Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

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  1. Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    So here we are, Melbourne Anonymous' October Halloween Raid!
    Did you all miss me? Did you count the days 'til we were to speak again?
    We had a great day today! Lotsa new people, nice costumes, good turn out. Very good day today!

    Costumes Aplenty
    So the day started with me getting all dressed up in my Oldfag Anonymous costume, leaving on a train and promptly taking one back because I forgot Flap-Jack the Mudkip and was NOT going to forget him this time!

    I arrived at Flinders Street Station too late to be at the Pre-Raid Coffee at Krispee Cream, but happy to see lots of people dressed up. We had some in ghoulish masks, Kip dressed as himself because lets face it, nothing scares Scilons more than our most powerful symbol. Kenji wore his formal Gas Mask (mostly),we had our lovely goth friends dressed up as goths, not really costumes, but they look lovely anyhow. We even had a Left 4 Dead Hunter! It was great, I punched the poor thing a couple of times, but I eventually snapped out of the muscle memory.

    I gave a bunch of the new Anons a run down of how we operate and set them off, we started not as early as we would of liked because our signs and music turned up late, but they got here in the end and were assembled very quickly, much quicker and better than I've seen them lately. The public at Flinders St were very receptive to the fliers and there was quite a few less fag-itus around to annoy us. I was almost sad to have to leave. But it could only mean that Bourke St Mall was going to be even better.[/SPOILER]

    Costumes Aplenty II, the Sequalastic Experience
    [SPOILER]And it was! Many a flier were spread to the public, had a few chin-wags with people interested in us and quite a few photos were taken of me and the Hunter. I mean, c'mon, who's going to resist the cuteness of Flap-Jack and threats to pounce on their chest and devour their neck? Pizza was nice also. I'm finding that people are more receptive to costumes that AREN'T Guy Fawkes related. My Old Anon costume was kinda neutral, and everyone knows what a zombie is. Heck, I even got compliments! It must be my debonaire charms kicking in, or the sweet suit.

    So we moved on earlier than usual, I think we got bored with Bourke St. We rocked up to the Church of Fagology to the badass-ing tunes of Dropkick Murphys' "Shipping up to Boston", which I picked thanks, and it was pretty a pretty bad ass moment.[/SPOILER]

    [SPOILER]Sadly, it went downhill from there. We marked our chalk to make the path for the public, and it worked mostly well. Although some of the new guys (and old guys strangely) wern't really abiding by it for some reason and I had to tell them more times than I wish I had to. But they'll get better with practice hopefully.

    Also, I made the decision to let us stand on the Church side of the road this time around. We were told by police not to a few protests ago, but I decided to allow it this time because A) not everything the Police say has force of law, B) we did it out of courtesy and C) I could take the blame saying it was under my disgression and fix it pretty simply. Unfortunately for us, the Scilons were taking a more agressive stance also. A scifag that we don't really like went to take photos of us. He's such a cock, you can just tell he's going to be a dick. Anyhow, we were at first posing for the photos, I mean, I'd done it so many times today already, and Kenji had asked the Scilon to stop taking photos of us. He continued which impinged on our Right to Privacy. Kenji told him to stop again, to which Scilon did not comply with. Kenji proceeded to hold him under Citizen's Arrest, telling for us to call the Police. So the guy struggled and struggled saying we were assaulting him all that jazz. As long as we had a reason to hold his arm, and didn't use force that was in excess to stop him, we were fine. It would've been ok if we didn't have a whole group of Anons trying to peel Kenji off the Scilon.[/SPOILER]

    Divide and Conquer
    [SPOILER]The whole situation, there was just chaos amongst Anons. We had a good few people trying to stop Kenji's citizen's arrest, some Anons yelling at us to stop, Anons on the other side of the road going mental. None of it was helping.

    He just kept spewing junk about assault this and assault that, when he (ironically I think) assaulted Kenji. I didn't see specifically what happened, but I saw a scuffle. I know Kenji had done Citizen's arrests before and I know he wouldn't do one without a good reason, so I knew he was in the right.

