Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by SpikeAnonMelbourne, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    {begin 2c}

    Spike - you sound very self-important. Your posts are annoying to read. Eat some humble pie - melbanon <> you or your posts. Zinj - you're making the same mistake Fatman is making - allowing yourself to be cornered and subsequently assaulted. And if you do end up in a situation like that - don't be afraid to take a punch. All the better for the cause especially when caught on camera. Newfags in melb - why are you not wearing masks? Oldfags - why have you become so complacent as to allow this to happen? There is a specific reason some members of anon here do not wear masks - that is because their identity is known to the cult. All others wear masks, at all times, with no exceptions.

    In general

    Look at it from the perspective of the police. They may be friendly to us, but almost without fail they tell us, when questioned on the matter: "we are wasting time here - there are real crimes being committed, instead we're stuck with you lot". They cannot take sides and will be more than happy to slap you with charges, if that means that their job becomes simpler as a result. Persistently belligerent members of anon or scn will be the ones they will be most unhappy with. So, if you're going to walk into a case of assault, make sure you're 100% blameless, even if that means taking one on the chin (oh your poor male ego).

    Another way to put it: they used to not have to police scn protests, now they do. Yes it's their job, but you know what I'm saying - nobody likes more work where they can have less.

    Look at it from the perspective of scn. The first few anon protest were in the 100's. There were literally more people outside shouting at the org that there were in the org, possibly for the entire week or month combined. Our numbers are down, which confirms in their mind that this whole thing was a just a bunch of internet nerds (oh wait...) They used to stay in the org and with the exception of a few nutjobs who would com into our midst, there was no bullbaiting or any of the other stupi tech being attempted. They think they have worn out the storm and there is some shenanigans almost every month now. Also, remember that if you have been in the cult for a long time you might remember other waves of protest, which have since then died down. Ergo: scn is waiting for us to go away and are a lot more confident now that they think they are winning. Hense the bullbaiting & the shennanigans.

    Street trouble for newfags 101:

    1 Stay together
    2 Do not provoke the opponent even if they seem to be provoking you
    3 Be polite
    4 Obey police instructions
    5 Know your limits - legan and otherwise: for instance public thoroughfare.

    In general off-source goings on by anon need to stop. Do not separate from the group and wonder off. You're discarding the protection of the collective and exposing yourself to attack. Scn will try to make it look like your fault - they are very good at it. These "post raids" need to stop - when we leave, we leave for the month. Period. This goes to both Asyd and Melbanon - smarten up, fix your attitude. I'm sick of a few overzealous fellows making us all look bad.

    {end 2c}
  2. Cudgel Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    THIS. Remember it. It's important.

    This is what we tell new Anons in Cincinnati. AND we HAVE asked people not to return when they can't follow the rules.
  3. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Alright, so this post makes reference to qualms had by Nex, El, and this Anonymous-

    Ok, so I wrote the whole raid post-game pretty much immediately after the raid, whereby I usually have about 24 hours of high tension floating around me. So really, it was a bad idea to write in such a mood. People who I was talking to on Facebook can also confirm I was having a go at individual Anons also. So yes, I should've known this and acted accordingly for my own good.

    Secondly, I wrote the raid as I called it at the time of the raid. When Kenji said the reason for the arrest was "kept on taking photos when we asked to stop", I didn't know the EXACT rules and common law to this, but it sounded like a rule that was there. So I went with it. I also went home after the raid and did some research, and found there is no common law or legisation regarding this. So I was wrong, and I learned. I wish I could've known this before, but I didn't. These are my feelings that I wrote, they are not from the mouths of Anonymous.

    Thirdly, everyone is saying things along the lines of "well this guys should be enforcing this", "we need a person to lay down the law when it comes to big issues", and all that jazz (not in this THREAD, but Anons are bringing it up). I actually brought this up when we were having problems with the raids amongst Kenji, El, Sir and myself. We KINDA agreed to do it, but we didn't really enforce the fact that permit holders or whoever is designated had the power to punish Anons in the wrong (by punish I mean ask them to leave the protest for today)(also, I always intended for this kind of power to be used as a last resort, applied after discussion, reminders, warnings, final warnings etc). Also, people come back to the issue that many of us agree that Anon should have no real leader in any way.

