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Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Triumph, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Triumph Member

    Google the names of the goons associated with the squirrelbusters especially the trio of John Allender-Mark Warlick-Richard Hirst (Name+Scientology)

    those three in particular generate a whole host of "dirty business on behalf of the cult"

    theres A treasure trove of dirty deeds by this trio for a savvy journalist,or better yet law enforcement.loads of eyewitness accounts-and entanglements with law enforcement. quite a dossier of criminal behavior from this trio of cult morons

    this will be a dumping ground for info/links on all those involved with the Squirrelbusters

    Richard Hurst
    Richard Hurst the man behind the flyer on Shawn Lonsdale
    Mark Warlick

    everyone favorite ringleader
    John Allender
    John Allender press
    John Allender other
    Jon Allender's Harassment of Lori Hodgson

    Santa Clara County Info Pack

    Private Eyes hired by the cult
    David Jay Lubow
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  2. Smurf Member

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  3. TinyDancer Member

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  4. Triumph Member

    more Squirrel Busters
    other attempts of fair game

    more of John Allenders greatest hits
    Mark Warlick
    Richard Hurst (creepy guy) @1:37

    Bad Press for the Squirrel Busters–-cameras-fixed-to-their-heads-stalk-defector-video/

    Bustasquirrel video page
    with links to 9 videos sliming Rinder and Rathbun
    fair game on youtube
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  5. xenubarb Member

    meet Squirrel Buster Scurvy Bill:

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  6. adhocrat Member

    You might let Carolyn Schuk know. She's done at least one report on our activities. She's at a small paper, the Santa Clara Weekly.
    I let her know about the Squirrel Busters when they first appeared because of the local connection. She replied that it looked pretty strange, but nothing came of it.

    And since Dolorme and the County seem to think CoS is being unfairly targeted, maybe some poons to the Network For A Hate Free Community would be in order.

    Delorme McKee-Stovall
    County Office of Human Relations
    Phone: 408-792-2304

    Laurel Anderson
    Office of the County Executive
    Phone: 408-299-5168
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  7. Triumph Member

    theres a total of 28 Anti-Marty Rathbun & Mike Rinder web sites created by members of the Cult of Scientology
    these web sites are not worth visiting
    there included here as an archive for journalists
    please be advised these are cult site (use a PROXY for privacy reasons) these sites have been known to collect IP address
    and multiple clone pages
    and pages that target Mike Rinder


    and pages that target Marty wife Monique 'Mosey'

    Freedom Magazine published by Scientology
    its here Scientology directly attacks its critics and promotes its adgenda
    Freedom Magazine has published multiple articles
    Freedom magazine has also attacked other former members like Jason Beghe-Amy Scobee-Jeff Hawkins-even journalists like Anderson Cooper,John Sweeney,Thomas Tobin and Joe Childs and other critics,journalists and ex-members

    Religious Freedom Watch
    a web site indirectly sanctioned by the cult
    Scientology Myths
    these sites should be avoided (use a Proxy if you visit)

    it serves as an example on how far the CULT will go to attack and slander its critics with FAIR GAME
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  8. will using tor work ^^^
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  9. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Awwwwwwwwwww, was wonderin' how the little feller was, lookin' happy, fat, and sassy!

    Rock on Scurvy Bill!
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  10. holy fucking shit
    is all that comes to mind after looking at just one of those sites.
    cant say i feel bad tho
    "you pulled it in" martay!
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  11. Triumph Member

    Marty Was directly and heavily involved with Squirrel Busting when he was DM's lackey
    alot of Martys victims got slimed Marty's dirty Fair Game Operations

    Marty was more than happy to attack those who chose to do the same thing he is doing.
    by practicing Scientology Independently
    and he did his job efficiently and with malice and extreme prejudice

    Marty was the "William Sherman" of Squirrel busters..and he was responsible for the destruction of peoples lives

    hes since apologized to some...but not all by a long shot.

    Marty has some notoriety with the press-that serves as a buffer

    so far the current squirrel busters have been pretty tame compared to the vicious attacks of others in the past..that may because fucktards are now in charge

    that dosen't mean the squirrel busters get a free pass
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  12. i hope the new gen of derp derpersons keep raping him in the ass till kingdom come
    and hopefully when this gen of busters call is quits and blows there'll be and even more ruthless gen of busters to tear them apart for destroying so many lives.
  13. Triumph Member

    it won't end with a permit...the stupid will keep coming..invasion of the cult snatchers 2.0

    Ingleside is caught in the a billion year war

    it will end after Miscavige buys up every last home in that sleepy community..with parishioners money
    and has an army of bulldozers parked on Marty's front yard...