    I can only imagine what could've happened if our little fire-brand Anons could've calmed down and understood the situation. I mean, the Scilon wouldn't have flipped out so violently if everyone let Kenji hold him and not surround the guy and let him go off like a poor cornered animal. We would've been able to hand him over to the police and let them decide who was in the right. In the end, I had to calm them down, not quickly enough before the Scilon got away. I had tried reasoning with them, signalling them that it was all OK, crossing the road(leaving Kenji alone to fend for himself) to tell them to be calm. But sadly it had all reduced to a yelling fight. Too bad for them I yell the loudest. I can't quite remeber the words I used, along the lines of "QUIET DOWN, WE ARE TRYING TO FUCKING WORK", I know my little outburst wAs recorded on camera, maybe the recorder can provide a quote or something. Anyway, I didn't like what I did, but it worked marvellously. I got some dirty looks, but they all calmed down nicely.[/SPOILER]

    The Aftermath
    [SPOILER]He eventually got away, which was sad because it probably made us look stupid when the police did show up. So the cops came hearing about a "40 person brawl", which I assured them myself that there was no such thing. So they talked to Kenji, our Anon who called the police, Sir (our permit holder), an Anon witness and myself, making sure I made clear I didn't see exactly what happened when it turned sour, but was sure Kenji would do no such thing without a very valid reason.

    I went on to explain that we do this every month, we have a great track record with police and being law abiding and angry Scilons and dealing with false accusations were just a day at the office for us.

    So our caller gave us the run down. Kenji was asked to move on from the area, as was the Scilon. There were no charges at that time and the protest could continue, mainly because they found our story to be very straight up and down. Slightly also due to the fact that the Scilon made a story that "didn't add up". These guys, if we give Scilons enough rope, they'll hang themselves.

    Later on, we had an update. Kenji had done...something, I'm not quite sure what. I think it was an arguement with the police after he'd been told to move. His situation had escalated to from I heard before to leave and be observed leaving by police. So we packed up after some poses at the Churches doors, and went to see our buddy Kenji off. He showed me his amended gift from the police, he was charged with Assault, with the comment "against a church member" (lulz, "church"). I was sad to see that, but from what I gathered, Kenji got choked by the guy. So Kenji got away with Assault, and the Scilon most likely got Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.[/SPOILER]

    [SPOILER]So, we closed shop early, but we made some waves. Waves that could've been avoided, or better put to use, but waves nonetheless. Hopefully, our Anons will try to remember who's side they are on before they jump in and try to help a law-breaking Scilon. And hopefully we won't all reduce down to ANOTHER yelling fight. I mean, there's no reason we can't be civil, is there?

    What am I saying? We are FUCKING ANONYMOUS LOL. But seriously, no more hero-fags, you guys wern't nearly as helpful as I'd liked you to have been. I'll chalk this all up to a learning experience, but I expect nothing but excellence from you guys next raid.[/SPOILER]
  2. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Thanx Spike - just make sure you keep your vid of today's events safe for later use - like charges against the scilon and to counter any shit thrown by the cult at Kenji.

    Suggest you (and all other Melanons) write down everything that happened with that incident now (or at least soon :D) while it's still fresh so that it's available for any later referral - like a court appearance.
  3. JustMissedMe Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I'm not really surprised there. The Guy Fawkes mask has a bit of the creepy clown vibe and a lot of the mocking-smirk going on. It's intimidating on its own, and when a bunch of anons get together, even more so.

    Maybe you guys are getting too much import TV down there? ;) A German friend of mine was recently grousing because one of the topics he teaches involves civics/law/rights, and the kiddos he works with watch so much US TV that they have some very mistaken ideas about the law/etc in their own country.

    Which is to say, right to privacy here in the United States doesn't work that way (at least not regarding a demonstration in a public space), and citizens arrests are a dicey proposition at best. My German buddy would be well pleased if his country was not the only one learning law from imported TV. Schadenfreude and all that. ;)
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    This Kenji sounds like a bit of a loose cannon. At least the scilon seemed totally nuts (and predictable).
  5. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I has partial video footage of Kenji's altercation with the Scilon. My attention was elsewhere until I heard very loud swearing and a scuffle, at which point a small crowd had gathered around Kenji and the Scilon and my camera was rolling.
  6. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Totally hear where you're coming from, studying Contract Law atm, my lecturer always goes on about how common law always only matters in Australian cases. However, Judges are notoriously afraid of change, and usually pick up on their American and British cousins ways. So if the case ever did come up, it would be in favour of how it is in other like-countries usually.
  7. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Why does your tone sound familiar to me? lol


    I'm far from a loose cannon, disagree, i'll bite your fucking face off. ;)

    nah im the least violent person you'll meet. I cannot fight anyone. Matter of fact, I got attacked by someone once at a trainstation - my reaction: "Was that meant to hurt?" and stood there.
    (i don't recommend this - you'll end up in hospital like i did needing to stay over night for observation)

    I'm a pacifist.

