Melbourne April 16th - Approaching the Epicentre

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by SpikeAnonMelbourne, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. We came, we saw, we caused mayhems.

    We arrived and started to set up the tools at Flinders St station. Signs, music, fliers and whatnot. And by whatnot I mean that was the end of the list.

    I had created a new playlist for music. We've been listening to the same stuff for the last god knows how long. The new one was basically the same kind of stuff, just different songs. Everyone seemed to like it, so I think I'll make another for next month. I also created more flavour-speech recordings, the stuff we have playing in between songs. I did it like a radio station, introducing the next songs, giving information about Anonymous and Scientology. Great success, and next month I will be looking into guest speaker(s).

    We moved down to Bourke St, it was very busy that day. Other protest groups and music players filled the street. We went to a new spot out the front of David Jones. Though we had a lot of music/noise surrounding us, when people walked past our speaker, they got in the mood for Anonymous pie. They took well to the fliers, and again, people are recognising us. Not an improvement from last month, but then again, last month was REALLY epic in terms of people recognising us.

    We were dancing our pants off, when a bright-eyed Anon returned to the group with good news! There were Scilons distributing Black PR material about Anonymous. Oh joy of joys!. We sent out anyone who felt like going, which was most of us. I didn't go, but I made sure they were going to be on their best behaviour. When the troops returned with news of a successful mission, I was saddened to hear that some random city-goer thought it would be funny to try and de-mask Yuki. For those of you who haven't met Yuki, she is the most tiny, innocent, meekest Anon among us. Anyone willing to lay hands on her deserved more than what he got. Luckily, Angry-Chan was there show the assailant what for. He told me he didn't do anything naughty, which is very honorable of him. Buy him a beer the next time you guys can.

    But back to the Scilons. Turns out one of them was *drum rollllllllllllllllllllllllllll* that friendly Scientologist who always has a chat with us. I fucking called that shit. He's a cock-bite, a dick-weed and a two-faced liar. I knew it, he's either being paid by the Scilons to be cock who tries to make us second guess ourselves, or he's a Scilon and he's doing it to get the honor of being able to give Hubbard's corpse a blowjob. Oh he said he was just a guy with a song in his heart, but he was trying to break us from the start in any way he can. I had him pegged from the moment I saw him. And here we are, all that stuff he said was just a farce.

    Next up, we moved down to Ascott Vale. The Scilons were there trying to record us doing something stupid. Too bad Crowley (I cannot explain how epic Crowley is) was just yelling in his face through a megaphone. We rocked up to the church playing Devil's Dance Floor, I was singing my head off and dancing with the speaker in hand, making sure I sung extra loudly for the camera-scilons. They called the cops (naturally) to come down. When they arrived, they had a chat with us, and Rootsy was just pacing around, waiting for the cops to hear his side of the story, obviously perturbed being made to wait by Anons. Throughout all this, Crowley was still yelling Anti-Scilon chants. Rootsy couldn't handle this. He turned to Crowley and yelled "Stop pointing that megaphone in my face!!!" Crowley paused with the comedic timing of a master, and yelled through his megaphone at point blank range "GET YOUR FACE OUT OF MY MEGAPHONE!"

    Rootsy didn't like this. Not. One. Bit. He went to pretty much kill Crowley with a single blow, but had to hold back and simply went in for a violent push. Nothing too drastic, but he did it right in front of the cops for fuck sake. As this happened, I just saw an officer just traipse over non-chalantly and took Rootsy aside. We got everything on film, so Anons, REALLY try to upload that stuff. I know I ask you to do that every month, but this month was gold.

    Later on, the cops came back, and got us to move to the other side of the road. Presumably because the Scilons were calling 000 too much or something, and they wanted them to shut the hell up. It wasn't much of a big deal, we had already had our fun. I left early from everyone else, but I don't suspect much would've happened after I left. Correct me if I'm wrong Melbanon.

    Scientology know that the Tax Amendment is fast approaching, Nick Xenophon has been stroking his extra large dildo in anticipation in one of the greatest butt-fucks ever to grace our country in the future. They aren't happy with anything right now, and they need a punching bag. Anonymous is an easy target for them. We have no lawyers on tap, no PR team, no media coverage 24/7. They are going to strike us at every opportunity until they are snuffed out. And even then, I would hazard a guess that that wouldn't stop them. Be vigilant, be careful, bait wherever you can, but don't ever strike. Keep your coolfaces on, turn those bad boys up to industrial strength. We are approaching the epicenter gentlemen, D-Day is coming. Are you ready for it?

    Video of Crowley being Epic

    UPDATE #2 - Photo album

    As you can see, Crowley clearly didn't get touched. Let this be a reminder, though we are all hyped up on sugar and would gladly swear to god that Crowley was assaulted (like me, totally thought he was hit), the camera never lies. Still, it doesn't make Rootsy's reaction any less EPIC.
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  2. aoichan Member

    That random was a fucking pussy. He tried getting cute when I caught him, but when I collared him, he gave Yuki's mask back, sharpish.
    I was hoping he'd give me an excuse to hit him, though.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Fair go Oz Anons - sounds like a blast - great to hear of Scilons losing temper and committing crimes in front of cops.

    Enturbulation works and it helps people.
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  4. Kenji Member

    "Rootsy" as you call him almost punched Crowley, the cops saw, and ignored it.
    AsianCameraScilon also kept pushing at Crowley.

    Seems they're really hating Crowley.

