Melbourne: December 19th Protest

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Kenji, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Kenji Member

    Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    After the awesome, awesome, awesome raid here in November where epic ex-scientologist Paul Schofield showed up, we will be continuing the fight once more.

    Our last raid was perhaps the most successful raid we have had in a hell of a long time, perhaps even (if i dare say so myself), EVER!
    Thanks to the organisers, the many awesome anons who took the time to raid, and ESPECIALLY the ex-scientologists we had come along and help out.

    So put on your party hats, and get ready to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT.

    The Details
    Date: 19th of December, 2009
    Time: 12.00 onwards.
    Location: Meeting at Flinders Street Station steps at 12, to prepare and start at 12.30

    The Specifics
    THE RAID (additions, removals, modifications will be done if needed)
    • 12:00pm Set up at Flinders St Station
    • Officially starts at roughly 12.30 (to give people time to arrive)
    • Step off at around 1:00pm
    • Bourke St Mall
    • State Library
    • Org (Crn Russell St & Flinders Ln)


    • 11 outside Krispy Kreme at Melbourne Central. (YES, MELBOURNE CENTRAL)

    • Water (A dehydrated anon is not a productive anon)
    • Fliers (Cannot get the word across as well without our fliers!)
    • Be Appropriated Dressed (December = Hot Weather!)
    • Comfortable Shoes (you'll be walking/standing for hours, so you want sensible shoes)
    • Mask (to both hide from Scientologists and to keep the anonymous image)
    • A Smile and a Positive Attitude (We need to be friendly to the public, police officers, and Scientologists, this is a PEACEFUL protest)

    Can be found on the melbanon forums
    If you wish to design your own, please post the fliers on the site so they can be approved :3

    If you wish to be reminded about the raid, we have set up an 'Anontext' system, you will be given an sms reminder a day before the raid, and the day OF the raid, and perhaps even a week before, to help you prepare and remember.
    If you need a wake up call on the day of the raid, we can do that too!

    For information on that, please see the Anontext thread on the melbanon forums or contact nex

    if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact myself, or one of the other melbanon organisers. (nex, stroyer, siranon)

    As Paul Schofield said, "I wish you a merry Christmas and a cult-free new year"

    Official Planning: Melbourne Anonymous Forums
    Melbourne Anonymous: Melbourne Anonymous Home
    Melbourne Anonymous Chat Room: IRC Chat
  2. Re: Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    Booking it in, my friend.

    Might just wear a santa hat for this one - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with all that's happened these last few weeks. :)
  3. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    Yay! I was thinking of donning a santa hat meself!

    Afterall, anonymous is a hat-group. :)

    Oh and thanks for the cross-post Kenji. :D

    I'll be there with jingle-bells on.
  4. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    Looking forward to seeing you again there. You think it'd be a good idea to focus on the how the cult destroys families, and how this christmas, scientologists who have been disconnected from families, etc, should reconnect? :)

    El Diablo;
    Why, yes, yes we are. *puts on his party hat* :3 if you're not there with actual bells on, looking all christmasy, I will be disapointed! =[!
    And no problems :3

    Also, nex is the permit holder for this one, so I'll be able to focus on flyering, and talking to the public more this time :3

    It'd be great if we had more ex scientologists coming along, or family members of people who have been disconnected from those who work at the melbourne org.
  5. Re: Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    Will put the word around to see who I can scare up in the way of ex-scilons.

    Have a few ideas for some signs specifically for the staff inside - will chat privately with you when I get a chance about these (no use giving OSA a free heads-up :D)

    Should be an awesome saturday.
  6. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    Oooh ooh! 'tis one of my favorite things painting signs. :)

    So, yeppers, lemmie know what and I'll signage it up. :)
  7. Hunter Member

    Re: Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    I might come to this one properly. I already posted this in the other thread but it's probably more suitable here:

    'I was there, sort of. A friend and I watched a bit from the sidelines and followed you guys around somewhat. We were going to be in the city so we decided to check it out.

    We circled the growing numbers around Krispy Kreme, had a coffee across from you, went and bought a video game, then went to the Flinders St steps. We hung around for a bit and when the two police were talking to that guy, we came up and stood behind them to catch the conversation.

    We observed the guy who was talking to them make a ninja exit by jumping over a pole, and finally got too hungry to stick around and had lunch.

    I think a couple of you may have noticed us. My friend was in a Superman tshirt. Sorry we didn't contribute, we already had plans.'

    So how did it go once you guys left the Flinders St steps?
  8. Kenji Member

  9. Re: Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    I might wear my epic Nightmare Before Christmas hat to this December raid.

    It kinda has something to do with Christmas ;P

    Besides, us raiding them is a nightmare for them anyway. I think the hat would be somewhat fitting.
  10. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    Hey everyone,
    We'll be having a few more ex-Scientologists coming this time - and that will really help make the raid even more epic than the last ones.

    As this is the last protest of 2009, we have to make this one a raid to remember! So be sure to do as much as you can to help get more people to come, and please research into the current issues and makes sure you know what to say to people if they ask you questions (as they WILL ask you questions)
  11. Crazyfaze Member

    Re: Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    You give a fuck bout age?
  12. Crazyfaze Member

    Re: Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    If not, i can get a bit of people
  13. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    All ages welcome!

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