    Problem is, Scientology has been pushing and pushing and pushing at me for ages trying to break me. Looking for ways to get me to snap.

    They did it to John Sweeney, and now me.

    From what a friend has told me after he called Scientology and told them he had heard what Anon has been saying about them (pretending to be one of them) Scientology INSTANTLY mentioned me, and claimed I was the "leader of melbanon" and "an idiot"

    im waiting on my goldenrod. WHERES MY SP ORDER?

    It's ALOT more complex than what you hear here, as Spike himself was not right on the frontlines.
    I'll go into it after all the *cough* other people have been informed who need to be informed.

    ps. the guy attempted to strangle me, and elbow me in the head whilst i had him under citizens arrest.
  8. Crazyfaze Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I honestly was trying to keep control on our side of the road and trying to stop people from wondering over to the other side. it saddens me that it came to this.
  9. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween
  10. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    pickles has it, as far as i know.
  11. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I do have footage, but I don't think I got the choking and elbowing >.< gonna go through my videos of the day to make sure
  12. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I hear you. They attacked fatman again. That's after the assault case where they ruptured his eardrum. They are pushing very hard.

    The only reason they are doing this to you is because you are doin' it right. Good luck to you.
  13. thefatman Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Kenji, as a photographer, you should be aware that in a public place, you have no expectation of privacy and a person can take a photo of you even if you tell them not to. There is no right to privacy in the public domain, if you were on private property, you can then demand that someone not take photos, but public land is, ironically, fair game. I believe the only exemptions to this rule is commerical or voyeristic purposes.

    That said, I wasn't there so I don't know exactly what happened, video is ALWAYS fucking key. It seems you guys are getting a lot of antagonism from the Scis, we're getting a fair bit too, but you guys are getting physical left, right and fucking centre. Either they're being provoked or they're just mental down there.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Really? I dont think that was mentioned in the Sydney thread...

    Still waiting on the results of that assault case as well.
  15. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Not to derail, but yeah., he did get assaulted again. It was our raid 1 <edit> month ago. And the results of fatman's case are not in BECAUSE HE HASN'T CALLLLEED THE MAGISTRATE YET. We do love him but we've been over this with him. Sorry to shout.

    Details of this are on our current postraid
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Honestly, I don't see why this was made. From what i have read, this was perfectly alright for the scilon to take photo's. Still, the citizens arrest was not the right way to go, however, if you asked him to stop and he didnt, then you have somewhat of a right there.

    Be careful, scilon's do try to get into your mind.
  17. thefatman Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    You have the right to ask him to stop, he can still do it.
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Photography is fine, but with the history of what they've used photos for, it is a breach of privacy (stalking members of our group)

    also, i have gotten some interesting news from someone today.... which I cannot divulge yet, which will PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt that their photography was and is used criminally.
  20. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Also this quick analysis of the footage shows some interesting things.

    Note the body language of the Scientologist. Restraining anger (hand in pocket) but none the less calm and lacking any fear for safety. HE IS NOT SCARED.

    Notice how he now has his hands around my throat. (assault much?)

    Now note the lack of his Scientologist Camera-man Side Kick while he pushes me violently away.

    Hmm. And why wouldn't the police believe us? We have video footage to prove the Scilons were lying.
  21. thefatman Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Well you could argue that there is a high potential that they will use the images for the Freedumb magazine, which is a commercial publication.
  22. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    And at that point, it becomes defamation as well ;P
  23. TorontosRoot Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Chaotic and epic. Some protests and raids can be unpredictable once in a while. Good job getting it on video. Sometimes I do miss getting stuff on video that's important, but mainly the audio is more important if cops ask you to stop filming (when scilons BAWW) and you want to continue.

