Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by SpikeAnonMelbourne, Oct 23, 2010.

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    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Mods please redact the personal remarks about Paul.
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    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I think this is the sort of insult that no one should have to put up with, particularly not Paul, who has done so much.
  4. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    He may be an ex-member of Scientology but I consider him a friend and respect him, his opinions and suggestions.

    Isn't anon meant to be fighting to SAVE scientologists and ex-scientologists alike from the clutches of the cult?
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    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    How is the truth a personal attack? Paul's clumsy and patronising remark about Anon was arguably as out of line as the response it provoked.

    No. It's about the freedom of speech and expression and a means of opposing the brutal dark age of humanity where "religions" were allowed to tell people how to act and what to think. Ex-members joining Anon is coincidental, although not unwelcome. They just need to remember what this is about, ie not them or the bad choices they made in their lives.
  6. thefatman Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Fucking this ^^

    You may not like the guy, but back the fuck off insulting someone over the death of their kids? I bet you're one of those inner-city trendy kids who voted Green cause they've never had to deal with real issues. Or so you could try and pick up that cute indy chick from the bookstore. Grow the fuck up. There's a line to how fucking far you can go, and what you've done is pretty much on par with the cult - why don't you take a comms course and refresh your TRs while you're at it?

  7. BLiP Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    There's a funny smell about this post.
  8. nex Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I blinked at this when I woke up and started glaring. Paul may have made some mistakes in his past, but who the hell hasn't?

    Bringing up his children is a personal attack that should NOT be permitted. Criticize us all for whatever you must, but leave innocents out of it. Particularly the deceased innocents. That's fucking vile and I abhor your attitude. Also, if you're going to attack someone, use your name. At least have the balls to face up to your comments. Inb4it'sanon. You still have an account on here.

    As for the rest of it, I think we're getting it resolved.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I think it would be very unwise of me to put my name to such harsh criticism, but I feel I need to do it because I think a few people here are suffering from a case of head-ass interiorisation. And people will resent me for it if I was right or not because nobody likes to be pulled up on their bullshit. Paul's tragedy is his own and it's not entirely fair on him, but I am using him as an example of exces, in general playing into the victim's agenda. A rational person would sit back and say - nobody forced you to join the cult, nobody held the door shut either (and yes that happens as well, and people get born into the cult, I'm not talking about these extreme cases here). Paul admitted to perjuring himself to the police. Why is this man not in jail? Exces joining anon protest is a positive thing, but I do not feel they deserve admiration or worship as is the case sometimes. Paul dared to pipe up about anon, in a context that reminded me of a massive elephant in his own room, but it could have been anyone. If he wants to comment on it himself that's great. Otherwise that's all I'll say on him right now.

    Assumption is the mother of all fuckups and is precisely what the scn is doing to you right now. They think you're an unemployed drug addict who is being paid to hold a sign by the psychs and big pharma. Scientology says it can help you, so why don't YOU get YOUR TR's in hmm?
  10. Zhent Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween


    Harry is not amused by this faggotry!

    The members from anonymous will resume their seats!

    Under the amended Standing Order no. 104 you will stay the fuck on target!

  11. thefatman Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Oh sorry, I take it back, you're a pussy wimp who can't grow up and face the fucking music.

    I think you'll also find that Paul, and most other exes, actually GAINED somethings from the lower levels of being in the CoS, and it stands to reason, if they didn't, they wouldn't have stayed. Nobody forced him to stay, but think about the mindset these people are in at the time, "Well I either do this and risk the future of humanity, or I protect the Church, who are the only people who can help." It's hardly a mindset that would cause someone to think about themselves.

    So what? You can unleash vitriol against exes because if you threw your name on the post you'd be ashamed, but if exes say things about us screwing up, we are somehow infallible? That is so much of a double standard I want to punch myself in the face.

    Face it, you're a fucking coward who can't grow a pair of brass ones and take the flack for saying shit about someone. C'mon, if you're on such a moral high horse, tell us who the fuck you are, then, maybe, just maybe, will I give a fuck about what you have to say.
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    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

  13. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    OK since I'm the one copping the ad homs and the scurrilous attacks from someone obviously bent on flaming ME for daring to "enter anon business...."

    I've spent HOURS with the police giving them what they wanted as evidence, including detailing MY crime of perjury. Go ask the NSW Police why they haven't charged me.

    I'm NOT telling Melanons what to do and they know it - all I was trying to do was cool off an argument between MY FRIENDS. If I didn't do that to YOUR satisfaction, tough. I know each of the players personally and I don't like public flaming of my friends, even it is by my friends.

