Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

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    How to deal with Scientologists to wake them up (see 2ndpage)

    Eric Leiberman was in RTC vs Lerma, AND they used him when they used a grady ward case to try to depose me again for information/data gathering, here is how I made them go away

    They started the depo:

    Leiberman: Mr. Lerma, why do you continue to say bad things about the
    church of scientology?

    Lerma: Are you referring to the international psychopolitical terrorist
    organization doing a shrinking but still brisk business in fraud
    worldwide dba Scientology and associated entities?

    Leiberman: You cant talk about the church of scientology that way!

    Lerma: Are you trying to trick me into committing perjury?


    - J - posted:
    Arnie, you rule. Have we ever told you you rule? Because you do.

    Seriously, that's a brilliant response! Were you always that fluent and articulate, was it some beneficious side effect of the "communication" training, or did you train specifically for the legal fencing?

    My legal name is Arnaldo Pagliarini Lerma. In elementary school I started young so my mother, divorced... could work.. for some reason she gave me the name the beginning of the school year teachers would assign seating.. Id always find myself on the girls side of the class, and every bully there would see me with a goofy name "Naldi" and they would go,, Thats the guy we are gonna mess with this year"

    Sort of a Boy named Sue story

    I learned my rhetorical skills talking bullys out of beating me up on the schoolyard. Those skills have come in handy over the years...Even in elementary school I aced everything (science math art) and was detested for making people look bad...actually spoken and written english was my weakest suit...

    Let me put things in perspective, yeah, Ive always been a sort of wise physics and chemistry Id always get the highest test scores on the standardized exams, beating the geeky korean kin named "kim" by 2 or 3 points. and we would be 15-20 points above anyone else in the class.

    That me and Kim sat at the back of the room and shot spitwads at the ceiling fan and then bet on how many seconds it would take before they dried out enough to fall on Mr Allbright (yes that was his name...funny how ironic reality is..)

    But I did not get a good grade in physics, cause I used to mouth off...Id correct my physics professor, in front of the class.. by reading from his own assigned materials when he would make an error...he would turn red with rage...

    In algebra there was an abusive teacher, Id ask a question shed make me wrong for asking, Id launch into a tirade about her job description and get sent to the asst principal whod say, Whadyoudonowlerma? Id explain, he would roll HIS eyes and send me to the principal.. Id explain, and the teacher got upbraidd. So now Id be treated with respect, but she would still attack OTHER students, so Id stand up, and read her my take of her job description and get sent to the asst principal..who would send me to the principal, who would listen to me, and then discplined that same teacher. After a while none of the teachers would mess with me...

    Im used to being right in the end..but I tend to be detested by those who arn't quite bright.. look almost everyone detests the kid that makes them look bad.. It has always been this way for me.

    In scientology, I did the same thing, if I thought something was bullpoo id stand up and say so...independent thought in the Sea org gets rewarded with the RPF brainwashing routine..

    The biggest difference between me and, say Chuck Beatty, and Ive told him its okay to mention, is when he was ordered to the RPF he went for 7 years! When I was ordered to the RPF I said, in essense.. Blow **! and left for another Sea org outfit who were glad to have some help..and where I met Suzette Hubbard.

    After i got out and was working as a bartender at a rock n' roll honky tonk in Georgetown called 'The Bayou', I saved up enough to buy a cheap car so I could get to school. and attended NVCC..(early 80's) there my English professors told me I needed to goto a better school.. My Electronics professor... Id be the last one to show up for the labs and the first one out the door, he would beg me to stay and help him get the kids through the class, Id point out that HE was being paid to be there and I was taking time off from making money to be there, g'day...

    And for the last 15 years Ive been fighting scientology the best I can...the nice thing is, I'm in character, Im being the same person I was as a child.. doing the same things... tilting at the same windmills, telling abusive pricks they are abusive pricks and to stop hurting people.

    I believe life itself contains enough unavoidable hurt and pain, ever watched a child being squeezed out during birth, or watched your own pet die - There is no room left on this planet for uncaring sociopaths that would intentionally inflict pain upon another human being. Life itself is tough enough.
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    What I say to scientologists

    You could save so much money by going to see a psychiatrist.
    Why is it do you think that Hubbard calls them so many thought stopping names?

