Melbourne Anonymous takes it up to a new level

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by AnonLikesPickles, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. The wind carried misfortune to Scientology on August 20th, 2011. Melbanon crept out of the woodwork, masks on face and signs in hand and the prospect of lulz keeping them motivated as they made their trolltacular rounds in Melbourne.

    Firstly, we set up at Flinders Street Station, which was crowded with scene kids as usual - we got a visit from some 'celebrity' calling herself Sarah Obscene too.
    Some guy in a bear suit was there also:


    Crowley today sported a creepy transparent mask with eye brows, moustache and lips painted on and began to dispense wisdom via megaphone at Bourke Street Mall. That is until some lady from a store asked him to move. So he did. He moved a whopping three feet away.


    We stayed at Bourke Street for a while, handing out flyers to people, showing our signs, getting free hugs, etc. Some people had to leave the raid because of prior engagements, leaving our group at just six or seven anons - we vowed to troll Scientology hard nonetheless.

    After our job at Bourke Street was complete, we transformed into a tram and rolled out.
    At the Scilon base, Rootsy began snapping pics of us as soon as we stepped off the tram. I hope he got my good side.
    While this was going on, AnonAnon and Crowley began setting up a little surprise for the Scilons. A large banner declaring: "SCIENTOLOGY = POISON" photo:


    The Scientologists were NOT happy at all. Colin strolled out, looking ready to kill. He walked over the road to AnonAnon and declared that things had been "taken to a new level" and that there would be "repurcussions." AnonAnon regailed us with this story, elliciting IRL LOL's from the group.
    Crowley dispensed more wisdom from his megaphone while intermittently blowing on his vuvuzela, annoying the Scilons even moar. :D
    He had the horn confiscated by a slightly biased policewoman unfortunately, but was allowed to keep the banner.
    Afterwards, we got a group photo in front of the banner (which I don't have so hopefully the Anon who took the photo will post it). Much to our surprise, we had accidentally positioned ourselves in front of the sign so perfectly that when read from the other side of the road, the banner said: "SCIENTOLOGY = POO."
    Despite the low turnout, we had a good raid nonetheless.

    Also, you are breathing manually.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Good work, Anon!
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. xenubarb Member

    How is bidness as usual "taking it to the next level?" Repercussions sounds srs! Maybe he's referring to Jan Wendy Meyers Eastgate? Cuz she pulled that in all by herself!
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  5. Chipshotz Member

    Melbanon, nicely done. Looks like a good time.
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  6. AIN Member

    So, scilons are saying we done goofed?
  7. Anonymous Member

    When members of your group left, did you just let them blow?
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  8. MelbAnon Member

    Thought this would be worth the upload... Enjoy pickles.

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  9. Looks like a blast!
  10. Tangerine Member

    Well done.
  11. Cudgel Member

    Of all the places I've ever lived Australia will always hold a special place in my heart, especially Melbourne. It is a beautiful place filled with wonderful people. Good on ya mates!
  12. Anonymous Member

    I kinda like

    = POO
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  13. Win ;D
  14. BLiP Member

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  15. Sponge Member

    I think you'll find it is: SCIENTOOGY

    SCIENT from the Latin word, scientia, which means "to know" and OOGY derived from the ancient geek word, oojamacallit, meaning "thingybobs" or "not a fucking clue".

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