    I may be an "ex" but I've a very ACTIVE ex - several prime-time tv appearances, invited to the senate Inquiry, lots of print media appearances, radio ints, speaking at other anti-cult groups. Elephant in the room?

    I post here and elsewhere because I want to see the toxic cult dead and buried and because I hope my contribution to this board and others will accelerate that. I do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff too. If you believe I do it for some other reason, please come out with it.

    I don't seek pity nor sympathy for my past fuck-ups. Rather, I'm doing what I can to undo the harm I've done. Or at least I hope I am. If you believe I should be trying some other way to make up for supporting a fascistic cult for thirty years and doing all the shit that I did to support that regime, please tell me. I'll listen.

    Even if you are who I think you are.
  14. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Paul, dude - I can say with confidence that below the belt comments are not the way melbanon rolls. Getting drawn into a cult is effed up and not something anyone plans on doing - we appreciate what you do, and love how you keep working with us even with all our interpersonal dramas :p - and we don't do this so that you, or other ex's will be "thankful". Anyhoo, I don't speak for all of melbanon, but I'd be surprised if most didn't feel similarly. :)

    Um, most of us speak to Paul, and he isn't trying to patronise us.

    Let's face it - everything that's happened on this thread looks pretty bad - like melbanon is imploding and all that.

    Now those of us IN melbanon know that this kinda stuff happens on a semi-regular basis and we still get shit done and the cell keeps chugging along - no probs - but for Paul it would have seemed pretty darn disheartening/concerning - hence prompting the comments.

    He's already made sure we know he meant nothing bad by his comments - in my case it was completely unnecessary since I never thought there were any problems with them and totally understandable given what's happened on this thread.

    So basically, lets lay off Paul - He's a cool dude...but if you guys want to make a mountain out of a molehill I hope Paul realizes that's exactly what it is and not to get too purturbed by it. :)
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    @ Paul. I just felt you patronising us given your own track record as a parent was a bit rich. Even if in jest.

    @ Fatman. The so called "wins" on the lower scn levels is voluntary madness. Remember also that he suggested that the people arguing should go to a pub and fight it out. This just strikes me a blissfully air-headed. This is why Paul's comment annoyed me because it sounds like he's coming from an scn mindset, which remember teaches them that they can simply wish reality into existence. That is not how we roll in the real world. A guy gets blind drunk and gets into a fight - he won't remember it in the morning, but it was still his choice to get drunk and hurt somebody. Scientology was controversial at the get-go. There is no excuse for ignorance.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Let's recap.

    Kenj starting shit with scn - definitely bad.
    Spotty kids with overgrown egos leaderfagging - definitely bad.
    Paul acting like a crazy scilon - yes also bad.

    I'm not saying melbanon is imploding. No way. But these issues can undo a lot of the good work you have done so far. Look at asyd.

    He's a grown man and should have considered his words before he spoke. He's very good about shouting at the cult in moonbatspeak, but can't talk to normal people...oh wait.
  17. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Oh well, seems that your opinion would be a minority one - at least down in Melbourne - Which is fortunate for Paul and for melbanon. I didn't read anything he said as "moonbatspeak" and have found him completely able to talk to "normal" people, whatever that may mean.

    If you want to get your nose out of joint by something he's said that's your perogative - and also we should thank you for airing your opinion, since the contrary view is something our occasionally feuding melbanon group can easily agree upon. ;)
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Oh don't pay attention to any of the real points here. Oh no. But hang on, you're one of the leaderfagging n00bs with acne. My mistake. You run this one. I'll shut up now.

    Seriously man, I'm done with Paul, because for the most part I like his reply. You on the other hand don't seem to be able to get your panties out of a twist because somebody dared say, no hint, at something negative in your ranks. Come on man, rap with me. Are all anon this incapable of intelligent argument outside of "I have more kids in my treehouse than you no na-aah"?
  19. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Good O! :D
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Good O what?

    also: let's see how long before your buddies can keep from piping in with their own wisdom.

    Point being is that if you ignore this you're stuffed just as if you don't ignore it, however if you use your brain, you might be OK. I'm not trolling, I swear, although the temptation is great.

    As I've said before - if you raise a point, an important one (in my opinion the continuation of raids, violence at raids and the exces role are very important points) - people first try to shout you down and when you shut them down through reason, they try to ignore you. This isn't a fucking game. Anon stand the chance of helping wipe out every every slimy cult leader hiding under every rock in this country and the rest of the commonwealth. Meanwhile you're worried about about your egos. For shame anon. Where's your spirit?
  21. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I'm sorry? What are you talking about again Hey Hey?

