Melbourne: September 19th

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Kenji, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Kenji Member

    Melbourne: September 19th

    Hello everyone!

    Melbanon (Melbourne Anonymous) has not been active in reporting details about their protests here as of late (for quite a few months), and so I've taken the liberty as the permit holder of the next raid to post info regarding it.

    Date: 19th of September 2009
    Location: Melbourne; Flinders Street Station
    Time: 12.00pm - 5.00pm
    Theme: Suit up! (we're going back to our anon roots)

    • 12:00pm Set up at Flinders St Station
    • Officially starts at roughly 12.30 (to give people time to arrive)
    • Step off at around 1:00pm
    • Bourke St Mall
    • State Library (if numbers are big enough)
    • Org (Crn Russell St & Flinders Ln)

    • 11 outside krispy kreme at Melbourne Central.
    • 11.30 move upstairs to meetoo

    Speakers for music, etc and a Loudspeaker are being organised.
    Please, if you wish to ask questions, don't hesitate to contact me or SirAnonymousOfAnon.

    We want this raid to be a massive "fuck you" to the org who have seen our numbers dwindling, as well as show the public that we're still here.

    So, if you can make it, come along, protest, and also please tell your friends, family, etc who might be interested to come along.
  2. Re: Melbourne: September 19th


    Feel Free To drop ether of us a line but if you want to find the site that we do most of our planning on Register at this website Melbourne Anonymous Planning Formus.
    Both Me an Kenji WILL be check WWP more offen from now on :p
  3. El Diablo Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

  4. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Oh, I forgot to ad;
    We'll be posterbombing around the city, and various other locations (train stations, etc), so if anyone can help (even if they can't go to the raid) please help by poster bombing to advertise so others know about it.

    Will be posting official posters for the raid soon.

    We also have a few extra surprises regarding the advertising of the raid ;)
    That though, will have to be kept a secret... for now.

  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Great to see Melbourne getting things into gear!

    I think your invite-only forum is kinda fail though, you will probably attract a lot more interest if you opened it up. (and updated it, lulz at enturb reference)
  6. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    It's not invite only (as far as I know?) then again, I'll have to talk to the guy who runs it to ask him to open it up more to the public. :3

    Hopefully this raid can show people that we're still here and still going strong. :>

    And soon enough we're moving the forums from the freeforums location to so its more central to the melbourne anonymous irc server. At that point it'll definitely be updated alot more.
  7. AmandaT21 Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Kick ass! Myself and my boyfriend will be there! We'll attempt to get any friends to come along too. Last I checked the melbanon forum was invite only as well, I havn't joined yet but defiently will in order to stay more in the loop.
  8. novocherkassk Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Time for Melbourne to show 'em how its done again!!!
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Melbourne anon seemed rather inbread and 'exclusive' when I was interested in joining. Maybe that's why your numbers suck?
  10. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Most of those troublesome people have left. The whole 'Melbourne Anonymous' drama which was caused by the group being more of a 'party' group who just fucked each other and bitched about each other is no longer there, considering those people have left and we've removed the after parties [which stopped people going who just came to get drunk and laid]

    We're definitely not exclusive, it may have seemed that way, but we've actually gotten quite a few members to sit down and talk about what was going wrong and what we can do to fix it... which has helped.
    It weeded out the problems, and helped us see what needed to be fixed.
  11. AmandaT21 Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Wow... this makes me feel like apologizing...I've lived in Melbourne my whole life and it's a real fucking dissapointment to see the Melburnians fail like that. Well, I feel qualified to help restore our reputation and show that we aren't all sleazy drunks.
  12. enarkay Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    By suit up, what do you mean?
    I will have a guy fawkes mask, and will be wearing it there...
    But what exactly do you mean by suit up?
    Formal clothes?
    Business suit?
    Or just the mask..?

  13. AmandaT21 Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Yeah, does it matter if I attend dressed in an eye catching frilly goth loli dress too? :p
  14. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Basically by 'suit up' i mean, its best to wear a suit or formal-esque style clothing if you can. However, whatever you can wear will be fine. :)

    We had problems with girls wearing overly revealing clothing and only getting attention because of that, (and using that to get attention) and the people didn't really pay attention to a damn thing we had to say.

    We need to look respectable, if we can.

    Just dress nice basically :p
  15. AmandaT21 Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Ah, the dress I'm talking about is not revealing as such that it exposes much flesh, it's just showy, lots of frills and lace. But I see your point, I wouldn't want to send the wrong message. Respectable it is!
  16. Re: Melbourne: September 19th


    Anyway, the look you want is a formal casual, dressy enough to be comfortable but formal enough that you might just wear to work(If you didn't work in a office :p)

    The main the is mask up and you will fit it well in anything:)
  17. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    You can dress in what you want, as long as its respectable enough... it helps get people who are.. well.. older to listen to us.
    But I'm sure what you'll wear is fine. :D

    Also, the Talk like a Pirate day thing is on at Fed Square at the time, and some anons are going to that and the raid, so we might have some people dressed as pirates turning up to help ;P

    But yeah. the most important thing, is to wear a mask..
  18. AmandaT21 Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    THAT I understand perfectly. I'm ordering two guy fawkes masks (ones for my boyfriend who will also be coming) and I still need to get some posters and/or signs in order for us. We might be bringing friends along as well, they won't try to cause trouble but they'll mostly come along for the chance of lulz.

