Megavideo censoring videos

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    well i was trying to see harry potter online (i couldnt see it in the cinema) and i find out that all fucking videos are deleted because copyright (wtf) and they were only 2 sites that worked(im not sure they worked cuse i never saw the movie there) and they asked u to first download some player when i downloaded it it was a virus .
    im not sure but if this continues soon we wont be able to see online stuff since copyright has been deleting lot of stuff in internet since 2009 and now even movies.

    i live in peru and blockbuster closed last year and there are only like 2 dvd stores and they sell the movies for like 50 bucks and there are like 2 years old thats not fair fucking copyright bitches
  2. Anonymous Member

    In Peru you have stalls which sell counterfeit dvd's. There are hundreds of them. Why not get them from somewhere like that?
  3. antianonymous Member

    U mad? XD seriously, Who gives a fuck it's copyright, a law, something that people follow to protect individual intellectual property. And you know what? So what, go to the fucking theatre, buy a fucking ticket, get some fucking sun. But no you choose to sit in your basement watching porn and Harry potter. What a waste of life.
  4. Anonymous Member

    And you posting here means you're SO much better, LOL, fucking retard.
  5. Spider-Man Member

    Lol you know it's how they work rite? Just go to a fukken movie theater.

    But companies are being little 6 year olds who wouldn't share their toys with everyone. I would like to refer to rule 21. After all, they're on netflix. Somebody will eventually take some time out of their asses and record the whole film and put it on somewhere. It's the Internets!
  6. Spider-Man Member

    And movie theaters are way better, unless the movie you want to watch is very shitty.

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