Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

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  1. Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

    (pictures used in this post-game report were taken by Crazy Faze and are therefore his property... so please don't sue for using them here <_< )

    Before the actual raid began, a few of us met up in Melbourne Central for a pre-raid gathering, as is customary for some.
    Myself, X-Anon, Angry-chan, Mr. H and Sentinel showed up to this, where we talked a little before semi-trolling the public by masking up and stepping onto a train bound for Flinder's Street. We got more than a few odd looks - some of them looked almost fearful while others looked bemused and the rest seemed mildly interested in the fact that 5 people in masks had boarded the train talking loudly.

    We were also informed that poor nex had gotten a spot of food poisoning and could not attend the raid. Nonetheless, the raid pressed on. More people began arriving and they too masked up and we got to handing out fliers and getting petitions signed whilst also putting some new signs to good use.


    Unfortunately, Kip couldn't be at the raid as well, and were thus deprived of his awesomeness and his music system, but we were able to use Angry-chan's amp to good effect to compensate.
    After Flinder's Street, we moved on to Bourke Street, where we began handing out moar fliers and getting our petitions signed by the public.
    The removal of Scientology's tax exempt status was a highly popular notion. So popular was it that even L. Ron Hubbard came back from the dead and signed it:


    Mary, Melbourne's resident OSA agent was also stalking us, frowning as usual and watching from afar:


    We got some footage of her knocking Kenji slightly with her walking stick, with Crazy Faze challenging her - not sure if it'll be posted up here, which would be a shame as it's quite lulzy.
    A sign was also made hastily when Mary moved closer. It was a rough depiction of her, hunchbacked, with a caption saying "SCIENTOLOGY DID THIS TO ME" with her drawn self saying "I'm only 32 years old!" via speech bubble.
    Mary saw the sign and left very quickly, and much lulz was had. Again, I'm hoping the picture is put up for anyone reading this to see, it was quite funny.

    When we hit the Org, we found that a large group of Scilons were busy ferrying boxes of Dianetics books from multiple cars into the Org. Some of them wore shirts like this:


    As I was on the Org's side of the street with Mr. H and (I think) X-Anon or Sentinel, I saw a strange figure approaching the group. He was in a black suit, which looked as though it had recently been dry cleaned to perfection. When I saw the Guy Fawkes mask over his face I knew something great was about to happen.
    But who was the masked individual? It was the awesome Paul Schofield of course, dressed as a Scientology minister - he even had a necklace with the Co$ cross on it and the white collar thing to complete the look of a Scilon minister.
    Paul did this because he had recently checked the Attorney-General's site and found he was STILL listed as a Scientology minister, despite leaving the cult many years before this raid.


    He delivered an epic speech as per usual. His theme this month was the hypocrisy of the Scientology creed about treating people with respect and letting their members speak freely, whether it be praise or criticism.

    Kenji got the speechery on video, so I hope it's placed up here soon, as it was a very great moment to behold.
    Kenji got really fired up as well - no doubt he was still very much angry about being assaulted a week ago, which is understandable. I'm not sure what time the raid finished, but it was dark outside when the group bade each other goodbye and left.
    Mr H., Crazy, X-Anon and I went to McDonalds for something to drink. We decided to go in masked up, which caused a drunk and rather fat Asian guy to lunge at X-Anon telling him he'd rip his mask off - then the drunk noticed three other masked individuals moving towards him and decided to back off, although he did lunge at Crazy as we headed up stairs.

    We also had two people following the protest group at different points as well.
    The first was a girl who seemed interested in what we were doing and provided was asking how we knew Scientology committed fraud and whatnot - I happily provided her with the knowledge of the court case in France which saw the cult charged with organised fraud and as well as the Lisa McPhearson case.
    She decided that the Anon group would be her "art project" and followed the group, asking questions about the protest and Anonymous in general, writing little notes on her pad, which got a few Anons believing she was a Scilon. She disappeared soon after we reached Bourke Street.

    The second of our little followers wasn't as pleasant as the "Art Project" girl.
    This guy was either sky-fucking-high on some drug or just a damn idiot. Myself, Sentinel and Mr. H were busy walking down Bourke Street back to the protest group when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started badgering me with questions like "Where d'you live, how're you organised, what's your name" etc. and also stating that he thinks we should get paid by psychs for doing what we're doing. This got me a little suspicious of his intentions.
    He too disappeared soon after myself, Sentinel and Mr. H rejoined the rest of our protest group.

    All in all, it was a fun raid, despite the heat and the sudden darkness creeping over the group.

    Next week is a meme-rave street party out the front of the Org - we have acquired meme music for this occasion. ;3
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

    Looks lulzy - want to see the videos.:D
  3. AmandaT21 Member

    Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

    Is it just me or does the slogan on those shirts seem real half assed? Or has Scientology decided to pull back the charade a little and are just targeting people who are stupid enough to obey orders written on t-shirts?
    Kenji ripping into the scientologists and Paul in his ministers uniform was awesome. Also can't help but feel real sorry for Mary, you wonder how often she gets to see her family these days with the melbourne org being so deserted.
  4. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

    Great raid report, Pickles. Love the pic of Scooter.
  5. grebe Member

    Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

  6. Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

    Mary, Mary quite contrary. So this is the [STRIKE]new [/STRIKE] old face of OSA? In the 70s they were regarded as a formidable intelligence service. What happened?

    Great raid guys. Hope to see your vids soon.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

  8. xenubarb Member

    Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

    LOL! Great cartoon!

    Well done, long does it take to get to Australia on a tramp steamer? I so want to raid with you!
  9. Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

    Hopefully more raid photos are up soon, as well as the video of Paul delivering his epic speech ;D
  10. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

    Gotta get the video off SirAnon and the mp3 of the speeches from Sibbo (who seems to now be our technical femanon) :3

    I'm glad no one filmed me.. I may have been enturbulating the fuck out of them, even reciting the Xenu story... and people may have clapped me, but... I'm sure I looked ridiculous. >_> (or maybe that's just shyness)
  11. xamarl Member

    Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

    i have the vid of mary smacking kenji with her cane.
    ive got a bunch of pics.

    @kenji: epicspeacheswereepic.
  12. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

    well.. TRYING to smack me with the cane. She always misses :3 bad eyesight caused by years of staring at bullshit.

    Aw thanks.

    upload the pics to or something, and post them here.
    once I can get the melbanon gallery working again we can put them there...

    *is sad his camera was out of commission this raid, or he'd have had lots of photos*
    *is a snap happy camera dude*
  13. xamarl Member

    Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

    well i probably wont be uploading for quite a while as...well im lazy.
  14. BigBeard Member

    Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

    So last time there was actual assault, and now Mary with attempted assault caught on video?

    My, my, whatever happened to all that control over MEST all those Homo Novus OT's are supposed to have??

    As certain OG were found of chanting at raids, "If there was one real OT in $cientology, we wouldn't be here."

    But we are...Think on that one OSA board monitors.

  15. Sponge Member

    Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame

    Maybe Kenji is afflicted with some sort of subconcious aura at raids, which says "abuse me". ;)

    The old woman with stick is sad and pathetic. What an advert for the cult.
  16. manly man Member

    Re: Melbourne - April 17th 2010 Postgame


    Keep up the funtawstik werk.

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