    So you would not find out Psychiatry, Hypnosis and Electricity are what 'works' in Scientology
    There is no such thing as scientology, that is a lie, go to the source, Did not Hubbard tell you to do that?
    Always go to Source!
    I went to the sources Hubbard stole from, and told people about it
    now they call me names too...

    Did you notice any pattern?


    Support: Exposing the CON
    for our friends and family
    to get them out of scientology
    before they end up here:
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    This is why Arnie is the best. Staying true to the lulz since he was a kid.
  4. Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    Arnie wins the IRL. I'm envious of all the DC people who got to meet you in person. :lrhcries:
  5. Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    *revels in the glory of location?*
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    Ballz of Steel.
    What Arnie did in that deposition is nothing short of courageous.
    Reminds me of Woody Allen in "The Front", testifying before the House Un-American Activities Committee.
    Reminds me of the late Coleman Young, mayor of Detroit, and long time labor leader, also testifying (in real life) before the same HUAC committee (in the 1950's....and he was a black man) , when they asked him to name members of his union that were Communists, and he said, "You must mistake me for some kind of stool pigeon."
    And it reminds me of what the great Clarence Darrow said to the judge who asked him, "Mr. Darrow, are you trying to show contempt for this court?"
    Darrow replied, "No, your honor, I'm trying to hide it."
    Ballz of steel.
    And laughs.
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    I remember you posting on Something Awful for years but never got too interested in CoS until now (my mistake). Thanks for that. I never would have joined up with Anonymous if you hadn't laid the groundwork on SA.

    You're quite the character.
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    Arnie is my new personal god. When I grow up I want to be just like him. I am not worthy.

    Plus I think he must be an Aspie- the cumulation of billions of years of evolution on any number of planets.

    I <3 Arnie

    I am not worthy.
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    i would agree
    to many long glial cells
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    What I say to totally brainwashed true believers, High OH TEAS, not ones who are going through
    the motions because they are blackmailed, but the ones who are in a stupifying trance

    I write myself into their belief system..

    In a place that stand outside of time
    there is a carnival ride hawker,
    selling very expensive tickets
    to the Earth Human Experience ride.

    He has not been happy because profits are way down,
    You see, too many people started coming back and
    demanding refunds, with interest, claiming
    with much indiginity and fist pounding while
    rattling sabres about hiring lawyers..

    "I paid GOOD MONEY to you, to live a life
    as a human. To experience the blood, sweat and tears
    of humanity. I wanted to live life, to love, to experience joy,
    to play with children, to run in fields, I wanted to feel the
    beautiful saddness of humanity, the collective conscience
    of life, on a beautiful green planet..with blue skies, clean air
    and green waves... and what did I get?

    I ended up in some nutball cult called scientology run by a
    ludicrous dwarf, chasing things called dollars, while
    trying to get across a bridge to total freedom
    that was not there!!

    I want my money back!

    The carnival manager, did what he had to do, and he called
    the repairman, as soon as he saw that Dianetics,
    had hit the best sellers list in February 1950, he KNEW
    what was coming, so
    Exactly 9 months later in November,, Arnie Lerma was born..

    they don't like that one either

    im in ur ship, filmin ur doodz < very funny,

    and thank you guys for the opportunity,
    I'm just not used to being able to explain what I see
    without 10 ankle biters yapping fallaciously...
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    *I*m trying not to laugh too when i use the voice..
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    I met the man in person, at the D.C. event. He gave me a solid handshake, looked my straight in the eye every time I spoke with him and seemed to me to be a stand-up guy.

    I am proud to have met him.

    edit: I'm the guy with the sunglasses...I mean the tie...the one with the hat!
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    Arnie you've found you're self amongst thousand of like minded people with similar childhood stories
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    heh, you are right,
    man the world is such a mess, and I'm so sick of scientology,
    I'm so glad you folks showed up Feb 10th..
    I got so many calls from the old torn up war horses of this cause
    who were telling me how they cried with joy
    and would NOT have believed it if they were not there or saw the videos
    thank you all
    it makes me believe in magic
    gnite, have nice dreams
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    None of this would be possible without the determined and unrelenting efforts of Arnie Lerma and his peers laying down an unshakable foundation of free information.

    I move that we nominate Arnie for the Marcabian Intergalactic Medal of Exceptional Belairness

    Cake anyone?
    The cake that Fink Built:
  16. Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    I completely agree. Admiral Felix Longus should be glad to award Arnie with medal! He definitely deserves it.

