of an article, many more at links above -

    Final note
    Some of the wording on the website suggests an affiliation with SNL, but the lack of branding, logos, ads, or any other commercialization suggests otherwise - but you Can see the logo for a website builder at the bottom. The more I consider it, the more I am drawn to the conclusion that the website was created by our anonymous dox leaker as Tony reports, and possibly or even likely with no SNL involvement.

    Related threads
    SNL spoofs 'We Stand Tall' (started April 2015)
    ETA - A link to was posted in this thread on April 6, 2015; the SNL sketch aired on the night of April 4, 2015, just 2 days before.

    Where can I get this Neurotology single? (started November, 2015)
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    Domain Name: MEEPTHORP.COM
    Update Date: 2016-04-04T03:46:05Z
    Creation Date: 2015-04-06T22:36:31Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2017-04-06T22:36:31Z
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  3. So it was definitely created after the SNL sketch aired on the 4th of April, 2015, and after the YouTube video that was posted on the 5th.

    Thanks. I hope there's some new dox in there for you.
  4. Bigamy, Lies, and a "Cult"
    In the State of Washington, first-wife Polly informs the court that not only did L. Ron Hubbard abandon her and their children in 1945, he also committed bigamy when he married a 2nd wife in Maryland in 1946 without bothering to obtain a formal divorce from her!

    Polly described how L. Ron Hubbard went on to promote a "cult" named Dianetics in 1950, but didn't follow through on his obligations to provide financial support for his own children even when he had ample resources to do so. Polly also informs the court here of yet another lie told by L. Ron Hubbard, about needing an "emergency" hearing to return to Bremerton, Washington, when in fact he did not travel there after the hearing in Kansas! Harsh words, from someone who likely knew LRH better than anyone else.

    This court filing dates about a week [sic, month] after the conclusion of the "emergency" divorce hearings in mid-June 1951 in Wichita, Kansas.
    These pages have received a digital enhancement, so that their original text is now legible on digital screens.


    [TRANSCRIPT, a parenthetical appears immediately after illegible words or characters]

  5. "Not a fit and proper person"

    A continuation of our series, this initial 1947 filing indicates LRH's first wife Louise "Polly" did not want her valued inheritance property, nor her children, to be vulnerable to the kind of "sharing" practiced by the "deserter" and her soon-to-be-ex husband L. Ron Hubbard.

    [TRANSCRIPT, a parenthetical appears after illegible words or characters]
  6. Vengeance and Control
    A continuation of our series, this August 1951 filing shows the vengeance of L Ron Hubbard, where he disparages the woman who birthed his eldest children while legally "hiding" behind the declaration from his attorneys. Even scarier, is where he seeks custody of his 17-year-old son L. Ron Hubbard Jr. for "training" purposes (which were later described in a notorious 1983 magazine interview).

    1983 [Penthouse] Magazine Interview


    [TRANSCRIPT, a parenthetical appears immediately after illegible words or characters; corrections denoted by use of bracketed sic in this and previous posts]

  7. A raft of articles about LRH from 1950 and 1951 were posted to over the past couple of weeks. Images posted below, in chronological order.

    For complete annotations from Meepthorp/OSAOPS, visit

    (Some dox omitted due to their already being available elsewhere.)

    L Ron Hubbard ("LRH") in the Headlines

    Episodes of "Scientology and the Aftermath" series (hosted by Leah Remini on the A&E cable network), are intended to provoke viewers into asking questions, such as: Where does the described inter-family abuse in the Church of Scientology come from? Like other policy aspects of similar "cult" organizations, a follow-up could be:

    Is horrific inter-personal abuse a reflection of Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, himself?

    Checking available records, for L. Ron Hubbard ("LRH"), 1950 was a breakout year... <snip>











    Meepthorp thanks University of California archives for assistance providing some of the above articles.
  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    How and when did she get her kid back?

  9. In June 1951, she finally secured the return of Alexis by agreeing to cancel her receivership action and divorce suit in California in return for a divorce "guaranteed by L. Ron Hubbard".

    More details here -

  10. Here are the images of the court dox that are transcribed above. Meepthorp says that they've been digitally enhanced for legibility.

    Polly Norton's Petition for Divorce and Custody (Apr 1947)




    Polly Norton's Petition for Unpaid Child Support (Jul 1951)



    LRH's Response to Polly's Petition for Unpaid Child Support (Aug 1951)


  11. New documents posted today, announced at ESMB here -
    LRH in the Headlines
    Checking available records, for L. Ron Hubbard ("LRH"), 1950 was a breakout year. His "Dianetics" book was released, and in part to promotional efforts targeting readers of science-fiction and selected booksellers, it made the best-seller charts in Los Angeles.
    Informal practitioners sprouted across the nation, and formal Dianetics organizations were established on the coasts.

    Shortly thereafter, pushback from professional book reviewers appeared. The Sunday Book Review of the New York Times was said to be the first major medium to review Dianetics, and the July 2, 1950 issue featured specific criticisms by Dr. Rollo May.
    Click Here for NY Times Review of Dianetics 7/2/1950

    Allowing comments critical of Dianetics to stand was not a position to be tolerated, and L. Ron Hubbard himself replied to the Times in the following month. In part, LRH accused detractors to Dianetics to be motivated by their own economic interests.

    LRH's Response to May's Review (8/1950)


    May's Response to LRH (8/1950)
  12. From


    Additional criticisms of Dianetics, including actual protests within the Science Fiction community, were noted along with (claimed) sales figures in a series of columns from the prominent national bookseller's trade publication, Publisher's Weekly in June, July and September 1950.