    Well that's all well and good, and in a perfect world it would work like a charm. But look at what happned this protest. Firstly, we had Anons who had the right idea, but were acting innapropriately(IE, yelling, screaming, not discussing or asking what happened), we had some who wanted to help but weren't heard, we had me who had a completely different idea of how it should've been handled but no one really stepped up to the plate to discuss it with me, or let me know otherwise. The best arguement everyone had was basically "See who can yell the loudest". Now, this is a symptom of the lack of leadership. I know we love this romantic idea that we have no leader, but look where it got us! If we had a leader who had the ability to step in and tell people to leave the protest, we wouldn't need to yell to be heard.

    People would take him seriously when he/she tells you it's not on, Anons would have someone SPECIFIC to talk to when voicing their concern. Now, you may all be thinking that people like Sir, Oscar, Kip, Anons who are very likable(it's called "referent" power btw) can do this without having to punish. But I bring you back to what I said before, I don't want to punish, I want one Anon to be taken seriously. One Anon who when he/she says "Enough is enough", people listen to him. But, this goes against everything we've done in the past, and no one wants to change it.
  4. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    El, I often put 90% of my time into organizing the protests for Melbanon, I print all the fliers, I used to spend fucktones of my money EVERY SINGLE MONTH to print fliers (until we got people to donate last month), I have to design the fliers, the posters, etc, with SirAnon forgetting to do it when he tries to set up a Poster Bombing... And I'm doing all the fucking advertising, facebook, irc, other sites, organizing it through event advertising sites etc... god sake. I used to also have to get the permits every single month, to make sure we'd get it on time. (I did the permit stuff solo for almost 8 or 9 months before people started to go "oh wait a second") And that's not even half of the stuff I've been doing for Melbanon. Fuck sake.

    I respect SirAnon for what he does, but if you think that anyone out there is ignored for all the work they've done. how the fuck do you think i've been feeling?
  5. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Also SirAnon has become legendary as the guy who comes late, forgets everything, and is incredibly unorganized. Sorry to say.
    I always have to kick his ass to remember things, and get annoyed at the fact he forgets something important EVERY SINGLE RAID.

    He's known for this now. I'm sorry to say.

    Me? I've tried my fucking hardest to keep things organized, and I did this almost solo for 5 or 6 months until others took up some slack, but no one ever fucking noticed the work I do, (and I didn't want them to at first) but now with how you and SirAnon and nex are acting, it needs to be known that the work I do was fucking vital, and that if you think I do fuck all, you obviously are fucking blind and need to wake the fuck up.
  6. thefatman Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    And who the fuck are you to tell us how we should run things? Yes, we aren't perfect but since when did Anon give a shit what we looked like?

    And I don't recall having a cop (who had a good attitude) say anything along the lines of "we've got better things to do blah blah i'm a faggot," if anything, most of the cops leave after having enjoyed a lighthearted, decent Saturday afternoon of music, dancing, lulz, and cake.

    Also, with regards to Scis feeling more able to push out and go after people, this doesn't make sense, Melbanon has INCREASED their numbers drastically (unless something has happened since) so I see no reason why they would feel more confident. In Sydney this is another story, we are smaller, but the pressure they are facing from our government and related agencies is at an all time high since that of the Anderson Report. A lot of said pressure is being applied around Sydney, which coincidentally is where their ANZO base is, so it's a bit of both sides of the cake. They are under immense pressure, we need to show that no matter what bullshit they try and pull, we will harden the fuck up, take a hit on the chin and continue pushing.

    As for the cult knowing who we are - they know who almost everyone is these days, it isn't that hard. All they need is to find ONE of us on Facebook and they've found pretty much all of ASYD. MelbAnon may be different, but still, it's fairly simple to find people on the internet, though Facebook's amazing security doesn't help (/sarcasm).

    @Spike: It's not leaderfagging for you guys to actually shut the fuck up and listen when someone else says to grow the fuck up, in fact, it's often needed in high drama situations. Just get someone IN BETWEEN IT and break it up.
  7. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween


    So, MELBANON WANKFEST 2010 has not ended.

    If anyone wants to help with raid planning or prep, please drop me or SirAnon a PM, etc.