    ...cake. *nomnom*
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    Oh, my goodness...

    nomnomnom a' nomolommmmgood
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    I'm going to give you the best compliment I can give someone, you remind me a lot of my Uncle. He had a rough childhood, abusive family, joined the Marines at 18, retired at 38 and don't take shit from no one. He's also one of the most dependable people I know. It's hard for him to show love, but I know he loves me, even when he's a little short. He sure has set me straight a few times. I feel fortunate to have met someone like you and wish I could someday meet you.
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    thats a very nice thing to say, thank you, i hope we meet sometime too..

    Here are some threads on the ESMB chat board, for those interested that talk about my days in the Sea Borg

    i joined up for the voyage in 1970/1 that may have been the subject of that song, 'Ride Captain Ride, upon your Mystery Ship'
    Story is here:

    and here is the story of the day I left Scientology

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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    Arnie, your wonderful stories are funny, tragic and bizarre. May I suggest that you contribute them to Operation Write, for a full dose of unmitigated EPIC WIN?


    I suggested that Adam Parfrey of Feral House be approached to publish because it's right up his alley:

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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    I asked my father years ago why he didnt write a book, he was quite a character. Dedicated his life to teaching peasants how to increase agricultural production.. (there is and was no money in it, but it was the right thing to do,)Founded a university[/url:18xba1u8]. Was Founder of the Veyddanta (no idea how to spell that) Society Of Central America (Vedic meditation), and consulted to the presidents of south american countries.. he said, that the libraries were filled with books unread, and he didn't feel there needed to be another. He believed that doing things and teaching people was more important than writing about doing things.

    An idle thought I almost mentioned...but hesitated to post re picking what posters to put up,

    Don't put up the one's that someone else likes because they liked them or they are popular. Pick the ones that touched YOU.. that touched your soul. If there is a psychic universe beyond newtonian physics, and after years of denial serendipity convinced me that there is. Then, when you place all these posters out there, when people gaze on them perhaps they will perceive your genuine understanding, subliminally perceiving the honesty of the message. Now, even I would might call "bullshit" here as nothing can be 'proved' beyond the satisfaction felt inside from putting what you know and understand, out there for others to do the same. That is a good enough reason for me to suggest, choose what touched you... not what you think will be pleasing.

    This is something that performers and artists notice. Its' as if each piece of your art that is out there that causes a person to go, ooo, that is nice...I like that... that sentiment comes back to you and makes you a little stronger. And Scientology is not the only outfit using the secrets of deception..I believe that what a person MUST learn to grasp in learning how this scam works, will be of immense future value to each of you, and will help change this world's future just a little bit for the better. You and your kids will benefit from every lesson learned here about seeing through disinformation and mental manipulation, against this abomination dba Scientology. You will need every bit of strength and insight gained to best the future.

    In an 1860 Websters I use for reading old books, you know, back when the authors wrote really long sentences..(heh) And if any of you think my sentences are long read Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography - which is, incidentally a terrific book to read to your kids, as most of it is a letter to his kids, explaining his early days..That book is most helpful if you have a child who says that he doesn't like to read...

    When asked to describe what I thought I was doing, I once quipped that I was :

    "Surfing upon the winds of fate at the event horizon of the apocalypse.." and have noticed that the -

    Surf's up!
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    You always seem to have such insightful posts. My parents were never protesters, I grew up being mostly apathetic and feeling my voice wouldn't count. Now I mostly stumbled upon this cause and for the first time in my life I feel I truly can make a difference. I'm not saying I don't make a small difference on a daily basis as every parent I hope does, but as far as the world outside my little bubble goes. I know I've learned a lot and so have my children. I hope they grow up knowing they must speak up for their beliefs, that they have a voice in this world. I think, for me personally, that's the best gift I could have ever been given. I hope others have experienced this and that many many more will also.
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    Stepping Into it

    Stepping Into It


    Just a few years ago, I learned an important lesson. This was from watching a friend's mind start to crumble under assault of the scientology litigation and mind modifcation machinery. He had been on the stand for some incredible length of was unheard of... This fine, honorable, honest, generous and trusting to a fault man, was grilled for over 80+ hours on the witness stand testimony and in repeated, brutal, depositions by Scientology. All the trouble he got into was because he was tricked into believing that it was necessary to lie about the money he had given to a lawyer for litigating scientology.