    And why does our ability to "wipe out every every [sic] slimy cult leader hiding under every rock in this country and the rest of the commonwealth" have the least relation to whether we're offended by Paul's comments?

    Anyhoo, your interest in this thread and in our opinion of Paul has been noted - and rejected. If you are not satisfied with this response feel free to repeat ad nauseum, perhaps with increasing anger and decreasing coherence.

    kthxbai. :)
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Well maybe Kenj is right and you do fancy yourself the mouthpiece of anonymous.

    And yes the bigger picture (other cults) is actually what this is about. Paul himself said he has spoken at anti-cult rallies, not just scientology. He's still a crazy scilon though.
  23. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I"M still a crazy scilon?

    I admit I still carry baggage from my time "in" but what makes you think I'm still scilon?

    You have me fascinated - I'm trying to piece together your train of logic but I can't. And I'm not being facetious here.

    You may have me confused with some other exes who tried to use anons as their personal army - I've always treated raids in Melbourne as though I'm the guest there and let the organizers do their jobs. I'll give an opinion if asked for but don't usually volunteer.

    But on a forum, I speak up. So how does that make me still a scilon?
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    OK then, Ex-scilon. However I have met many and am starting to come to the conclusion that once a scilon, always a scilon. To be fair, Paul I am generalising here. I used you as an example because I felt that your comments re anon as children and fighting in pubs were spectacularly clumsy, and representative of a trait I observe in ex-members when I talk to them in person or online. They seem at first like normal, adjusted people, often of above average intelligence or at least eloquence, but then there is that slip and they utter something so ridiculously absurd like "OT7 gives you cancer". Or look at the recent Phil Spicter interview, where he says "Hitler, Genghis Khan, etc...were OTs". Then he pauses and says "Were there any good guys?". WTF? And the russian chick interviewing him blurts out "Leonardo". It's just so bizarre. It's like the logical circuit in their brain is fragmented and the gears slip from time to time.
  25. thefatman Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Is it voluntary? Or could you argue that some of the people have diminished capacity, many people will go there SEEKING help (hence the stress test), the are then made to feel worthless, and that this book (i.e., Dianetics) is the only one that can help. Furthermore, it is known that people will often take generalised statements and mold them to fit their own view of the world (see: The Barnum effect). Both of these things combined make the person lower their feeling of self-worth and thus those "wins" actually feel as though they are achieving things. Personally, as much as oppose any form of Scientology AND Dianetics, I can see how people get lead into believing that it is the sole thing that will help them.

    Sir, having at least a partial understanding of your fellow man will definitely help you see the logical progression behind the so called "voluntary madness".

    Also, if you think his comment of going to the pub and fighting it out is strange, you don't understand how Australians solve problems. :)

    @Melbanon in general: Don't worry, ASYD has been through this sort of egofaggotry bullshit a number of times, just grit your teeth, wank each other off for the good you do, and MOVE THE FUCK ON. If I've learnt anything from ASYD, it's not to let personal issues get in the way of the topic. As Zhent said, say the fuck on target.
  26. thefatman Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    There's also a logical progression (albeit a convoluted one) with the "OT[number here] gives you cancer". Think about it, high level OT courses have to be done on the Freewinds, now, the Freewinds as indefinately docked due to blue asbestos, which is known to cause types of cancer. Take this into consideration when SEVERAL high level OTs have been documented as dying, or suffering from cancer.

    Correlation is not causation, yes. But prolonged exposure to blue asbestos is fucking dangerous. On the balance of probabilities, it's highly probable that the exposure to blue asbestos (which is effectively necessary to do those high level OT courses) is the cause of the high cancer rate in high level OTs.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    LOLWUT? Have you ever seen a retard going into the org? Scilons are usually fairly normal people. They wanted a snake-oil cure, got something that destroyed their life instead and then have the guts to complain. A question I ask myself is - "is this natural selection at work (remember - no children in SO)?"

    Watching TV and reading women's weekly will do that very well. Westerners are fertile ground for shit like dianetics telling them they are worthless but they can become less so in exchange for money.

    My fellow man seems to be incredibly naive. Maybe I should start my own cult and buy an island with the proceeds. SRSLYTHO, fighting in pubs is how the descendants of convicts and criminals settle their differences, yes. But hang on, it's been >200 years. Maybe it's time to stop that shit.
  28. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    To be generous, I'll assume you need a lesson in Oz humour.

