Melbourne February 12th- Unhappy Valentines

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by SpikeAnonMelbourne, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. tl;dr Good protest, gave out around 1000 fliers, trammed down to Ascot Vale, asked to move along by Police within 10 minutes.

    So, 'twas a nice day. A rousing 20ÂșC, a fair breeze, and we had a nice turnout. Nothing groundbreaking, but we had plenty of regulars and lots of new faces.

    We kicked off for Bourke St at 1:30, and I liked it much better that way. Flinders St station just isn't very receptive to our fliers, why waste dead time there? Bourke St freakin' loved us today, and I'm not overstating this.

    We had no shortage of people asking for photos, we gave out about 1000 fliers, we keep hearing people say "keep up the good work". They know who we are, and they know what we stand for. That's a gold star in my books. Hell, even after we'd finished raiding, and we were just chilling, a lady walked up to me while I had my Green Face off, and said "Are you the Green Man?!" I know my hands were green, but it'd take a bit of popularity to connect those dots.

    I mean christ, I think we're moving into indie popularity here. ANYHOW, everyone handed out fliers like a boss and needs to give themselves a pat on the back.

    We took the tram up to Ascot Vale, the new controversial headquarters for Scientology. We had stepped out of the tram, and I'd held up everyone for some housekeeping, when someone pointed out the Scilon taping us from behind. We turned, started dancing, chanting, blocking our faces with our Troll-signs, and we moved up to the Church itself. Anyhow, we set up shop, and the cops rock up and pretty much decide on the spot that we had to go.

    Now, these guys were dicks, there's no doubt about that. They caught us on a pretty small screw up (we were KINDA blocking the sidewalk, and some of our guys stepped onto their driveway, I didn't see that) and really slammed us for it. The way it usually goes down, they rocked up, gave us a run down of things we had to fix or else it's our butts on the line, and we say good day and get back into it. These guys, unused to us, or the constant phone calls they're going to get from Scientology in the future, had a pretty low tolerance for sidewalk abuses.

    So we left, went back into the city and ate our own weight in cake.
    Now, I'm pretty disapointed with how the Police handled the situation today, but I'm even A LOT more disapointed with Anonymous today. C'mon guys, it's the freakin' sidewalk deal AGAIN! How can you guys screw up on this again, the Police have lectured us TO DEATH about this in the city, I laid out the chalk boundries SPECIFICALLY so no one on earth could call us up on this, what the hell happened to you guys? You're better than this, christ, you've DONE better than this, I'VE SEEN IT! It was...beautiful.

    You don't get to go backwards guys, that's not how it works. You get better at this stuff after practice, that's generally how it goes. Now, as I said before, we had some new Anons. Now, I didn't see who did what exactly, but lets just pretend that it was the Newbies for arguement's sake. Where were the old fags? The regulars? You guys have done this tango before. You give the new guys a kick, heck, give your fellow old fags a kick if they step over the line. You guys know how it works, we rock up, cause a coolface riot, cops rock up, they look at us acting like law-abiding cherubs (like we always do) and say to Scientology "Well, fuck, they aren't doing anything wrong and you've wasted our valuable time. Don't call again kthnxbai", hours of dancing, End Raid.

    Alright guys, you've heard about raids getting ended upon blocking the sidewalk and stepping onto the road (yeah that's right, driveways count as the road too), you've been warned about it before, now you've seen it. Now, don't bloody do it again, I expect the best from you guys and I always get it from you guys.
    /rantend Sorry guys, it had to be said.
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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    (Rather) well done.
  3. xenubarb Member

    You did not mention whether or not you'd contacted the new PD office beforehand. FFS, you know what goes on! Take them some past raid reports and let them know what the situation is. Expecting a first encounter to go well without preemptive courtesy calls is sort of hanging it out there to see which way it jumps. Rapport with your cops is never a bad idea.
  4. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    If you let the police know your plans ahead of time does that help?
  5. Anonymous Member

    I appreciate the rant. But don't let it take away from the wins of the day.

    Keep enjoying it, Melbourne.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Sponge Member

    So they didn't actually charge you with any crime related to blocking the sidewak, stepping in a street(driveway) but ended your protest and told you to go away because they thought you would be incapable of not doing that again?

    What steps can you take to prevent these retards doing that to your protests in future?
  8. Kenji Member

    We did let the police know in advance, they simply didn't care and called it an "unlawful gathering" and said we were "breaching the peace" as the Church didn't want us there.
  9. thefatman Member

    The Church will never want you there, don't fucking doubt that.

    It's not unlawful, the Australian Constitution gives us the right to freedom of political communication. As the gathering is an "apparently legitimate demonstration or protest" it cannot be considered unlawful under said law. State/Local law is irrelevant as the Constitution overrides it.

    As for asshole cops, ask for their identification and once they provide that (if they refuse, refuse to speak with them until they do - it's verification they're legit and that you can file an official complaint if required), if they are still assholes, ask to speak to a senior officer. If you're getting a Constable being a dick, it doesn't hurt to go above his head.
  10. Sponge Member

    I think your Premier, who voiced his concerns about the cult at the time of the opening event, may be disgusted to learn that legitimate protesters have been moved on by police.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Most disturbing to hear about police faggotry, this sort of thing needs to be stamped out ASAP.

    The new Ideal Org has to get protested properly!
  12. Anonymous Member

    also!!! a brief speech given by Epic at this protest

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