Meeting points in main cities around the globe

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Alternex, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Alternex Member

    Currently looking to form a meeting point for all anonymous in Toronto, Canada. Would be used to plan actions and meet other fellow anons in the city. The same goes for anyone else in the world who would like to do the same. Sort of like a club meeting, only better. Interested please comment. Thanks.
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  2. Slogger Member

    I'm interested of course but I'm not sure the forum is the best place to coordinate these things. Just my opinion. Maybe irc? Im looking for people in Philadelphia, PA.
  3. Alternex Member

    IRC is full of trolls. I'm serious. Good idea though. Philly may need one. Anyone else?
  4. Slogger Member

    Yes this is true.
  5. Parkaboy Member

    California should have one as well.
  6. Jatugal Member

    IRC is not as bad. the Anon IRC has some alright channels.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Hi fool. There are anon cells in those cities. Toronto and everywhere else. Google it and be done with it.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Yeah. We should pick a spot that's equidistant from everywhere, so everyone can make it.

  9. Alternex Member

    Hey what do you mean fool? And I googled it no results. Can anyone help a fellow anon out?
  10. Anonymous Member

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