    And I love talk like a pirate day...
  19. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Get your friends to bring some friends too :D

    Also, SirAnon said he'll be trying to bring some cheap masks for those who cannot afford Guy Fawkes masks, and I'll be bringing some cheap dust mask things as well just incase :3
    They're like $3 for 20 or so anyway lol. :3 From bunnings.
  20. enarkay Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Thanks so much guys, really looking forward to it, I'm bringing some friends and a camera along (of course) cause it's sort of our first protest. But yes, i'll be able to be there and i'll bring anywhere from 5-20 people.
    Oh about the dress code, would just a tee, hoodie and trousers/jeans be okay?
    I don't really have a suit.. but I do have the masks.
  21. Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Great to hear. Just so you know we are not bringing out the banhammer if you don't have a suit. I just rock up in shirt and pants and thats about it.

    This is a good outline, but dude we are not your parents we are not going to send you to your room.

    1. Wear clothes and come.
    2. LURK
    3. After the raid if you think you should suit up hit the op shops like a bad rash
    5. Get a Suit
    6. Suit up of the next raid

    Easy :p
  22. enarkay Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    hahahaa thanks :p
  23. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    5 - 20 people? :O
    Man, nice!

    enarkay; you are my new hero :p
  24. Donkey Punch Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    September 19th you say?
  25. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    September 19th indeed.
    Definitely sounds like there is going to be alot more people coming this time.

    If anyone in Melbourne who is interested in going can, please poster around, tell friends to come, etc. Also it'd be good if even if you can't come, but want to help out, to poster. :)

    I'll put up some posters you can use pretty soon. :D

    Also remember. for raid talk. We've started a new channel aside from #melbraid (due to its generality in discussion) for raid talk called #raidtalk

  26. oddmidge Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    I will definitely try and come.

    I am only fourteen, but i understand the meaning of Anon well. If i can convince my mum to let me go then i'll will definitely be wearing a suit, unfortunately i don't have a mask. If anyone has a spare they want to sell to me cheap or give away it will be greatly appreciated.
  27. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    oddmidge; I have a V mask I don't need anymore which I'm willing to sell for around $10, but we'll have free masks at the raid (dust protector masks and maybe the masquerade eye covering masks) if you can't afford that or you're not fussed about not having a V mask. :)

    All will be well.
  28. eTHEEF Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th


    Ill try and make it to the 'event' on saturday, just wondering if there is anything specific we should bring. Looking forward to this one and trying to get some friends to come along (5 or more).
    Sounds like this is going to be big and im looking forward to it.

    Great work guys!
  29. AmandaT21 Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Hey guys, myself and my boyfriend will be turning up alone I am afraid (I know, fail) no confirmed friends to tag along. BUT we'll be there for sure, again I'll mention it's our first anon protest, I'm gonna make up a sign for myself any particular specific messages being put on the signs this time around?
  30. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    eTHEEF; looking foward to seeing you. :)
    Hope you can get your friends to come! :D
    This protest seems like it will be the massive 'fuck you' to scientology that we hoped it would be.

    Things you should bring? well..
    Make and bring a sign if you can, LOTS of fliers (as thats what we hand out), you should bring some water or some other drink as you may need something to drink and don't wanna get dehydrated.

    No particular message, but I'd definitely recommend something about the Co$ trying to censor the internet against critics (there's info about that here on WWP), etc,
    But a general message about Scientology being a Cult or about their Disconnection policy, or their fair game policy, or anything really.


    Just any general anti-scientology sign. :):)
  31. Ivandrago Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Newfag here, I'll show up at the preraid coffee and might need a mask, but is it safe to announce where the coffee will be? If scifags saw this they will probably show up when we are still nomnomnoming
  32. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    It's safe :)
    We're meeting at Krispy Kreme at 11. I might not be there, thanks to a terrible sleep pattern, but people like SirAnon, and a few others should be. :)
    If you need a mask, we will have some free dust masks and other things like that for you to use if you can't afford to get a V mask from Bernards Magic Shop (god those guys love us, we give them so much business!)

    Hope to see you there Ivandrago.
    Bring friends, if you can :)
  33. Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    I hear someone's planning to egg this protest from Auschan. Not sure if it's real though.
  34. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    While it will be good to protest a general anti-scientology message, I believe that it would be good to get as many people as possible talking about how Scientology is trying to get the government to censor the internet.

    Everyone, if you can, please go on 4chan and other places and advertise this protest, talking about how we will be protesting that scientology is doing this.
    We will get more numbers that way.
  35. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Yeah I saw that too.. I highly doubt it.
    I'll be talking to the police and explaining... see what they can do about keeping an eye on things.
  36. Melbguy Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    I'll bring the bacon
  37. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

  38. Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Lulz if he gets arrested.
  39. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    and not only coz it'd be the most ridiculous thing to get arrested for. :p
  40. Kenji Member

    Re: Melbourne: September 19th

    Please read these threads if you are planning on protesting efficiently! (this one is useful as in melbourne at the raids we've had a Scientologist photographing us.. some people might be filming us too, unsure)

    If you need fliers:

    Fliers & Pamphlets - Why We Protest | Activism Forum
    Please print these out.

    anyone have any other ideas, please contribute. :)

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