MELBOURNE: 23rd January 2010

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Kenji, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. tamphex Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: 23rd January 2010

    "..just watched the video.." Which video? There are several & one does a very good job in explaining the lead up to the incident with Mark Hanna. Hanna made it very clear to me through his choice of words & actions that he was there in entice Aaron Saxton into an incident. Amongst all the gathered Anons, I was the one he approached, knowing true well that I'm a mate of Aaron. I defused the situation before Mark could carry that out.

    There is no quotations about it; it was assault. Feel free by testing the theory out at a crowded shopping center tomorrow. Approach a member of the same sex (or opposite if you really want to get pedantic) , run at them, flapping your arms like wings and try to kiss them. Be sure to create a thread on here with a raid report. Oh and for completeness sake, be sure to have clenched fists and be pulling an aggressive face before hand. What's that you say? The video(s) don't show that? Feel free to fund all members of Sydney Anons, ex-scns, and critics present at our raids to all have cameras in their hands running at all times. Thank fuck the Constable I gave my official statement too noted the change in posture in Hanna/clenched fists. Oh and the same thing being stated by both Aaron and the female protester walking towards Hanna just prior to him doing what he did to Malcom. I hope that fucking suffices to your satisfaction. And it wasn't a police station, it was the Broadway Shopping Center Security room. lrntolistenwhenyouwatchvideo.

    The situation was fueled by adrenaline, shock & disbelief. Some people respond to that well out of their normal character. Perhaps you may have as well; who knows. Either way, yes we can at least agree on this. Shouting commands at the officers would have been preferably left out of the situation.

    Stupid comment is stupid. What was done, was done. And to bring you up to speed on the situation; the charges against Mark Hanna have been dropped as far as the "Police vs Hanna" case is concerned. And no charges will be bought up against myself for my actions either. If he was to pursue them via a civil case, I'd be very surprised as well.
  2. Re: MELBOURNE: 23rd January 2010

    I was not saying in anyway, that what he did wasn't wrong... and I did say "although Asyd were legally right", I was merely saying that it could've been dealt with in a better way...

    I assume you were the one who restrained Mr. Hanna and that I think was very courageous, I myself probably wouldn't have had the guts to do so... but as for the other Anons running after him, swearing and yelling, that's just not necessary and could have got you guys in alot of trouble. Especially when he was taken into the Security Room (not cop-shop, my mistake) and one of the Anons decided to shout asshole followed by an amazingly loud "FUCK"... that my friend is also illegal.

    So apologies if I offended you, maybe I was a little harsh in what I said and was being over critical but the swearing at the end was definitely not right.

    Anonymous Gentleman
  3. tamphex Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: 23rd January 2010

    Yes I was the one who legally restrained Hanna with reasonable force. I'm not sure if it was courageous, I just made a decision and acted on it. As for the Anons you mentioned, I can't speak for them and would never do so. They do however post on WWP on occasion and so if they see this thread I have no doubt that they'll speak for themselves.

    No, no need to apologize; just been coping a fair chunk of flak over it of late and it all becomes much of a muchness after awhile. As much as I would prefer to let people just carry on with their speculations, sometimes you just feel obliged to defend yourself somewhat.
  4. Re: MELBOURNE: 23rd January 2010

    No, fair enough... you have every right to defend your actions. I guess I was just surprised. After having been told about a Scientologist attacking an Anon member, I expected it to have been an attack as apposed to sexual abuse/harassment.

    If you attend AnonVille 2010 I would be willing to apologize in person.

    Anonymous Gentleman
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    Re: MELBOURNE: 23rd January 2010

    Tamph, you've done a really great fucking job over the last couple of years -- so the last thing I'd ever want to do is play armchair quarterback and judge your actions from a couple of videos that lack context.

    NOT judging you... but I do feel like it's fair to judge the videos themselves, and how they'll play with the public at large.

    Frankly, they don't look good for our side. All we get is what looks like a guy being pursued down a street... one of ours running to get in front of him... a brief moment of bizarre behavior on the guy's part (admittedly -- assault by definition), then a headlock and juvenile-sounding taunting from an unseen group.

    Again, not judging you -- but if these couple of videos are all we can present, the hyperbolic-sounding descriptions of what took place are going to fail miserably.

    This isn't a "win" for either side.
  6. Scene Anon Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: 23rd January 2010

    Kenji you should give me some posters as I could put them up around my school, as there are 50+ /b/tards there.

    Also I could bring in around 15-20 of my droogs, if I have time which I do, expect numbers.
  7. Kenji Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: 23rd January 2010

    Awesome, discuss this more in the February thread (Which I'm about to put up)

    As for poster designs, will make some for the March raid, this raid though... not sure we'll be able to do poster[STRIKE]bombs[/STRIKE]runs this month.

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