Members of the Nation of Islam are practicing the religion of Scientology

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    on Farrakhans facebook feed
    when he announced his plans to the Laborers in 2010 he said "there is alot of money in if for everybody"

    a re posting of a Message/denial from 2017 and Saviors day message- the internal denials are deafening
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    Kenny Muhammad Human Beatbox entertainer
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    its about the money
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    wif Alfrauddie
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    under files Dianetically Speaking!!!!!!

    Nanette Kern is listed on Scientolipedia
    Class V Grad Auditor and C/S

    • Former mission staff member
    • Auditor in Tech Training Core
    • Class V Grad Auditor
    • 35 years experience as auditor
    • Clientele includes individuals from all continents and countries
    • Auditing available in Skype format or phone (USA only) for those with no internet
    • Veterans, children (aged 10+), teens, adults
    • Scientology Bridge delivered through Clear
    • Handle PTSD, Bi-Polar, Depression, LIfe Stress, Problems, Marriage Counseling
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    Kenny Muhammad "human beatbox" entertainer
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    Scientology Interfaith Hubtard Luv Fest
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    key Farrakhan stated long ago...
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  32. The Nation of Islam needs Scientology Auditors to help at Saviours' Day. Saviours' Day is the holiday of the Nation of Islam commemorating the birth of its founder, Master Fard Muhammad, officially stated to be February 26, 1877. This year, Saviours' Day will be celebrated on Sunday, February 25, at the end of the NOI Convention, February 23 - 25, in Chicago, IL.

  33. Nation of Islam Brother Steven Muhammad has received his free set of Scientology Scriptures.



    As always, quotations adding content, retweets and replies welcome.

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    Yea... that's way Davy and Louie are Banking on.
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    cult link
    Final Call
    Workshops will include a broad range of featured topics including: education, the Nation of Islam Student Association, young Muslim entrepreneurs, agriculture including urban farming and land acquisition, natural childbirth, drug and alcohol addiction, overcoming opposition, spiritual development, Dianetic Auditing, marriage and family life, the mission of the 10,000 Fearless and more.

    if its like any of the past Saviors day Scientology will have a dozen Vendor booths ..including the Psychiatry Industry of Death exhibit..

    other Moonbattery
    Student Minister Dr. Ava Muhammad is the Saviours’ Day workshop coordinator. She said participants can expect activities that incorporate the instructions and guidance laid out by Min. Farrakhan during two of his recent worldwide messages that closed out 2017, “Separation or Death,” in Newark and his warning to President Donald Trump, the U.S. government and Black people at a press conference from the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C.

    Alfrauddie,Rizza,Jim Mathers Pat Clouden.,Fu Mei Mathers'Cary Goulston,Doug E Fresh,Stacy Francis,Michael Roberts...and a few other public and sea org drones.

    Shane X Woodruff...Hes the LA CC Vice President,...Louis gave him an "X" a few years ago..for his catering to every one of his Ministers whims at the Celebrity Center..
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