    When Scientology has any situation, or a legal case to litigate, they do an "evaluation", these are called "Evals". This is a set of targets and proposed plans, techniques.. sort of a to do list, to handle the situation. Gerry Armstrong has some fine examples of actual written evaluations on his website. They are very important for strategists to understand. Someone in your cell of activists needs to know this stuff, to keep the rest of you out of trouble. And yes, I am now planning ahead...While reading them, consider in your mind, - imagine, what the Evaluation to handle ANONYMOUS looks like...

    from page 9:

    "Work over all data to hand and see how it can be used to provoke false answers in depositions, etc"

    What scientology will do is bring pressure to bear on a matter of little or no consequence to TRICK the target into thinking they must lie. And then move for a finding of criminal perjury.. which is a Felony..
    This is a standard operating procedure used to discredit enemies in litigation AND in arguments on the net.

    All I ask is that you learn this one lesson above, write this pattern into your mind with a red hot poker. Study the Goodrich Eval... learn from it.

    This has worked for scientology in the past, therefore, as Hubbard extols, they always REPEAT successful actions.

    Whatever actions they did that they think reduced the numbers of participants picketing scientology, they will try to do MORE the next time. You can always count on them to REPEAT whatever they did before that WORKED.

    Whatever actions they do that causes the demise or withdrawel from the field of just one of their enemies will be considered a "successful action" and Hubbard's policy mandates that every Successful action be REPEATED, they will REPEAT THEM on the next target.

    Thank you for learning this.
  24. lermanet_com Member

    The posting above received two 'endorsements" from long time famous ex-scientologists, on usenet, which Im posting here in order to induce readers to do this little lesson plan.

    I do not want you guys to make the mistakes we did.

    > Excellent Arnie, I hope Anons do read these and learn.
    > Yep.
    > MP (Michael Pattinson) OT8 his story is HERE

    Thankyou very much!

    Chuck (chuck beatty) some of his story is HERE
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    Disregard that, I suck.
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    I just googled your name, and it's interesting to read all the stuff out there. Your stories in the cult, your picket reports from back in the 90s. So cool.

    Do you know anyone from San Francisco who's still in?
  27. Fred Member

    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    I remember first becoming heavily interested in scientology around 5 years or so ago when the first threads started popping up on SA. Arnie was always around and vocal during those times. There was always a lot of anger from the SA members about scientology - I often wondered if it would ever spill over into actual action! I'm REALLY glad it did.

    Without a doubt, that foundation was largely by Arnie. Cheers dude - appreciate all the work and shite you've had to put up with over the years.
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    I'm listening to Dire Straits..Brothers in Arms album

    Its okay. Its okay to argue, and it is okay to rebut. A new ex member posted his story today on usenet and then his site ran out of bandwidth AND it was a good story so I webbed it...

    Thanks, I had noted on usenet, how many seemed engaged in pointless discussions about the the patterns of footprints in the sand. While the landscape was littered with casualties of the war,arguments raged over details of no consequence.. Truth would be submerged by insults. Whenever you see insults and name calling, (Fallacious argument) it is safe to assume that the perpetrator is trying to keep you from noticing certain facts...

    I noted on SA I could explain things and not end up with 15 nicks fragging me, clawing at my backsides.. making the message impossible to explain. So I tried to explain what I had learned to anyone that would listen... and I noted, that folks there learned...and started to connect the dots by themselves...


    In later threads, Ive noted my involvement was no longer even necessary..because the SA folks LEARNED..and man did they learn...look at this forum!

    I start to suspect that a nick has an agenda or a mental deficiency of some sort if they do not learn, if they not evolve over time, gaining familiarity with evil and deception in general...lessons that might save you tons of cash over a lifetime. There is so much to be learned beyond &quot;Oh its just a kooky cult and folks involved have only themselves to blame&quot;


    The trouble with &quot;laws&quot; is that only honest people try to follow them. The professional crooks, thieves, con-men and con-women, and their lawyers, and bought politicians, etc... chose a different path long ago, any activity that interferes with their ability to continue to pillar and loot citizenry is frowned upon, discouraged... made difficult, called kooky, demonized and even criminalized... we are living in society where truth could be called treason.