    I'm as old if not older than most anons' parents. But those who now me also know that I'd never act like their parent and tell them to do anything. I have trouble doing that with my own kids sometimes and they are much younger.

    I made no reference to fighting in pubs - have another look at what I did say. Thrashing something out in private means just that - and "thrashing" has meanings beyond the physical - be a scilon and reach for the dictionary if you need to. My words were not "spectacularly clumsy" unless you take them VERY literally.

    What you've shown me is a series of ad homs (like I'm a crap parent because two of my kids died so therefore I can't ever joke about anything along the line of being a parent - or I'm a crazy scilon) and some unanswered questions from my first reply to you.

    So what would you have me do? How should I (in your view) conduct myself so that I fit your criteria for a "normal" person? I'm interested.
  29. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Yeah, we aren't worried. Much of this shit is being sorted out behind the scenes and we're staying on target like we always do. Circumstances mean that for some of us we can do this face-to-face, so it's not always showing up on the forums, I said earlier - 'tis all cool. :)

    Hey Hey has no idea what they're talking about since Paul's comment was meant in jest and as an attempt to diffuse a situation that appeared far more dire than it actually was. The fact they seem to have it in for Paul over something so minor - and is so bewindered/perturbed by our continued support for him is unfortunate. It also leaves me wondering why it is they want so badly for melbanon to adopt a combative stance towards someone we work so well, and so effectively with.

    Methinks Hey Hey doth protest too much! :)
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Oz humour can be irreverent and charming like the film Bad Apples, dark but still hilarious like Two Hands and that alien one with the guy with three guns vs zombies. Perverse, but still highly amusing like Reed Chopper and finally retarded like Full Frontal, Red Faces and Hey Hey It's Saturday. I'm assuming you think that somebody needs to live in Oz for a few years to understand what the fuck you're on about, just like you have to clear all the stupid scn terms and abbreviation. Well, mate, why don't you simply speak English? But I don't assume, I'm just poking fun Paul. Forgive me.

    You know, I'll let this one go this time if only so that your anon "friends" don't baaw any more about crossing the line (4chan much?). But if I were you I'd stay off the subject of kids and parenting. Permanently.

    You're speaking to the wider world. Speak English and don't expect the rest of the english world to understand the subtle nuances of Australian larrickinism, such as calling eachother "hey ya cunt howaya" as a formal greeting.

    If I don't answer something it's because I don't think it's interesting. Also you're not my confessor and I don't answer to you.

    Nothing. You're cannon fodder for anon. Those Anons calling ex scn "friends" are kidding themselves. I'd like to believe in a brighter world, but I can't. Beyond the superficial drinks after the raid, we are nothing alike; and the generation gap doesn't help. The only thing that unites us is the fight against scientology.

    If nothing else I hope you and those reading this will go away and think about it.
  31. thefatman Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Dude, 'diminished capacity' =/= retard. Perhaps you should do some word clearing. They aren't seeking a snake-oil cure either, they're often damaged people who are seeking a REAL solution, but guided by misinformation, they are told that Dianetics and/or Scientology is the only way to help. And often a desperate person will cling onto that hope. Haven't you ever seen the ugly guy who should lower his standards but will cling onto ever girl in a bar in the hope they'll give him a pity fuck?

    I trust you don't know the cause behind the original no children in the SO policy? It was originally a logistical issue. Doesn't justify it, but you should learn the facts first.

    Quackery isn't solely restricted to Western culture. Where do you think reiki or acupuncture came from? Clearly, you don't actually know what the Barnum effect is, which is sad, perhaps you should read it up before you try and tell me what's what (I'll give you a hint, it's about how people will take a generalised statement and make it their own if they are under the impression it was written specifically for them).

    Dude, the English and the Americans do it (clearly you haven't been to a British football match). It's a human nature thing, only, societal and religious restrictions have led us to look down on those who resort to violence to solve problems. Some, myself included, would argue that the human mind is wired to naturally seek to follow others and to have a hope for something higher than themselves to give them guided, skepticism isn't a natural way of thinking for people. It's why those who leave cults often find themselves almost getting recruited to another if they don't seek professional intervention.

    But at the end of the day, Paul made a joke, I understood it, I laughed, then I saw your post, I laughed harder. You really should shut the fuck up though, it is blatantly obvious you have little to no understanding of the subject matter and your decision to continue this little chat is not only hilarious for myself, but degrading for yourself.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Caveat emptor.

    Also are you speaking from experience as far as pity fucks go? Cause you strike me as one of those guys know...have problems. See how easy that was. Don't bring sex up. It's embarassing. SO members go though 3-4 wifes in a space of several year - how many girls have you had? Not saying it's right, just keep sex out of this lest you embarrass yourself.