    BTW, that's a friggin clone of youtube! (duh, I just discovered it LOL)
  24. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Yeah I kinda noticed that. I found it in a link in some WWP thread a while back.

    It's got a load of anon raid footage though, which is a plus.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I like the cut of your jib.
  26. BLiP Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Where were the grown ups?
  27. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    being pwned by scilons.
  28. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I was driving nex and her kittens to the vet. ;)
  29. nex Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Mammanex here.

    This grown up got tired of the children being constantly foolish. Plus I had to get my kitten's stiches out. Which might I add, was well worth it. No more cones of shame :D

    However, it looks like the adults might have to be present at the next raids. *prods El*
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    i see what you did there
  31. nex Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    **watched video**

    OHHHHHH and you called me a leaderfag for instilling a little discipline? AHAHAHAH. Sorry, I realize my sarcasm is unhelpful, but I needed to express it.

    The Scilon, while a deluded individual, was not doing anything illegal. This was a foolish move on Kenji's part and Spike I thought you had more sense than to blindly go along with this. - Please don't get all pissy and offended, this is not an attack on either of you, but purely me saying I think this was a stupid idea. It makes MelbAnon look like dicks and gives the sci's more to work with.

    As for the "strangle attempt". Watch from 3:06 to 3:10 - this perfectly demonstrates that he was PUSHING Kenji away. That was not a strangulation attempt. I'm certain the authorities will agree when they see this video.

    Spike, what gives you the right to yell at everyone about "Not impinging rights"? This was neither a legal move, nor an intelligent one.

    This was a matter that clearly got out of hand for stupid reasons, that should never have happened.

    You called me a leaderfag? The hypocrisy is fantastic.

    I'm coming to each of the next raids, kids. Because honestly, we look like dicks. I am NOT your leader, but damn it to hell I will try and prevent stupidity like this in the future.

    inb4flaming. Your opinions don't matter to me, so feel free to start flinging :D

    Love Nexxie.
  32. thefatman Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Importing drama is not fucking cool guys.

    Personally, as much as I love you Melbanon guys, you really need to chill the fuck out I swear there has been a report of some form of pseudo-physical confrontation with some Scientologist every other month since April. Coincidentally Kenji seems to be in the middle of it fairly often - now that isn't an attack on him, it's just a strange thing, I happen to be involved in the incidents in Sydney, not because I'm a dick, but because I'm vocal.

    Perhaps, you guys need to chill the fuck out and realise that the CoS will ALWAYS TAKE PICTURES it's part of what OSA are supposed to do. Don't fucking whine about it, smile for the camera safe with the knowledge that you aren't in a destructive cult with the deluded mindset that taking a photo of a random kid in a mask is somehow going to save the universe from evil psychs and big pharma.

    What we've come to the Sydney is that if something LOOKS like getting confrontational, get a fucking camera out and get someone else between the Anon and the Sci - that causes a "neutral" person to be in the middle trying to chill the situation down.

    Just remember, chill the fuck out, record the incident, and don't do the dumb bullshit of doing a citizen's arrest for taking photos.
  33. nex Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    El, SirAnon and Nex are all at Nex's house, and I think Elle said it best. "Quote for mother-fucking truth".
  34. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    wasn't exactly why i was.
    i was trying to protect the people at the group from being stalked (like other members have)
    they take our photos and use it to find info on us, and i feared for the safety of those there, especially the underagers.
  35. thefatman Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Then get people to wear masks, placing a person under citizen's arrest on the basis that you 'think' he may be able to find out information about underage b& and use it against them isn't a wise idea.

    If people don't wear masks, it's their own fault if they get followed and if they want to complain, again, their fault. Problem is, is that, your job isn't to babysit other people from copping shit, especially by going after CoS members, if you want to talk to them and go, "dude, you may want to wear a mask, there is a possibility they will go after you," then fine. I just wouldn't want to have people going around in Sydney acting like the supreme defender of b&.
  36. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Okay guys I am officially calling and end to melbanon wankfest 2010. Yes, I'm usually quiet and "behind the scenes" of melbanon, but this last raid is just too much fail for me to stay silent.