    See read the statement of Dr Carol Rosen

    In SF that is still in... I don't think so, I have a person out there who is quietly doing what I do.. in SF area.

    Picketing causes their members to wake up and question... it induces doubt. That is why one good sign we used to carry is &quot;DOUBT IS NOT A CRIME&quot; doubt is waking up from being fooled by lies..

    &quot;What a long strange trip its been&quot;

    when all I'd really like to do is

    &quot;dance beneath a diamond sky
    with one hand waving free,
    silhouetted by sea,
    tap your tambourine in time
    caste all memory and fate
    deep beneath the wake,
    let's forget about today
    until tomorrow

    My weariness amazes me,
    Im stranded on my feet.

    dont stop folks, everything we are witnessing is evidence scientology is falling apart, it won't be too much longer, keep going, keep pushing, keep picketing, keep vocal, because everything they do is in pursuit of silence
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    Hmmm, Brothers in Arms. Dire Straits. Damn I love that band.
  30. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    At the first place I worked after I got out of th cult in 78 was as a bartender, at a place called The Bayou in Georgetown on the old waterfront. They played there when Sultans of Swing was #1.. they were the only band I ever saw play live, that played their first album side one then side two, and it was not lip synced, and it it was perfect.. simply awesome... of all the bands that played there, Dire Straits was the best tipping crowd. Funny, yah know the #2 band was Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band, when he had "the Rootets" Some things are just perfect in their time.
  31. number 6 Member

    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    Haven't heard of those bands. Were they punk bands?

    BTW, a bunch of people on Enturbulation have been holding Skypecasts every evening. Skypecasting usually doesn't work, so now we just started conference calling on Skype. Would you be interested in joining a conference call in the future?
  32. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band with the Root-etts was one band.. with a great horn player
    They had one big hit... "Boogie Till You Puke" I guess you'd have have been there....

    Were they a punk band? ahhh.. this was 1980.. Im not sure what you would call them, "rock'n blues i guess, they were a 'coke' band... Root Boy would be wheeled out onto the stage to "sing"..
    It was just odd that this was the 2nd best tipping (cash in the tip jar) band ever..
    with #1 being Dire Straits..the best musicians Ive ever heard. period.

    The Brothers in Arms album has a song "The man was too strong" that sounds like it was about Hubbard..

    "He legalized robbery, called it belief"

    "Invented memories,
    Closed all the gates...
    Ran with the money
    hid like a thief.."

    Re skypcasts, sure,send me a notice to ill try and join in..arnaldo.lerma is skype nick.


    Public Notice: there is NO WAY for me to review ALL the traffic on this board or OCMB, if there is a thread someone would my opinion, please PM or email me with the thread LINK and what your concern is..
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    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    I got a call today from a person who was arguing with scientology, and the scientologists had been told that I had never been in the &quot;Sea Org&quot;...

    I quipped, &quot;I wish&quot;....

    Here is a picture from when I was in, running the E-meter project at what is now called Bridge publications, this image is from a newsletter published by &quot;ASHO&quot; when it was at 2723 W Temple Street in LA.


    When posting around the net, you guys are free to use the images at for your posts about scientology, - Id ask that you linked the image to a page on,

    I have made the following directories are browsible...

    Index of /image
    Index of /images
    Index of /newimages

    Permission is expressly and specifically DENIED to volunteers, agents, operatives of OSA or any scientology entity, law firm, PI or front group, or asthmatic dwarf - everyone else may use them, enjoy.

    For example, these are fine ones for general use...just link them to something informative




    TIPS - When people comment about wearing masks say &quot;We arn't the only one's wearing masks&quot; and discuss their sleazy front groups... and the occasional death they cause to provide a secret recruitment venue for scientology.

    Say, the masks are the face democracy must take against the retribution of fascists.


    TIP when they describe anonymous as &quot;terrorists&quot;, say, Disconnection, Persecution, fear of loss of the bridge, extortion, even contrived deaths, are Fear for profit, that is terrorism.

