Members of the Nation of Islam are practicing the religion of Scientology

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    bump..image removed..

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    Is Robin Muhammad NOI? The one who just joined Orlando Ideal Org staff?

    Cuz it doesn't look like she's wearing a headcovering. Is she wearing a wig? Or is there some loophole that says NOI women don't have to cover their hair if they're working for COS?

    Or is she wearing a scarf and I just can't see it?
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    both Robbin and Balil Have Connections to the NOI on their Facebook pages...
    they could be people who left the NOI in the past...and trying to qualify to return....

    its frowned upon to wear the official garb..if your not in,...
    they have rules,, they would be required to dress presentable...
    a lot of people who leave keep the name...

    they could also be coming from a NON Farrakhan branch of the NOI...

    if they are full fledged members they MUST cover their heads...
    Working in the Org and auditing/working with with NOI women..She will at some point be wearing a Scarf...

    the NOI is pulling in (Raw Meat) (Hubbard's term) for their Organization....
    like Scientology..the NOI have more former members than current.
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  5. Ebony Awakening appears to be a new, or newly resurrected, Scientology front group. HT Justin Templer, Sr. on Twitter: The Florida not-for-profit corporation Ebony Awakening, Inc. was reinstated on June 2, 2017.


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    Reuben was employed by Alfrauddie in 2005 at the World Literacy Crusade
    this is when Tony Muhammad and Alfreddie got together to train Members of the NOI from Tony Mo's mosque
    in Alfrauddies Study Tech...
    Not just Laborers ,...All Believers...
    when Farrakhan and others spouts sending out Saviors out among the people
    they are going out to recruit new members using the Scientology Fly trap...
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    looking to go OT
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    Nation of Islam Life Repair group UK

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    Kenny Muhammad.. entertainer known as the Human Beat Box...Fort Harrison Pet Hotel Gangsta
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    squirrel tech
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    Mike Rinder covers ebony awakenings freekwinds convention and Loopy Lou
    Tony O....Bunker on Scientology TV
    (A “Meet a Scientologist” show focused on banjo makers Greg and Janet Deering. It was followed by a look at the Inglewood Ideal Org and Community Center, and it featured Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s man in Los Angeles, Tony Muhammad. Then another show looked at Scientology’s efforts in Colombia)
  14. A bit more detail if I may.

    Mike Rinder has another excellent post on the relationship between the Church of Scientology and the Nation of Islam.

    Ebony Awakening

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    And if you wonder whether Tony Muhammad the scientology promoter is less radical than Louis Farrakhan, here is a posting he did on Facebook yesterday coming to the defense of his other leader:


    Now, how does scientology square itself with this? They claim they are for tolerance and the rights of everyone to practice their religious beliefs.

    Hell, they even have an organization (STAAD) that claims to exist solely to fight AGAINST religious discrimination. But you don’t find any mention of this horrendous anti-semitism on the STAAD pages?

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  15. Nation of Islam Sister Nayyirah Tivica Muhmmad is continuing her journey as a Minister-In-Training of the Church of Scientology and is a Hubbard Recognized Scientologist. She has completed Level 0 and is a Class 0 Auditor.





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    SF hanging with Kenny Muhammad
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    er Ok..Minister Tony Cartoons

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