Meet the Occupy Candidates

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Occupy movement playing with candidates for the electoral process:

    Next step of the movement? Ego-fagging? A lot of them claim that 'occupy has no leaders' and that running for office subverts the whole idea. To me, that notion implies that fair amount occupiers are resolute in NOT working within the existing power dynamic, and a looking for a "total revolt" of sorts
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    as an addendum: does WWP even care?
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    I will expect much baww to arise from dome tent dwellers who see themselves as warriors on the front lines, having seen how much turbulence a proposed satellite Occupy presence in Mission Bay caused.

    A candidate who addresses the original OWS concerns in a fair and rational manner would be a welcome change. He/she doesn't have to come from the Occupy milieu, but they must reflect the same values when it comes to banks, political corruption, inexplicable laws that make women pregnant before sex, that make bundles of cells and corporations people, dealing with corporate influence of American politics...etc. etc. etc.

    I would probably vote for a candidate who stuck to these basics. Unfortunately, the Occupy movement doesn't seem capable of focusing on a few issues, they want to address them all, and everyone's agenda is the most important.

    There's a lot of rabbit turds in those raisins.
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