MELBOURNE: June 19th

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Kenji, May 19, 2010.

  1. Kenji Member

    MELBOURNE: June 19th

    Hello everyone! Many MANY thanks to everyone who made it to the last protest. It was the biggest, most energetic anti-scientology protest Melbourne has seen for so long.
    The air was electric! The wins were amazing! We must top that.

    We've decided that June 19th will be the best bet for our next raid, as the 12th is the Queens Birthday Weekend, and we want you all to have a nice time relaxing over said break. :)
    So come the 19th of June, Melbourne Anonymous will storm the trenches of Scientology and make the earth quake! We will continue the streak of wins.

    Melbourne Anonymous - JUNE RAID

    • DATE: 19th June 2010
      TIME: 12.30 - 7:30pm (est. end time)

      Meeting At: Flinders Street Steps at 12.00 - 12.30
      Beginning At: 1pm!


    • 12.30 - 2.00 :: Flinders Street Station
      02.00 - 3.30 :: Bourke Street Mall
      03.30 - 4.00 :: State Library (lunch break for those who need it, though some will continue protesting)
      04.00 - 7.30 :: The Church of Scientology (Speeches, Music, Dancing, GENERAL WINS)

    What would a raid be without our pre-raid coffee? This is a chance for those who are new to ask any questions they have, for ideas to be put forth, and for you to have a nice needed dose of caffeine.

    • WHERE:Krispy Kreme, Melbourne Central.
      TIME:: 11.00am

    The Event Marshals are those people who have been given the role of making sure things continue to run smoothly, and on time. To make sure we get from point A to point B in the allotted time. They are not IN CHARGE of the event (no one is). Consider them to be guides and helpers.
    Any questions should be directed at them. Any complaints should be directed at them.

    • AngryChan
    • AmandaT21
    • Kenji
    • SirAnon

    FACEBOOK EVENT: Facebook Events: Melbourne Anti-Scientology Protest (JUNE EDITION)

  2. Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    Let's go for yet another epic raid.
  3. Zhent Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    Do you have any plans to raid the Maiden Voyage anniversary event?
  4. Kenji Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    Send us information please. :3
  5. Kenji Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    The number on the facebook event has risen .. ALOT. We've gotten more people saying they're coming than we did last month and we have just under a month until the protest!

    damn, this is going to be one huge raid ^_^
  6. Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    Hopefully it will be as massive (or even bigger) as the last one ;o Keep up the advertising campaign and we might get back to original numbers >_> Emphasis on might though. It's never good to be 100% sure on anything ;P
  7. Kenji Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    Would be awesome if EVERYONE coming/maybe coming/even declined invited everyone they know in melbourne.
    So pickles, DO IT NAO KTHX :3
  8. aoichan Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    What could also help is that we try and get people motivated from not only facebook, but from here as well. I've been told that we've missed quite a few people from here Kenji.
  9. Kenji Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    Oh, but of course!

    We need people from everywhere; facebook, WWP, ESMB, otherplaceswhichIcurrentlycannotthinkofbecauseimtired, etc.


    Ok how's this for motivation;

    For those who thought last month was big, the numbers we have confirmed now is almost twice the amount of people we had confirmed last month. And last month was epically huge.
    So... just imagine this for a second. Oh, and the numbers are steadily rising too.
  10. Zhent Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    Thats insane. I don't know how you've done it, but god damn you have DONE IT. Melbourne anonymous has truly entered a chanology renaissance! I honestly can't imagine 100 people at a Sydney protest anymore, something like that would just blow my mind.

    Now, make sure to keep things running smoothly and don't fall for the same problems of the glory days of chanology (first half 2008).
  11. thefatman Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    It can still happen. But not if we have that attitude :(

    We should follow in MelbAnon's footsteps (something I've been saying since I went there but "oh no, dey iz lederfagginz it up" according to some) and get off our arses and do some recruiting. Hell, Facebook of all things is getting them people.
  12. Kenji Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    lol @ those people.

    Basically the way it should be seen is this:

    If Melbourne does something which works and Sydney likes it; do it.
    If Sydney does something which works and Melbourne likes it; do it.

    We're meant to be working together to fight Scientology, infighting in any sense is counter productive.

    Also, the number of maybe's are almost 200, and the amount of those coming... well.. >: D secret, but over 100 :p
  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

  14. Kenji Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    This Saturday guys!! :D
    So many people going it brings tears to my eyes *happytears*
  15. AnotherSock Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    Have a great protest, Melbourne. The world is watching, and there is clear potential for an internationally massive win.

    Get the cult to fail the public benefit test in Xenophon's inquiry and you don't just cost them money in Australia... you wreck their business model all over the commonwealth. Seeing Stain Hill put up for sale would be lulzy...
  16. Kenji Member

    Re: MELBOURNE: June 19th

    Thank you Sock! :D
    God I hope that happens!

    Tomorrow looks like it's going to be one big, awesome day :D
    *excited and nervous*
  17. Anonymous Member

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