    Oh come on man.

    Have you been or ever lived elsewhere outside of your country? What business is it of yours what goes on out there? And yeah Barnum Effect is a great way to explain the effect of say glamour magazines have on us: "Who?", "Alpha", Women's Weekly" (as in "you", "you wish", and "I'm a woman!").

    Doesn't mean australians have to. Oh wait, you're a state of america, where it dumps its b-grade television.

    It was a stupid joke.
  33. thefatman Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Dude, until you watch your own kids dying in front of you, shut the fuck up.

    He is speaking English, as am I, he is just using a slightly altered version specific to Australia. I apologise on all AusAnons behalf if we don't throw all our posts through Google translate so you dumbfucks can understand. If you want a taste of moderately politically correct Australian humor, watch anything the Chaser has done.

    Though I've only spent a brief amount of time with Paul, I'd consider him, and, I dare say, every other ex I've spoken with, as a friend. They're good down to Earth people. How is calling them a friend any different to calling any Anon a friend?
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Anon has no friends.
  35. thefatman Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Lovely ad hominem there, I really enjoyed it. Please, are you going to Godwin next time? I'd love it if you did. And then a snowball, followed by a reductio ad absurdum.

    Yes, I have, but how is that at all related? If you didn't portray yourself as having the IQ of an inbred squirrel I wouldn't have to do this, but I will out of politeness, see, I was making the point that quackery is thing that is found ACROSS THE WORLD. See, I made the point, after you had a made a comment about Westerners being naive, what are you? Some kind of self-loathing narcissist?

    And again, you've entirely missed the point out of the Barnum effect, it relates to HOROSCOPES and the like. Not stupid beauty tips in shitty magazines. I'll be nice and give you a starter reference which can be found on this link:

    I should probably include colour diagrams to aid you, but I try and be nice so you try and think for yourself. But my point about the Barnum effect was to raise the idea that people will take it as a PERSONALITY EVALUATION and even though it's a generalised statement (e.g., you occasionally feel dissatisfied with your own performance) the person will be told that the statement is SPECIFICALLY about them and hence they will APPLY that statement to their understanding of themselves. This is what happens with the Stress Test, the person thinks that the name OCA, bears a degree of authority, which also helps with the aforementioned Barnum effect. Please, please, I really do ask that you do some research. It's got nothing to do with bored housewives reading gossip about what Lleyton and Bec's next kid is going to be called.

    Actually we do it because we're a country populated by bogans who provide nothing to the world. All we do is drink cheap beer, beat our wives, rape children and beat up black fellas who as us for a dollar. Oh, and Alf will occasionally stomp cunts with his boots.

    Yes, but it was a joke nonetheless, much like your posts are rapidly deteriorating into.
  36. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Yes, Yes you are.
    Opps, Srry miss read :p

    What is this guest shit, Paul "Daddy" Schofield is a crazy motherfucking Melbanon.
    Like all anons he came from one of many different background, whatever it was is
    IRRELAVANT. He has acted like any other Oldfag Melbanon, giving any information when asked while keeping out of the way of any organising that he was not involed in. He has been involved in some of our project that have really hurt the scilons, so he has earnt our respect and it isn't just the stuff that he has done in the media.

    Hey, thats how I meet most of my friends :(. 10 mins of fighting really builds up a thirst in a man. Anyway after the differences are settled you can always have a drink with the person

    As for Melbanon, this is not the first perfect shitstorm to hit Melbanon and it will never be the death of Melbanon.
    The funny thing is that after the storms Melbanon always comes back stronger and more dangerous then before. So I think the
    only people that should be worry is the scilons.

    I do appologise to Anonymous and WWP that this was made so public, but we are on target and we are pulling out some new guns.

    So I take it you met Umm.. 0. Maybe it is a case of different locations, ALL the exes I have meet have been more of "How can WE help you".
    There has never been a case of, "Oh your an Ex-Scilon, Please tell us what to do". They have had to earn it just like any Newfag

    Fixed :D

    And If you really believe that above, you have REALLY truly missed what it is to be Anon.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    6 pages of dramafaggotry :[ mods plz lock?
  38. iceraptor Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    Correction: You have no friends.
  39. Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    More like comedy gold, it is not like it is infecting the whole site. Though I think it is more a 50/50 drama/comedy. It is a comedy drama thread :p
  40. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne October 23rd - A Very Anonymous Halloween

    I nominate this thread for a silver logie! :p

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