    Makes me love Crowley more.
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  5. xenubarb Member

    Well done, Au! You're one of the hot spots right now; Quebec being the other thanks to David Love. No wonder your clams are snappin!
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  6. tippytoe Member

    Can't wait for the videos!
  7. Updated with a video!
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  8. Anonymous Member

    So much win.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I am so sure it was just a random city-goer and not a Scientologist.
    Because Scientologists are NEVER told to look for the seemingly weakest link in a band of critics, and attempt to strike an effective blow which would make that critic PTS to the rest, and expose the entire critic racket for the thugs they are.

    Never. That would be severely out-ethic, and LRH would never condone such asshattery.
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  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    Nice raid, loling at Rootsy being a dumbass bully tard
  12. Thankx for the report, Spike.

    I <3 Melbanons.

    Only downer was the 'tard who tried to de-mask Uki - that sucks.

    Glad to see the cultists have kept their "TRs in" so well - "Get your face out of my megaphone" has to be the quote of the month :D
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  13. cobaltite Member

    Rabbit Ears here. After you had gone, there wasn't too much significant to note. AsianCameraScilon kept videoing us from across the road, though.
    We had the delishus marblecake at postraid, and all were joyous.

    Oh right, there is something to note. These black PR flyers were not the standard ones, black and white and printed on paper. Oh no. These were new full color ones, attempting to directly strike at Melbanon, made with paper that doesn't die when wet. Also I think they had very little mention of Scientology, and linked to 4chan archives and partyvan. If someone can scan and upload so people can see, that would be great. These wouldn't have been cheap to make.
  14. Zhent Member

    Yes, please provide scans, this could be quite useful.
  15. Not really scans, but here you go:



    And one of the guys handing them out:

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  16. xenubarb Member

    I thought we spread lulz and fear...amidoinitrong?
  17. Those flyers are so, so lame. Typical Cult creativity.

    All they will do is attract more people to the cause. And waste paper.
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  18. Thing is though, Scientology's reputation is forever tainted to the point that a little black propaganda won't do much - as was told to us by some friendly passers-by who'd received Scilon flyers.
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  19. I know, right? That glossy, high GSM paper costs a fortune to mass produce, and Scientology has always been about sinking all their money into stupid stuff (see new church, celebrity appearances, paying the mayor to come down (lets not beat around the bush, he either did it for votes, money or both)).

    The best part is, they simply can't give out fliers as fast as any one of our protesters. I could out-flier Rootsy AND Spooge-bag (that nice, friendly Scilon who always tries to have a nice chat with us and get us to second guess ourselves from this day forth I will refer to as Spooge-bag) simply because they have no happiness, nothing nice to say. They are spreading a message of hatred and revenge and it all comes out in their body language, they way they walk around the city aimlessly, circling our protest because if nothing else, they want the attention from us to make them feel like they are making a difference. The public doesn't respond to this because they can feel it. They don't have to hear them, see them, talk to them, they've already made up their mind whether they're going to take the flier or not.

    The best I could see them do was walking directly into someone's path, and get in their way until they take the flier and run off before they question them.

    Meanwhile, we are eating subway, cakes, dancing to some 90's and classical rock, having quite the to-do, I stand in our designated area purposefully, I see someone who isn't trying to walk across the road to avoid us and I ask them politely if they'd like something to read. Maybe they take it, maybe they already have one, maybe they're not interested. Either way, I always tell them "Have a nice day" and leave them to their own devices. And the public responds to this body language and attitude, I'm not handing out anger or hate or vengeance, I'm just here to spread the word.
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  20. COREarg Member

    ^ I think I love you.
    Here,let me give you my sons and daughters.

    From left to right: Pow Pow, Cocky, Slappy, Bunker jr, Magoo, Trolly, Meme and Lulzy
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  21. aoichan Member

    AsianCameraSciFag was a laugh though, because before we got moved across the road, several of us (in the most camp voices we could manage) kept telling him "Make sure you get our best side." While doing the worst possible "model" poses.
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  22. xenubarb Member

    That is as it should be. Always strike a pose for the Scilon cameras. We make stuff look gooooood!
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Wait I wasn't smiling!
  24. xenubarb Member

    You guys put the epic in epicenter!
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  25. That's the coolest thing I've ever heard.
    Take an internet.
  26. AnonymAce Member

    OMFG!!!!! I was just out at a restaurant... I look left and BAM!
    There he his, eating with his family. He was with two woman and a teenage boy.
    I took a video without him knowing...
    Will upload it to the Melbanon Facebook Page... OMFG!!!!
    What are the odds!!!?!??!?!?!?
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  27. Updated with photo album link in OP!

    Also AnonymAce: Thats epic, uploads plz kthnxbai
  28. Anonymous Member

    Well done Ausanons - Looking forward to hearing about the Huge Party you guys will throw when the scientology cult's charity status gets revoked in Australia courtesy of Nick Xenphon!
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  29. Annotate Member

    Alas, no longer in Melbourne in person, but I'm with you in spirit. Hugs, rainbows and pastel coloured unicorns being blown your way right now.
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  30. JohnnyRUClear Member


    I could see this on T-shirts, along with [in]appropriate artwork. Alternatively, it would make a right snappy album title.
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  31. I do hope Crowley gets a t-shirt with that slogan on it ;o
  32. AnonymAce Member

    I have upload that video of the Scilon to the Facebook Melbanon page.
    Check it out...

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