Melbourne Post game report September 17th 2011

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by AnonLikesPickles, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. The 17th of September marked the 55th month (according to SirAnon's speech) that Anonymous had protested Scientology. So of course, we'd have done something special.

    Lacking that information, our protest kicked off normally. 11am pre-raid gathering, followed by the start of festivities at 1pm. I was missing from the start of the protest as myself and a few Anons went to a costume store to acquire Guy Fawkes masks for two maskless Anons. So could someone fill in what happened here? :p

    At Bourke Street, we came upon a group of people being statues in the street:


    It was here AnonAnon unveiled his epic banner for us all to fawn over:


    For those who can't read Australianese, it says "Lol Scientology Anonymous FTW XD"

    We had a great time at Bourke Street, dancing to music and handing out flyers filled with wisdom and conversing with interested members of the public. We even had a pirate with us giving out free hugs:


    Crowley was with us once more, tirelessly dispensing wise words of wiseness from his megaphone from atop his little foot ladder:


    Crowley would go on to anger the Scilons that day, honking on his vuvuzela and shouting at the Scilon morgue through his megaphone.

    We had the Scientology = Poison banner with us again, which ended up turning into a decorated sail as the wind started to pick up. I was taken by surprise by this a few times whilst holding one end of the banner - it was nearly blown out of my hands, and there was one time I was almost pulled over by it. >.<



    And Crowley bringing truth to le Scientorogists:


    Overall, this raid was better than the one we had last month, mostly because we were joined by a PerthAnon and our numbers were higher and the fun and anti-Scilon factor went up as a result.

    Next month, we shall again troll the Scilons, but until then, it is back to our parents' basements we go.
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  2. Well done, Melbourne Anons! <3 <3 <3 !!!
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  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

  4. Melbanons rock the house ftw.

    Huggy pirate not scary at all... :confused:
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  5. The public didn't seem to think he was scary either :p they loved him
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  6. TinyDancer Member

    55th protest!!!

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  7. Robocat Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. It's tragics like the Franks who keep the scam going by slaving endlessly to support Slappy's lifestyle for Him.

    As long as the protests keep going in Melbourne, there is a chance that even folk like this will one day wake up and demand their hard-earned "donations" back. Fraud is always a good reason to get a refund, and the IAS is nothing more than that.
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  11. LeOrangeAnon Member

    So this is the only MelbAnon post I've seen in a while... are you guys still going or what? I'm totally out of the loop XD
  12. Anonymous Member

    Was thinking the same thing this morning. What's happen to Australia?

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