    We are officially ignoring all of these people who want to bitch and moan. It takes up more time and energy than the actual raid prep.

    If you can resist the urge, please don't feed the drama. It's kinda like not feeding the trolls, but the person on the other end actually believes what they're saying.

    The grownups will be working on more important things.

    See everyone in November.
  8. HeyHey Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    @Spike - as I've said you sound very self-important. saying that "anon has no leaders" and then saying you want to be one sounds contradictory. That was the tone of your post for the september post-raid and when it re-emerged in the october report is when I felt I had to mention it.

    also - not being aware of the rules regarding photography in public is one of the most noob mistakes you can make. the scilons make it all the time - as recently as this saturday at the sydney protest. let that be an example for the rest of you - leaping out of the parents' basement ant onto a real side-walk can have shocking consequences for the 4chan nerd: there are actually rules out there. the best you could have done in that situation is

    @Kenj - it's great that you do all the work, but remember that the point is not personal gain of any sort including recognition. I'm sorry but that is not what scn protests are about. I know that you probably do not do it for fame, but your post can be construed as such.

    Humble pie for the both of you. For fuck's sake - don't get your egos or insecurities become involved - it looks pathetic.

    Ultimately - remember the scn want us to be fighting. They may even send in people to "protest" with us and potentially cause shit, sow discord, etc. No tinfoil either - I have seen it done myself - remember the clown reform party? What about that little asian girl that turned up in a GF mask for one raid, not to talk to anyone, never to be seen again? Etc. Be careful - Scn is a not a toothless tiger yet. A lack of vigilance in combination with a personal agenda is likely to land you in trouble and jeopardise the cause.

    Most importantly - stay on target.
  9. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I don't do it for personal recognition or anything, infact I like that I don't get it, but when it comes to people COMPLAINING about things and acting like El does and making out that everything I do means jack shit, and that only her and SirAnon now are the 'organizers' and taking charge completely... it fucking pisses me off.

    I wanted to give up on Anon due to all the fucking drama immature fucks are causing, and the immaturity of El, SirAnon and Nex right now just hammers the last nail in the coffin.

    Guess I won't be attending any more raids, or helping out in any way anymore until we work on this bullshit. I've tried for many months, and I give up.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    That's exactly what scn wants you to do Kenj. Just sayin'.
  11. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Very aware of that.
    Good work for nex, el and siranon for pushing me to give into Scientology's crap.
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Not ashamed of it actually, so pretty much. Sick of sitting back and not letting my thoughts and feelings on things be known. So sure, I'm bawwing.

    Though, reason is mainly that I can't deal with the myopic, childlike leaderfagging they're doing. &quot;Talk to SirAnon or myself&quot; (and not realizing they're not the only ones doing shit) and ignoring anyone who wants to debate it. (As seen by nex's and el's posts)
    Been trying to deal with it for months, it went away and things got better until this thread was created.

    I'm not ashamed of sticking to my convictions.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Pointing the finger of blame at eachother is what scn wants us to do. You'd be a wiser man to be able to find a way to put this behind you.

    Just sayin'.
  15. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    This says it all.
  16. LeOrangeAnon Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Evidently I've walked into a giant shitstorm here, but I figure I'll put in my two cents, even if I am a newfag.

    Although the principle of having no leader and being a legion of Anons working together is all good, in reality it's not going to happen. Every large scale protest, be it against a government, a "church" of nutjobs or a culture needs some form of organisation and/or leadership. I'm not saying everyone is going to get on fine and that everyone will work together, but you've all got to remember that you're all working for the same cause! Every person that has joined, participated in and organised these rallies is after the same thing - we want Scientology to go through some seriously rapid change.

    @Kenji - this is something that we all need to keep in the back of our minds. We're all on the same side. Although you think others may be childish or stupid, the best thing you can do is just to ignore it. Although it may be hard, or you way not want to, we need to keep Anons in line and make sure all actions are legal. It's as simple as that. On a more personal note, I think it's sad that you feel the need to stop participating in demonstrations. From what I've seen, in the videos and postings here, you're a person who is not afraid to cop shit for what you believe it. For that, I respect you. But giving up is not the answer.