    Quote Cynthia Kisser, the head of the real Cult Aareness Network before it got taken over by scientology, in the TIME Magazine article she said

    &quot;&quot;Scientology is quite likely the most ruthless, the most classically terroristic, the most litigious and the most lucrative cult the country has ever seen. No cult extracts more money from its members.&quot;
  34. lermanet_com Member

    The FASTEST route to recovery from Scientology

    The scientology study aid called the "Demo Kit" -
    Conditions the user to assign meaning to pieces of rubbish,
    which does help in 'studying' scientology,
    do NOT use it while reading this material....

    Read the 10 steps first, yeah I know the file says 8, the last two I added in 1997 after I learned more
    8 steps out of Scientology

    The Scientology Matrix - The New Expanded Bridge Out of Scientology

    L Ron Hubbard Uses the Confusion Technique
    (this is what he does in his tapes)
    look at pages by virginia waddy

    Hypnosis by G A Estabrooks
    Where L Ron Hubbard got the idea for the fraud called Dianetics - Estabrooks - HYPNOTISM (c)1943
    (mentioned by name by Hubbard)

    order this:
    William Sargant
    "Battle for the Mind" ScientologyPub 1957
    (the book Hubbard stole Dianetics from)

    Read this
    Hypnosis and the Gradation Chart
    Hypnosis in Scientology - The Gradation Chart Revealed

    Forrest Ackerman ( hisn publicist's)
    notes about Hubbard's prowess as a hypnotist
    The History of Excalibur

    Volney Mathison (invested E-meter)

    order this
    George Estabrooks
    and Richard Lockridge
    Death in the Mind 1947
    (The book Hubbard crafted Scientology out of)

    How Dianetics and Scientology Works

    BOOKS online
    RAPE OF THE MIND - Joost A. M. Meerloo
    Rape of Mind (By a psychiatrist detained by the nazis)
    Dr Joost Meerloo
    this book will proof you against what OSA will try to do to you and I

    Delusion and Mass Delusion, by Joost Meerloo
    Where L Ron Hubbard got the idea for the fraud called Dianetics - Estabrooks - HYPNOTISM (c)1943
    also good after the one above
  35. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    How to deal with the scientologists you run into...

    Learn from a MASTER, here is the advice of a man named Ted Patrick. He earned the nick name &quot;Black Lightning&quot; because of how fast he was able to wake up cult members, returning them to society as productive members..

    Ted Patrick was at one time Scientology Enemy #1 - As late as 1994, Scientology Lawyer Kendrick Moxon was STILL suing a near bankrupt black man named Ted Patrick... whose crime was setting minds free.

    Ted Patrick

    Excerpt from:
    America's Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change, 2nd Edition
    Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman
    Copyright © 1995 by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman. All rights reserved.
    Chapter 6: &quot;Black Lightning&quot;


    &quot;When you deprogram people,&quot; he emphasized, &quot;you force them to think.
    The only thing I do is shoot them challenging questions. I hit them
    with things that they haven't been programmed to respond to. I know
    what the cults do and how they do it, so I shoot them the right
    questions; and they get frustrated when they can't answer. They think
    they have the answer, they've been given answers to everything. But I
    keep them off balance and this forces them to begin questioning, to
    open their minds. When the mind gets to a certain point, they can see
    through all the lies that they've been programmed to believe. They
    realize that they've been duped and they come out of it. Their minds
    start working again.&quot;

    I webbed the first chapter of Ted Patricks Book: &quot;LET OUR CHILDREN GO&quot; HERE


    The link above also goes to collection of materials and links useful for making Scientologists wake up from Hubbard's nightmare.
  36. MongoLloyd Member

    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    Hey Arnie, just a FYI:
    Apparently, in 1998 a law student in Sweden wrote a thesis on the subject of "Scientology and the law". There's a bit about "RTC v Lerma" in it.

    You're the subject of study nowadays! :)
  37. TonyMeman Member

    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    I started off thinking you were an egotistical crank. I'm still upset with you for using enturb as your livejournal. You say something's gonna happen in 60 days you can't talk about; meanwhile, WMB hands in gold.

    However, being an overintelligent egotistical crank myself, I can appreciate where you come from. :wink:
  38. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    Well, thanks, I think, but do not confuse persistance and determination with being egotistical or a crank. It was scientology that claimed that my silence was worth 1,743,000 1995 dollars, not me. I do have one question, do you learn anything of value from these posts?