    MISScavige just needs some time to work over a few more wealthy parishioners with some heavy duty auditing...and convince them to fork over some moolah for this jihad...

    Ok Maybe not to that extreme...

    but like a gnarly pitbull that dosen't want to give up his bone...
    he will keep pushing his retard brigade into the meat grinder

    sit back and enjoy the stoopid
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  14. darwinism at its finest
    hey at least theres one thing we can thank the cult for.
    weeding out the stupidest of the stupid and pitting them in a death match against each other.
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  15. subgenius Member

  16. subgenius Member

    earthlink lol
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  17. subgenius Member

    it seems they have bought ads on a local radio station
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  18. Triumph Member

  19. You do know earthlink is run by clams right?
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Well then, good.
  22. Smurf Member

    The radio station must be desperate for cash. The majority of listeners would be scratching their heads wondering what this rubbish is... obviously, a childish attempt by OSA hoping that Independents will hear the ads and have a cow over them.. Just silly bullshit..
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  23. Smurf Member

    Not anymore. Earthlink was created by Scilon Sky Dayton, but when Earthlink merged with Mindspring, most of the top Scilons left the company. Sky no longer is involved in the operations of the company as he was when they had their corporate offices in Pasadena.
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  24. just wondering if they were still under when the post for pooning Carolyn Schuk was made.
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    The radio ads remind me a tiny bit of hearing people discuss the subject of being "Targeted Individuals".
    thats a mind twisting example of fair game, to be sure.
  28. Smurf Member

  29. adhocrat Member

    Yeah, I saw that, but i've met the woman, been interviewed by her and read the article she wrote so I am not worried. OTOH, irony is always a rich vein to mine.
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  30. SOJOA Member

    Dear your rat is just fucking creepy sorry. :)

    Looks like good snake food!
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Arrrrg! That's right, say yar prayers! Overboard with yar for telling people lil Davey was tough, now have ye a taste of the salty days with Hubbard! Into the blue with yar! Squirrel overboard!
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  32. Anonymous Member


    Hai, let's take a look at Allender's mission over in San Jose, CA. It's on the most shabby part of Winchester Blvd. This day, there was supposed to be an event there. So, I left the regular raid, and headed over to take a look at this event. This mission is a tiny office enrtyway with books in it, and open a couple hours in the evenings. Obviously a false-stat location that does nothing.

    Checking the always empty lot - cars!

    Two left, stepping into a brisk Scilon Shuffle! I'm sure they hardly noticed me.

    Who is this fine couple? They just drive up and park their sports car right in front?

    Nice car! I guess the event wasn't so big that people needed to park directly in front of the door.

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  33. Anonymous Member

    We have seen him here, at the Los Gatos cult location. This is the main protest location in the South Bay.[IMG]
  34. Anonymous Member

    Allender's Mission's hours of operation. Don't see a Sunday service there.

  35. Nancy Beazley Member

    What a bizarre life the SQBers have created for themselves. Living in bad motels. Eating fast food. Driving round the clock on cross-country trips at the whim of the loon COB.

    These are grown people. Who used to have lives. Pitiful.
  36. Anonymous Member

    What would be lulzy would be to take that phone number on the door, and publish it in every available free listing service online and in print under "squirrel removal services", like they really were squirrel busters with traps and gas, advertise for like "we pay you $10 dollars for each squirrel we catch" and watch as the calls come in from real folk desperate to cash in on their squirrel infestation.

    Even better would be his cellphone number.

    After all, they ARE squirrel busters, right??

    So it would be perfectly legal for Anonymous to act as his marketing agent, right?
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  37. RightOn Member

    radio spot said Marty RathBONE tee hee
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  38. LocalSP Member

    Hey don't dis scurvy Bill. He is one of the most ferocious, fear-less fur-less squirrel fighters out there.

    *Scurvy Bill Fun Fact*

    It takes XenuBarb approximately 20 minutes, every day, to shave him..
  39. xenubarb Member

    The snake did not agree. How I got stuck with Scurvy Bill in the first place.
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  40. SOJOA Member

    Dress him up like a pirate.
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