Melbourne Raid - November 21st

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Kenji, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Kenji Member

    Melbourne Raid - November 21st

    Hello everyone!

    After two months where the protests in Melbourne have continued to grow in size and strength, Melbanon has planned their next protest to be bigger and better than ever.

    We will be protesting on the 21st of November, and this time we will be focusing on one topic, hopefully, but we are still working on deciding what.

    The details for the protest are as follows:

    Pre-Raid Coffee:
    11:00AM - Krispy Kreme at Melbourne Central.
    this will allow anyone who is new to the protests to come and get to know those they will be protesting along side of, as well as allow you to ask any questions you may have and help with the pre-raid organisation.

    12.00PM - We meet at the Flinders St Station at the steps.
    Half an hour for people to arrive on time.
    12:30PM - Raid Begins.
    1:30PM - Move on to Bourke Street Mall.
    After that, depending on numbers, move to the State Library,
    4:00pm - Church of Scientology, for the final part of the protest.
    Anyone who wishes to do speeches, this is where it will take place

    If enough people come, we may have a photo op at the steps of Parliament.

    What to bring:
    • Water (A dehydrated anon is not a productive anon)
    • Mask (or other form of face coverage)
    • Flyers (As many as you can)
    • Signs (if you can)
    • Friends (Power in Numbers)

    The September Raid had 45 people, the October Raid had 50 or so people. We hope to aim for 60 or 70 at this raid.
    Please come along and help out.

    Official Planning: Melbourne Anonymous Forum
    Melbourne Anonymous: Melbourne Anonymous Home
    Melbourne Anonymous Chat Room: IRC Chat
  2. nex Member

    Re: Melbourne Raid - November 21st

    Nex will be there, obviously.
  3. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne Raid - November 21st

    Good nex :3
  4. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne Raid - November 21st

    I'll be there with bells on. :D
  5. Re: Melbourne Raid - November 21st

    I shall be there also. ;D
  6. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne Raid - November 21st

    El Diablo; love your new avatar. :D
  7. Hunter Member

    Re: Melbourne Raid - November 21st

    I was there, sort of. A friend and I watched a bit from the sidelines and followed you guys around somewhat. We were going to be in the city so we decided to check it out.

    We circled the growing numbers around Krispy Kreme, had a coffee across from you, went and bought a video game, then went to the Flinders St steps. We hung around for a bit and when the two police were talking to that guy, we came up and stood behind them to catch the conversation.

    We observed the guy who was talking to them make a ninja exit by jumping over a pole, and finally got too hungry to stick around and had lunch.

    I think a couple of you may have noticed us. My friend was in a Superman tshirt. Sorry we didn't contribute, we already had plans.

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