Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by WMAnon, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. WMAnon Member

    Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    So, a couple months back I was talking to Paul Bradford about maybe meeting up to talk about the whole "protesting your Org" thing. I didn't hear from him for weeks and weeks, and I figured the whole thing was going nowhere.

    Then I got an email from him right after the DC Ideal Org raid. Turns out he'd forgotten to hit "send" the week before. I'm going to be sitting down with him tomorrow (I won't post the specific place or time online, no need for ambitious-but-clueless anons to show up and ruin things by trying to help). I've spoken a lot with the local anons about what they'd like to see discussed: what things they're actively protesting against and what they think might be possible on a local level. I'd love to hear from the folks here what you think should happen too. I obviously can't represent everyone in the world, but I figure if I've got a set of OSA ears available to me I should really share that resource as best I can.

    I'd also love some advice from folks. I know the basics: watch my back, assume that he's probably recording even if it is against the law in this state and watch what I say, and don't get my hopes up too much for anything of value to come of this. I figure if there are any ex-OSA sitting on these boards, they might have some more specific advice too.

    I'll be posting EXTENSIVE postgame on our local boards, and up on WWP. I know a couple other anons have tried this in other cities, so I'm not expecting anything huge or protest changing to come of it, but as a moralfag I have to try.

  2. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    If it's like the times I've tried to talk to them civilly, it will be kind of a waste. They (it will no doubt be more than one person) will try to get you into session and work over your weak spots. stick to the topic at hand and redirect them if they go off about you or some other tangent.
  3. Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Hope your doing it in a public place.
  4. timthephoto Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    i fail to see a purpose in this meeting. other than to present OSA with a copy of blowforgood and sit down for a good read /discuss-this-fine-book with them that is

    i (ad nausium) repeat the party line, that while this person is posing as "enemy" they are in fact as much of a victim as anyone else roped into the cult, and that any purpose must be to see if they can be recscued from it all
  5. WMAnon Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    we are, sorry I didn't mention that in the OP
  6. King Nerd Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    This will not end well...
  7. Prufrock Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    I can't see this accomplishing anything. The dude's there to handle you, end of story.

    Expect to also be recorded (audio and video), so watch what you say and dress nicely.
  8. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    And that was the last we ever saw of you
  9. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

  10. Ackerland Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    I think it's a great idea - even if probably nothing will come out of this.

    1. Even if the chances are small, it's still worth trying.
    2. You at least can't tell you were not willing to communicate
    3. You can prove that you know your stuff really well and disprove them with their "they don't know what they are attacking".

  11. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    i take it this guy is OT3 or above?
  12. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Is that appropriate?
  13. WMAnon Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Actually even though he's DSA of the Boston Org he's still a PC. I'm gonna be nice and not mention Xenu as long as he's staying civil too.
  14. Belladonna Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Very ambitious, even if the only thing that occurs is that you manage to score a hit of nagging doubt.

    I vote for reminding them that their contributions go into the money pit that is the Idle Orgs.
  15. themadhair Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Sit down and stare the shit out of him while putting on a creepy monotone voice and saying "Hello. We are anoymous. Over the years we have been watching you....."

    Nothing good will come of this.
  16. YAHRLY Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

  17. rof Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    The most important question: what does he want from you?

    To see if the carpet matches the drapes? Lead him on, this could be the love affair that busts this open.
  18. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Counter handle!

    Hope you have at the least a hidden sound recorder, at best covert video..
  19. q_p Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    First off, I wouldn't do it. And you would be wise to not do it as well. They are looking for ammo and all you can do is give it to them. They are not there to listen to you, only there to catch you in your words and distort them. I'm serious. If you're going through with it, just know you are making a poor decision. I don't mean to put poison in your pot but you seriously need to rethink doing this. Before this all started I would say do so, but since I've been following this event since it started I now know they are not there to take consideration of what you say, they are only there to get something, or possibly get you to agree to something which will give them some sort of control over you and hopefully the other protesters too.

    Second, if you foolishly do go through with this, only agree to it if both sides openly video the whole event. That might take some of their ability to distort what you say away as well as dissuade them from even trying (but if the material they distort was only used as propeganda with their own people, you might never know or be able to defend your position).

    Third, let them know you only speak for yourself, and not for any other anon. You cannot enter into agreements for other people and make deals with the cult on anon's behalf.

    Fourth, let them talk. Talk very little yourself and stick to the cults abusive behavior. Don't even bring up Xenu unless you talk about the $300k bait and switch abuse that comes with it. But let him talk and you question what they say. Don't talk about your side because then you have to defend it. Keep the ball in their court.

    Fifth, and most important. This is not a game. This is real life and you can get hurt. And in ways you don't want (like your reputation being smeared).
  20. WMAnon Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Does it count as "handling" if I still show up to protest every month as usual? Wouldn't that be a failed handling?

    Really guys, I know it's not likely that anything good will come of it, but you've lost your minds if you think he's going to somehow get anything the church wants out of this either.

    And the Ideal Org is a big issue in Boston, since they're still in the process of getting the cash together to actually renovate the building they bought. I don't think we're helping with their progress there at all...
  21. none given Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Only possible wins:
    1) ruin his case (xenu et. al.)
    2) pwnage, grab the check, overtip, stuff like that.
    Camera anon should be there to provide sniper cover.

    Also, you might want to let them know that we are going to be here untill there is no trace of them left on earth.
  22. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Don't underestimate him. I wouldn't expect anything but a drilled act, not a "free conversation" anyway, even if that may be what's going on on the surface. I wouldn't have done it if I were you, but I'm not you and if you actually know what you are doing... good luck. Though probably nothing good is going to come out of this.