    You've made your opinion on the matter known. Now, everyone just needs to work together to make this work. Talk to each other, debate what should be done and then come up with something that works for the majority. Sure, there will be disagreements. It's part of life. But in the end, as lame and gay as it sounds, we need to work together.


    That's my two cents, feel free to disagree/debate/whatever. I know it sounds gay and lame but it's my view.
  17. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Nice first post.
  18. LeOrangeAnon Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Thanks :p
    Everyone's gotta start somehow, so I went for the wow factor :p
    Lol jks, I'm just a newfag.


    Hopefully the guys involved will read my last post and actually make sense of it.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I'd like to also submit to you that facebook is not a good way to organise raids. do what asyd did and set up a message board. there used to be a melbanon one a year ago but it seems to have been taken down.
  20. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    no we have a melbanon one
    Melbourne Anonymous and we organize it there. the facebook melbourne anonymous thing is just a way of advertising. (which has helped get us so much attention and took a long time to set up completely)
  21. nex Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Woah, I get home from a longass day at work and walk in to find my name smeared over all sorts of posts. Don't blame me for your decisions, anons.

    I agree with El and Fatman. No more drama. Let's rock up, raid and then go home. We don't need in fighting, name calling and shit flying everywhere.

    Enough of this faggotry.

    You want to use me as an excuse to quit raiding, Kenji? That is YOUR DECISION. Because you have the RIGHT to make that decision. We're fighting to let the scilons have their rights, so I'm respecting yours. Personally I want to say "pull your head out, shut up and just back to raiding", but hey, that's just me.

    Enough of this. Let's get back to the dramafree Melbanon of olden days.

    - The Puppetmaster.
  22. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I'm not using you as an excuse to quit raiding; if i wanted to just quit i'd just quit. but your immature, short sighted, ego maniacal attitude and attempt to take control of everything WITHOUT allowing group decisions, and after months of me and others trying to stop it from happening and solve the issues and having you not want to even listen or care, and then having siranon and el begin to do the same thing and not realize that many others are doing lots of things to help melbanon and putting more time and effort in than any of you guys, I just don't see the point in trying.

    If you want to try to take control of Melbanon to use it as your own personal egoboost, that's your problem. I won't have a part of your powertrip.

    Plus, The drama from melbanon left when you left for a while actually.
    seems the most drama was there when you were there.
  23. Vforvendetta Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Hi everyone. Thanks for posting details on the raid. Great work, though some of it sounds like it got abit outta control. Anyways, I wanna make contact with some melb anons to plan another visit to the CoS.
    I'm in Melb too.
    Lemme know if you're intreseted.

    For freedom.
  24. nex Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    V, PM me, El or SirAnon. Or alternatively check out
  25. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    see what i mean?
    see, those 3 want to control everything and own't even recognize the work done by others no matter how much people have been trying to tell them.

    there were other organizers nex, stop being so controlling.
    thus why i said i'd leave unless it stopped
  26. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I'm sorry TD but I need to say this:

    Kenji, you rage-quit.

    I'm not indulging this drama anymore - nor is the rest of melbanon. We've got raid planning to deal with and you've made it clear you're not going to be involved if Nex is.

    Hence, we're not going to direct people to you for info - You've made your intent to leave clear.

    Now let's leave it at that, okay? On to more important things.

    V - Yep, what Nex said. Don't mind all these dramas. We're all working hard to ignore the drama and get back to the core business of protesting. PM any of us and we can provide you with more info - and we'll soon be listing the next event on the melbanon forums >>> Melbourne Anonymous (signup required)

    Hope to see you at a raid. Have a good one. :)
  27. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    actually, look at what was said BEFORE i said I quit, and it wasn't a rage quit. seriously.
    You were doing the same thing (directly only to nex, you and name redacted) and not people like spike and myself (who were also organizers)
    you took us out of organization without asking ANYONE else but yourselves.

    THAT is power tripping
    THAT is leaderfagging.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Mate seriously, you're embarrassing yourself.
  29. iceraptor Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    kenji like i said b4 dude you need to chillax cause your digging your own grave dont blame others for your choices you need to nut up or shut up
  30. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    And this is why I don't involve myself with the drama in Melbanon.
  31. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    OK folks - this is serious soap-opera happening here.