    I've watched multiple videos and listened and read all the post-mortem of yesterday's clusterfuck and all I can say is THIS IS NOT GOING TO CONTINUE.

    Yes, Kenji has been trolled hard by Scientology and took the bait. Spike has been supremely unhelpful by encouraging something stupid and then has tried to marginalize those who have called him out on this. I like both these people as individuals - but I do not like what happened - nor in the aftermath.

    So here's fair warning - We will have no more stupidity. No more "exercising rights" when it's got no practical advantage to us. If people want to do dumb shit, we will call up the police ourselves and get you escorted away. Raids are for (a) Informing the public about Scientology's dark side so that they may never have to experience it for themselves - and so that the orgs loses it's flow of new cash cows to milk - and (b) Keeping the pressure on the orgs themselves and perhaps waking up a few of the people inside who know in their hearts something is deeply wrong with Scientology, yet think they are the only ones feeling that way.

    This is the core reasons for us being out there - and this bullshit is a giant distraction that we don't need. No more time and energy will be wasted on this kind of crap and either you will get on board with the anti-stupidity agenda or you will be thrown under the bus. No more more giving dramas oxygen. We have work to do and the fail and aids will not be infecting it anymore.

    So not only me, but also mama nex will be gracing you with our presence in November. We won't be leaderfagging, but we WILL be providing a basic framework so that people can contribute PRODUCTIVELY. This means stupidity will not be tollerated and egofagging, dramas and infighting will be ignored and left to wither and die far, far away from the core activities of protesting.

    So, see you all at next months raid. PM me, or SirAnon if you wish to contribute to raid preparation (either with something specific, or just putting your hand up to do whatever is needed). Let's make the next one doubly awesome to make up for yesterday.
  37. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Can't really help it. I put people's safety above my own, and sometimes that can be very problematic.


    You and SirAnon are not the only two people organizing it.
    I have been too, or trying to, until people took it upon themselves. Spike, maybe not now, but a few others too should be. Not just two.
    Also the others had a good idea, as well as a few people who've talked to me, and we need to work on these ideas perhaps too.......

    will have to see if i come back. for some.. reasons... i may not be (unrelated to the events of this month)
  38. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    SirAnon is the person EVERYONE comes to with everything. He's more or less become the heart of melbanon raids by default and unspoken consent. I am not an organizer, I am that person in the background doing a bunch of shit nobody really notices. I don't want credit or attention or to lead anyone - just to contribute. And today, putting my foot down on the dramas and getting us back on target because it needed to be done.

    There are NO leaders, but SirAnon is one of the people who works their arse off - month after month - for little in return. Being an organizer means shitall other than spending what little free time you have getting things ready - seeing if other people have done what they say they'll do - spending your own money on printing and signs and "staffs of truth" - making the before mentioned things - then having to deal with everyone's bullshit and constant phone calls and messages when things go wrong.

    He's obviously the person who pulls everything together and everyone respects him for this. I respect him for this. Why he puts up with all the shit everyone throws at him is beyond me. Hence I've put my hand up to say "yep people, contact me if you want to contribute", because it is ridiculous how many people he has to deal with over melbanon stuff. I'm contributing by taking a little piece of the load for him.

    Also, I'm setting the tone of this conversation, because - Kenji - this is now a drama free zone. I don't care what anyone thinks of me as a result of this, because we will NOT be indulging drama anymore. Think we're being leaderfags? So be it. Not my concern. Not melbanons concern. We are not giving this nonsense any more oxygen.

    Okay! So, if you or anyone have good ideas, come talk to me and SirAnon. We're not a dictatorship, but we're not a democracy either. Good ideas are welcomed and will be seized upon, poor or good-but-impractical ones fall by the wayside. This is just they way things work. Want to get in on pre-raid planning and prep - simply put your hand up. That's what I do. Not some exclusive club - everyone gets along fine and shit gets done. I'm sure SirAnon, like me, is happy to have more hands making lighter work.

    See? There is no problem here and we will not be creating any. This is a drama free zone now. Thankyou.
  39. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Looking forward to the next (hopefully drama-free) raid in November.

    Remember the target isn't the individual scilon, it's the abusive organization that pushes them into doing stupid and destructive things.

    OK, I'm off to feed my chooks now :D

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