  13. Campbell drank the koolaid before it was 'kool'.
    As the article implies, he wasn't just taken in by Dianetics;
    he jumped on lots of bandwagons of woo.

    Fortunately, most of his nutty obsessions didn't attract too many new followers.
    Unfortunately, his promotion of Dianetics really helped kickstart the Church of Lronology.

    anyway, if anyone here is in comm with him
    personal request for Meepthorp

    ANYTHING relating to A.E. Van Vogt, and his fling with CoS/Hubbard.
    There's got to be stuff out there (and possibly some real meat) but it's obscure and difficult to find.

    tl;dr - slightly insane hack SF writer who adored Dianetics, detested Scientology, founded Squirrelogy, defended/attacked LRH throughout the 50s and 60s.
  14. LA Times 'Book Column' Notes on 1950


    LA Newspaper Ads, 1950



  15. DeathHamster Member

    Why all the watermarking?
  16. I can guess as to a couple of reasons. I may be entirely wrong.

    • The person wants to be assured credit for his/her work. Odd, since, meepthorp is obviously a pseudonym. Maybe this person hopes to do a big reveal a la OTviiiIsgrrr8/j swift
    • The person wants to direct traffic to, where an upcoming book, presumably written by this person, is announced and advertised.
  17. DeathHamster Member

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  18. I posted this already upthread, but didn't realize that I was inadvertently responding to your request. Read the ad directly above the one in the lower right corner.

    "At one point, famed science fiction writer A. E. VanVogt was introducing Dianetics in a rented room in mid-Summer at a Junior High School!" writes Meepthorp/OSAOPS in his caption for this set of ads.

    Your request was also passed along to OSAOPS on ESMB. I'll try to follow up with that if I see him post again.
  19. Thanks!!!!!

    (I'd also be curious what year these were posted, particularly whether it was before or after A.E. became "Public Squirrel #1".)

    Where I'm ultimately going with this: Van Vogt was the first high-profile follower of LRH to stand up to him, call him out on his BS while still believing the Tech actually meant something. He did this very early. I would think he would be a Saint in the freezonic/Indie world, but he's almost completely unknown. I'd love to piece together a timeline of the love affair between those two adorable porcupines.

    Oh. 1950. Sorry, I missed that.
    Again, thanks!!!
  20. SF Chronicle Review of Dianetics, June 1950

    SF Chronicle Interview of Hubbard, September 1950
  21. Quote:
    The national office of the Dianetics Foundation was sued in mid-January 1951 by the
    State of New Jersey for a criminal charge of operating a medical school without a license...Then there was the first public report of a casualty directly tied to Dianetics, a murder-suicide involving an auditor, in early February in the university town of Berkeley.
    -Meepthorp/OSAOPS, LRH in the Headlines

    NJ Newspaper, January 1951

    San Francisco Bay Area Newspaper, February 1951
  22. Missfit Member

    I was actually gonna come say that these are in UC special collections as I have been going through the boxes myself for a project. I don't have permission to publish at the moment, however. If I do get permission, I'll let you know. That being said, if there is something specific you would like me to look for I can certainly look for it and do a write up/ get details of where it was published.
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  23. A new section of has gone live, entitled LRH's Magickal Partners ...

    ... and subtitled The Occult Spiritual Connections of L. Ron Hubbard

    This new section details much of the story of Jack Parsons and his eventual involvement with Hubbard. A ton of documents relating to Parsons are published there. Visit to see them all, along with a well-researched narrative by Meepthorp/OSAOPS.

    Reproduced here are excerpts and documents that actually involve Hubbard.


    ...Jack and LRH had entered into a business partnership named "Allied Enterprises."

    The given intention was to buy yachts in Florida and transport them for profitable re-sales on the West Coast.
    This arrangement has long been described as a confidence job by L. Ron, as he only invested $1,200 to Parson's $21,000 with a back-end profit-share, but knowing that Jack's circumstances at the time it may have been more of a scheme to "park" assets beyond any legal reach of his ex-wife. Open-minded Jack devoted all his income to the venture, and also assented to LRH taking his girlfriend Sara along for the ride, which led his magickal master Alestair Crowley to describe him as a "weak fool."
    Accordingly, on April 1st, LRH made it official by requesting US Navy permission to sail overseas. The address on his letterhead also serves to verify the association of L. Ron Hubbard to Jack Parson's "anti-Christian" residence.

    Letter from LRH to Veterans Admin, Requesting Appeal of Disability Ruling, Pension (1946)

    This climate of suspicion led Jack to question LRH's activities and travel to Florida himself to investigate what had become of his finances. LRH had spent more than their agreement, and when Jack tried to reach him he got word that LRH had just sailed out of port. Jack performed a magickal ritual which (he believed) caused the boat to malfunction and to be forced to return to the port. A legal filing in Florida quickly settled the business matters, including negation of any interest LRH or Sara may have claimed to Jack's "Vulcan Powder Company" (a name-check of the Roman God of Volcanoes, a possible precedent for the later Scientology "volcano"), but results were that Jack took a huge loss when he only netted $2900 following the affair.

    Court Decree, Parsons vs Hubbard, July 1946



    LRH later travelled to Maryland where he married Sara on August 10, 1946 (although at the time LRH was still married to his first wife Louise Grubb).

    LRH-Northrup Marriage Certificate, August 1946

  24. Meepthorp/OSAOPS has updated the red-lighted sentence to read as follows...

    The address on the Navy's reply serves to verify the association of L. Ron Hubbard to Jack Parson's "anti-Christian" residence.

    ...And has also included a link to the correct letter.

    Letter from the Navy authorizing LRH to Leave the US, April 1946


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