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    She bites!
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    "The first lady chose a hot pink Delpozo dress with statement sleeves for the speech that focused on the dangers of bullying and the importance of setting a good example for children."
    "Meanwhile, users were equally perplexed by the outfit — which retails for about $3,000 — that she wore while delivering her message."

    The dress Melania Trump wore during her anti-bullying speech was puffy because it was stuffed with irony.

    this pink monstrosity confirms that melania's stylist is a member of the resistance tearing down the administration from within
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    "It was a classic first lady moment, and it’s clearly an important cause (less controversial, perhaps, than the cyberbullying idea), but also classic was Mrs. Trump’s choice of dress for the occasion: a green shirtdress from Cefinn, the brand created by Samantha Cameron.

    Yes, that Samantha Cameron: the former first lady of Britain. Or the equivalent; there is no formal first lady title there.

    Still, it was, in effect, an appearance that quietly doubled-down on the first lady messaging."
    Melania i wearing clothes designed by the former prime minister 's wife. It's "affordable" i.e. Less than 500$
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    She should start wearing Marchesa by Georgina Chapman, it would be more fitting.
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  7. Just so you know some designers will actually invite you to wear their garments and give them freely for certain occasions to promote their label.
    Many designers work on an appointment only basis as a way of filtering out the people they don't want to model their gowns.
    Melania, although she is FLOTUS could be getting "screened" and not be aware of it.

  8. Trump might have sweaty hands.

    Melania does look alpha her bearing alone indicates that, and without reading your thoughtfully provided article chances are she prefers to walk alone in her own graceful style as opposed to holding hands with a giant baby and being dragged along side him.
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  11. Melania really cares.



  12. A good footnote to that jacket would be "neither does Donald" I'll help her paint it on if she has trouble with the spelling.

    My fellow Americans this is what you voted for.

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