    That is what I think is important. If I could teach anonymously as well as I can teach in my name based on what I have been willing to endure to learn the lessons I am teaching that would be fine, but I don't believe that it would be as effective, and considering the length scientology has gone to prevent my words from being read and heard I do admit that I tend to seize and savor every opportunity to teach these lessons I have paid so dearly to learn so that others will have the benefit, and so scientology will reap their just reward and collapse that much sooner.

    Here is another.. "lesson" if you will..

    Teach them Logical Fallacy Ad Hominen< see Wiki

    Explain that hubbard used Logical Fallacy to reduce their ability to reason

    Teach them Magic show patter - Direction of attention see Art of Deception (previous posts)

    Teach them about TOTEMS being used to fixate attention and warn people away from even looking.
    This material is in Joost Meerloo's Delusion and Mass Delusion LINK Hubbard and Lord of the Flies called it "Putting a head on a pike" Thats a "totem"

    Show them that Hubbard was a liar. And a dead beat dad

    Ask them whether Scientology is a bridge to super duper powers, called OT

    Ask them if the fact they believe it, makes all the weird things they see in scientology, ok to endure.

    Ask them if they have ever seen proof an of OT in Scientology...

    Ask them, don't they wonder, why, if scientology creates OTs, why scientology seems to get so much bad press and word of mouth?

    Ask them, if the current situation, might be better explained by claiming that the SPs were really OTs...

    Ask them, Whose program are you running? (Tips for Breaking the Trance LINK)

    Ask them if Hubbard was a nuclear physicist then show them his grades
    A BIOGRAPHY OF L RON HUBBARD by Michael Linn Shannon "The Shannon Report" 1975

    Explain to them how electricity has been used since 154 AD to relieve pain.
    The E-Meter Papers - Why Tom Cruise is "erratic" by Arnaldo Lerma

    Tips for breaking the Trace

    Ten steps out of Scientology
    8 steps out of Scientology

    Letters you can mail to Scientologists
    Dear Scientologist Series #3 - A missive to send to Scientologists
    Dear Scientologist Staff Member - a letter to send to scientology staff
    Dear Scientologist - an open letter to all members of Scientology
    Psst, hey buddy, want to buy a bridge?

    Flyers you can use for scientology kids (GREAT ONE! for KIDS)
    Index of /reference/new-flyers

    Save this page for reference when you are dealing with scientologists.
    You can print pages off the web and mail them to scientology addresses, they may only be read by a few, but every bit of data over the wall of lies, helps, mail them to Tom Cruise, and other big shots, and to all their friends.

    And far as the dead agent pages they put up about critics, let me swear the following to be true:

    The character claims on those pages are as TRUE as Scientology's claim to be a bridge to OT, or that Hubbard was anything other than a lying scamster.

    Example: At one picket in DC, there was a picket earlier going on up the street at the Hilton Hotel, I know nothing about it, but some of the people picketing there walked by our picket, and one stopped and asked if I had an extra sign. I did, and I handed it to him, and a stranger picketed with us. Now I am an associate of some anarchist??? That is the whole truth and Ive testified under oath to deal with this rubbish.

    Scientology claims I never leave the house. Well, somebody has been putting ten thousand miles on my car each year, I wonder who? And I think Ive flown 10,000 miles in the last couple of years. More rubbish.

    One caveat: I don't consider ALL of the names they dead agent to be critics...some I believe to be ringers, infiltrators they hope to gain credibility for, who undermine my, and my friend's efforts. or perhaps just people so self absorbed they cannot see the damage of their actions..

    All their lies follow this same pattern, including their lies about Scientology!

    But if you spend all your time talking about the lies scientology states about the activists, you wont be DEPROGRAMMING the scientologist in front of you. That is what they fear the most.. The attacks, the ad hominen, the innuendos, are all a diversion.

    "These people believe the souls of fried space aliens inhabit their bodies and hold soup cans to get rid of them. I should care what they think?"...Valerie Emmanuel (A US post Office employee and freind of mine who runs - Scientology-kills was originally run by another guy who was harassed so much he walked away and dropped this baton, but Valerie picked it up again and made it still better. Each time one falls ten stand in their places...

    Thank you for investing your valuable time reading my words, I hope you learned a little more about dealing with Scientology.
  39. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Meet Arnie Lerma of Exposing the CON

    As long as a "study' on me is not an autopsy I think it is fine, I wonder if they got their facts straight.

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