    I'm tempted to send you all to bed without your supper but I'm too far away to enforce it. :D

    OSA will be wetting themselves with all of this - they'll think they've finally made inroads into Melanon and that they'll be able to tell DM that it'll be safe for Him to open the Idle Morgue soon 'cause Melanaon is self-destructing.

    Or is this just a ploy to make OSA over-confident and then hit Planet Scilon with a united mega-awesome raid at Ascot Vale/Flinders St. like they've never seen before?:p

    I love youse all but brawling in public isn't the way forward - set a date and meet somewhere and thrash it out privately.

  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I don't know any of you guys but I got to say OSA will have this thread chalked up as a success, which is sad but hey this is to be expected from time to time (they're bound to win occasionally because for all their sins they are well practised at what they do and sometimes it works).

    Still if people cannot get along there is no law saying they have to raid together or raid at all. If something is causing you personal issues you have every right to stop and indeed should.

    Understand though that what ever another person does, says or is your reaction to them is yours and yours alone and while you cannot control the other person you can control yourself. (psych 101 cognitive behaviour therapy)

    I don't see leader fagging or childishness I just see a set of personalities which individually benefit the cause in some way (organisation, physical, financial, mental input and above all enthusiasm for the cause and presumably a sense of justice) but evidently clash.

    This appears to be down to a loss of tolerance of or a sensitisation to each others quirks - we all have quirks, it's what makes us human. This happens under stress and the only real cure is to remove that which is stressful or each from each other or, of course, both. I don't recommend a solution though rather I'm stating what I think is obvious.

    That said I hope Melbourne continues to have some protest activity in some form as I believe there is still much to be done on the streets as well as behind the scenes.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Was that really the best choice of words, Paul? :p
  34. iceraptor Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    nawwwwwwwwwww thrashing it out sounded like a awsome! idea guess i gotta put the whip and ropes away,
    for now anyway :D
  35. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Don't worry about it dude. This exact issue has been ongoing for pretty much the duration of melbanon - only previously it hasn't been public - or at least less public - and I've not been in the line of fire.

    Our raids still happen - We still get shit done - and for the most part our raids are awesomesauce with a tonne of fun sprinkled on top.

    The best thing everyone can do is resist the urge to weigh in on these dramas and just focus on November. I can assure you that's what we're all focused on, even if it's not entirely apparent here.

    So yep...move along...nuffin' to see here. ;)

    'tis all cool. :)
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

  37. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Hey Aussis Pick a Pub Date and have a pint over it ! Okay you can start hurting me now.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    You're right in the middle of it mate.

    What like the same way you sent your kids to scn "daycare". Below the belt? You bet. You may regret it, but it doesn't change the fact that you're a former member as well as the other stuff. Be thankful anon is here for you and butt out of its business.

    No they won't. Sending DM down here in the next few foreseeable years whilst all the hoo hah is going on would be extremely stupid, OT powers or not. And DM isn't an OT. And if they do do it, then they are bigger idiots that I thought, which is why I think it would be great if they do. The media attention will tear them several additional assholes and destroy their reputation in this country once and for all.

    see above.

    In conclusion. The drama is necessary because if everyone agreed with one another, this will end up a hippie love-in. And where did the hippies end up? A certain degree of internal conflict is necessary to revitalise this movement. We are not the scn, internal conflict is good for us and bad for them - this is what makes us stronger. Anons with maligned egos need their egos hurt so that they either fuck off, or start thinking with their head rather than other parts of their body. Protests will continue, even with skeleton crews, because those few know, nothing is better than a good angry raid. Carry on Melbanon.
  39. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    honestly man, back the fuck off of Paul; he's been a great help to everyone here. He may have made mistakes by being in Scientology but it's hardly his fault. He was brainwashed by the cult. Plus we ALL make mistakes. And mentioning his children, ff, low fucking blow. and not called for.

    I do agree and disagree on the drama though. Over the top drama (like this) is bullshit, but drama is needed to help motivate us to change problems. If no one complained or argued there might not be change as no one would think they'd be a reason to....

    but i do agree I overstepped my bounds in almost all respects here.

    Now, back off from Paul, he's an exscn, so thus our ally, our friend and someone who can give us greater insight into everything than anyone else.

  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    If you want an old cultie to tell you what to do, be my guest.

    Also, I thought you quit Anonymous?

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