    Three final advices: Don't hand him personal information under any circumstances. Don't confirm or deny any even if doing so in the most indirect way conceivable. Don't enter any Scientology building. Don't do any Scientology training.

    Good luck whatever you choose to do.
  23. amaX Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Don't be frustrated. It's not lulzy and nothing ever comes of it.

    If you're going to go through with this, remember that they will be recording it.

    Make sure it's a public place that's NOT on their property. Don't move from where you meet them to some place else.
  24. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Don't be afraid to walk away with dignity! "This discussion is not leading anywhere. Thank you for your time. Goodbye"

    It's smells like a Trap to get some Anon footage they can spindoctor to their wishes.

    OSA WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO ANONYMOUS! They're not allowed to, remember that.
  25. COB Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    I don't even know how to describe how stupid and non-issue this all is. You're going to accomplish absolutely nothing AND put yourself at all kinds of personal risk for said nothing. If you wanna be stupid and let a thirty year veteran of the Department of Special Affairs convince you that there's something to be had from this then enjoy!
  26. King Nerd Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    OP, I really hope you aren't going to this bear trap alone.
  27. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

  28. auchraw Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    A meeting between two sides which have nothing in common can serve no purpose except to confirm that they have nothing in common, which they know anyway, so what is the point? You want to take down Scientology; they are dedicated to keeping it working and want to take you down.
  29. WMAnon Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)


  30. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    So what did you want to talk about ?

    Before people can offer suggestions we need to know what you plan to discuss.

    If they get to know the questions to be asked of them in advance that is no big deal, we know what they are going to say anyway.

    things like
    Q Why do you coerce abortions
    A We don't people have a choice to leave if they like

    Q What about Disconnection ?
    A We don't do that people have the choice to speak with anyone they like and ruin any case gain.

    Q why don't you believe DM beats his staff
    A Because I have met him personally and i know he would never do that and anyone who says he does is a liar.

    Q Why can't you see that LRH was a con man...
    A what is true for you...

    You: People would not be be protesting if you would just stop________ (fill in the blank).
    Them: We believe every person has the right to practice any religion they choose, and this is our culture we don't have to change for you or anybody else.

    You: XenuXenuXenu
    Them: Terrorist !

    ^^^ Coming to a Starbucks near you.
  31. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    The only thing you can really hope for is to get material out to him and hope he blows. Unless he's going to agree to stop giving money to the midget, I don't understand what you plan to accomplish.

    Do you really expect him to be all like "Oh man, you're so right!"??
  32. Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    WMA, very cool that you pursued this and I am completely in favor of people doin' things their own way. However... this could get tricky. Everyone knows OSA is frantic to find a "leader" of Anonymous - and you could very easily be construed as such with this meeting. Once they establish you as a leader, or a representative of, or a spokesperson for, they can attribute all kinds of distortions to you, not only among Church members but within the media. Not good. (i.e., Him: Explain that to me. You: I'll give it my best shot. Him: Ohmygawd! Alert the press! The leader of Anonymous just threatened to shoot me!)

    Unfortunately, you haven't the luxury of even hoping Bradford's agenda for you is anything less than nefarious. Those guys are desperate for a scapegoat and I would hate for that to be you. Ima join the naysayers - not because I don't trust that you wouldn't do an awesome job but because I don't trust them any further than I could move Mt. Vesuvius.
  33. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    but seriously, it has to be, quite literally A TRAP!
  34. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Once you have settled in, opened notebooks, begun recorders. Whip it out and pee all over the table.

    Give a homeless guy $5 to take a dump on the hood of his car.

    After the meeting go into the alley out back. Take a condom out of your pocket and shove it up your ass so that just the opening is hanging out. Leave your pants around your ankles and lay face down on the concrete. Dial 911 and tell them where you are but be crying to hard to say anything else.

    As he is pulling up step in fron of his car. Fall down. convulse. Don not stand back up until the check clears.

    So many possibilities.
  35. WMAnon Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    The current plan for discussion on my end is something like this:

    Why are you willing to do this now?
    Why are you willing to talk to me specifically?
    Are you willing to actually confront the problems that we have with your organization?
    Are you willing and able to begin discussions within the church about our serious concerns?
    Are you willing to begin mending bridges with protesters?

    It's fair to assume the answers are probably: because I need a stat boost; because I think you're a stupid girl and I can get something out of you; no; no; and no.

    I'm not gonna get into pipedreams here about what I would like to see in an ideal world, I know that reasonably speaking as long as I walk out of this without being kidnapped, assaulted or arrested that's about as close to a win as I'm gonna get. I will say that I've spoken at length with Paul before and based on that and the testimony of several ex-sci's who worked with him while they were in, I don't think he's a terrible person. I just don't know for sure if his nature would be enough to trump orders from above if push came to shove. I really think, like most Scientologists, that he really believes he's doing something good for the world and if that's the case, we do have a tiny little bit of common ground to start from.
  36. Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    ^This. I really can't imagine that OSA genuinely wants a civilized talk with you. More likely, it'll be something everyone else has already pointed out. But if anything, you can at least throw them off by not letting them dictate the pace, direction and the terms of the discussion. Once they have control of the talk, it might as well be an OSA interrogation. And also, always, always have backup and an escape plan!
  37. WTF Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    You might be prepared to face a gang bang sec check from these guys:

  38. King Nerd Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    OP is a female meeting OSA at an undisclosed location, presumably alone.

    Yup, nothing bad can come of this.
  39. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    you're kidding, right?

  40. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    That was my first thought.
    That was my second.

    And the third was the idea that KN and I would think alike is frightening beyond measure.

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